Routines and Interior Doors | #065

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Last Updated on July 2, 2020 by Tim Harman

On this week’s two-part episode, the crew talks about daily routines (or lack thereof); what’s working and what could be improved. They also touch on interior doors and how to create home offices using strategically installed french doors.

We made mention of an episode of the Time to Pivot podcast.  You can find that HERE

Dave closed out the show with a bonus segment where the guys discuss the mods they did to their first cars during their teenage years. The things we do as kids!

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Josh Matthews 0:00
Welcome to the You can, man.™ podcast episode 65. I’m Josh. I’m Tim, and I’m Dave. And on this week’s episode routines and interior doors

Tim Harman 0:20
Hi guys, welcome back to the You can, man.™ podcast where we believe what one man can do you can do as well, with a little help from your friends and the proper know how this week got a mash up. We talk a little bit about interior doors, and a little bit about routines and how we probably need better routines because we don’t really have really good routines (speak for yourself). So we’re talking about that, you know, kind of gets into more planning your week out and that sort of thing. So that’s what we got coming up. Guys what has been going on this week?

Dave Greenwood 0:56
Man, I had an air pod incident. Josh, I know you had a bit of a snafu. With your air pods recently (washed em) random through the washer so I don’t run with my air pods I think that’s where you ran into an issue was you left them in whatever your little lap band

Tim Harman 1:09
we talked about this you don’t even listen to anything when you run? (I don’t…now..) That’s so weird!

Dave Greenwood 1:15
Yeah…it’s…I prefer not to if I go on like a long run anything if if I go anything like over two miles okay watch it anything over probably four miles. So when I’m running like a 10k not in a race Oh, where I’ll wear my air pods I’ll listen to

Josh Matthews 1:30
whatever it’s bad form to listen to music in a race. Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 1:33
it’s not a great thing to do. So you know, while you’re there

Josh Matthews 1:36
for a purpose. Yes. Well, it can also be you’re supposed to be able to be aware of your surroundings is like in a race, especially Peachtree. If you’re like trying to move through a crowd and stuff you’ve…

Tim Harman 1:46
Never done a race…don’t…wouldn’t know about that.

Josh Matthews 1:48
Well, if you do Tim and you should (don’t wear your Walkman). It’s allowed and this is actually change. At least for the Atlanta track club (people do it all the time) they band it. It was like band like officially band I think for a while, and then now it’s just like frowned upon.

Dave Greenwood 1:48
Well, anyway, I don’t run with my air pods normally, but I do work out with them, right? So when I go work out, and I go work out of work out of my garage, but when I work out, I’ll wear my air pods. So I was pulling laundry out of the dryer the other day, and I hear something fall to the bottom, like, what was that? Oh, my air pod case. And you’re the first case Yeah, the thing right is I’m like, Oh, it’s just the case. Okay, well, I’m like, I think that things like $100 but, uh, so these are the air pod pros, these are the newer ones, because that’s how I roll. But, uh, so I open it up. There’s nothing in there. I’m like, shoot, where am I AirPods I’m like, I always leave them in the case. And so then I look and I see one at the bottom of the dryer and I’m like, oh, man, like my heart just sinks. Fine. The other one when I opened up the case, the light came on. So I was like, Huh, so I had run them through the washer and the dryer and then laying there the dryer. Yeah, and the drive left in there for like a day or whatever because that’s what you do with your clothes in the dryer. And Find them. They work totally fine. It was amazing. Congrats, hazing. So I’m pretty happy about that.

Josh Matthews 3:07
Tim, do you listen to music when you run?

Tim Harman 3:09
I go back and forth between podcasts or music. Okay. (When I was younger…), I’m always listening to something. So

Josh Matthews 3:17
(when I was younger, I couldn’t I could not do it. I had to be able to, like hear the rhythm of my breathing and stuff. And it just really bothered me. Now I can do it. So I don’t know, maybe there’ll be a thing). I’ve only not I’m almost 100% podcast when I’m running, like listening to a podcast. And I don’t use headphones in races. And it doesn’t like there’s no effect like, I don’t notice that it’ll happen because when I’m racing, I’m like trying to pay attention to my pace and write very specific about how I’m feeling paying attention to that. So but I know there’s people out there that like absolutely absolutely cannot run without music, even in a race.

Tim Harman 3:54
I think I could do it without it. But I do enjoy listening to something and I was going to say too early on when I first started running, it was actually kind of difficult to listen to music and run because I was using so much mental energy to continue running. Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. That I would it was the beat of the music was messing with me and like all this kind of stuff, but now that that’s done, I could at the same pace and listen to like, classical music or reggae, or

Dave Greenwood 4:30
whatever. I mean, when I’m in the pain zone, like when I’m hurting, that’s when I cannot have anything like talking to me in my ear. I’m like, I’m done. You do the Metallica all I know, I can’t do anything like when I’m hurting. I have like a podcast going I want to rip the ears off. So yeah, I don’t know what that is. But anyway,

Josh Matthews 4:48
focus, focus, focus. All right, well, we try to go to the lake this weekend. We are blessed with in laws with a boat and Get up there trying to start the motor blethen happens accessories are working so we’re like okay it’s the battery but the batteries to marine battery is only a year old. So we’re like always the battery and I say we and it’s like me my father in law trying to troubleshoot this so I have what everyone should have and I’ve talked about on a podcast and I bought for myself one of those jumpers that you keep in your car Yeah. Lithium batteries that can jumpstart a car and this one says it can jumpstart like a huge diesel truck if you needed to,

Dave Greenwood 5:36
or hopped on tune boat.

