Takin’ it to the Dump with Jud Cahoon | #075

pickup truck with dump trailer attached

Last Updated on September 23, 2020 by Tim Harman

Chimney caps, dump trailers, and old trucks.  Our special guest this week, Jud Cahoon is all about all three and then some.  If you’re in the metro-Atlanta area and need a chimney cap, a dumpster, or advice about the asking price of that old truck you’re thinking of buying then Jud is your man.  

Jud’s Dumpster business page can be found HERE.

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Transcribed by Otter.ai and then edited some. There may be mistakes. 🙂

Josh Matthews 0:00
Welcome to the You can, man.™ podcast episode 75. I’m Josh. I’m Tim. And I’m Dave. And on this week’s episode, taking it to the dump with Jud Cahoon.

Hi guys, welcome back to the You can, man.™ podcast where we believe what one man can do you can do as well with a little help from your friends and you gotta have the proper know-how we hope to bring you some proper know how on this week’s episode we’ve got Jud Cahoon in studio. Jud say hello,

Jud Cahoon 0:39
Hello, everybody.

Tim Harman 0:40
All right. (Welcome to HQ, Jud.) Yeah, he’s actually an old friend of Josh and Dave, but I just recently met him. He did a chimney cap on the house. And we’re gonna talk about that. Jud is a multifaceted individual with many, many skills that he’s acquired over a very long career. Which includes all kinds of stuff having to do with chimneys, and also taking lots and lots of loads to the dump. And we’re gonna get into all that. So hopefully I piqued your interest enough to keep listening. But first guys what has been going on this week? We sent our children and when I say we, I mean the three you can man fellows here sent our Kindergarteners through the first day kindergarten. (It’s not real kindergarten, but yes.) It is better than real kindergarten.

Dave Greenwood 1:30
Better. Maybe it’s better, but it’s not. It’s not a I don’t

Josh Matthews 1:34
It’s not public school kindergarten. (Yeah, don’t feel the same.)

Dave Greenwood 1:36
Yeah, so I didn’t put my kid on a bus and say, bye bye.

Tim Harman 1:39
So, to let our listeners know, we all three made the same decision. We’re gonna have our kindergarteners go to public school. Public School is like, Oh, just kidding. You’re gonna sit in front of a computer all day at home. We’re like, we don’t really like that. (And they’re like, five year olds, especially five year old boys love to do that.) Oh, good. (Hold on a second if the listeners if it’s 2050 for listeners they don’t know what’s going on. So this is now 2020 right now and we’re dealing with the coronavirus epidemic and the local public schools decided to not have you know, kids in persons virtual and with a kindergartener just can’t be doing that. Like they’re bouncing off the walls my kid and he hates computers not gonna watch it.) Yeah. So we had our older two go through this same kindergarten program, and we weren’t going to send my youngest through the same program because this was going to be the only year that all three of my kids were in the same school at the same time. Well, not now. So anyways, I talked Josh and Dave into sending their sons to the same kindergarten program. And so I am actually driving (bus driver.) Yeah, most most all the mornings. I think Josh, his wife’s gonna take him like one morning but I had him in the car with me all three kids, and it was hilarious. My wife said that I we should start a segment called, overheard in carpool because there was just like some really funny stuff. Maybe if you knew our kids, it’d be funny. But you know, we got Josh’s kid talking about how funny would it be if I pooped and peed inside a shark? Inside a shark. (would be funny and weird.) And then Dave’s kid is like I say boring a lot like a lot. When I’m at home I say, BORING, (Yeah, we’re trying to break him of that habit because it drives me insane but hadn’t worked.) Yeah, my poor daughter she’s just trying to try to get a word in (Josh and I were agreeing that poor Clara she’s you know, probably just hating life riding with those insane children.) I think she loves it. She does. (It’s entertaining. Jud what do you what are your kids doing for the schools?)

Jud Cahoon 3:38
They are back in school. Last week was the first week. They go in person in Woodstock.

Tim Harman 3:47
bringing the Rona yeah, hopefully not home. (They have to wear masks?)

Jud Cahoon 3:51
in the hallways to the rooms. Yeah.

Josh Matthews 3:54
All right. We’re all making do (Hey, you gotta get through it.) That was the big I mean, that was the big Oh, I had a birthday yesterday. I’m not trying to brag, but I did. (47) (No, you don’t look that old.) Oh, yeah, not yet. So yeah, I just went to the lake with my in laws and my family. (Have you done a run since since you turned 39? What was your first run?) I was like, I gotta get it run in on my birthday. So did it 10k today. (Okay. What was your per mile?) Well, I took it easy. I was taking it easy. (Yeah, I had a real slow run this morning.) Yeah, I think I think I had a little touch of the something coming in, like trying to knock me down a little bit. Okay. I already had COVID-19 not trying to brag, but I did. So I don’t think it’s that early. Yeah, it was. I had it before it was cool.

Dave Greenwood 4:42
I think the the trip to Nashville might have done something to us because I had the same things. I went for a run. I was like, oh, terrible.

