Found on Road Dead | #076

1975 Ford Bronco Sport, black and white

Last Updated on September 23, 2020 by Tim Harman

Each of the You can, man. hosts own old Ford trucks.  Each truck has its own history, problems, and hopeful futures.  Josh: 1972 Ford F100.  Tim: 1975 Bronco.  Dave: 1989 Bronco.  We talk through all of it in this week’s episode.  

Tim had the bonus segment this week with the story of the world planking record held by 62yr old, George Hood.

For further reading on George Hood and planking:

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Josh Matthews 0:00
Welcome to the You can, man.™ podcast episode 76. I’m Josh. I’m Tim. And I’m Dave. And on this week’s episode, Found on Road Dead.

Tim Harman 0:20
Alright guys, welcome back to the You can, man.™ podcast where we believe what one man can do you can do as well with a little help from your friends and you got to have the proper know-how. I don’t know how much know how we’re gonna get these guys this week, you know, I don’t know, talking about found on road dead. Sounds like we’re going to talk about some old Ford trucks.

Dave Greenwood 0:38
Yeah, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about. I think we’ve got a lot of knowledge around this table.

Tim Harman 0:42
Yes, I say that we do have a lot of know-how

Josh Matthews 0:45
we do have know how we also have a lot of things we don’t know which you have to acknowledge

Tim Harman 0:50
this is true. And we’re gonna get into that because this week, we’re all about our old trucks. And you might be thinking, I know that Tim has an old Bronco and I’ve heard about Dave’s not so old Bronco, the ugly yours as I like to say (watch it). And but Josh just recently got a 1972 Ford F 100. Yeah. And I personally think it’s beautiful. (She’s cherry.) Yes. Great.

Josh Matthews 1:18
It’s uh, it was fun. I mean, having Jud on the podcast last week. Was it changed my life (shout out to Jud right?) Yeah, so Jud, he did me a solid. This was a beautiful You can, man.™ orchestration? I guess we’ll call it so. Yeah, my wife and I greenlit this f 100 purchase and it is not a cherry f 100 it needs some love.

Tim Harman 1:43
And you will we should tell our listeners that Josh has been looking for an old truck for quite some.

Dave Greenwood 1:48
That’s right. He’s been looking but this was also a little he kind of jumped on this. You weren’t intending on buying a truck. Right, right.

Josh Matthews 1:54
No, yes. I mean, as of a week before we bought the truck. There was no intent to buy a truck. So this was greenlight that night. I looked. I saw one

Dave Greenwood 2:05
I mean that’s what rich like rich people like I’m gonna buy a truck. Yeah, that’s what you did

Josh Matthews 2:08
Yeah, call me rich. So we look we saw one called him called on it the next morning gone. It was as local it’s pretty local truck. Great Price. It was gone. So found another one. And the reason I liked it is it looked pretty good. And a decent paint job. The body looked pretty straight. But it was four wheel drive, and manual factory, which is pretty rare for those f1 hundreds. I wasn’t even looking for manual or four wheel drive. I was actually leaning toward two wheel drive automatic, just for simplicity. But it’s a great looking truck and it caught me and so I called on it and the guys like my phones blowing up you got to get here. I won’t go into the whole story. But Jon Melton from Nashville Early Bronco has been on the show recently. The truck was not local. The truck was not local. It was up in Smyrna, Tennessee sort of near Jon I mean he had to do a little driving to get there but he totally did me a solid and went out there and gave the truck the once over gave us you know stamp of approval on it said it’s decent price for what I’m getting. Just what I’m looking for. I guess he knows way more about old trucks than I do. So he gave me the thumbs up then I’m like, how am I gonna get this truck back? It can’t drive from Smyrna Tennessee to Georgia is not gonna make it. It’s not in that good a condition called our buddy Jud who’s got crazy massive trucks and big old trailers.

Tim Harman 2:33
I think he has 42 trailers if I’m not mistaken.

Josh Matthews 3:26
42 dump trailers. He (has like 47 three of them are unaccounted for) he also he also has a car hauler, and in this case, a truck hauler. So we wrote up there in a brand new dodge dually Longhorn edition, (thing was macked out) you couldn’t even tell it was pulling my truck. Anyway, Jud and I road tripped up there with our sons and man.

Tim Harman 3:58
And if you’re a diehard You can, man.™ fan, you would have followed our Instagram stories that I posted. And you would have seen pictures of Josh’s truck.

Josh Matthews 4:09
Yeah, we might post up at least in the Facebook group. I’ll throw out a couple more pics. Yeah, they’re got to it’s a truck. You know, it looks good from farm, but it’s far from good. So we’re gonna get into more of the detail.

Tim Harman 4:21
Yeah, but I’m glad you gave us the little bit of the backstory of how you got it. And this is within the past few weeks. I mean, Josh just got this thing. (Yep.) So he’s looking into all this kind of stuff that he’s doing. So we thought we’d give you guys backgrounds, on the old trucks that we have, what we’ve done with them, what we need to do to them, what’s holding us back from keeping it running like it should, and all that but first guys just play a little bit of catch up. What’s been going on this week?

