Built-ins Around a Sofa – The SketchUp Design

Last Updated on January 28, 2020 by Tim Harman

Part 03 | The Library Renovation | Built-ins Around a Sofa – Sketchup Design

Follow along and watch me work on my most recent renovation project, the library! In this third video, I walk you through the SketchUp model I made before building the built-in bookshelves that go around our sofa.


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My SketchUp model helped me out a ton while building this.  I strongly encourage everyone who likes to build to learn SketchUp.  There’s even a free version which is what I used.  Check it out here.

Here are a few products I used in the project:

Kreg circular saw guide
Swanson speed square and combo square

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Intro/outro music by the very talented, William Collier.