Josh Matthews 4:49
Yeah. I’ve been suppressed for about a week. And so you guys, our listeners have not heard the last episode that we just released last week. We have Had a road trip up to Nashville to visit john with Nashville early Bronco it’s a very short trip it’s like less than two hours on slightly less than 24 Super Bowl for you guys yeah I guess it was they came up later so I actually brought if you watch John’s video that he posted on his YouTube channel you’ll see a round table that is the table that we use it you can man world table I tried to make square on like pot podcast number three or something right? And so I loaded this thing up in my 1998 Ford Explorer that I just put some brand new Michelin’s on, and it’s about the hit 200,000 miles (You’ve got more money in those tires than you do in that car). Oh, no doubt. I mean, I got some faith in that car because I was like, ah, I don’t know. And I was just like, you know what I’m committed. And then my wife was like, Can you fix the armrest? and so I’m gonna do that. Anyways, okay, just before we get into all your stuff. You had an epic road trip recently that lasted? Was it a couple weeks? It was a couple weeks? Yeah. Okay. I’ll love to hear about that. And I think you’re gonna do the bonus segment and I think it has to do something with your trip. And so we’ll save that for later. But first, yes. Tell us where you went. All that good. (So he bought a camper and drove out to Arizona. To the Grand Canyon. (From Georgia?) From Georgia (Wow.) Yep. drove out. petrified National Forest. Arches. Canyonlands.)

Dave Greenwood 6:35
How long did it take to get out there?

Jud Cahoon 6:37
28 hours.

Josh Matthews 6:39
Y’all did a lot of driving.

Jud Cahoon 6:41
I did all of the driving

Tim Harman 6:42
How was it with COVID related stuff? Was it fine?

Jud Cahoon 6:47
It was fine. There was a lot of masks, but not a lot of people. So yeah, yeah, perfect. If you don’t mind masks it was perfect.

Tim Harman 6:55
No doubt and actually were some of the national parks that you visited suspending their entrance fees at all or no?

Jud Cahoon 7:04
Um, I think one was but we have a pass., (ah, good call)

Dave Greenwood 7:09
I think a lot of parks are doing that because I’ve run into a couple parks where they’re like, Yeah, no, you don’t have to pay for anything today.

Jud Cahoon 7:16
Some of the local lakes have suspended gate fees.

Tim Harman 7:19
Yeah. Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield park that I frequent. It did that but they just reinstated it. So (Thank you, Coronavirus.) Yeah. So what was what was the highlight maybe top three kind of things of the trip?

Jud Cahoon 7:32
We went to Canyonlands. I think we in my son’s favorite. And there was a trail for 48 (What state is that in?) I’m sorry, that’s in Utah. (Okay) Utah has some great parks and we drove from the park through a trail down the side of the mountain all the way into Moab, Utah. (Nice.) We had dinner down there the diner Moab diner and it was just a great afternoon.

Dave Greenwood 7:53
(side of a mountain.) I’m getting really jealous over got on the wire to get an invite. It’s always been my dream to like drive across the country.

Tim Harman 7:59
Oh, And I want to do it so was this something that you were because I’m kind of thinking and brainstorming this in my own head about doing this maybe? Maybe like two summers from now. Is this something that you had been planning for a long time? Or is this just like normal for your family?

Jud Cahoon 8:15
We’ve done in the last three summers. (Okay. All right.) Maybe two to three. Yeah, three.

Tim Harman 8:20
So you are a pro then? (So we are. We are professionals.) Did you revisit the same parks? Did you do completly different parks?

Jud Cahoon 8:26
We did drive through Arches the second time. (Okay.) The first year we went we went to Arches and Moab and then weren’t really looking into doing much else.

Tim Harman 8:35
Okay. And you said that you bought a camper specifically for this trip. Did you have a camper before?

Jud Cahoon 8:40
We had the previous two years I took a tent on my top of my truck. And so we just camped while camp mostly dry camping. (Well, how many? How many kids you got?) There are I think there’s three. last count. There were three. (You were all up in that tent?) The first year Yes, it was tight. Second year we put some below.

Dave Greenwood 9:02
So hang on a second so you had a tent on on top of your truck? (Yeah) Not only transported it (He’s got an overland style)

Tim Harman 9:09
So you had kids under your truck? Did you let the truck cool off a bit before you stuck em under there?

Jud Cahoon 9:13
Nah, you can’t do that. You can’t give them special privilege. Now they slept under the tent. There’s Oh, asleep there

Dave Greenwood 9:21
seems like you will sleep under this rug. I thought it was

Unknown Speaker 9:24
frolunda Jones

Tim Harman 9:25
got some huge trucks yeah

Jud Cahoon 9:31
I’ve got a six year old and nine and a 10 and they’ve enjoyed it this year. The air conditioning in the camper in the kitchen in the bath that’s next level

Dave Greenwood 9:39
next level it was a nice to see I’m not gonna do that with an almost two year old because I you know I don’t want to kill myself but when they’re a little bit older, I gotta I gotta make that

Jud Cahoon 9:48
like almost four year old you could probably do yeah,

Josh Matthews 9:51
I sounds awesome. I think we should do a you can man trip and just bring them all and just rent a like the biggest RV. We can Get it’s got to be bigger RV. Yeah, maybe we want to be friends at the end of the trip, dude, I’d be fine. We’d be fine. I think that’d be great. It’ll be just a truck. Yeah, just taken several weeks. I mean, that’s something you know, not many people can do that. But I would like to plan ahead to try to make that happen. But just you being a business owner yourself, and you’ve, you know, built up your business over the years and so you’re able to take you know, several weeks off and do this. Just being an entrepreneur that you are. So let’s get into that now. You got a lot of stuff going on. So you did a lot of chimney stuff for years. Mostly chimney caps, very specialized. How in the world did you get into you know, I’m just I would really love to do chimney caps.