Josh Matthews 4:50
Man, let’s bring it back to Jud again. I got a chimney cap, courtesy of our buddy Jud Cahoon, timing couldn’t be better. He actually put in the order for it before he was on the podcast, and yeah, we got it installed yesterday. (I saw it. It looks nice.) It looks awesome. Shout outs.

Dave Greenwood 5:07
Like it does like we’re all, well I don’t know about Tim but I’m getting a finally get my roof fixed

Tim Harman 5:13

Josh Matthews 5:14
The back porch roof?

Dave Greenwood 5:15
Yeah so for listeners that aren’t up to date I have a well you’re probably up to date because I haven’t done anything about this roof in like four years that’s not (the one that actively leaks) yeah that’s an exaggeration you know it leaks into the into the screened in porch so it’s not leaking into the house but whenever it rains that roof leaks on the porch and it’s just time and I got to get it fixed. So found a guy’s coming up with a metal roof up there. Right and get it done.

Tim Harman 5:39
Well won’t have to worry about that for a while. So that’s good. (Hopefully not.) Yeah. Have you guys ever left your gas grill on? And by a gas grill I mean propane. (No, because I am like I’m really neurotic about my grill when I when I use it, which is not in the past hadn’t been very often use a lot more lately. But a real crazy about turning that thing off.) I usually am too, and I was done using it, but I kinda wanted to burn off some of the stuff you know, and so I left it on I was like, I’ll come right back out. And I’ll turn this on. Oh, you’re not that good. And I didn’t I left the thing running on all night. I get I mean, I don’t know how long it actually went over. Yeah. And then I thought about it. I was like, Oh, I bet I totally left that thing on. The thing was clean. I will say the burners were going. No. Okay. I mean, by the time I realized it the next day, obviously it was toast. (the tank ran out) Yeah. And I had I had pretty much just replaced the tank. So I just essentially blew through $20. (That’s good.) Yeah, that’s a lot. It was a reminder to me that I want to convert my grill to natural gas. Oh, so what I had replumbed or replumb our fireplace, and I put in, you know, gas. What am I? What am I? What’s the word? I’m trying to look for (natural gas line) that Yeah, I put the natural gas line it was already there. But I had to redo a pilot for them. Yeah, exactly. First start Firestarter. And so when I did that, I ran a line kind of like outside on our patio and I left a T in the line for a future spot (solid) (that is next level) to hook up a gas grill. So I gotta do that. I understand there’s some sort of converting something or other parts you got to do because maybe we should research into a show. I know. So if any of our listeners have done this before, you could post on our Facebook group and school me on how that’s done. Yeah. Or, you know, I’ll look it up on YouTube.

Josh Matthews 7:37
Sounds like a fun project.

Dave Greenwood 7:38
I will say kind of in that vein, Tim. I’ve left an oven on for like a weekend.

Tim Harman 7:44

Dave Greenwood 7:45
a long time ago. It was sorry, mom and dad was at your house. And I everybody went out of town to like use the oven to cook a pizza or something. And it’s the only thing you know how to cook. That’s all. That’s still all I know how to cook. But yeah, I came back from the weekend trip or whatever the ovens on like 500 degrees is an electric oven. Wow. Running all week.

Tim Harman 8:04
I bet that thing was clean too. Right? Yeah. Okay. Another thing. Today is my son’s 10th birthday. (Happy birthday Luke!) (Happy birthday, Luke! That’s a milestone right there.) Yeah, you and so he had been asking for a pellet gun. And I was like, ah, I don’t know. I don’t know. And I was legitimately considering like, I don’t know. You’re you’re probably not quite old enough

Dave Greenwood 8:30
Tim, I got my first bb gun when I was five years old.

Tim Harman 8:32
Okay. Well, you know, he’s got BB guns. Okay, in fact, he’s got a he’s got a BB pistol co2 pistol. That thing is awesome. So I was still kind of debating pellet guns can be serious. You know? He was totally not expecting to get it. And I got him one.

Dave Greenwood 8:48
Ohhh, dad came through.

Josh Matthews 8:49
Christmas story.

Tim Harman 8:50
Josh, I don’t know if you heard earlier today. Cuz you do work from home. So maybe you would have heard this, but we fired the thing. And I was like, okay, that’s a lot louder than I thought.

Josh Matthews 9:00
You know what? I heard something. And I was like, that wasn’t a gunshot. But that was loud.

Tim Harman 9:05
Yeah. Basically sounds like a decent fire firecracker.

Josh Matthews 9:10
Yeah, it was like almost 22 level sound that I heard.

Tim Harman 9:13
Oh, yeah. Now this is a break barrel like serious. Spring loaded. I mean, it’s, he can’t even he can’t cock the thing. I mean he can’t do the break barrel thing. I have to do it. It takes like 30 pounds of pressure.

Josh Matthews 9:25
Okay, incentive for him to start.

Tim Harman 9:27
Yeah, it’s got a scope. I mean, it’s sweet. I mean, I was telling my wife I kind of bought it for myself too. A little bit. Yeah, you know, (I bought my three year old a BB gun, but you know who it was for.) So anyways, but he’s already so we shot and I was like, Oh, that’s that’s a lot louder than I was thinking it was gonna be

Josh Matthews 9:48
Can’t rattle it off in the neighborhood all the time.

