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Josh Matthews with You can, man.

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This week’s episode is all about Josh! (And he’s thrilled 🤣) How the heck did he cram a four year degree into nine? How do so many guys lose their way in their late-teens and early 20s? Should everyone go to college? What exactly is a Sr. Sales Operations Analyst? Josh has a story to tell. Have a listen and get to know a little more about 1/3 of the You can, man. podcast!

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Tim Harman 0:00
Welcome to the You can, man.™ podcast episode 68. I’m Tim. I’m Josh. And I’m Dave. And on this week’s show, Analyze This with Josh.

Welcome back to the You can, man.™ podcast where we believe what one man can do you can do as well with a little help from your friends and proper know how, on this week’s show we’re talking about Josh, and all about Josh, aren’t you? Don’t you just love this? Josh? I am so ready for let me Yeah, you let me just say your name or what it’s all about Josh this week. Yeah. Does that make you and he tried to

Josh Matthews 0:47
talk us out of it? I mean, literally three minutes ago. He’s like, we’re not gonna do this. We’re doing my voting rights were taken away since I missed last week. Yeah,

Tim Harman 0:54
we’re just we, you know, last week’s show is about Dave and his work and then this week It’s gonna be about Josh, but not necessarily all about his work, we are going to talk about that. But it’s kind of the things that led him up to his work that I think is a little bit more interesting. So we’re gonna get into that. But guys, what has been going on this week?

Josh Matthews 1:16
July 4, Independence Day? Yes. That was the major event. Did you read the Declaration of Independence? Yeah, I mean, it hangs above my bed, so

Dave Greenwood 1:26
Wow. Okay, well, good for you. I read it. I hadn’t read it in a long time. It’s surprisingly, I don’t know why I thought it was gonna take me a year to read. It’s not that long, right. beautifully written beautifully written

Josh Matthews 1:37
breaks it down pretty clearly. It does

Dave Greenwood 1:39
break it down use where and yeah, it breaks down the issues why they were doing this

Josh Matthews 1:45
also vary. And again, this is, you know, an American thing. It was like professional, they were like doing a professional courtesy. Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:53
I’ll have you know, that.

Josh Matthews 1:55
It wasn’t just like, okay, we’re going to war. You know, I guess Britain kinda brought that on.

Dave Greenwood 2:00
Yeah, they were like, we regret to inform you that this is happening

Josh Matthews 2:03
Looks, we have something to tell you. It’s not that’s not it’s not me. It’s you.

Tim Harman 2:08
That was back in the day where they they fought war formally. You know what I mean?

Josh Matthews 2:14
Yep, just line em up on each side.

Tim Harman 2:16
Yeah, like we’re we’re gonna do this. And Josh, you you shot off some fireworks for us because Josh lives right across the street from us and…

Dave Greenwood 2:26
Did you get some mortars? (No.) I bought I bought fireworks in Georgia for the first time in my life this year. (Me too!) I mean, four days ago or whatever. Yeah, it was kind of an interesting experience. There was there were people there that were spending a lot of money on fireworks. (That’s what Josh was sayin’.) the guy It was like two people in front of me. The lady was you know, she brings him up and she was like, that’ll be $378 and 48 cents.

Josh Matthews 2:49
Oh, that’s that’s a low spender. Wow, I was I was at this huge warehouse place that no less than eight lines. The lines were from the front of the store. The back.

Dave Greenwood 3:00
Oh, okay, we Yeah, we went to different place there was

Josh Matthews 3:02
I wanted a mortar because I’d seen those done and they look awesome.

Dave Greenwood 3:05
But you gotta buy like 24 of em.

Josh Matthews 3:07
Well, and they’re like $90, please. (Yep.) And I’m like, ah no. So I walked out of there $48 poorer but I have like young kids don’t care. They don’t care so I bought the cheap stuff the fun stuff. Well, (the quiet stuff) We bought one thing that was a good little. Anyway.

Dave Greenwood 3:27
(Yeah, he shot one off and I was like, okay, that’s a firework). (It was actually pretty cheap. But anyway, yeah, first time I bought fireworks.) I’m gonna have to do the mortars one year, I’m just gonna, you know, have to spend $100 for the 12 mortars because, I mean, you can buy real fireworks just you know, right down the street, which seems crazy. I don’t know why that seems crazy. Yeah. For our listeners who don’t know, Georgia. I mean, it’s been a good man. It’s been a long time. It’s probably been six years. I’m going to say it’s been more than, if not more, that we have had legal fireworks sales. I think Prior to that maybe you could buy us stupid stuff like spark I don’t buy anything because you know we would go to Florida like once or twice a year and I would always be mad that I’ve forgot to remind my parents that they would have stopped anyway well then maybe they would have but we never bought it yet. You had to buy fireworks you’d like plan six months ahead, drive like hey, we need to get fireworks while we’re in Alabama.