Josh Matthews 5:38
Yeah, so I popped that thing on there and it even has a voltage reader volt meter on built into it. So you can just clip on the leads without plugging it into the charger. And it tells you the voltage and it was like half of what it should have been. It was like okay, that’s a weak battery. But the bow didn’t try to do anything when you try to turn it over, like no sounds, but the lights were Working just bizarre so I guess not too bizarre. Anyway, put the jumper on it nothing nothing same thing and I’m like this boat should crank up with this jumper hooked up to the fence that I get should immediately go but again no noise so I’m like starter probably something not right with that but we went to Walmart anyway because it was only a year old and Walmart give you your money back. So we went to Walmart got a brand new battery booted in there just to make sure because we don’t have many tools. He has like two wrenches and it’s an outboard motor. So I’m like, I can’t even lift the hood on the thing hardly because you have to hang out over the water off the back of the pontoon. Anyway, no luck. So we spent half a day working on trying to get this not half a day, a couple hours, but it was a little drive to Luckily, we ended up somewhere and my boys could go swimming because they were basically standing here. The dark Yeah, dark light. You know, I was like this is a little taste of my childhood kids because we and about it’s like a 1962 boat and my cousin restored and he only restored it recently when we were kids, it was just an old boat. Every single time we’d go on that boat, it was half the time we’d have to paddle it back in if you have an old boat you have a problem. And half the time it wouldn’t start so I was like well you’re welcome kids. This is what I dealt with.

Unknown Speaker 7:26
So the boat the boat never cranked up Never cranks gonna have

Josh Matthews 7:29
to get it looked at by mechanic. Boy. So that was an adventure for the weekend.

Tim Harman 7:35
I’ve had motors not start and the battery was good and even accessories would work but it would not start because it was a bad connection. Yeah, on the cables. So you would look at it you’re like that’s it’s solid. Yeah. But there was some corrosion and it just wasn’t solid enough for it to have the amount enough juice to create That over has

Dave Greenwood 8:01
been out this season. No, it hasn’t

Josh Matthews 8:02
run the season. How’s the guy out of a first old gas? No it but it didn’t do anything. There was no noises of the engine trying to turn out, like not not even a click of

Unknown Speaker 8:12
I’m gonna say starter solenoid I want to drive up there and kind of you know,

Josh Matthews 8:15
that’s what I’m thinking the battery look I mean the original battery looked pristine the leads were pristine, and we obviously took them off to put the new battery in. So there was a there’s a fuse and inline fuse right there. That probably went to the accessories but fuse was still good. So I was checking everything I could reach anyway. I’ve never worked on an outboard mode everybody listening is like oh, it’s probably this Oh, I’m sure yeah, (The wheels are turning, right?) Simple, simple fix.

Tim Harman 8:38
Did you guys ever listen to Car Talk? It was…

Dave Greenwood 8:42
Heck yeah. Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers.

Tim Harman 8:44
Yes! I love that show! Is it still on?

Dave Greenwood 8:47
Nah, they’re dead I think. One of em’s dead.

Tim Harman 8:48
Oh, dang, (that was a great show). But I loved it because they would be talking… you know somebody call in so for those of you that don’t know it was on public radio is called Car Talk. (They were very northern from Massachusetts or Rhode Island or something.) Yeah. And they had been mechanics, I guess for years. And so they would have people call in… be like…my car is making this noise or doing this or whatever. And then they would try to diagnose the problem on air. So it was great because you’re sitting there thinking, Oh, it’s totally this. And then you know, you get to kind of find out what it was.

Dave Greenwood 9:25
Yeah, they were hilarious. Funny, guys. (I never caught that show). Come on, man. I had it on tape.

Tim Harman 9:30
Wow. Really? Yeah. The tapes of it. Okay. Anyways, yeah, I like that. But I said a new personal record today at the mountain when I say the mountain for those of you who are just joining us to talk a lot about Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. It is the nation’s most visited National Battlefield Park and it’s the best green space in all of Atlanta…I like to think (beautiful), tons of acreage, I don’t know, I think it’s like 3000 acres. (What? No way.)

Josh Matthews 10:04
Sounds like a lot, but it’s big.

Tim Harman 10:05
It’s pretty big. So I mean, cuz it’s a really…. (If only we had a way to verify that…) Right. So I have this, about a six mile loop, which is up and over both mountains. Now, when we say mountains when I say Kennesaw mountain… (it’s a serious hill). It’s really a really big hill. If you’re from Colorado, and you come visit Atlanta. Yeah, like you know what, I just heard the guys on You can, man.™ talk so much about Kennesaw mountain I want to just go take a trip there. You’re gonna look at me like that. Is that a mountain? (Sadly, it is less than 1000 feet from ground level to the top.) Yes. Right.

Dave Greenwood 10:42
So yeah, not not a mountain…but it’s a mountain for us.

Tim Harman 10:45
Hey, well then my…

Josh Matthews 10:46
It’s the biggest thing in the area.

Tim Harman 10:48
Yeah, whatever. What do you call it…altimeter? (Altimeter) Is that how you’re supposed to say it? Okay, well, that was correct because it said like a little over 1000ft gain or something.

Josh Matthews 10:58
(I was gonna say…GPS or it didn’t happen) If you went over both hills, yeah.

