Our Favorite Follows | #020

Last Updated on January 28, 2020 by Tim Harman

Do you need some inspiration to help you along on your projects?  Or just want to check out amazing work being done by talented craftsmen?  On this week’s show we gave a shout out to some of our favorite DIYers. You should really consider following these dudes!

This Old House

Nashville Early Bronco

The Keystone Carpenter

Paul Davids

Matt Risinger

Alex Rebuilds

Blueridge Bronco

Toyo Cruisers


Essential Craftsman

Rainfall Projects

Doug DeMuro

Nick Shabazz

Alec Steele

Ford Tech Makuloco

Jimbo’s Garage

I Like to Make Stuff

The Pond Digger

RR Buildings


At the beginning of the show Josh brought up wire connectors. He’s always been partial to the the twist cap connectors, while Tim has recently embraced the push-in connectors. Josh did some research and turns out that Europe building code requires similar push-in style connectors; making Josh question his allegiance to the twist cap style. Here are the two push-in styles we were talking about. Tim uses the ones on the left.

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Josh took charge this show with his segment, Like a Hole in the Head. He shared three different stories of people having emergency drillings into their head to relieve pressure! With common cordless drills! Love it.


On our very first episode we talked about DIY pest control. Ok, so our first podcast wasn’t the best, BUT the content was fantastic. Check out youcanman.com/pest for all the details!