Tim Harman 4:21
Yeah, so if you grew up in Georgia, especially metro Atlanta, that was a always childhood memory you’re about to cross over the state line into Alabama, Tennessee, and for me it was more Tennessee I think. Going to see my grandmother in Nashville. And yeah, that’s what you would you’d start seeing the billboards for the fireworks place and then you would see it you know, the giant warehouse and then you would always be so monumentally disappointed when you your parents were like, No, not this time. (we live in Georgia)

Josh Matthews 4:49
Now I see why. I don’t know if they were always this expensive. But man, there were people I mean hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Just shopping cart. Full Uh, of fireworks I mean, I can see the prices like 200 bucks for this huge box insane

Tim Harman 5:06
They need that day to stay open the other other days of the year. (Yeah, they’re open what like two weeks a year maybe so yeah,) Yeah, they’re seasonal. They’ll shut down. I don’t even… I guess that’s why they have to spend so much because they’re having to you know, pay rent I would assume throughout the year obviously. So, I’ll just enjoy your your fireworks Josh. So you can just keep doing that. Okay.

Josh Matthews 5:28
Yep. Maybe we’ll all go in together.

Tim Harman 5:30
Yes. Okay, so my wife I was talking to her and we’ve all lost a bunch of weight around this table here. (Quit braggin’). I don’t know if I was like saying something about my belt or something but she didn’t know that I just kept my same belt and I cut it

Josh Matthews 5:47
Same here. Same here brother.

Tim Harman 5:48
And she’s like that’s fun and I was like yet Josh did the same thing.

Dave Greenwood 5:52
Did it look ok? Cuz I had the same issue. I just bought a new belt because I was like I’m never gonna get it to look right.

Josh Matthews 5:57
leather belt right here. Check it

Tim Harman 5:59
Yeah. It looks it looks fine.

Dave Greenwood 6:01
Yeah, no, that looks like a boyscout belt that you made like at camp.

Josh Matthews 6:04
Nah, this is exactly what it looked now (Nah, too squared off) I’m mirrored it.

Tim Harman 6:09
Yeah, so Josh is talking about Yeah, I there’s certain angles on the end of the belt. Yeah. And yeah, I did the same thing (It’s a cheap leather belt). Oh, my wife was like you’re gonna need you need a new belt. I was like Josh did the same thing.

Josh Matthews 6:24
This is a Marshall’s belt. Man. Nothin’ worng with that. TJ Max.

Tim Harman 6:27
So she’s, uh, you should talk about that on the podcast, but I don’t need a new belt. In fact, I made new holes. Right, right. Just like you do. And and then I had to add another hole. Anyways, it’s working just fine. Yeah, I’m totally ok with it.

Dave Greenwood 6:44
will say I take pride. I have a belt that I’ve had. I don’t know how long it’s been multiple decades. And I take pride in that. I mean, it’s still looking good. It’s still rolling. Like if you buy a leather belt. I think it’s gonna last one.

Josh Matthews 6:54
Yeah, this one’s not really for sure. It’s cheap. I know. So I didn’t have a problem cutting it up.

Tim Harman 7:00
Yeah, we want to hear from you guys have you lost a bunch of weight and just cut your belt because you’re so frugal. I’m gonna say frugal, not cheap. Okay? You’re frugal because it’s still it’s still working or,

Josh Matthews 7:12
or or just kept that same belt and you get bigger because I’ve done the opposite to and you just set it up and loop it down. I couldn’t fit just you know, going the wrong way. Oh, sorry going the other way going on. I’ve done that. Yeah, no, I either have you had

Dave Greenwood 7:26
to add a hold the on the, um, I don’t think I

Josh Matthews 7:29
don’t the N added to that. I think I’ve stayed in that zone. But uh oh, that jeans that you just you turn into 40s instead of 30

Dave Greenwood 7:38
G’s you don’t you don’t button the top. You can leave the top button. I’m done. Really? Oh, yeah. Nice.

Josh Matthews 7:43

Tim Harman 7:44
good times. Okay, let’s get into talking about Josh all about Josh on today’s podcast is a Josh podcast. We’re gonna talk about Josh today. (We’re all very excited about it)

Josh Matthews 7:53
over the moon.

Tim Harman 7:54
Yeah, Josh was like, you know, I don’t really want to talk about my job very much. But okay, so the reason why we’re doing this You guys get to hear us talk here in there about ourselves but we never dedicate a lot of time just to talk about what we do and that sort of thing.

Josh Matthews 8:13
On a regualr basis. We talk about weekend stuff.

Tim Harman 8:16
Yeah. Now last week we did Dave’s is basically just your job. We didn’t talk a ton about other stuff, right? But we know things about Dave because this segments because he talks about knives and he’s into knives and that sort of thing. And so that that was good, but we’re gonna talk about Josh this week, Josh is we’ll just we’ll talk about his job first. He is a I had to write this stuff. I gotta pull this up. It’s always a good son. He is a senior. Senior senior, mind you. Senior…. Senior Sales Operations Analyst.

Dave Greenwood 8:55
(Yeah. You made it sound way more exciting.) Oh, he did. Are you senior Is there an analyst who is beneath you?

Josh Matthews 9:02
There are analysts that are not senior. (Okay) I do not. I am not in charge of them. (Right. Okay.) That’s all I’m sure we’re gonna call him at liberty to say I’m sure

Dave Greenwood 9:13
we’re gonna get deep into that.

Tim Harman 9:15
And I’m going to ask you some questions that you’ve actually hit on before yourself. And so therefore I am comfortable asking you this. And it has everything to do with how you got to where you are, because you have talked a lot about like you said in a previous podcast, you think you got a book in you? I think everybody thinks I’ve got a book in them, but you have like a real concrete idea of what that book would be and it would be basically telling the 20 something year old male Yeah, how clueless and aimless a lot of the things that they’re doing right now that’s, that’s, we’re paying with a broad brush.