Tim Harman 11:04
yeah. But what I used to do in two hours I just did today and like an hour and 10 minutes

Dave Greenwood 11:12
I was gonna ask you….a six mile a six mile loop over both mountains

Tim Harman 11:16
yeah it’s because I was running (yeah) obviously a good chunk of

Dave Greenwood 11:20
it like running up Kennesaw that’s no joke

Tim Harman 11:23
I didn’t run up it

Dave Greenwood 11:24
okay but up it ran down it up

Josh Matthews 11:27
yeah so a new challenge

Tim Harman 11:29
you guys need to come with me sometime and also I really think around before yeah I think it’s the red loop so if you look online I’m pretty sure I just run anyways I think we should do if you’re local to the Atlanta area. (A meetup) I mean, I think we should do a You can, man.™…. (a You can, man.™ race?) Well, You can, man.™ hike…

Josh Matthews 11:48
With masks and gloves and social distancing…

Tim Harman 11:51
Of course, (obviously) of course, but I think we should do that maybe this summer. I think that’d be good. Now you got to meet me at like 6:15am

Josh Matthews 11:58
Well, that’s when everyone’s available.

Tim Harman 12:00
There’s the criteria. And you definitely not going to want to do that hike in an hour in 10 minutes. I’ll tell you that.

Josh Matthews 12:07
Hey, Tim (is a beast). (Yes) The National Park is 2,923 acres

Tim Harman 12:13
There ya go! (He was wrong) About 3000 acres. (Man, 3000 acres…that’s huge)

Josh Matthews 12:18
over a million visitors. Why do they? That was last updated in 2005. wikipedia. Okay, I mean, I don’t know it is I’ve heard the most visited battlefield.

Dave Greenwood 12:31
I’ve heard that from Tim. So,

Tim Harman 12:33
alright, let’s get into talking about our two topics today. All right routines. Now, we were talking about this. And we’re thinking, you know, routines are good. And each of us has somewhat of routines. But not really, I don’t know what you guys,

Dave Greenwood 12:54
my roots. My life is a routine. I do the same things every day, and I don’t change it up.

Josh Matthews 13:00
with purpose is that what you mean? Right? It’s the purpose I

Dave Greenwood 13:02
think I don’t have purpose because that I think that’s my general personality is just to wake up, take a shower, go to work, come home, go to sleep, go through those motions.

Josh Matthews 13:11
Yeah. Yeah, the specificity of daily routines varies widely among the population. I think we all know people who, you know, they’re like, I wake up at 5:30am I, you know, do a Bible study or I stretch or I do my coffee. And then I, you know, used to be read the paper back in the day, all these little things they do just before work, like they have a whole right five set of things to do before work, and then they go to the work. And then during their day at work, you have people that do what’s called time blocking a lot and corporate America, where you have specific blocks of the day on your calendar to do very specific things instead of just like replying to email like, as a They come in and just being really disorganized. It’s just structuring your day with a purpose.

Tim Harman 14:05
Y eah, I, I want more of that my life and up till I don’t know, I’ve been, you know, going through all the changes that I have with working out and all this kind of stuff and losing all the weight it has given me more like purpose and planning and that sort of thing. But I’d always kind of bucked against that mentality. And I’m, the older I get, the more I’m adopting it and the more influence my wife is having over me because she is a super planner. And she could seriously be like some sort of, I don’t know,

Dave Greenwood 14:42
(whatever job that is) or something to plan your life.

Tim Harman 14:45
Yes, yes, some sort of something like that. She could totally do that. So I kind of am embracing that a little bit more. I think that I am generally more of a for your spirit when it comes to that and like I don’t know, it’s weird because like, I still want to be in a position of being able to drop things and not be stressed meaning if somebody really, really needs me, I don’t want to be in a position of being like, yeah, how about next Tuesday at 9:30? Like, I don’t necessarily want to do that I see the value in that. But also see the value in taking things as they come. So you can do it, you

Dave Greenwood 15:24
can do it and you can you can add structure to your life, I think, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Like you can add small things right over a period of time and see what works and

Josh Matthews 15:34
see what does there’s, I mean, this is mostly I’d say personality based. I mean, there are people like your wife, who are born with that. (BORN) Did I say that agressively? BORN…. with that mentality and that structure already in their brains and they can so everything they look at that kind of see through that lens. (I think we all need a little bit of help from people like that.) Yeah, I can all use a little bit. I think everyone should use a little of it. I think that people who are like the super planners on if you just coined that term, but they want to be able to account for like, that hour of that day, they want to say they want to look back and be like, I did these things during that time. Whereas other people on the other end of the spectrum may not have you know, they may not have an account,

Tim Harman 16:22
and I don’t necessarily have a problem with that. Maybe I should have a problem with it. But it even came up today. I’m still working on these loft beds for my girls, which are turning out amazing. But I’m nearing the finish line. And my wife was talking about Okay, what was the game plan? what it what are we got going on? I got a game plan in my head. All right, like, I got it. Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, it’s kind of one of those things. Well, I know the things that need to get done, so I’m going to do those. That’s my plan. Right? But she’s like, Well, no, no, no, no, no, no. There’s steps involved. It’ll help you think through how much time these things are going to take. So then my first go to is, well, I don’t know how much time is gonna take me so why would I take the time to figure that out? Because then it’s just gonna be a disappointment when it takes me five hours to say I’m like it did today.