Dave Greenwood 10:55
Now hold on for a week. I’m gonna do that for the listeners that don’t know what a chimney cap what is a chimney cap.

Jud Cahoon 11:00
So, a cabinet goes on the job is on the chin.

Kind of self explanatory. Now, there are a couple kinds, but generally they keep water out of the chimney. There’s a kind like on Tim’s house for an older home with with a masonry chimney. You put a big cap with a roof on it. It’ll keep birds and water out. Yeah, in the newer homes. I’ll have a flat metal one that goes around the wood construction.

Josh Matthews 11:22
Yeah. And they have like mesh around them to keep you know, so the smoke obviously can go out and the birds and the squirrels Yep. And Santa Claus can come out. Yeah, yeah, maybe you are born in Santa Claus.

Jud Cahoon 11:34
No, me he’s magic. He’s such

Tim Harman 11:38
a problem. Okay, now how many years have you did you do that?

Jud Cahoon 11:42
I have. This is my 23rd year.

I was 16 and I started

Josh Matthews 11:49
Dang. Okay, so for our listeners who don’t know I think I posted this on the Facebook group page are you came in Facebook group page. Just recently did a chimney cap at my house. And you said there’s like, so you came out you took measurements and then it’s custom fabricated. You said there’s just like one old dude that that fabricates these things. And he’s like the go to guy in the Atlanta area. Is that right? Yeah. Oh, Bob, we love Oh, Bob, he’s gotta be named Bob. He’s got. I mean, you can’t have any other name besides Bob. So, and you said he’s like 70 something. Yeah.

Jud Cahoon 12:24
And this is like all he does say he makes two one or two or three a day and just rocks him out.

Josh Matthews 12:29
I mean, if somebody’s making sure that he is mentoring someone younger,

Jud Cahoon 12:33
they don’t. They don’t. They don’t they need to have someone just sit there and watch him.

Josh Matthews 12:37
You can get your son in the business should do that. Yeah, I’ve heard. This reminded me of a story. I should know the guy’s name, but I don’t know. He was on the Jocko podcast. It was this old guy that would shape surfboards out in California and he was the only guy that knew how to do his kind of surfboard. And like the next generation guy got lucky enough to meet him and like get a little early. lationship going on with this guy and then he was given all the knowledge like past it one more generation down but he was like the only one he would share it with. So it sounds to me that so I want to know what is the weirdest thing that you’ve ever got out of a chimney? sweep chimneys? I have. Yeah, okay. Yeah, I mean I figured he did with I know you’re mostly chimney cast, but I figured you probably did some chimney sweeps in your day. Yeah,

Jud Cahoon 13:25
I started up at a shop doing sweeps and it’s new installs and woodstoves and gas logs all that stuff grills a lot of grills but I mean, we had flying squirrels, regular squirrels, snakes, snakes snakes up there love them alive. One alive and the rest were all skins there’s a lot of snake skins up there.

Tim Harman 13:44
We all why

Jud Cahoon 13:46
why would they want to get there get on like chimneys like yours with a brick. It’s an old like an old brick chimney. Right and they’ll let these the brick to hold their scales off.

Dave Greenwood 13:54
Oh, okay. I’m just gonna guess that the judge isn’t as squeamish about most things. That I am you know, I can’t afford it.

Unknown Speaker 14:03
Don’t think the snakes,

Jud Cahoon 14:04
the flying squirrels and the regular squirrels and the bats. Yeah the bats every I mean every bug you can think of.

Josh Matthews 14:11
Dude, the snakes I wanted to just give you some mad props for the way in which you got it. I was just gonna mention that I gotta go Yeah, how how you get up on a roof. Okay, now that may sound just like why are you talking about the way a man gets up on a roof? But I’ll tell you look, I got problems getting up on a roof. Yeah, well, most amateurs do I think and now look, Judge just put the whole chimney cap up on his shoulder. And just like he just kind of jumped and he was just on the roof like it said I was gonna take pictures. And I’m like, I can’t even get my phone out fast enough and he’s already like about to get that cap on the on the thing like what Whoa, okay, you’ve done this before. Yeah, what was impressive to me is getting off the roof because that’s the right yeah. little dance you do with yourself getting there? Like, where am I gonna go for it like, just like, following him and then all of a sudden he’s at the bottom being like, Oh, hold the ladder for you. Okay. I was on a photo shoot one time and we had to get up on a roof. I had to get down. Everybody else had already gotten down and I had three grown men on the ground, trying to tell me how to negotiate me how to get back down on the ladder. And one of them finally had to just come up the ladder. And show me like foot placement. This is how you do it. Yeah, no, man, it was bad luck. That roof had like a really steep pitch. And it was just scary guys. That’s funny, but I did it. I did it. So you did chimney caps for 23 Well, you’re still doing you’re kind of still doing it more a little bit more on the side, but you’re still definitely doing it. So if you’re in the Atlanta area and you need a chimney cap Judd is the guy to talk to for Sure, and we will post his info on our Facebook group and on our show notes and all that good stuff. Thank you. But your main thing now is really dumpsters. Yes. And specifically trailer dumpster. So let’s talk about that.