Dave Greenwood 9:55
I’d like to kick this off and just I’d like to get my opinion on how Josh ended up wearing I’m not really going to do that, but maybe I should. I mean, we we lived together probably for too long when we were younger and our formative years, right?

Josh Matthews 10:07
Boy, do we look back on it fondly? Oh,

Dave Greenwood 10:09
yeah, very fondly. Go ahead. I’m not gonna do that to you.

Tim Harman 10:12
Okay, well, I’m sure Dave will chime in because Dave was really with Josh during those years.

Dave Greenwood 10:17
We know I don’t like to say with john, is that sounds a little bit. Yeah,

Tim Harman 10:22
not very representative. Were formative years.

Unknown Speaker 10:26
He was a

Dave Greenwood 10:27
dairy. Yeah, Josh and I lived together in college for those of you that don’t know,

Tim Harman 10:30
right, so first off, let’s just clear the air here and just say that we all took seven plus years. We crammed a four year degree into seven years. That’s what we like to say. Right? So all of us around this table or eight or nine took it. Okay, yeah. Dang. Okay, so I thought it was so easy.

Dave Greenwood 10:50
We should have come away with PhDs but we did not and basically what happened?

Tim Harman 10:54
Yeah, but you know what that we I don’t know about you, Dave. But we didn’t really come away with a ton of have student debt. Yeah, it’s like a lot of

Dave Greenwood 11:02
I had some but not not, you know, not an overwhelming amount.

Tim Harman 11:05
Yeah, I had more than I should have for sure. Josh, talk to us about why in the world it took you nine years to graduate college.

Josh Matthews 11:13
Well, okay, let’s, I mean, this is this is more of a good topic for me when we I told you is gonna be okay. I don’t like my job is. And it has analysts Oh, we’re gonna get to though.

Tim Harman 11:25

Josh Matthews 11:26
So here’s the thing. And again, everything. This is not like talking about regret or anything. This is just looking back and analyzing and looking at things and saying, Okay, if I were in the position, to mentor somebody, like my three sons, who will be in this position, what could I do differently? What could I work at, I challenge them

Tim Harman 11:47
embrace and this is why this is completely in line with you can man because this has everything to do with passing on, maybe even mistakes that you’ve made, but good things that you share. done in the past and have put you in a place where you are

Josh Matthews 12:04
now and I hope this buildup doesn’t sound like I’m gonna have some cool story like I was in prison and stuff and like you know turned it around or anything like that it was just you were in a self made prison. Yeah, my situation was more common in guys that grow up in the suburbs, you know, kind of like us have, you kind of have it pretty good pretty easy if you don’t have to, like try super hard in school and all that then you kind of get into this mode where you coast

Tim Harman 12:29
as your smart guy and you did really well in high school.

Josh Matthews 12:32
Yeah, I was in like honors and AP and all this stuff and got into the colleges I want well, like for again, like one of the first decisions, I decided to go to the local college, which is a big university now Kennesaw State, instead of like UGA, right, so it was that was kind of a first step of like, I’m going to take the easy path. I would have failed out of UGA in a hot minute. I did get put on academic probation at some point in my other school. So all that to say is I’ve seen the path of allowing yourself to coast and to not put in the work to get through something that you’ve signed up for, which was college, right? A lot like the HOPE Scholarship that we have in Georgia is you know, if you graduate high school, it’s all changing right now. But when I was graduating, you get a certain GPA in high school, you qualify for the HOPE Scholarship you get your books paid for and your tuition paid for get 200 options, okay, whatever it was, I you know, I lost that one semester, like one semester, and I can’t achieve the GPA. So just all these things, all these like small things that seemed small at the time, but over time, they add up one thing that is kind of a regret when you have a male of that age, that is not built for school. This is a whole other podcast, we could talk about. People who aren’t prepared to actually go into college, and maybe even they don’t need to go to college trades will totally do a whole show on that.

Tim Harman 14:00
Do you think you looking back? I mean, it’s kind of he can’t really do this. But looking back, do you think you would have skipped? Yeah, well,

Josh Matthews 14:09
somebody needed to be in my life to understand like, you are 100% not prepared to go to college. Like you need to find something else to do. Like you need a gap year or two or three, not even gap like go do something productive. That’s not college. And for me, which is sad, I was like 19 years old on September 11, or like, right about like, and I had nothing going on in my life. Now looking back, I’m like, Oh, my gosh, somebody should have been like, go serve your country. Go do something like do something with purpose because I was coasting. I was semi going to school. My parents were, you know, supplementing my life. It’s just a lot of things that there was no direction. You know, the person this young person was just allowed to kind of coast around and drift around. Find what you want to do, but There’s no time for that. It’s like precious time do you think and I think about this myself with other things. Do you think that had there been that person in your life to say those things? Would you have actually listened to them though? I mean, there’s there’s 1000 variables to that. It depends on who was right. And it depends on how the relationship you have with them the history you

Tim Harman 15:22
have here, because if I come to you, you would have been like, oh, bro, look at yours. Yeah, no, no, no, it couldn’t be appear.

Josh Matthews 15:27
It would have to be like a, like a serious mentor.