Tim Harman 9:50
Yeah, I’ve shot other pellet guns and they are not that loud. Right. So this thing’s got some kick behind it. Yeah. So he’s already asking about a silencer So I’m sorry, (suppressor suppressor.) He’s already asking about that. Do you guys even know if you can do that on a pellet gun? (So when you said that it was super loud, I immediately thought Oh, you got to suppress it. You can do that. I don’t know. I don’t know the ins and outs) (It’s on YouTube, guarantee it.) Yeah. Okay, I’ll have to look into that maybe I’ll post that on the on the facebook group.

Josh Matthews 9:51
Well, he can help with the coyotes because they’re back. (Oh, I know. I heard times this week.

Tim Harman 10:25
Yeah, and for our listeners who don’t know I’m sure we’ve talked about it before in the past. Yeah, we have a coyote problem. We live in just this the burbs of Metro Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and our neighborhood. We’ve got nice, big lots. And we have a couple empty lots in between houses where a valley kind of is with the little creek that runs through it. And it is prime habitat. Apparently for coyotes.

Dave Greenwood 10:51
They took Josh’s dog. (No.)

Josh Matthews 10:54
They might have ate her carcass.

Tim Harman 10:57
Now when we say that we’ve got them close. I mean that I could step out my basement door throw a rock and probably hit one of them. I’m not exaggerating. They are within Yeah. 100 feet. Yep. Of where where we live. (Where we’re recording right now.) Exactly. (Somthing needs to be done about this.) And there there is a pack of them. And they’ll come and go (There’s at least four or five.) Oh, there’s gotta be. (Two mornings ago…)

Dave Greenwood 11:23
You had one stare you down one time.

Josh Matthews 11:25
Yeah, that was a couple years ago. I think that was when they had the disease. I don’t know. Weird. Yeah. But they look good now because two days ago one just tried it through, tried it through my yard and came up into your yard and went in the woods and yeah, good looking caddy. So I mean, I have to have, I have to have legitimate talks with my kids like, okay, so the cavities are here. Now, they’ll probably be here for a few more days. So don’t go down to the woods. Yeah. They just kind of come and go. They’ll come for I don’t know, like three, four days and then they’ll they’ll move on. But they they are so loud. It’s whenever an ambulance goes by whenever an aimless goes well, via

Tim Harman 12:01
that or they make a kill. I think that’s what it is.

Josh Matthews 12:05
Well, every time I hear it, I hear the ambulance. And then I hear that okay, well, maybe not. (I heard them late last night and early this morning.) Okay. Yeah. Anyway, so the pellet gun maybe…

Dave Greenwood 12:15
I can’t believe you guys. I can’t believe they still live here. Because like if I if this were my house, I like I’m a law abiding citizen. But I would deal with those animals.

Josh Matthews 12:22
We don’t they don’t do anything yet. (They could.)

Unknown Speaker 12:25
Yeah, they could

Josh Matthews 12:28
Everything’s got potential.

Tim Harman 12:29
I don’t know. Maybe we should go on the hunt. I mean, there are traps we can use. (I’m not interested.) No. I might do it.

Josh Matthews 12:37
Alright. Okay.

Tim Harman 12:38
Let’s get into talking about trucks. Enough with the coyotes. (All right.) Okay. Let’s give a little bit of backstory. For listeners who don’t know, maybe they’re just joining us. We’ve already heard about Josh’s brand new Well, not brand new 1972 Ford F 100. Now, obviously, you saw the title of this show found on road dead. Little little jab there at Ford, because all of our trucks have been found on the road dead from time to time. And so hey, we love Ford’s here. But we’re not be poking a little fun at them. Equal Opportunity. Yeah, so I have a 1975 Ford Bronco. That’s in the classic years. I made them from 66 to 77 Oh, gee, Bronco. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So I bought that thing in, I think 2007 thinking, Okay, I’m gonna just like do a paint job. And just drive it. I’m just gonna, you know, cuz it drove not well, but it did. That was gonna be your like, your daily computer. Yeah. And I was just like, yeah, just gonna, you know, do a little do a little thing here in Corona. And that slowly snowballed into a full frame off for us the rest restoration. And it took me about a year, me and my friend Brandon, totally stripped to say was on the small engine podcast. Yes, my friend Brandon. He was on the small engine repair basics. podcast, I don’t remember which number that was. But he helped me tremendously with the restoration of that Bronco. And, yeah, I’ve done a crazy amount to it. I mean, I took the body off of the frame. If you ever get an old truck, and you don’t want to spend a ton of money on it, do not take the body off. That’s what I always tell people because if you take the body off, then you went through all the trouble to do it. And then you’re gonna realize, well, I can’t not change all the brake lines and the fuel lines, right? pressure wash the frame and painted and you can’t not Oh, you know what I might as well go ahead and redo all the wiring on the frame. And well, it’s so easy to get to now we might as well replace all of the suspension I mean, This gas tank is gotta go because I mean, it’s super easy to get to now look how old it is, right? So as you can imagine, everything just snowballs because you no longer have any obstruction to all of these components. You kind of just start, I got to do it and it just adds up.