Dave Greenwood 17:15
I think this is an age old thing. I mean, I hear my mom and dad arguing about the same thing. You know, like one person’s the plan or one person’s not and so they’re both kind of driven crazy by each other because they can’t get on the same page.

Josh Matthews 17:27
Yeah, but then you gotta I mean, that’s part of whatever, you gotta you gotta go, right. Yeah, they’re both people can learn from each other.

Tim Harman 17:34
Right? But now I’m more in a position of, of being more accepting of that and adopting that. I’ve seen the light a little bit so to speak, right that hey, there’s a little bit of some good to this. Yeah.

Josh Matthews 17:46
And I like your point about just the exercise because I’m also a person that doesn’t I just do, generally, the big chunks of like, yeah, I wake up, I get ready for the day. I go to work, come home, hang out with the kids. Do the lawn, whatever needs to be done. But the kids bed, hang out my wife. Let’s do it again the next day, right? But adding this running program and getting ready for a marathon, I have a very regimented schedule at least five days a week of running that half the has to get done. You have to I can’t, I don’t want to take my wife is already super flexible and supportive of the exercise because it’s having great effects on our family as a whole. Just we’re all doing a little better physically. And I don’t want to take that time away in the afternoon. So you move it early in the morning and yeah, that’s not it doesn’t feel the best when you’re in bed at 5:30am. But it’s when it has to get done. And also always heard and if you guys follow Jocko willing, he’s up at 4:30am regardless of what coast he’s on, and he says it’s because no one can steal that time from me. That is always my time. And I was like That’s super profound. That early morning time, it’s all yours. And if you don’t want to use it don’t wake up early.

Tim Harman 19:06
Yeah, I have become a person that wakes up very early so many times. So this morning I was at the mountain. I think it woke up at like 540 ish, something. I think it was at the mountain it. I think I started hiking it little before 6:30am. Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 19:23
it’s early. So you got the whole day ahead of you. Well, now the good thing. So you talked about planning out your workouts, I think a little bit and I might have referenced this before, but probably our nearest competitor Joe Rogan talks about how he, at the beginning, I think he said on Sunday, he will plan out the workouts that he has to do for the week. And then he says he owes those things to himself like he is in debt, and he has to pay himself back those workouts and whenever they get done, they get done. But he owes those workouts

Josh Matthews 19:52
and I like that way of thinking about Yeah, I’ve always heard high functioning people like him. I’ve even heard this with comedians, like Ray Romano. I’ve heard talked about The same concept of, you know, almost like a punishment, like set these goals and then you must punish yourself if you do not achieve them. And it’s because like these guys are ultra wealthy all the money in the world so they have to put these restrictions on them ourselves and these little contests and game you have the same problem around there’s around themselves just to hold themselves accountable. I want to mention before we, before we get off the topic, we had Phil Goodman on from the time to pivot podcast. He had a podcast one of his early episodes, called routines and the power of scheduling and his guests was Joseph Delaney. He did a masterful job of laying out just an everyday man’s schedule, everyday person’s, you know, those early morning routines you can do how you can block out your day at work even to just be more productive. And that was just again, it’s time the time to pivot podcast. Great, great episode. Okay. We’ll try to remember to link that In our show notes

Tim Harman 21:01
Yeah. Okay, so now let’s have a natural progression or transition to interior doors. We got to plan for you got to plan a new project right So Dave is about to hopefully install some interior doors some French doors will will

Dave Greenwood 21:18
will I would like to this all came up because it’s not on the play. It’s not on the docket yet but I would like to put in some French doors because hopefully right now we’re on the I don’t want to say but I hope we’re on the back end of COVID for the moment and been working from home for the last two or two and a half months. And I have a you know, kind of a little home office in what would be so if it were like the 1960s and we had the neighbors over we would either you would retire if I go in there first or after dinner but you go into the like the formal living room and you have like a couch that never get you never sit on. That’s where my offices there are no doors in there. So I have a desk in there, my computer, whatever and at the beginning of the whole COVID situation the kids are at home that you know, I have a one year old, a five year old and their craziest two boys. They’re insane. They’re all over the place there and I can’t keep them. I’m trying to work. I’m on phone calls and stuff trying to listen, I’m trying to engineer America literally. And these kids are going crazy. My wife’s on the phone and and so it’s really difficult to concentrate. And I’m like, Wow, it would be great. If I could hang some French doors now. I’ve never done it before. I have helped hang doors, but I know it can be a bit of a job. So we were talking about it. I was saying yeah, that’s one of my big projects right now that I’d like to get done is to put up some office doors or some French doors.

Tim Harman 22:38
Well, I actually one of my three YouTube videos that’s on the you can man YouTube channel, it gets your Asli shot which exists but I only have three videos and I and it’s all has to do with my library renovation where I installed a pocket door. four inch doors built ins that I never fully filmed the reveal video, so and there’s that,

Josh Matthews 23:08
but I can do that at any time.