Dave Greenwood 15:30
Yeah. Either that or future. Joe, would you listen to future Josh? I don’t know if they’re just super cool. Maybe? Yeah.

Tim Harman 15:36
And I would get the same answer for myself. Yeah, it completely depends on who it is. And so that may makes me start thinking more and more and more, and I’m sure you’re gonna get to this, about being intentional about investing in those younger men ourselves. Now, as we’re getting older, even though we feel so inadequate to do that, I still think that we can at least tell them our mistakes.

Josh Matthews 15:59
You Yeah, and one thing I mean, and I don’t, I’m not a good. Well, I think I’m a decent brother. But like, I’ve been able to share some things with my younger siblings that are, you know, the ones that are not as close in age to me that, like, I’ve seen them implement certain things where I’m like, Man, that is they’re way smarter than I was at that age, you know, and so I’ve been able to kind of, you know, as messy as things were, for me in my mid 20s. And when they were in high school, I could still be like, hey, look, like don’t screw around, like me, kind of thing. And so yeah, that’s been good. But yeah, just that is that that for men, especially that 18 to like, 24 year old range, like they can you can get so lost, right? And like trying to like depend on yourself to figure things out. Yeah, you don’t have anything. Yeah, there’s not a clear path or someone clearly directing then. Yeah, like a trade that’s, you know, tactile But they can because think about it like school itself is not designed for males and I know that’s who controversial to say but like guys like hands on they like touching things they don’t the sitting in the classroom still is not where they learn most effectively and so and that’s not just for elementary school aged kids that goes all the way through your you know your early 20s at least right

Tim Harman 17:23
so let’s talk about what got you out of that.

Josh Matthews 17:27
Yes so like many thing like it many messes you can get in to in life can be caused by girls if you’re a guy. And the opposite is true as well that Yeah, I met my wife like my current wife. I was in you know, your whatever six of college when he says

Tim Harman 17:46
his current wife, that’s his first wife, my

Josh Matthews 17:48
current and only wife that I’ve ever Yes, yes.

Dave Greenwood 17:51
Well, you made it sound worse. You said it was his first wife.

Josh Matthews 17:55
Yes, my wife that I’m married to now and only wife. I’ve been married to Yeah, we started dating. I was like, you’re six and she came from a household It was super like, you will go to college and you will graduate in four years, maybe five. But this is the expectation and this is how it is in this house, you know, especially if we’re like, footing the bill for some of this stuff, which is how it should be. She was in her you know, she was wrapping up her senior year of college when we met him. She didn’t even say this out loud, but it was just understood it even being around her parents and stuff that like, if we’re gonna date Ryan, we need a clear path to graduation for you. And so I just I kicked it into gear like I just, I’ve been going for six years like part time I changed change majors, which is like another like, scam that kids run on their parents all the time. The whole changing majors thing is, you know, it’s really buying more time to do nothing. Anyway, I just kicked it into gear, got in all my classes, like booked the full schedule semester knocked it out in like a year and a half, two years. got, like, you know, three, five plus GPA. Because I’m a little I’m a little older now. And now I have purpose. So now like I realized sitting in this class is costing money and yeah, it’s your whole mentality shifts when there’s a purpose behind it. And you can see the end goal where I just never had that in the in the years prior I was just so you know, swimming in nothingness,

Tim Harman 19:24
right? So let this be a call to you guys that are listening to this. If you’ve gone through similar life experiences and you have a platform to be able to share those things with other young men or women in your life, then take advantage of that and actually reach out because if you think that, oh, that person’s got somebody already, they probably don’t. And don’t just assume that they’ve got somebody else in their life speaking these good things over them and directing them and giving them you know, more of a vision and all the all those things. So let this be a reminder Under that you should speak up and you should you should reach out to folks and give them some clear direction. Because I think what Josh is saying is that’s what he’s going to do for his sons now. And he didn’t have that,

Josh Matthews 20:11
right. Yeah. And what’s and I mean, this is no like indictment on my parents or anything. Like I had every opportunity to succeed. It was just that, that transition from high school to college. I just had I just didn’t have the skills to like, be my own man at that time, and like make good long term decisions, right, which a lot of guys like that anyway. Yeah, even even people back to your point about like investing in folks or your own kids or whatever. Those high school age kids that are that just struggle they get through school, but it’s it was kind of a nightmare for them to like, sit through class and all that stuff. They may not need to go to college like that. It’s becoming more common law now. Yeah. Whereas I mean, even like six years ago, it was like oh, how dare you like ever One needs to go to college but I think it’s becoming more mainstream. They may not like and again those aren’t even the highest paying jobs out of college anymore like there are you know, welders plumbers, heavy machinery operators all making great money right out of high school, you know go to a trade school for a little bit so, right.

Tim Harman 21:20
Okay, so I love this because the title of our episode was analyze this with Josh because I think that’s one of the his great qualities is he is able to analyze things and kind of break them down. You know, sometimes you you would probably say to over analyze some stuff. Oh, yeah, yeah. But I think that’s a really good quality that you have. And I really appreciate how you’re you’re going back now and being able to think what I what you would have done differently. And because you’re taking that time to analyze your 20 something self, you’re going to have a massive impact on those around you and so I really believe appreciate that about you. So let’s move on to your current job that you’re doing. So you are an analyst. Yeah. And it’s something you’re really really good at is sales operations analyst. So talk to us about that.