Jud Cahoon 16:15
Yeah, so about seven years ago, we just can’t make a roof living on the roof forever. So right look for something on the ground smart or can we do work for a number of roofers so it just was a nice segue into Yeah, what can I What can I do for you?

Dave Greenwood 16:33
Can you put anything in these dumpsters because I’m thinking about all the stuff in my backyard that I got to get out of anything and it won’t fit in my

Josh Matthews 16:38
trash can well, you take concrete how much

Jud Cahoon 16:41
marginal small

Josh Matthews 16:42
Okay, okay, we got to talk

Jud Cahoon 16:44
but that bodies guy like

Josh Matthews 16:46
tired. I think I know where you’re coming from here as far as because this is pretty niche because everyone knows about like the roll off dumpsters, like the big giant ones that you see outside of all these construction sites. As a homeowner, you don’t always need that. But that’s been what’s available, right? And I had to shell out, you know, 400 bucks or whatever for this massive truck to come out and roll out this huge dumpster that if you’re not doing a full house gut, you’re only going to fill that thing up like a third of the world. Or if you need something, you’re doing a job bigger than like a bagster. Right? So if our listeners don’t know, it’s as they’ll send you the bag. It’s like this really heavy weighted. I don’t know what would you How would you describe this bag?

Jud Cahoon 17:27
Big IKEA bag? Yeah,

Josh Matthews 17:29
yeah, it really is a giant IKEA bag. And then you fill the Joker up and then they come pick it up. But if you need something bigger than that, with jet offers, kind of foots the bills in between that it’s in between. Yeah, so these are trailers so you can get in and out without damaging somebody’s driveway and all that a lot more user friendly as far as is that

Jud Cahoon 17:53
they’re on tires and they roll in and I use rubber chalks and so no metal touches the ground. That’s a big complaint driveway say. Oh yeah.

Josh Matthews 18:00
Because you get the big roll offs and it’s metal on your concrete and it’s gonna likely scrape the driveway or Marta. Yeah. And unless you’ve got a driver who really knows what he’s doing, he or she, he or she, he or she, we don’t discriminate here on the podcast. Yeah. So you’re mostly working with roofers. Predominantly. Yeah. Cuz shingles are very heavy. So the trailers being dropped, you know, the heavier Roelof gets, the more it digs in.

Jud Cahoon 18:27
And so they’ll leave bigger marks.

Josh Matthews 18:29
And then these guys are like, it’d be at high end houses all day all week. Just in and out. So yeah, people don’t want their driveways scraped up. We’re talking right? And you could really pull it up in somebody’s yard to, I mean, you could if they’re okay with that, and then you could get it closer to where they really need it. It also looks nicer than a dumpster because when john was describing, I was like, Oh, that’s a dumpster. He’s like, no, it’s a trailer. And it looks like a trailer like is a lot nicer looking what I’m saying. So if you’re gonna have it in there for a month, I mean, I feel that you had a you had a dumpster job. in your driveway for at least a month. Yeah. He should have should have called or probably should have. But I had next time a whole house. Well, I was telling the story about the guy who your shoddy contractor who dumped all the concrete when the concrete was already setting up first guy fired from Oh, gosh, so it’s just like a just a nightmare. Anyway, so they ended up long story short, they ended up having to rip out his entire Josh’s entire patio will do just like had them just dump it all in this dumpster, the same the roll off and I’m like, Okay, well, they’re not gonna pick that up, because you can only put so much concrete so if you get a roll off, you can really only fill the roll off maybe half way if it’s concrete because it’s just too heavy and they’re not going to do it. Well, the driver that came picked it up, he just opened the back door and dump like half the load in Josh’s driveway and then drove away and then drove away because that’s what he does. And it’s not like, I don’t care. So yeah, we ended up having To pick all that concrete up and put it in something What did we do we I bought another concrete dumps that’s right that’s right and yeah we hand it like picked it up we don’t we use mine when I needed to we use my mower and I’ve got a little dump trailer that I attached to my mower we shuttled yeah trailer back and forth back and forth with the with the mower so much work. Yeah, totally so not worth it. Yeah. So Judd you’ve created quite a business with this and you said how many trailers Did you say you have now? At 42 Oh, that is insane. To me that sounds just like crazy. So how in the world do you keep you got like GPS tracking units on these things? I wouldn’t not

Jud Cahoon 20:47
but I mean, I won’t get into that here.

Unknown Speaker 20:51
Actually do how

Jud Cahoon 20:53
often these are stopped. I’ve had five stolen really recovered three of them.

Josh Matthews 20:57
Okay. recovered recovered is that Oh wow. Want to hear the story cuz my brother recover? My did yes my brother had so he does like crawlspace encapsulation they had a trailer and they actually did like their own sting operation Did you do this too because I

Jud Cahoon 21:13
did that yes I found one on Facebook

Josh Matthews 21:16
Oh for sale a night out

Jud Cahoon 21:18
and the police would not come until I did it so we went down we did it and the guy had a second one of mine that was stolen four months previous he had no sitting right next to each other oh wow so we called the cops so

Dave Greenwood 21:30
you rolled in with the with the with the police like in tow and

Jud Cahoon 21:35
yeah, well we went looked at it we saw those hours we saw the second one I mean about fell out.