Tim Harman 23:11
So video number two is all about installing Well, I had to build out the wall to accept the French doors so you get to see me and Josh makes a cameo towards the end of that video of us installing the French doors bringing the muscle

Josh Matthews 23:25
Yeah, but I had to I had to build out the wall Dude, I want to see that video because I want to see how much we weighed. Oh, gosh, yeah, we were monsters

Tim Harman 23:34
are thick. Yeah, we were pretty big. Anyhow, so you can watch that video but Okay, look, interior doors. totally doable. Yep. I’m going to say, well, there’s two different things. If you just have an interior door where you just want to replace just the door you’re keeping the existing jam. That’s one thing right? Now you will have to do some things about cutting. So like either If you What do we want to say we want to say you could either get a slab door and that means that no hinges are routed out for it or anything like that. And when I say hinges around it out that’s kind of a misnomer. I mean, there’s no area on the door that is routed out to accept the hits

Dave Greenwood 24:18
not prepared to accept any kind of hinge you’re gonna have to cut it in you’re gonna have

Tim Harman 24:21
to do yourself now that may seem overwhelming and you’re like, how in the world am I going to do that? Well, they make special tools for that now you will need a router you don’t have to have a router you could chisel it

Josh Matthews 24:33
man see what my dad chose? Okay, a mini a door hinge. Yeah,

Tim Harman 24:37
now it also depends on if you got like a saw a nice solid door. Maybe chiseling that out a lot. It may be a little easier but the hollow core doors Yeah, that’s fun material. They make a tool that helps you do the hinges and also the the lock set. So it’s not that bad and you Get a if you have a router obviously way easier. I think that the this kit comes with a router bit maybe the one I’m thinking

Dave Greenwood 25:10
does come with a template and

Tim Harman 25:12
you know everything that you need it has a bit in the router bit has a color that will ride on the inside of this jig essentially. Anyhow, I’m probably doing an awful job of explaining it’s really kind of difficult to explain on a podcast. So maybe we can link to this or something on our show notes. So it’s not that big of a deal. And what I’ve done before is I’ve used the old door as a template and you’ll set it right up next to the new door to make sure that you get those hinges cut out right spot. Okay, so there’s that or you could rip the entire thing out and get it down to the rough opening or if you’ve got an existing just open space. This is what you’re Have to do. Alright, so now when I say rough opening, I mean, you can see two by fours, you’re taking the trim off of right around the opening, and you’d get your measurement off of that. So when you go to Home Depot, they sell the door with the gym. And it would say this is for a rough opening of this, right? And so it’s not that big a deal. Now, doing doors is a lot like doing windows. So you are going to have to get some shims involved in doing this. And honestly, it just takes a lot of time to just get it right, because your opening is usually not going to be completely square right. And I will say that it helps tremendously to have another person helping you. It can get to be a really big headache really quickly, but I think that going into changing out a door. Just go ahead and hey, block off time time blocking, right guys. And just give yourself some time because it’s not something that happens really quickly. It can, if you got like a really, really square opening, and it’s super straightforward. I mean, I’ve done it before where I’m like, wow, okay, that actually just went really, really quickly. Are you getting this done in a day? If you’re putting new French doors in an opening without a door, you get it done in a week?

Josh Matthews 27:26
You can do it. Yeah, you know what you’re doing? You can do it in a day. If you do a lot of prep, like there’s tons of YouTube videos. Again, I talked about Keystone carpenter, on Instagram has a bunch of great He’s like, um, I don’t know how he does. It’s like witchcraft to me, but he can hang doors like so perfect. And all the gaps are amazing. Josh, you and

Dave Greenwood 27:43
I, we did French doors at the house. We lived that 15 years ago, but I feel like maybe we just didn’t have any direction at that time. But I feel like it took a long time to get those up.

Josh Matthews 27:53
Yeah, I mean, that was a situation where we cut through a wall and put in right we cut an opening and that wall and then installed French doors and set opening. Yep. Yep. So we started from scratch, right but

Tim Harman 28:05
yeah, especially on something like French doors especially if they’re like a, like a wider, you know doors wide, it starts getting really wonky. So when you buy these things, they’ve got things in place to keep the door swinging from swing open and everything kind of keeps us off square a little

Dave Greenwood 28:27
move Exactly. Now

Tim Harman 28:28
what you obviously had to take those things off before you install it. And once you take those things off,

Unknown Speaker 28:33
it’s like it is it’s all like holding a slinky.

Tim Harman 28:36
It’s all over the place. And so you’ve got to kind of prepare yourself

Josh Matthews 28:40
for that out. There may be some people even laughing at what we’re saying right now because I’ve seen the pros, they take the doors totally off, they do the jams first and then they mount the door say nobody got time for that. But they get there they get their opening perfect and then they put the doors within the Putting, you know, measurements probably those add on.

Tim Harman 29:02
I don’t know, I have often thought I’m probably doing this wrong.

Josh Matthews 29:08
Yeah, I’ve done it every time with the doors on because I just don’t trust myself to make Yeah, you pick the assembly up enough, right yeah, but that’s apparently the probably the the way the pros do it. Yeah. So

Tim Harman 29:21
hopefully this has given you some encouragement that you can actually do interior doors and it’s no problem. Hey, invite a friend over like we say with a little help from your friends. And you’re going to need help from your friends to do the door. Plan ahead and get a buddy to come over and help you do those doors, but you can totally do that yourself. We’ll be back after the break.