Dave Greenwood 22:14
Well, hold on. You said you changed majors, you and I know you were a geology major.

Josh Matthews 22:18
That’s right. And we

Dave Greenwood 22:20
slowly forgot about this. And I think all this worked out in your favor, because I would probably rather I think you’ve got a business degree. I don’t know what kind of management and probably out about that, but I would rather study geology, the management but probably coming out of school. I mean, how many geology jobs are there out there?

Josh Matthews 22:38
You’d be surprised. Really?

Dave Greenwood 22:40
Yeah, just digging in the dirt. Like it’s, it’s not what I pick out? Well,

Josh Matthews 22:44
it kind of I mean, a lot of geology overlaps with the urine industry. It’s like, let’s do soil testing. And those are like, those are a lot of oil samples. Yeah, it’s not just like finding them.

Dave Greenwood 22:56
I look. I take it back. All right, well, it’s

Josh Matthews 22:58
good. It would have been a good path and it will was interesting. I just yeah, then I just lacked the fortitude to see it through. So yeah, back to the current day. I’ve had analysts in my title for like 10 years now, I’ve always worked in a sales operations team. Basically, sales operations is not like selling products, it is helping our sales people through it. Like in the way I look at it is if our salespeople aren’t efficient, and they’re not finding what they need to find quickly, and they don’t have the tools they need to find new prospects or to close their deals faster than the company’s not making money than we’re not making money so that that’s always

Tim Harman 23:44
the you’re writing you’re analyzing not only their the statistics of the sales team, but you’re also analyzing Why or why not. They’re doing a good job.

Josh Matthews 23:54
Yeah. So there’s tons of different little departments within sales operations. So there’s a border processing. So when an order comes in, like someone’s got to execute that and get the product out to the customer, there is a team. And I’ve touched on almost all of these throughout my career. There’s a team that looks at the data of the current, what we call pipeline, the current funnel of business, that’s potential, you know, that’s coming in at some point in the future. We’re looking at that and forecasting what the numbers are going to be with the sales numbers are going to look like we put together data for executives to look at how did we do last year, which region did the best all that data breaking that out? There’s a team that’s just at least in our company that just works on data that just keeps the data because we have hundreds of thousands of accounts in our CRM or customer relationship management system, hundreds of thousands of counts, millions of contacts, all that data lives in The cloud in the system. And keeping that data clean and free of duplicates is like a whole job for another team. Then there’s a team that does reporting. And so that team and I’ve been on that team before, because some of these departments are smaller and larger. At some companies, a couple of people do all these jobs at my company, it’s a little bigger, so it’s spread out. Anyway, where I come in today is I am kind of a liaison between our sales operations team and our sales management. So the sales management is saying my guys need to they need more people to call, they don’t know who to call. So we invest in these tools of companies that have data warehouses of people, potential contacts, and we buy those and put them in our system. And then those guys can call and they say, hey, the way we email is too slow. Like we were using Outlook, we had to sin, type one email, send it type of another email, send it now we have this tool That I helped implement that, you know, you can send batches of emails and you can schedule emails to automatically go out while still giving them like a personal voice so they don’t sound 100% like marketing, right? So that’s where I come in is like, kind of that liaison of what do the sales guys need and ladies to sell more efficiently? How do I make their day easier? How do we automate more things for them? And how do we get them the information they need? So yeah, that’s basically

Tim Harman 26:28
basically what I did. Okay, well, that was interesting for me to hear, because we’re really, really good friends. And I don’t think I’ve ever heard you describe what exactly it is.

Unknown Speaker 26:40
And I kind of had an idea. I also feel like you just described the entire plot of office space, like who was the guy was like, I’m a people person, like, take the order from you guys.

Tim Harman 26:51
When he’s describing that I wanted to just pick what do you what do you actually

Dave Greenwood 26:56
what exactly do you think? Well, I’m gonna say that you hit like, terms of the career that Josh Matthews should be doing. I think you hit it like 80% on, like, the thing that you need to be doing. Because you’ll sit on the internet, and like put all these statistics together for like four hours about nothing. And I’m like, Who cares? And that’s basically what you go do every day at work.

Josh Matthews 27:17
Yeah. So what and one thing that I am What? I appreciate that, I think and one thing I like today is working with salespeople, because a lot of times there’s a divide like most of our team, typically in like sales operations and companies I’ve worked for. They’re like data people, they’re analytical people, and they have a certain personality type. And then you have the salespeople over here, totally different personality type, but they need each other like super badly. And so a lot of times there’s conflict, there’s just they don’t speak the same language. And I think I’ve kind of found a niche there of like being a good understand. I can talk to salespeople, I understand how they run their day, how they do their business, then I can I interpret that for requests to the, you know, the the folks that are a little more analytical. And yeah, I really enjoy that part because I love to. I love the selling process. I’m not a good salesman, but I love being attached to it that way.

Tim Harman 28:13
So, okay, well, what would be the best thing about your job? What do you most like? What’s the most satisfying thing about your work?

Josh Matthews 28:21
So a lot of things come down to like efficiencies. So I mentioned a tool we recently purchased. So I kind of led the implementation of this tool. It was a long process. We’re a cybersecurity company. So any technology that comes in like touches our systems has to be vetted like crazy. And I mean, it took forever like if we were a small startup, we could have implemented this tool in like two or three weeks, and this took like eight or nine months to implement getting that tool off the ground literally saved each salesperson probably like an hour and a half a day.