Josh Matthews 15:21
And 150 there 200 here, (It’s ridiculous.)

Tim Harman 15:26
Yeah, like even even stuff down to like buying some nice clips like insulated clips to run my fuel line in, right. Just, when I say insulated I just mean like padded, nice clips that I secured to the frame, it just as just starts adding up like crazy. Yeah, but there’s no other time. There’s seriously like, you just think about it. Like, I’m (you’ll see this part again), I will never do this again. I’m just gonna do it. I got to do it. So what ended up you know, I bought it and I’m thinking I’m gonna put, you know, maybe a couple thousand into it. And just that’s why I was telling you Josh, I was like, Uh huh, because Josh is having the same kind of language that I have going into I think he might actually stick to it. But yeah, I have a wife. Yeah. No, no, I do I do. Anyway, yeah. I don’t know how I got away with it. I she she really looking back she should not she married into it. And she No, she didn’t marry Oh, this was this was four years into marriage. I don’t know how this happened. I don’t know how this happened. But it did. So I should proceed. Thank you, Bethany. I’ve got this gorgeous Bronco now because of my gorgeous wife. So I redid the motors well, and then I had to replace all the floor plans for pans in the vehicle because all of them were rusted out. So much work and painted it of course. And I think I dropped the transmission of that thing. I don’t know how many times I mean, it’s been crazy when we first put everything back together. The machine shops I did have somebody redo the motor for me. I didn’t redo the motor. So I took it to a machine shop. Well part of the balancing process of balancing a motor you want to put the the flex plate on it. And it did that but they put a smaller one than it’s supposed to have. But I didn’t know because I don’t know. Anyways, I got it back we put everything back together. Well the starter didn’t engage the flex plate. So it would not start so when when I go to started classes I order we have the starter was not hitting anything is because I had a smaller flex plate it was a hitting it. So what does that mean? That means that I had to drop the transmission to get a hold of this thing and to replace it. (Anyway, we’re totally tracking with you over here. 100%)

Dave Greenwood 17:57
you’ve done everything. I’ve done nothing to mine.

Josh Matthews 18:00
So that was Tim’s background. He did a full ground up rebuild frame all the wiring to everything, everything. He touched everything on the car. So as much as you could do to. He did. Yeah, we do the truck.

Tim Harman 18:13
You guys have probably thought about what would it be like to take an entire car apart? I mean, I pretty much did that.

Josh Matthews 18:19
Yeah. So I was actually on on the drive with Jud towards Nashville. We were asking or asked him if he’d ever done a full rebuild of a car and he goes yeah, I did that, once. Never again was the verdict.

Tim Harman 18:35
Yeah, you end up with extra bolts too. (Nice.)

Dave Greenwood 18:38
Yeah, the problem the problem right now. So I have a Bronco as well. A 1989. This is a full size Bronco. To the untrained eye it’s the OJ Bronco. And it is that same generation but it’s it’s a little bit different 89 I think it was in a 94 to 96 But anyway, I’ve got an 89 it’s not running right now. It’s been sitting for a little while I inherited from my dad because he didn’t drive anymore. Yeah, I’ve had two kids in daycare. So I just haven’t had any number one I haven’t had any time number two I haven’t had any money to to get this thing running and so so the motorcycle. Yeah, I’m not ready to do that. But anyway, so I’m ready to get it fixed up a little bit. I want to drive it around. I need to take it home depot, like I’m tired of, you know, pulling up in the toilet or Highlander to try and get a piece of plywood in there that never fits. It’s embarrassing. So I got to get the broker running, but I’m kind of just mulling it over like what am I going to do I don’t have time to do a frame off restoration of this thing. I don’t even have time I don’t think to get it running.

Josh Matthews 19:31
Is it worth it at that point like for you so we’re given current status you guys just heard the status of mine. I just bought it It runs it drives barely. But yeah, for me to do like a frame off full restoration like I just saw one on bring a trailer. That was It’s my dream car like it was it’s the dream f 100 if I could build one like it actually have thoughts of mimicking it as much as I can with mine. That was ground up full rebuild, just like you did. guy did it himself. I don’t think he was like a super high end professional or anything, just this old guy that did it over the past 10 years or so. Gorgeous car. I was thinking like this thing is going for $40k plus easy. It sold for $26,000. You know, so like, even if I were to like do that, or if Dave on the 89 Bronco, that’s not one of the desirable years of Broncos. (How dare you.) What’s the return on that?

Tim Harman 20:23
Let’s give some numbers too because if I was a listener, I, I think that I’d want to know because if I’m if I’m mulling over buying an old truck, I would want to know the numbers. So for my Bronco now this was I bought this in 2007. You got in while the getting was good? Yes. If I had to do it over, I don’t think I could do it because I get into a backhoe. Okay, so I’m pretty sure that I bought the thing for $4,800. (Amazing.) Now, I shouldn’t have even paid that much. Because knowing what I know, now, I would have known the places to look for what have known that, oh, this thing’s got a lot more rust than, than it looks. Mm hmm. Because one of the previous owners, not the guy bought it from I think somebody else had done a really good job of doing some fiberglass sheeting and some bondo work and everything. And at the time, I just, I was just uneducated, I just didn’t know enough of where to look and in the telltale signs of that. So I should have probably paid less for it. But I paid $4,800 and I probably put about $15,000 into it well,

Dave Greenwood 21:32
a little bit different both though, because you could sell that I believe for much more than that today.