We we left and then called the cops and they came if you

Josh Matthews 21:43
need any help later let me know.

Dave Greenwood 21:47
Right along

Jud Cahoon 21:48
and then the third one I had saw on Facebook again a guy was selling his truck and had it hooked to it I guess that’s my truck. Oh my guess so I called him out the truck and I went looked at the truck and I called the cops and I got my truck.

I did Nah

Josh Matthews 22:02
man Yeah, my brother has a very similar story and I guess it was the same thing they had no idea at first and he said that they basically posed as I’m gonna come by your trailer. Yeah, dude had already painted it

Jud Cahoon 22:14
was painted with mine yeah yeah it looks really it looks better came back better

Josh Matthews 22:17
that’s exactly what he said he’s like well dude gave a you know a great job on the trailer and he said that while they were like negotiating with his like him and his business partner so the business partners like negotiating with the guy and I guess is my brother or what maybe is vice versa I don’t know but they slap their own lock on the trailer guy, you know, so he couldn’t like why is my day What are you doing? Hey, so they got it back. So man, that’s crazy. Yeah, you can’t be I mean, you got to take that out of state. I What do you think and like, I mean, if you’re gonna steal it.

Jud Cahoon 22:47
That’s good. That’s good advice. Yeah, yeah, you got to take it out of state or not my other two but

Dave Greenwood 22:52
yeah, the other two got away. I probably sold them on a black market, right? Yeah,

Jud Cahoon 22:57
they’re chopped up now.

Tim Harman 22:58
So you got to be kidding. been tracking these things? Yeah.

Jud Cahoon 23:00
So I track them all. They all they all have numbers. I would thought about names, but it was too complicated. So yeah, what numbers? Okay, so I track where they are and where they’re, you know where they’re, we stash them at different landfills.

Josh Matthews 23:12
Okay, a lot. Yeah, I was gonna ask about that. Yeah, yeah, because you got to basically play the dance of having these things out so you don’t have to have the headache of store. Well, he keeps

Dave Greenwood 23:25
four of them in his in his you know, front yard right? Oh, yeah, right.

Jud Cahoon 23:30
Here on the way over here.

Josh Matthews 23:33
I still you when you say at the landfill, what does that mean? Like brick doesn’t have a lot like a storage. I’ll do

Jud Cahoon 23:38
that little gravel pad just for us. Okay, and they let us Park them so it’s great.

Tim Harman 23:42
And really, you want to pay anything for that?

Jud Cahoon 23:45
I mean, I pay to dump they’re so nice. Okay. And then we have a lot of little deal there. We did. We did. Okay, we’re real nice. I bet my eyelashes.

Josh Matthews 23:56
Now are the shingles that come off a roof. Is there any other like recycled product so that those things can be made into? Or do they just go straight into the normal frisbees? You ever throw one of those things? Do they go forever? Oh, that’s right.

Jud Cahoon 24:10
Yeah, if you have band aids and band aids, it’s a good guess. Right? Yes, they’re there. They don’t do it now, but they previously we’ve gone places where they grind it up into asphalt for roads. Oh, that makes sense. Some of the landfills will do that themselves for their own roads. Okay, and then there was one that was turning it into like adhesives like 3am had a contract and it was they’re grinding it up and they would make it into an adhesive It was weird. I wonder

Josh Matthews 24:37
if they were using it for like those like steps like non slip

Jud Cahoon 24:41
strip. They had the big grinders like a million dollar machine you know, machine and secret all that’s gone now. Yeah, there there wasn’t the road they got picker pickier on the what what standards No, so,

Josh Matthews 24:53
okay, so if you got it, your listing and you’ve got a really good solid idea of what you could do with roof shingles are about to get rich, right talk to Jed and he will come dump them in your front yard for the tablet

Jud Cahoon 25:08
have I even paid?

Josh Matthews 25:12
All right. Well, yeah, I enjoyed that conversation about that. I mean, that’s kind of be logistical craziness. So if you’re in the Atlanta area and you need a dumpster for remodeling project, or obviously if you’re redoing your roof and you need to dump your shingles, definitely get in touch with Judd and we’re What is the name of your company

Jud Cahoon 25:31
that CNL dumpsters, the D

Josh Matthews 25:33
and L dumpsters. One last thing I want to talk to you about is you have a love of really cool old trucks. Yep. And so you’ve got a scout I know but you’ve also got this crazy old fire truck.

Jud Cahoon 25:47
Yes. So I have a 78 Super scout two which I love had for this describe

Josh Matthews 25:52
what the super scout I’m trying to picture what that is.

Jud Cahoon 25:56
So it was there. It was there like baja race edition. Has tugged out doors much like a bronco where the they put inserts on the doors. Okay, it’s like a bronco but maybe better Some people say that either. It was what they race with and this was just like the civilian edition. So mine’s a four speed manual,

Dave Greenwood 26:18
something like that. Yeah.

Josh Matthews 26:22
That’s all right. How many how many internationals?

Jud Cahoon 26:25
I’ve had? 2223

Josh Matthews 26:27
No or a liar for real. Why do you keep those in the landfills? Okay, so you’re also an international dealer. Oh really? Yes. So

Jud Cahoon 26:37
lightline dealer. Why I have sold parts I’ve parted down several

Josh Matthews 26:41
Has anybody ever told you you have a problem? Besides your why

Jud Cahoon 26:45
Now besides?