Unknown Speaker 28:56
Well, like her sales

Josh Matthews 28:57
are up across across the company. And so yeah when I get to see things like that those kind of efficiencies that’s that makes me happy

Tim Harman 29:06
okay what’s the the thing that you least

Unknown Speaker 29:08
like? Oh least like where should I start?

Josh Matthews 29:12
No I don’t have a lot of my my current situation is awesome least like I I really don’t have to do a lot of stuff at work that I really don’t like there are there are some like side projects I get you know there’s no no one specifically that should own a project and they’re like just give it a Josh can handle that which is fine like you know I’m

Tim Harman 29:35
to what you’re saying is you’re so good that no just pass things off to know

Josh Matthews 29:40
some things I’m like not there’s not a clear answer because we have those departments like the data team, the reporting team, the order processing team and like some things come in, like from marketing like maybe marketing will need help with a particular thing and I like I like working with marketing as well. But yeah, it’ll be kind of like a marketing ish project and they just kind of lines up Because everyone else is like very specific about what they do.

Tim Harman 30:03
Okay? Yeah, well, hey, I really appreciate this. And I think that it gave our listeners a better understanding of what Josh has been through in life and his current job. I thought it was interesting. So it’s a little Get to know your host thing. I think we’re maybe gonna do this for me. I don’t want to do it. But neither did these guys. I don’t think we’re going to do it next week. I think we’ll kind of space these out a little bit. But I’m all over the place. So I’m just kind of wildcard and it’s gonna be our episode. My answers to the questions may change between now and the time we record. So you know, just buckle up and get ready for that. So we’re gonna take a quick break, and when we get back, Josh has a small small ish segment for us. I think it’ll be quick. Okay, we’ll be back after the break.

Josh Matthews 30:56
This episode is sponsored by 1776 unite. In 1776, United is a patriotic and historically inspired lifestyle brand. They make the best patriotic shirts and apparel on the market today. I personally own many of their products and if you want to dawn patriotic gear without looking Gotti, check them out on Instagram, Facebook and at 1776

Tim Harman 31:24
Hi, guys, welcome back. Josh, what do you got for us this week?

Josh Matthews 31:27
So I’m gonna do a little I guess you could call them icebreaker times. I think I did this one a few times ago. Few few episodes. Yes.

Tim Harman 31:36
So yeah, random questions.

Josh Matthews 31:39
Were like three or four questions little gets, like get a little inside our heads a little bit. So I’ve got three. Just easy, quick questions that may or may not be interesting, but we’ll find out. Oh, they’re gonna be interesting. Let’s kick this off with a really easy one. Everyone always asks Have you seen a good movie recently? Like it doesn’t have to be ignored. Release just something that you’ve watched an actual movie that you’ve watched recently that you’re like,

Tim Harman 32:06
I was good. I was actually good, man. I have been super lame. I mean, for months, I just have gone on this. I only watch YouTube huh? It’s funny. I met up with one of our top contributors to the Facebook group, Brad Woodall. And he’s had gotten the same thing. He said, Yeah, man, all I watches you. I do the same thing. You just become best. Yes, yes. So I yeah, I really don’t watch a whole lot of other things besides Tim’s not a movie guy.

Unknown Speaker 32:35
I don’t feel like it

Josh Matthews 32:37
was moved into movies before. Oh, yeah.

Tim Harman 32:40
But I just nothing’s coming into my head right now that I’ve that I’ve worn on the recent Sorry,

Dave Greenwood 32:44
I should have prepped this one that I watched recently that I loved and you just asked me about it. Oh,

Josh Matthews 32:49
I’m in Hollywood. Yes, it was a great movie. Loved it. extremely violent for about 10 minutes. Well, what I liked about it is quitting. Tara, Tina, you’re like okay, this is gonna To be gory, we get it right. My wife and I, my wife is watching with me and she just kept saying like every 10 minutes she’s like, when is it coming? So that’s

Dave Greenwood 33:07
that’s what I liked about the very that’s what I loved about that movie was it um, I don’t mind slow movies and it Ellen’s pretty slow. It’s it is it is a slower movie but like the tension that it builds during like the story is just what I loved about it. It was so good.

Josh Matthews 33:22
Yeah, this is gonna be so you stole mine. So I’m going to backup because once upon a time in Hollywood was excellent beyond my expectations. I don’t like Brad Pitt. He was hilarious in this music and he outclassed Leonardo DiCaprio completely in that movie. My backup is not a movie, but should be Band of Brothers. Oh my like, Oh, he’s totally completed man. I could I’m gonna probably watch that one. It’s an American class. It’s so good. They used to play that. I don’t know. It’s a it’s so that’s from so HBO did that but I never had HBO somehow watch it but Anyway, they used to play it I

Dave Greenwood 34:01
think on Thanksgiving like they would play a marathon on whatever it must have been AMC I can’t remember doesn’t matter, but they would play and I would. That was my favorite thing about Thanksgiving for like, four years in a row was just camping out back when I didn’t have a wife or kids. I could do whatever I wanted. And I would just come back and watch band of brothers. It was fantastic. Yeah,

Josh Matthews 34:20
Tim, it reminds me I still have your DVDs.