Josh Matthews 29:50
This episode is sponsored by 1776 United 1776. United is a patriotic and historically inspired lifestyle brand. They make the best patient triatic shirts and apparel on the market today. I personally own many of their products and if you want to dawn patriotic gear without looking gaudy, check them out on Instagram Facebook and it’s 1776 united calm

Dave Greenwood 30:17
Alright guys, welcome back. Dave has a segment for us this week Dave, what you got for us? All right, so this week we’re doing a segment called trick my whip trick my with my web. I wanted to do a trick my ride but about Fast and Furious. It is about passing the fears. No. So the way this came about was I was listening to an audio book in my car a couple of weeks ago. And I went to the carwash because I’m back doing the carwash thing for my back. Yeah. So I go to the car wash and listen to audio book. I pull into the car wash. It’s one of the ones where like it drives your car through there. You stay in the car. But by the way, those things have come along. Yes, they’ve come as I remember My parents we would go to like the shell station and the wood panel minivan, and we would drive through there and the thing just gets like beat all over the place that brush comes down that spins, but that felt like just tears The pain off the the sweet minivan. It’s a lot better than that now. Anyway, so I’m at the carwash going through. It’s like a little two minute experience. And I don’t want to pause the the book on tape book on tape. Do they even do that anymore? I don’t want to pause the audio book because I’m so engrossed in it. So I’m just cranking this thing. It’s really loud in there, and I’ve got my radio just maxed out, and I probably did some hearing damage. Anyway, I pull out of the carwash and my speakers are buzzing, right. So I had turned this up so loud that I blew my speaker. backseat with an audio book. Yeah, you weren’t even listening to like no, I was crazy music wasn’t cranking the two how

Tim Harman 31:57
old man of that is. Younger speakers. listen to

Dave Greenwood 32:00
the audio book the spoken word. All right, wow, Honda Accord speakers are hurting right now. And so whenever there’s any kind of bass, it’s like, Yeah, I know. So I’m thinking, I’m like, Well, I gotta, I gotta buy speakers now for my car. And it just, it was like a light bulb. I’m like, I was 16. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:17
that’s done. The

Dave Greenwood 32:18
first thing that I used to do when I had a car, I was like, I’d spend all of the money I had $150 and buy four speakers for my car. And it’s weird. It occurred to me, I was like, I used to do so many stupid things to my car, and just waste my money. When I didn’t have any money, like trying to trick out my car, and now I could never spend that right well, now I have a couple coins to rub together and I haven’t spent anything on my car.

Tim Harman 32:46
today. I got you beat. I mean, I got you beat you and talk about stuff that we’d used to do with our car. Well, that’s what we’re gonna do today.

Dave Greenwood 32:53
I want to know we can do this however you guys want but the first thing that I thought of was I want to hear the first thing I’m going to preface this I want to hear the first thing that you guys did to your first car now, this time Yeah, right. So the reason I say that is because I think like the first time I ever talked to Tim, I was 16 years old. The first time that I talked to him when he wasn’t literally screaming at me to do push ups. He was recruiting your marching band, right? That was the first time you’re right. But the second time I guess was I drove for the first time I drove to school and Tim’s like you drove this car is at 1972 for 42 Cutlass, and I’m like yeah, he’s like, Alright, here’s what I would do this the first thing I would do to this thing he’s like, I pull the grill out. I put it as I paint it because the grill is kind of faded. I have no recollection raise this grill black and I’m like, that’s not a bad idea. I never did it. But uh, yeah, I’m just curious what is the first thing that you guys did? That

Tim Harman 33:48
is so weird. I have no recollection of that. Well,

Dave Greenwood 33:51
you told me that’s what you would do and

Tim Harman 33:53
i don’t know what i did first but i’d so many things this

Dave Greenwood 33:56
the bronco to the bronco to I

Tim Harman 33:58
had our first our team 92 tone tan and brown gorgeous Bronco to five speed manual transmission.

Josh Matthews 34:10
The car learned how to stick on Oh yes, I think I

Tim Harman 34:14
think I taught several people how to drive stick

Josh Matthews 34:17
shift one of the only kids I knew that had a stricture. All right, hold on. I did too, but whatever. So yeah, I

Tim Harman 34:24
think maybe I mean, it probably was the speakers. Honestly, I think I replaced the speakers to go to but the one one funny thing I was thinking of is I put Do you guys remember split fire sparkplug? Yes. Yeah. And that was like, the

Dave Greenwood 34:40
thing to do was plugs and wires. That’s what you

Josh Matthews 34:42
would do. So I under 50 bucks.

Tim Harman 34:45
Yeah, I put the sticker on the call. I was like, Look, I am proud of these split fires. It just gave me like 50 horsepower.

Josh Matthews 34:55
And these things are amazing. Total marketing. Just junk total junk. Just did you do the same first first mod my 92 as the adult version of Tim’s car my 92 two tone Ford Explorer yeah blue and silver with the blue and blue right

Tim Harman 35:15
oh that blue interior always just never sat well I

Dave Greenwood 35:20
remember the first time I saw it I was like whoa

Tim Harman 35:23
like the outside look nice

Josh Matthews 35:26
oh yeah all those early 90s Ford’s like the Rangers with like the red and yeah the red It

Dave Greenwood 35:31
was like three tone red.