Tim Harman 21:35
But for a while there it was, I probably only would have broken even right. So when I got it appraised it pretty much appraised right at what I had in it, including buying it. So I had to get it appraised to get the special, you know, stated amount of insurance on it. So Josh, you got to look into that too. You did. Okay, good. Yeah, if you have an old car or a car that you put a lot of modifications to, then you guys know what I’m talking about. You got to do like stated value different insurance, but so I’d have it appraised and appraised for pretty much right what I had in it. But now I think I feel fairly confident that I think I could probably sell it for like 35 maybe 40 on a good day if I fixed a few things. So it’s got some problems that I need to address.

Josh Matthews 22:27
Broncos are red hot right now.

Tim Harman 22:30
Yeah, maybe maybe five years from now maybe they won’t be so I’m not really sure.

Josh Matthews 22:34
Yep. You never know. They go in cycles.

Tim Harman 22:36
Yeah. But as for right now. I mean, it’s it’s a decent investment.

Josh Matthews 22:40
All right. So, let’s go around and get to some immediate needs for each of the cars just a couple things known issues that that we need to get addressed. So, who wants to go first?

Tim Harman 22:52
Dave is like where do I start?

Dave Greenwood 22:52
Where do I start, so it doesn’t run. My dad bought it when I was 15 I think and so I don’t know how old I am now, but we’ve had it for you know, well over what 20 years and so since the beginning it’s never run quite right. It’s never idled Well, it’s been looked at, I don’t know how many times nobody’s ever been really able to fix it. And so once it’s running, I know it’s not going to idle well and that’s the biggest thing that’s always kind of bothered me with it is you know, you’re sitting at the stoplight and you’ve got to keep kind of your foot on the gas or it’s gonna go you know, (is it carbureted?) It’s not, it’s fuel injected so yeah, a little bit it’s a lot newer than Tim’s. It’s fuel injected it has, you know, ABS up front, it’s got power windows so some of those creature comforts but again, it doesn’t run Okay, so number one is to get get the thing started get it moving, like to get the idle fixed. But then it needs everything it needs new wheels and tires it needs new paint job

Tim Harman 23:46
Didn’t I ask you if any of the previous mechanics and looked at it when your dad had it if any of them had replaced the fuel filter?

Dave Greenwood 23:53
No, so I think it’s either the fuel filter or the fuel pump

Tim Harman 23:57
My old Bronco II was running like absolute garbage. And I was thinking, Oh, man, this is something serious is wrong. It was the fuel filter. Yeah, it was just starving for fuel. And that’s what was making it I mean, literally your issue could surely surely all those mechanics maybe they were just trying to take you dad for some dollars, but it could have very well just been a fuel filter.

Dave Greenwood 24:22
It could have been once we get a running I’m going to do I’m going to do a lot I’m not going to say a lot of work but I’m going to do I’m going to try and figure out what’s going on with that. Yeah, once you do get it running I got some thoughts on that Bronco because I think you need to take out the tire interior and you need to bed line the whole thing. So I have I have vision I have a very clear vision for what I want to do and it does entail turning it into kind of a beach cruiser right? So let’s get it we’ll do yes the next day.

Tim Harman 24:48
Okay, Josh, what do you got to do to get yours up and running?

Josh Matthews 24:51
So like I said mine runs and it cranks pretty well. I just figured out any new battery looked at the day. It dies after a couple days if you don’t touch it, so and it’s the batteries like Five years old or something, so it’s time to go. I rebuild the car, which I had never done before slapped it back on there and it cranked right up. So I didn’t screw that. Oh, I had not heard this yet. Nice. Yeah, but having it running out there now getting it idling and doing that. It’s like witchcraft. Every forum I’ve read volumes of information on how to tweak the manual choke and all that stuff. And just when I think I understand it, I screw some setting up like there are no instructions that exist on the internet. No Haynes manual for my carburetor that’s like, set this screw here when the choke is open this fart like there’s none of that stuff, right? Like there. People say they’re like, read this document. And it’s like it this is a this is a disadvantage. I was talking to Josh, like our age group just does not have a comp solid comprehension of how carburetors work, right. We came up we came up with, you know, fuel injected cars, we’re, you know, it’s kind of a new thing. Every car that we touched had a computer, right? Yeah, so we couldn’t really work on them to the extent that our dads and grandfathers now that the couple evenings I’ve spent over the hood here, I’m learning what certain tweaks do because I mean, it is it is a very simple but sophisticated instrument. And it does different things when it’s cold, there are certain settings you gray, and when it’s warm, there are only certain settings you can do so you can’t get it all right in one go. So I’m having a heck of a time with that. It does run though, and but I need I still need to change plugs and wires. A lot of guys on the internet say you know if you’re fiddling with your car and just can’t get it right and you know, like it’s rebuilt properly. Like there’s probably it’s probably something else because they said the point was the carburetor. So simple. But if you’re if you can get it running, then check these other things too. So it needs plugs and wires. It needs an oil change. I need to flush the coolant. Those are the big things and like Dave, I just want it running and reliable because like the first day I got it, I took it to Qt in Australia had me. Yeah, I mean, it’s an old truck. It’s not gonna you’re not gonna say you’re watching. Yeah, I had to I had to push it, which I can do, I figured out how to push it to the pump. It was out of gas. Well, I’m glad I drove it there. So anyway, those are the big things this simple. DIY tuna, it needs a tuna. And when we say tune up, we actually mean it because it’s an old truck, right? I’m gonna tune that car because it’s gonna tune it up. Alright, so anything any known issues right now with your car,