Tim Harman 34:24
I was gonna ask you that we have them

Josh Matthews 34:27
we watch them. We watched it because it came out on like, Can I borrow him or something? Yeah, you totally can. Because I feel like not crazy long ago. I’m not lying. Tim let me borrow the hard metal case DVD set over 10 years ago. 10 years ago that mixer a friend it might be nine years ago, but I think it was no I think it was walk Chris and I were engaged.

Tim Harman 34:50
Wow. Yeah. Okay, so

Dave Greenwood 34:52
over 10 years while we’re being honest, I think I owe you a copy. It’s of an Adam Carolla movie I want to say it’s the hammer because like five or 10 years ago, that we watched that on my house and you left it there and then my kids stepped on the CD and scratched all up and I was like, gonna have to buy one never did it.

Josh Matthews 35:10
Don’t worry about it. Okay, moving on to number two, I gave you guys like seven minutes of prep on this one. So you should have one. What is your favorite quote, or just a good quote, and it could be one you’ve just recently heard? good quote, go.

Tim Harman 35:27
Yeah, mine’s kind of unfair, because it just involves a lot of explanation behind it. And I’ve probably got lots of other quotes. I just had read this earlier, I think today or heard it somewhere else. And it has to do with my face and it’s by CS Lewis. And he says, If I find myself a desire, which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world. Hmm. So it’s got a lot of deep implications. They’re about finding your satisfaction and all kinds of other things and not meeting that satisfaction. And how I believe that my true satisfaction is in God. And then, you know, I got I got a whole nother life to live after this. Anyways, lots to go into there, but I would say that is my answer Dave, go beat it. I will beat it. No, I won’t be too

Dave Greenwood 36:27
I am not a big quote person. I’m a goal setter. And I’m not a goal setter, except for the fact that I there are so many quotes out there that I hate. And there’s one type in particular, it’s the ones that like turn the words around on itself. Like I think I’ve said it on this podcast before but the one that always comes to mind is something to the effect of, it’s not about the it’s not the amount of breaths and life you take, but it’s about the moments that take your breath away those I can’t have

Tim Harman 36:58
those quotes. I hate

Dave Greenwood 36:59
them. So much.

Josh Matthews 37:00
The size of the dog in the fight is the Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 37:03
right. Yeah, those just drives me nuts. And those are the ones that you see on Facebook all the time. And I’m just like, oh my gosh. But anyway, so I started a job, a new job recently. And there’s a when you start a new job, there’s a bunch of stuff on your desk, or there’s a bunch of stuff that they they’re like, here’s a shirt, here’s a coffee mug, that kind of stuff. So I get there and there’s a calendar on my desk, right? Then it’s one of these calendars that has like a quote of the day and I was like, well, this is stupid. Well, then I open it up. I’m like, there’s a lot of really good quotes in here. Okay. And so, again, I’m not a close person, but this one stuck, jumped out at me. This is just the other day on June 24. The object in this this is fitting for what we’ve been talking about on this podcast. The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. Now, I was like, Wow, that’s really powerful. Because, you know, you go through your whole life going to school, and I feel like it’s just most of it is rote memorization. You No and I don’t I don’t remember anything that I learned in like history classes and stuff, obviously, because we were talking about when the Declaration of Independence was signed, we’re not real sure. Or, you know, when it occurred in the order of events, but I just thought that was really powerful because it really makes sense that if if you’re educated Well, when you’re young, then it causes you to have like a hunger for learning your entire life.

Josh Matthews 38:20
Okay, so I’m gonna get real meta, too, because we didn’t plan I didn’t know what Tim was going to ask me about during our segment earlier. But this is a quote that I heard just the other day from Jordan Peterson, who I’ve talked about before. briefs briefs synopsis update on him. He was addicted to a like anti anxiety drug. He was pushed recently. Yeah, like a year like about a year ago, I think. He was prescribed a particular drug that he didn’t know a bunch about. And he’s a clinical psychologist, psych colleges. Not a psychiatrist, but he tries to keep up with like, he’s talking about drug dependency and things Like that, anyway. Yeah, anxiety got prescribed this drug called benzo dap within or something. They call it benzos. Anyway, apparently it’s like almost impossible to detox from, like, it’s one of those things that a large percentage of people who get on it can never really get off of it without like a super slow, slow detox. He was having these side effects. So we had to do a fast detox. No one does that had to go to Russia. He was, he’s been gone like months and months and months, like almost dying multiple times. He just had a podcast with his daughter. He’s been feeling good for a few weeks now like thinking clearly and better enough to get in front of a camera and do an interview. So during this interview, is very, very hard to watch because I really respect this dude. He has, he has a lot of good things to say. And he’s kind of been off the radar for a while anyway. And during this interview, he just one sentence he said was this is where it ties into Kind of what we’re talking about today is if you’re going to wait to learn from people who don’t make mistakes, or don’t have tragedy into their life, you’re going to spend a long time waiting to learn something not even have even like effects like that related to things happening in the world today. There’s just so much about and I mean, even to Tim’s quote if you put all of your faith in like a person or people like they are going to fail you you know like people have this earth absolutely like 100% of the time they’re gonna fail you at some point like cuz everyone is imperfect. And so we try to hold everybody to this crazy standard of perfect well

Tim Harman 40:40
now we can cancel them though Josh, you know, I mean it’s no problem right?