Josh Matthews 26:46
Now are you redoing these when you buy them are you just kind of keep it for a little while wheeling around and selling them. What do you do? I

Jud Cahoon 26:54
don’t redo a lot I have restored a Jeep scrambler CJ 83 model I had that down the frame and then CJ five jeeps and I was in jeeps for a while and then the the ruggedness of the scout took over nice Okay, I got my first one that was hooked they’re just they’re just like little truck them in there Did you

Josh Matthews 27:12
watch the the bronco release video that Ford put out? I did do were you like because we didn’t even mention the third camp. There’s the Jeep, the bronco I know well, and so if you’ll remember during the Ford ad they said America’s first SUV cringe. Yeah. Yeah, cuz the international was most definitely before the brocker

Jud Cahoon 27:39

Josh Matthews 27:40
Yeah, so that was interesting. I wonder what they thought of just yeah, we’re just gonna throw forward instead of who’s gonna challenge international good as soon as

Jud Cahoon 27:51
they close the 1980s no one’s coming after

Dave Greenwood 27:54
one of the fire trucks. So you keep that thing full of water just in case.

Jud Cahoon 27:58
I know. stuff down. I’m thinking they’re gonna prioritize the fire service. I will be on the forefront. This is gonna be the next business. Yeah. Now I didn’t tank out actually. I let the siren it’s got it pa says you got

Dave Greenwood 28:11
to keep the siren

Jud Cahoon 28:12
Yeah, hundred percent, but it’s a 69 International fire truck it was up in Polo Indiana. Whoa, 13,000 original miles. That’s

Dave Greenwood 28:21
ultimate bragging rights. Did you drive that

Jud Cahoon 28:23
thing? By No, no.

Oh man to tell it man.

Tim Harman 28:27
What do your kids think? That’s like saying

Dave Greenwood 28:28
like, I feel like if I was a kid, I’d be different than my dad had a fire truck. I’d be like, Look, my dad has a fire truck like yeah, they man

Jud Cahoon 28:37
they don’t care. I don’t think they care. I’ve had 300 cars and they don’t they just they they’re over.

Dave Greenwood 28:43
Well, when you have 300 Cami you’re like Jay Leno essentially. So they’re like okay, Dad,

Jud Cahoon 28:47
I’ve sold my along the way. I’m like,

Josh Matthews 28:51
how have you had that many cars legit legitimate question and not had a car dealer license.

Jud Cahoon 28:57
It’s the snake by okay. One year we did buy 70 cars and sold them sold like 60.

Dave Greenwood 29:04
So you just enjoy buying them and selling them. Yeah,

Jud Cahoon 29:07

Josh Matthews 29:08
Truck trucks. That’s all you spent a lot of time on Craigslist.

Unknown Speaker 29:12
I did, which now

Tim Harman 29:13
is okay. Is Craigslist just dead?

Jud Cahoon 29:16
I look down there but Facebook’s

Dave Greenwood 29:19
going on Craigslist

Josh Matthews 29:20
anymore. I mean it’s super sketchy. It was always sketchy. Yeah, but now it’s just it’s a no go. Yeah. Why my earliest book Judd and I have known each other a lot. I can’t believe how long it’s been. We used to ball together play some men’s league baseball.

Jud Cahoon 29:34
There was an ace in our baseball right? Like, there might have been five or six. It was like five or six a baseball. Yeah, we weren’t professional but

Josh Matthews 29:41
it was nearly

Jud Cahoon 29:43
nine innings. Yeah, uniforms. And we were pretty pretty much

Josh Matthews 29:47
it was legit. It was legit. And we called it like old man baseball even though we were all like 2202 B 22. Yeah. Anyway, my first memory of Judd is like he rolls up to practice. And he’s got a red Dodge Ram dually. And he’s like, I’m 22. So he’s a little younger than

Dave Greenwood 30:06
when we’re driving your champagne colored

Josh Matthews 30:08
camera. Yeah. And I’m like, how does someone his age have like a big truck, a big nice truck like that. Now, I don’t know your financial situation at that time. But to me, that was like, the most baller thing is the richest guy in the world. Right?

Jud Cahoon 30:23
It’s a goal I had. It was four times my rent.

Josh Matthews 30:29
Priorities man. This guy

Jud Cahoon 30:32
was going for and now and now look

Josh Matthews 30:36
at 300 cars. That’s super interesting. Man. I enjoyed this conversation so much. I want to post some photos of all your trucks. That’d be awesome. And maybe some of your favorite past ones that you’ve owned. So if you’re in the market for a scout, it sounds like you’re the guy to talk to. I mean, yeah, at least for now. Ice if nothing else.

Jud Cahoon 30:56
Yeah, I’ve got a transmission sitting around. I could tell someone Okay, some doors man. Nice night almost put

Josh Matthews 31:01
one together. Yeah. I always tell folks when they’re looking for a classic Bronco, and they’re in the area, that friend of mine and be like, hey, call me because I’ll be able to tell you all the places that is gonna have Russ that you wouldn’t be looking for because I know because I had to replace my leg entire floorboard. And the guy had done a really nice job of you know, bondo and fiberglass and stuff over it. So anyway, so I’m sure you know all the spots on those old scouts. I know a lot of them Yes. 300 times the amount of knowledge that we’ve had one Bronco you’ve had

Jud Cahoon 31:35
way more Broncos have me

Unknown Speaker 31:39
Yeah, you got that going for? Yeah.