Josh Matthews 35:33
It was tone blue. It wasn’t like just the seats and everything anyway so my 90 to explore Tim already said like the head unit and speakers I think that was probably mine but the one beyond that was fog lights. Oh yeah. By Sue and I did it right with the

Dave Greenwood 35:54
Yeah, just switch on the insights was funny about that. I don’t know if you ever got that right. But so that that explorer was passed down through the generations, right? So pass down to your to your next youngest brother. And I remember he and he and I, we put a switch in there, but it always had power and so it would melt the

Josh Matthews 36:11
switch. Well, yeah, there was. We didn’t put a fuse on it right. And we didn’t hook it up through a relay or anything. I was basis. Hot light, but I had to switch

Dave Greenwood 36:22
the switch. I think the first thing I did it was either the speakers or I, did you ever like take your airbox apart or drill

Unknown Speaker 36:31
holes… K&N air filter

Dave Greenwood 36:32
I did the K&N but I left the top off of my airbox and zip tied the air filter in there so it would be open and could get more air right. So yeah, you could do a cold air intake which you know, you had to spend $200 on which I didn’t have because about speakers. I did a hot air intake where I just took the box off and it actually made a difference until my dad’s mechanic saw it and said Jim You’re gonna have to talk to them you’re gonna have to talk to your son and tell him to put that back on there so that when I’m

Josh Matthews 37:03
back on pretty I’m gonna one up you on that because my second car which is a 93 four probe gt I did a cold air intake nice and here’s what I did because it reports you Bye.

Tim Harman 37:19
Should we explain a cold air intake to our listeners?

Josh Matthews 37:23
(I think so…couldn’t hurt.) Our audience is educated so…

Dave Greenwood 37:27
(I know. I know) You don’t do that anymore. I mean… (it’s still a thing).

Tim Harman 37:31
You’re basically rerouting where the air intake is so that it is not sucking in warm air from the engine bay

Dave Greenwood 37:38
cold air is denser…

Josh Matthews 37:40
Cooler denser air provides more power…more spark.

Dave Greenwood 37:43
Exactly. And so it’s basicaly tubing that takes your air filter from inside the engine compartment and drops it down below the engine generally. (Right. Right.)

Josh Matthews 37:51
so what I did, because I needed that horsepower, (gotta have it) I bought a plastic down spout…black downspout. It was rectangular. Like the end piece to a downspout.

Tim Harman 38:06
When you say downspout you mean for like a house… (for a gutter?)

Josh Matthews 38:10
This is all Home Depot built. (so it was good for the hot temperature of a…) I tucked it….no I tucked it so that it stuck out under the front under the grill under the under the bumper. Yeah What do they call that piece? I’m such an old man now

Tim Harman 38:24
Oh, you’re talking about like the air dam or something.

Josh Matthews 38:28
Yeah….the lowest….the front spoiler. So right right under there and those super low to the ground and so got that. I got rigid flex ducting from a dryer that mounted…fit right there, zip tied all that or screwed or something and then I ran that ducting straight to the airbox so it was a true (that’s a cold air intake) cold air intake from Home Depot for about, you know, 12 and a half dollars (okay) with the K&N air filter, which also added like 50-60 horsepower. (Duh.)

Dave Greenwood 39:01
They…they said that it would add like 15 horses. I think that was debunked. I think that’s been debunked. It’s not true.

Tim Harman 39:07
It’s gotta be…(Yeah, it’s not true). Okay.

Josh Matthews 39:08
But it was one of those things where like, when I would be going fast on the highway totally like, Oh, I can totally…. (Oh yeah I can hear it) (Oh, totally). (Yeah.)

Tim Harman 39:16
Okay, another one of my favorite mods that I did. And you guys are all gonna remember this. Okay, I’m mounted….I had a CB radio. And I mounted a speaker behind my grill (Yes, a PA), and I had a PA.

Dave Greenwood 39:30
I used to think that was the funniest thing in the world.

Tim Harman 39:33
It was awesome. I mean, when you’re 16 years old, and you got this speaker, this loudspeaker mounted back up behind your grill, and I just roll up on people, and then be able to talk to them from inside my car. (That’s amazing). I need to do that now. I mean, that sounds great.

Dave Greenwood 39:51
Would you ever….Josh….he had the same thing… and he would play the weather report, like from the CB like through the speaker, and we’d be riding… he like flip that thing on… and he’d be like…don’t move and I couldn’t contain myself like I’m just like laughing in the passenger seat.

Tim Harman 40:05
I have not seen that since…(yeah, I haven’t seen any kids try to pull that off) I’ve not seen anybody that’s done it. We used to go…it sounds so stupid now…but we would go I remember going to like a local park. He was like later at night people were still playing tennis or something. And I’d pull up and just be like, “Parks closed. Park closed at 10.” Whatever, and then they’d stop playing tennis and they’re like, uhhh okay, like, you know,

Josh Matthews 40:32
yeah, all I gotta say is the world should listen to teenagers. They’re the smartest people they are. They know what might we should all really listen. Yes. (Let’s not do that.)

Tim Harman 40:43
Okay, my last one. I cut a hole in the roof of my car and installed a sunroof. (Really? How bad? How bad did it leak?) Oh, like a sieve…. I mean, it was just like, I had to park on an incline and if I parked on an incline, it wouldn’t really leak.. (nice) Otherwise, it was real bad.

Dave Greenwood 41:03
How did you cut that hole? Like a sawsall…just got up there and like…grrrr

Tim Harman 41:06
Angle grinder, man. We just like taped it off and we’re like, “Okay, let’s do this.”

Josh Matthews 41:10
Is that… I feel like is this a thing today? Like, first of all I hear like, I don’t know what percentage but so many kids aren’t even getting their license when they turn 16… (What is up with that?) that was literally (that’s what I lived for) the number one rite of passage during my high school years (absolutely). It was the epitome…

Tim Harman 41:32
And now you can get it without a driving test…you know…what are you waitin’ for?