Tim Harman 27:33
oh yeah, I’ve got some issues. So pretty much everywhere it can leak, it’s kind of leaking. And I think a lot of it has to do with it just sitting for a really long time. So one of the biggest leaks that it has is the main seal between the transmission and the transfer case. So transmission fluid will actually go and dump into the transfer case. It’s crazy I’ve got these pans sitting up underneath it and I call it it’s bedpan because it just catches all the transmission fluid. So essentially, every time I get it out I usually have to kind of top it off with transmission fluid. And you know, it’s leaking a little bit of oil not that bad but it’s also got a power steering

Dave Greenwood 28:15
It leaks like like the old man that it is.

Tim Harman 28:17
Yeah, I mean it really does.

Josh Matthews 28:19
It’s got weak bladder.

Tim Harman 28:21
Those those are like the major issues but I’m trying to think of anything else I mean, it’s got a couple little rust things kind of creeping back in but nothing major really okay. It wouldn’t take a whole lot to get it back up where I want it to go and I I’ve been wanting wanting to put a back seat in it. I’ve got the original like stock back seat, but it’s brown and ugly and it had already been recovered. And I want I think I want to just do like an aftermarket seat in it too. And then like maybe putting like a new roll cage in it because the one in it. I don’t like

Josh Matthews 28:53
okay, so Dave, what are your next like, once you get it sorted out? What’s the what are the next like realistic things you’d like to do to your to your vehicle.

Dave Greenwood 29:02
First thing that I’m going to do are wheels and tires and a suspension lift on it not gonna jack it up. But it rides like it’s, you know, a low rider from 1990. Okay, so it needs a little bit of a lift on it. (You gonna do a body lift as well?) I’m gonna do I’m gonna possibly I haven’t decided exactly, but I think I’m going we’ll (definitely want to beef up the suspension) got to beef it up a little bit. Probably a four inch lift wheels and tires and then

Tim Harman 29:27
Four inch? That’s significant.

Dave Greenwood 29:28
And then we’re gonna (It’s a big car) it’s a big it’s the big Bronco. So it needs I think they just they sat too low from the from the factory. So yeah, wheels tires and lift and then it’s got the paint is so bad on it. It’s got to get painted. That’s that’s probably going to be the last thing that happens because that’s going to be the big ticket item. I think like Tim mentioned. So if you get in and now it’s smells like a boat because it’s been sitting, you know, oh, yeah, I told you that. Yeah, it’s just been sitting there and just all mildewy Yeah, it’s nasty. It needs to be cleaned up. But I think what I’m going to do so the top of I think all Broncos come off. I know mine does. yours doesn’t Yeah, the one in the middle of the second generation does as well. So I think I’m gonna take the top off and I’m going to get a soft, a soft top for the for the back. But I’m just going to turn it into it. Like I said, a beach cruiser, probably Rhino line, the interior, I haven’t yet 100% decide I want it to be. I don’t want it to be a complete, you know, thing you just kick around, but I do want it to be a little bit more utilitarian. Okay,

Josh Matthews 30:30
and I sent Dave saw on Amazon. I’d heard of the product before. Herculiner? Oh, yeah. It’s a roll on bedliner basically, and it’s DIY and I mean, if you go on Amazon, it’s thousands of reviews like highly rated and look goes and I went on YouTube and saw guys doing it

Tim Harman 30:50
Raptor liner i think is another one.

Josh Matthews 30:52
Okay, they I mean, the results are look amazing. Yeah, they look like you know, a $700 whatever you pay to have someone spray in your bed. So that’s one of my items, too is just because my beds ugly. It’s been patched. I don’t care. I want to bug it. So yeah, herculean is one of mine. I’d like to replace the rear bumper. It’s got just a very basic on bird. Some of those trucks came with a more beefy step bumper with the bumper on it is weird. Like it looks like it couldn’t take it. You can buy that bumper for like 55 bucks from summit race. Okay, I think so. But yeah, I want the one with a step bumper have already sourced some like a Jasper. So I’m gonna I’m gonna get one of those. It doesn’t have the original tailgate. I’d like the original tailgate because I like the stamped letter. Yeah, those are hard to find though. I want a 69 grill instead of the 72 grill that I have. Basically turning it into a different job. I would love to do that with myself. These are things that are cheap. The parts are all interchangeable. Now. They’re not that cheap, but the parts are interchangeable. That’s why they’re real on the realistic list. Yeah, I want wheels and tires. That’s about it. Okay, so what are those dream things that you want to do to this truck? Yeah, so the things I just mentioned are kind of next step I’d really like to do they’re not gonna break the bank. The Dream things are a little bit of a lift. I’m still it’s four wheel drive, but I am not into like, like I mentioned in the bronco podcast, I’m not into like jacked up four wheel drive trucks right, I want a really close to factory stance. So I might level it out because Bulldogs a little bit like it came from the factory like the back end sets up a little higher, which is fine. But that might be one a full paint job would be the next one and then maybe like a big boy engine or at least a 302 but a real one that’s got some performance right? Yeah, first I wanted I’d like to do some burnouts in that thing first though.