Josh Matthews 31:40
Okay. When we get back from break. Judd has a special I think trivia for us. Yeah. So bring him back that you can man trivia so we will be back after the break.

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Alright guys, welcome back we’ve got Judd with the bonus segment some you can man trivia sounds like john, what do you have for

Jud Cahoon 33:13
what I prepared with the help of my lovely wife? is some national park trivia nice. We we decided last year to to try to take the kids to all of them all 62

Unknown Speaker 33:27
so Whoo. It’s a lofty goal. There’s a lot we were

Jud Cahoon 33:29
12 so far.

Josh Matthews 33:30
Okay, so you’re well on your way. Yeah, well, our way over halfway if

Jud Cahoon 33:35
my math Yes, it’s 47% right.

All right. Are we ready?

Josh Matthews 33:44
All right now what we’ve done before it’s like your net. Your name is your buzzers. Do you want to do my name is this is this multiple choice? Multiple choice, okay. Okay, good. Now, let’s get through the choices get through the choices because it gives our listeners a chance. Sure before, let’s think about the listeners. I mean, we all know I’m gonna win again dominate our listeners,

Jud Cahoon 34:07
is it? I think it’s because they looked at my paper. It’s

Josh Matthews 34:10
got a memorized. Alright, here we go. All right names.

Jud Cahoon 34:13
All right hit us see first national park was Yellowstone, Yosemite Sequoia or Mount Rainier.

Josh Matthews 34:24
Tim, I was totally Yosemite

Dave Greenwood 34:29
A minus one point

Jud Cahoon 34:31
yes, that would take an off point.

Josh Matthews 34:33
No, yeah, totally taken off once. It’s minus 20 Oh, who’s gonna Josh? Yellowstone.

Jud Cahoon 34:39

Tim Harman 34:40
Okay, so I thought that was too obvious. I went there last year. Yeah, I should have known that

Jud Cahoon 34:45
1872 Is that all?

Quite aside, you go there. I did. Okay, we went there last year as well.

Tim Harman 34:52
Isn’t no they visited the park and they just were like, we’re not

Jud Cahoon 34:57
drove by and there’s like three cars in miles. Like for you.

Josh Matthews 35:01
Let’s just keep going. My favorite party lesson was probably the Tetons even though that’s not Yellowstone, getting there like,

Jud Cahoon 35:07
what’s the National Park as well? It is in

Dave Greenwood 35:09
Yellowstone supposed to like blow up at any second.

Josh Matthews 35:12
Yeah, that’s my fears. I’m gonna go and then it’s on a Caldera. Oh, look if it goes the it’s like having it’s done.

Jud Cahoon 35:21
It’s cool. Yeah. Don’t worry about it. You might as well be there anyway.

Josh Matthews 35:25
Yeah. All right. So like we dreamed, like entering into another Ice Age. Yeah. devastation. Yes. At least North America’s gone.

Jud Cahoon 35:32
Yes. But it’s great that the weather is amazing. You know, you were there. I was there in July. It’s fantastic. Yep. Love it. All right. Number two, the most visited National Park in 2019. National Park, not a memorial or recreation area. Yeah.

Josh Matthews 35:55
Baby pay us $1,000 too much. Yeah, man. That’s incredible. Tim just gets free admission. That’s why so

Jud Cahoon 36:03
all right, a Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park or Zion National

Dave Greenwood 36:11
Day. It’s gotta be Grand Canyon.

Jud Cahoon 36:13
That is incorrect.

Tim Harman 36:15
Smoky Mountains it’s gotta be key cuz they got so many roads all

Jud Cahoon 36:21
right it’s also free you can drive right there.

Tim Harman 36:23
That’s what yeah

Dave Greenwood 36:25
that’s suspected How are they counted? If it’s free then account it has

Jud Cahoon 36:28
like twice as many visitors as

Josh Matthews 36:31
that’s how I think that they count Kennesaw Mountain National Park because it’s got major rows visited. National Battlefield. Right. Right. Yeah. That’s quite an ask for the

Jud Cahoon 36:43
southerners, the southerners we have nothing else to do. We just, there’s not a lot going on. We soak it up

Josh Matthews 36:48
well, and kennis and we’re in a metro area. So it’s like one of the biggest greenspace Yeah, the best greenspace and all it’s advertised on.

Jud Cahoon 36:55
It’s advertised on you can man

Josh Matthews 36:57
It’s gorgeous. Yeah. All right. So Smokey’s most visited most

Jud Cahoon 37:02
12 point 5 million visitors. Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 37:04
a lot of people like half the country basically got you’re on a roll with your Masonite

Jud Cahoon 37:09
if you didn’t row. All right, the largest national park wrangell St. Elias Denali National Park, Yellowstone, OR gates of the Arctic National Park.

Ooh, Tim or Josh.

Josh Matthews 37:26
(I’m gonna say Denali.) (That is not right.) Ah, I’m gonna say the Arctic Circle. (That is also incorrect.) Oh, wow. (Okay.) (Dave can’t even remember the choices)

Dave Greenwood 37:40
You say Yellowstone. I’m gonna say Yellowstone.