Josh Matthews 41:34
They pulled that back. (Oh, man) They recently pulled that. During COVID they were letting people get a license or something, but the governor decided not a good idea. Anyway, do they still so I’m wondering like if driver’s licenses are barely a thing now like the nobody’s getting excited about it. Are our young men modifying their cars? Like, that’s all we did…

Dave Greenwood 41:54
But we came up during like the tuner market, you know, and that was like a big thing. (NOPI nationals) Now, people have been modifying cars since the dawn of time. Right. I feel like it was more commonplace back in our day in the 90s. Right? Late 90’s, early 2000’s.

Josh Matthews 42:11
Yeah, well, I mean since the 60s guys did that.

Tim Harman 42:14
(Yeah, they did it.) Alright listeners, if you are, let’s say sub 22

Josh Matthews 42:21

Dave Greenwood 42:22
I’d even go…I’d go a little bit older than that.

Tim Harman 42:24
Really? Okay, if your sub 25 you need to tune in or just shoot us a message.

Dave Greenwood 42:31
Let us know, what have you done?

Tim Harman 42:33
on your Facebook….on our Facebook group what you have done.

Dave Greenwood 42:36
Have you put a short throw shifter in your five speed…now they probably can’t drive stick…but I mean, I tried to put a short throw shifter in there… a second hand one that was broken. I’m wondering if they’ve done that kind of stuff.

Tim Harman 42:48
I remember my brother had a f150 and it was a manual transmission. He somehow drilled a hole in a pool ball. (Yes, did he really?) screwed that on to his gear shift…

Dave Greenwood 42:59
I wanted a cue ball so bad. On my gearshifter… I wanted it so bad and I never had it. I didn’t even think to use an actual cue ball.

Tim Harman 43:07
Yeah. (It never occurred to me) So… (genius) Okay, good segment there, Dave. I’m gonna think of like all these other mods that I did.

Josh Matthews 43:15
Oh this is…yeah… I’ve only scratched the surface. this… (Oh yeah, we could go all night). It’s literally…like during class at school I’m thinking like okay what can I do to this car? Yeah with no money yeah, that was the fun

Tim Harman 43:26
yeah you know what I just thought of two is Blackmagic. The stuff you put on the on the plastic… (The plastics, yep).

Yeah, yeah like the…(like Armor All?) Yes.

Josh Matthews 43:35
It made…like shined your wheels and made em look wet. (Yeah.) Oh, I gotta mention this one. Okay, just came to me. Sorry. We’re running long here. Everyone’s gonna laugh…I hope. (Go for it. Send it.) pantyhose over the tail lights. (Yes)

Josh’s 1993 Ford Probe GT

Tim Harman 43:51
What was up with that? I never did that.

Josh Matthews 43:53
I did that on the Probe. It was like, it would give you a smoked out look because they sold…

Dave Greenwood 43:57
They didn’t sell covers for the Probe. You couldn’t get smoked out taillights for the Probe and that’s why we did the pantyhose

Josh Matthews 44:04
Well, I could never even afford the smoked lens covers (oh yeah, it’s like $100) So yeah, you got black pantyhose (right) and stretched it out over the whole light housing. And then you can just snap it back into place. (You cut holes for the bulbs to go through.)

Tim Harman 44:21
This is hilarious.

Josh Matthews 44:23
And you’d snap it back and you’d have smoked taillights. (What did you..)

Dave Greenwood 44:25
A guy asked me…he stopped me in the Chick-fil-A drive thru. He’s like, “Hey, man. Where did you get those smoked taillights for your Probe?” Because I had a Probe too… I bought mine first. He’s like, “Where’d you get them?” I’m like, “Dude, it’s pantyhose.” He’s like, “Really?!?” I was like, “Yeah man…just get some pantyhose.” He’s like, “Thanks, buddy!”

Tim Harman 44:38
That’s so weird. Like what did you guys think when you just like.. (that’s embarrassing but it looks really good! It looked good.) you strolled up on your Probe and you’re like…man…that’s looks gooood.

Dave Greenwood 44:46
Now, the weird part is we live in Georgia. (It did look good.) It did look good, but in Georgia we have a really bad pollen and so my car that Probe was parked outside during the pollen days like the pollen would get caught in the pantyhose.

Tim Harman 45:05
You gotta take those pantyhose off and wash em!

Dave Greenwood 45:08
you gotta run them through the rinse cycle with your air pods

Josh Matthews 45:10
I’m gonna get you a picture of that Probe to post on the blog with the taillights…or on the show notes. Yeah,

Tim Harman 45:18
yeah, the Probe is like a ghost car I mean, you don’t see them anymore

Dave Greenwood 45:23
Because they were gigantic pieces of junk, man. I put two engines, three transmissions, and literally like six clutches in that car. It was terrible.

Josh Matthews 45:31
Yeah, I went through a few clutches. (Terrible vehicle)

Tim Harman 45:35
Why? Why Dave? Why? (Uh, well..)

Josh Matthews 45:37
It was a Mazda 626 engine…

Dave Greenwood 45:41
Yeah it was built by….it was a Mazda 626 engine and it was just a piece of junk. It was a big engine just shoehorned into that car and it didn’t run great. It was a fun car. Gigantic piece of junk…

Josh Matthews 45:51
Good lookin’ too. (It was great looking, and it was called a Probe.)

Tim Harman 45:54
Yeah. What were they thinking with that name? (Not a good name.) Okay, guys, I think that’s gonna do it for this week’s show. Thanks so much for spending your time with us on the You can, man.™ podcast, and we will catch you guys next time.

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