Unknown Speaker 32:52
Just take it out. Just rag the engine. Yeah.

Josh Matthews 32:54
Okay, nice. Nice. Okay, well, listeners, hopefully you guys got a solid idea of our old trucks because we’re going to be talking about our old trucks and what we’ve been doing to them on future episodes. But we wanted to give you a background of what we’ve got what we’ve done to it what we’re working on what we hope to do to our trucks and give our Instagram a follow because that’s usually where you know on our stories and that sort of thing of where we post some of these more personal things of what we’re doing to our own trucks and so and houses yeah and houses for sure. Josh had been posting tons of stuff about bathroom he just ripped out and is redoing so check that out for sure. We will be back after the break. I’ve got the bonus segment this week guys. So here we go. Buckle up.

Tim Harman 33:46
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Alright guys, welcome back. I’ve got the bonus segment this week. It’s not an old man topic, but it is about an old man. Okay, have you guys ever heard of George Hood?

Josh Matthews 35:06
George hood? No. I’m gonna say no.

Tim Harman 35:09
Okay. Have you ever heard about a guy that broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest held plank? Oh, When was this? This year? Yeah, this year is in February. Oh, wow. No, haven’t heard this story. Okay, so this was George hood. I did a pre COVID gift for a 62 year old Marine Corps veteran. There’s something about old men because my

Dave Greenwood 35:33
Dad plank forever too. He can play for like five minutes is weird.

Tim Harman 35:38
Okay, now (Your dad is a Marine though) Well, so is this guy. (That’s what I’m sayin’) Veteran Marine Corps and former DEA agent did something else to it (He was born again hard). Yeah, I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna post some links to like some further reading because I’m not going to get into all the details of what this guy’s done. However, you guys in any kind of guess as to how long now we’ll say he had a he had he held the previous row. So I think to ease into it, I think he said it back in 2011 for only like an hour or something or other maybe an hour. people hadn’t just hadn’t maybe tried it yet. That’s kind of the the guess is that it was

Josh Matthews 36:22
like 2011 It feels like when planking got hot, maybe first time you remember that? Okay, but

Tim Harman 36:27
then he got bested, like crazy bested by this Chinese guy. And I’ve actually got his name. So George hoodie previously held the record 2011. Okay, I’ve got my notes here an hour and 20 minutes. So that’s what he did previously. 2011. But he lost it to an eight hour. Okay, so then what Hold on. My mind was eight hours. Okay. He lost it to eight hours, one minute and one second set by Mao we Dong from China in 2016. All right now old George hood. He wasn’t having any of that. So he

Dave Greenwood 37:00
went from an hour to eight like a plus.

Tim Harman 37:03
Okay, how do you do this lots of training in the midst of all worked up to but what is what is your guess as to what his new world record was earlier this year in February 68.

Josh Matthews 37:14
I think 16 is he like in the sense

Tim Harman 37:17
that you wouldn’t like nine, eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds. Okay. Now that was the Guinness Book of World Records. It is reported that he did another record that was like 10 hours and something. But it wasn’t officiated by the Guinness Book of World Record. So well, I don’t know under what body of authority that was tested. for him. Apparently he did that.

Dave Greenwood 37:41
So you playing for like a workday? An entire work day.

Tim Harman 37:43
Yeah, one of the articles I was reading was like giving all of these examples of what you could have done during this time.

Josh Matthews 37:50
So record is what you could have done.

Tim Harman 37:52
And it’s something that was kind of neat. He did it in, in support of veterans mental health nice. And he did it at a gym that specifically supports mental health awareness through physical activity, okay, they kind of use working out as a way to combat mental illness, which is like one of the best ways to do that. So we’re the cause. And, in fact, I think it’s time had something to do with that, like you wanted to. That’s right, the gym is called, like, 515. So he wanted to make sure he did like 15 minutes and 15 seconds or something like that. Okay. If you think about what does it take to prepare for something like this? I mean, you guys have any clue? First of all, how how long have you can you guys hold a plank? Have you test Oh,

Josh Matthews 38:39
I say three to four minutes.

Dave Greenwood 38:41
I can’t do three to four minutes. I’ve tried it before. And it’s tough, man. I mean, I’ve never trained doing planks. I’ve never really had those in my workout routine. So I’m not very good at them. But you know, I was like, man, all these yoga chicks. They do it. I can do it. And those things are tough.