Josh Matthews 40:44
Yes. Even if they like founded the country you can cancel them. So anyway, that’s a good one to me. Because like people yeah, they you know, if one slip up today, we’re like, cancelled, you do not matter. Your opinion does not matter anymore. But you know, one of the most brilliant minds Today he said this quote, you know, speaking of himself, really because he was speaking about people who are going to now say, Why should I ever listen to Jordan Peterson like he can’t even keep his own house in order about like getting addicted to this anxiety medication. Should we wrap it up there? I got one more. Yeah, if it’s quick, yeah, sure. Okay. It is quick. Who is if you ever have met, who was the famous person you’ve ever met the most famous person when he was pretty new you ever met? Tara Reid smelled her hair met? Oh, Max. You smelled Terry? there? Yeah, I did. I mean,

Dave Greenwood 41:36
I kind of I mean, you don’t know that. I didn’t meet her. I mean, if I smelled her hair, then I probably met her. No, I didn’t meet her. I’ll save that story for another time. But probably has to be an athlete. I want to say like john Smoltz, me, okay, when I leave, I’m gonna walk out this door and be like,

Tim Harman 41:53
dang, it was Barack Obama. Like there’s gotta be somebody more. Yeah. I’m trying to think really not a whole lot of I mean,

Unknown Speaker 42:02
I’ve met most famous

Tim Harman 42:04
Yeah, most famous. Ah, you know

Josh Matthews 42:07
the guy that was on like the voice right? Oh, you

Dave Greenwood 42:09
know more people than I than I could ever know in a

Tim Harman 42:12
lifetime. Like how by my famous people. I don’t know. You know what, though? here’s here’s what I’ll say. I haven’t directly met a lot of famous people however, like Clark, I know a lot of Howard. Well, yeah, but that’s just like that’s pretty local. You

Dave Greenwood 42:26
ate at a at a you ate wings with him like in China.

Tim Harman 42:32
I mean, come on. Yeah, buddy and McDonald’s a lot. Anyway, for those of you guys don’t know, Clark Howard. He does a radio show. It’s been on forever here in Atlanta and he syndicated across the country. So yeah, I mean, I don’t know. I guess he had a show on what was that CNBC or

Josh Matthews 42:48
MSNBC. It’s hard to say I don’t even remember

Tim Harman 42:52
a time but I would say that I’ve got a degrees of separation like very low degrees of separation between me and probably way a lot of famous people, I don’t know

Dave Greenwood 43:03
who you get on the phone.

Unknown Speaker 43:05
Anybody on the phone? Maybe

Josh Matthews 43:07
he knows a senator or congressman okay.

Tim Harman 43:09
Yeah if I get if I started thinking I look okay as one of my good friends used to always say Tim be no one people

Dave Greenwood 43:18
are no No, no, no. He said you got to be no one somebody. Yeah you could maybe maybe be elected the mayor of like Marriott I feel like you know enough people you could you could start a camp pull him out and then not in the city limits. But other than that, yes. Okay. Josh, what about you? All right. I mean,

Josh Matthews 43:33
I didn’t smell Terry’s hair. But I went to New York for my wife’s cousin’s wedding went into the city one night happened to be a Mother’s Day filming of SNL. They were just getting out of 30 rock. And so we just stopped to see who was coming out of the building. It was the night Betty White was there. And they also brought back a bunch of former female cast members like from the 90s Like Amy Poehler Maya Rudolph, Will Forte back when he’s on the show Jorma to shown from the Lonely Island to sit just just one person. Gabe from the office was there. Yeah, we got selfies with like all these people like 10 in a row. Nice. And then who is Jason Sudeikis? Yep. Got to talk to him. That was back one of the early versions of the iPhone that could at night it would take like blurry pictures like crazy. He like hung out until we could like get a solid picture. He’s like, make sure that one’s good. And yeah, it was nice and then who else that’s about it. Oh, welfare. Oh, yeah. No welfare wasn’t there. But later earlier that night, can’t remember which Oprah Winfrey like we saw Oprah Winfrey in person. I didn’t meet her but like she walking down the street. She was a radio Radio City Music on what she was doing. She was like coming out of Radio City Music Hall getting into a limo and like SAR like to have you know, Aries. It was interesting.

Tim Harman 44:58
I’ve I feel like I’m old enough now thought about this enough and I don’t get starstruck. Like that’s not only that’s not really a part of me maybe maybe 20 years ago might have done that. But I think now just say, Hey, man, you know what’s up?

Josh Matthews 45:16
Yeah, I was old enough for I wasn’t like, Oh my god, like it was just like, hey, you’re you’re human. Let’s get a selfie. It was fun, but I wasn’t like, Oh, I can’t believe this is

Dave Greenwood 45:27
how I feel like if I’m not like Tom Cruise, I would be starstruck about how short I’d be like, Man, you are way shorter than I thought you were like that kind of thing.

Tim Harman 45:36
I’m sure he doesn’t ever hear that. Probably not. Yeah. Okay, guys, that’s gonna wrap it up for this week’s show. Hopefully you guys learned some interesting things about Josh and I guess my show like this will be coming up at some point let’s let’s just kick that can down the road. You’re lucky, you know, quite a ways. Take some time to leave us a review on Apple podcast, share this podcast with a friend and definitely check out our Facebook group as well. We’ll catch you guys next time.

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