Jud Cahoon 37:42
Yeah, it was on there, but it’s not the log. Cool. So it’s wrangell St. Elias, I don’t know that. Where is that? 13 million acres in Alaska.

Josh Matthews 37:49
Okay, whoa, that’s why I was gonna pick Denali. Cuz that’s Alaska that just said like, we don’t know what to do with this.

Jud Cahoon 37:58
13 million

Josh Matthews 37:59
(That whole state is basically a national park, isn’t it? I mean, come on.) There’s a lot up there. Pretty much. Yeah. Seven. That’s why I was getting upset with the whole like drilling for oil. Like, yeah, in the National Park, but a human hasn’t set foot there. Yeah, yeah. Not that it’s right or wrong.

Dave Greenwood 38:16
Drill. Josh is pro fracking,

Josh Matthews 38:19
right? Yes, whatever Sarah Palin is doing. Hey, I’m on

Jud Cahoon 38:23
board. Seven of the top 10 largest parks are in Alaska,

Josh Matthews 38:27
I believe. Wow. I didn’t even know that.

Jud Cahoon 38:29
The smallest National Park is the Gateway Arch in there. Yeah.

Josh Matthews 38:33
Did you go to that one? I did. Nice. Well,

Jud Cahoon 38:38
well, now the kids have been I’ve been a morning.

Josh Matthews 38:40
Oh, okay. So this trip you recently has been to third times your kids, right. Didn’t you go pick up? You drove? What’s your street? Yeah, Colorado. Yeah. Did you hit any more national parks? Yeah, no,

Jud Cahoon 38:54
that was a that was a

I didn’t see the guy got mad.

Tim Harman 39:04
All right.

Jud Cahoon 39:04
All right. The last added national park the newest will the 62nd. White Sands in New Mexico, the Gateway Arch pinnacles National Park, or Indiana Dunes National Park.

Tim Harman 39:21
Indiana Dunes

Jud Cahoon 39:23
in Korea, but very close Dave white. Whitesnake White Sands Yes, yes, Whitesnake, sand got it in New Mexico.

Dave Greenwood 39:31
Great band great national December 20

Jud Cahoon 39:33
of 19. So it just got added.

Josh Matthews 39:35
Wow. 2019 of 2019 what’s not even real? Get to the end if they keep adding national parks at this rate.

Jud Cahoon 39:43
Hold on, there’s now 60

Josh Matthews 39:46
as soon as you cross the border into the Yep,

Jud Cahoon 39:50
yep. All right. Last one, the state with the most national parks Hmm, Utah, California, Colorado or Alaska, Dave. Day. California. He’s

you got one all right. Yeah, they have. They have nine national parks

Tim Harman 40:08
isn’t usim Yosemite is

Jud Cahoon 40:10
California is a big one there and Sequoia.

Josh Matthews 40:12
Yeah, yeah. Interesting. All right. Yeah. Okay. Well, I enjoyed that. I love it. I mean, who doesn’t love the National Park? I’m

Dave Greenwood 40:19
gonna cry. No, because I don’t know how many national parks I’ve been to like in my just be

Josh Matthews 40:25
a couple grand went to the Grand Canyon. We know Kennesaw obviously, the three of us were in the Grand Canyon in 1997. This is true. That is true. That is weird together in the band, some marching band. We wrote a tour bus there. Yeah, that was a long, long drive.

Tim Harman 40:44
You know, I’m I’m usually very pro small government. Just gonna say and the National Parks is just kind of like one of those things that I’m like, okay, you get a pass. Okay, that’s fine. I’m okay with that.

Josh Matthews 40:59
All this talk about the Postal Service recently, and like I just did some digging just to see like, how much money are they losing and it’s to the tune of billions a year now, they’re running at a loss of billions of years since 2001. (So you’re telling me they’re not well), me Yeah, that money and I’m not a fan of but National Park money. I’m all in. (Yeah. Yeah.) That’s a good government service. (I want to research that the Postal Service thing because that that is interesting) Just looked it up. That’s you can use look it up on there on Wednesday. Well, maybe that’s another future bonus segment. Material right now is in the United States Postal Service. Yeah. Well, we’ve proven that private industry cannot deliver packages. I think that’s been right. Okay. I’ll take my libertarian hat. Okay.

Tim Harman 41:45
All right, Jud, thank you so much for joining us on the You can, man.™ podcast (loved it). Yeah. And, guys, we’ll be posting Jud’s information on our Facebook group. If you have not joined the Facebook group. What are you waiting for? And we said before, even if you don’t like Facebook and you want to just get on there just for the group, do it.

Josh Matthews 42:06
Yeah. And we’re coming in on 1000 members, we’re gonna have a giveaway for our 1000th member. I’m going ahead and saying I don’t know what it’s gonna be, but we’re coming in on 1000 so sign up for that group invite your friends.

Tim Harman 42:20
Yeah, I think technically we can’t do that on Facebook though. I’ll tell you about that later. (We’re gonna do it.) There’s some weird thing about sweepstakes like, some sort of like contest or something get to get group members but they ain’t touching the podcast here. I mean, we you know, we, (I say what I want on this podcast.) Yeah, right. Yeah, take that Zuckerberg. Until next week, guys, we will catch you guys next time.

Transcribed by Otter.ai and then edited some. There may be mistakes. 🙂