Tim Harman 38:54
Yes, not easier. One really interesting thing he said, when he first started, like, I guess it was kind of like the first time he’d ever tried planking. He lasted five minutes. Hmm. So that’s just kind of, I mean, that goes to show you like think about how much training went in into this. It’s pretty incredible. I mean, I mentioned how old he is yet. 667 6262. Okay, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, hood, completed 674,000 setups, and 270,000 push ups and endured more than 2100 hours of planking in preparation for the recent attempt. This guy did hours of planking every single day.

Dave Greenwood 39:44
That’s got to be about the most boring workout that I could think of. I mean, you don’t do anything. You just sit there and go.

Josh Matthews 39:49
Well, it’s down there. Yeah, like a Kindle. Yeah.

Dave Greenwood 39:53
You can be sweating on it.

Tim Harman 39:54
Yeah, I mean, this is you know, you could YouTube this and they show clips of him breaking the record. All excitement Yeah, he’s on. He’s on. He’s on his phone. People are coming in and out and talking to him and everything. How many calories you guys think that he burned during during the during the plank? So this was like according to his heart rate monitor and you know kind of factoring in that you guys know how they

Dave Greenwood 40:16
6000 6000 calories

Tim Harman 40:19
not quite that much or 4,252 but so the guy (It’s a day’s worth) okay, but he only ate like a half half of all oatmeal and I don’t have this on my notes, but it was not very well. I didn’t want to change up his morning routine. He didn’t want to have it interrupted. Right. Well, he drank a ton of water, but he did it for hours prior to the start of the thing so you can

Dave Greenwood 40:43
get while you’re playing it. Yeah, true can

Tim Harman 40:47
technically I guess you could but all these people. I have

Josh Matthews 40:52
no problem. If that was gonna hold me back.

Dave Greenwood 40:54
Yeah, I have no problem with that.

Tim Harman 40:57
Okay, another thing that he did because he says it’s really honestly more of a mental game. Yeah. And you guys probably agree. I mean,

Dave Greenwood 41:04
sure. You’re just there with your emotions. Yeah.

Tim Harman 41:06
And the ground. I mean, for that long. Yeah, it just comes down to to mental fortitude right over in the end. In the end, it really does. So he did what he described his mind set coaching, okay, okay, he had an actual coach that walked him through these practices that he could do with his thoughts to endure something like this. So one of the things that this mindset coach told him in training and during the competition was to have him visualize that he was a tree and that his roots ran deep through the earth say

Dave Greenwood 41:47
that this is why I’ll never break this record. I’m not gonna be doing that. I feel like now you lost me buddy.

Tim Harman 41:52
but so I don’t know. He just must have taken his mind somewhere imagining himself as a tree with deep deep roots. And he just wasn’t anchored in the ground there See? I’m curious why didn’t the ground what are the rules or is he allowed to move his roots you know, throughout the day, and you know, kind of stretch an arm and can you know, can you make contact I don’t know. Now this was I will say this is a low plank, which is on your elbows, there is a high plank, which is like a push up.

Josh Matthews 42:18
The one I’m going for,

Tim Harman 42:19
okay, and then there’s also a side plank, but so his specific one was a low placing

Dave Greenwood 42:26
your toes in your, in your your forearms and elbows.

Tim Harman 42:29
Yes. And his elbows started bleeding, like four hours into this. Well, you have to know that’s gonna happen. So he was also bleeding. You go for the last, you know, four hours of this. Wow. So yeah, incredible story. It just goes to show because I often think old like I can’t, I’m 39 I just think like it’s over. This dude was 6262

Dave Greenwood 42:56
broke the record,

Tim Harman 42:56
and he broke this record. Now he’s not stopping there. His next record that he would like to break is the pushup record within 60 minutes for his age or forever. No, no. Oh my god. This is for for everybody. So record. The record is currently held by Carlton Williams from Australia who, at 52

Dave Greenwood 43:20
wasn’t Carlton Williams on the Fresh Prince of Belair?

Tim Harman 43:23
Right. He did 2,682 push ups in 60 minutes in 2017. Yes, all Georgia is currently training apparently to break that record. (You can do it, George. We believe in you.) That’s interesting.

Josh Matthews 43:40
Yeah, this is this guy’s 50 and older they put their mind to it. And they make it happen.

Tim Harman 43:45
Old man strength man.

Dave Greenwood 43:47
That’s that’s what it is. We need to get George on the podcast.

Tim Harman 43:50
We should.

Josh Matthews 43:50
Oh, he would have some issues with us. Yeah, give us the what for?

Tim Harman 43:57
Yeah, but hey, man, what a great You can, man.™ story if you want to if you want to plank for eight hours. You can, man.™ (Yeah, that’s right.) You just gotta have old man strength and (mental toughness) do several hundred thousand crunches. Yeah, that’s all that’s all it takes. Alright guys, that’s it for this show this week. We will catch you guys next time, make sure to check out our Facebook group page. And until then, we’ll catch you next time.

Transcribed by and then edited some. There may be mistakes. 🙂