Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Last Updated on July 6, 2020 by Tim Harman

Father’s Day is upon us!  Do you you any clue what gifts to get your dad?  Welp, we’re here to help!  Check out some of our suggestions.

Note: this post contains ads and/or affiliate links.

Ear protection with bluetooth headphones in one? Yes, please!

over-the-ear hearing protection with bluetooth

2. Bosch Laser Level

Once you’ve used a laser level on a project, you won’t go back to traditional leveling methods. A laser level is a game-changer.

3. Magnetic Stud Finder

Forget about the fancy beeping with lights stud finders. All you need is a strong quality magnet. This gift is so cheap and so useful! Buy it!

4. 16′ Pole Saw

Who doesn’t have some limbs they need to take care of? Who wants to get on a ladder and do that? Right. Then get your dad a pole saw!

5. Bora Centipede portable work stand

Every dad needs a solid work surface for projects, but not everyone has the room. No problem. Just set this thing up when you need it and collapse it down when you don’t! Throw on a piece of plywood and you’ve got it made. These things hold a ton of weight! Tim owns two 2’x4′ work stands and uses them all the time!

6. XL Padded Zero Gravity Chair

If you’ve never sat in a zero gravity chair, you should. If you’ve never sat in an *XL Padded* zero gravity chair, you definitely should. Do your dad a solid and gift him this. His back will thank you.

7. Coffee subscription from East Pole Coffee Co in Atlanta, GA

Every good dad needs good coffee. Give him the fuel he needs to do that next project. East Pole is among the top.

8. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

It’s a classic and you can’t go wrong. If your dad even remotely enjoys cooking, then buy him one of these. It could definitely be used as a weapon too!

9. Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler

This cooler has that retro rugged look that is built to last with its stainless steel construction.


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Josh Matthews 0:00
Welcome to the You can, man.™ podcast episode 64. I’m Josh. I’m Tim. And I’m Dave. And on this week’s episode, Father’s Day gift guide 2020

Tim Harman 0:20
Hi guys, welcome back to the You can, man.™ podcast where we believe what one man can do. You can do as well with a little help from your friends and the proper know how, hey, Father’s Day is upon us yet again comin up. And we decided last year that we’re going to make this an annual tradition about putting out a you can man Father’s Day gift guide. And so this is going to be our 2020 Gift Guide.

Josh Matthews 0:46
Yeah, I feel like Father’s Day is making broad generalizations here, but it’s kind of like the total phone it in holiday for most people. How much Josh just Mother’s Day there’s like a big focus like let’s get it right Let’s Yeah,

Tim Harman 1:00
Father, like,

Josh Matthews 1:02
Mother’s Day is like, Well, most fathers are like, I don’t want anything. Yeah. Okay. Or there’s like super picky and they’re like, don’t get me anything because I’m probably not gonna like it. So you’re just like, okay, here’s a tie here. Sorry, I got plenty of stuff. Here’s this. Here’s a pocket knife, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 1:17
I don’t ever. I don’t expect anything on father. I never expect Yeah, whatever. But I wouldn’t expect anything either.

Dave Greenwood 1:22
But it’s the one day of the year where you can kind of just make demands and be like, this is what I would like to do. And it might happen, right? That’s true. I guess that’s a that’s a bonus.

Josh Matthews 1:33
Check out

Dave Greenwood 1:34
Yeah, you can you know, you can either check out our

Josh Matthews 1:36
check in my gift to you is you go do what you want. We

Tim Harman 1:39
had a I think it was maybe my suggestion. I don’t know whose suggestion It was. It was a padded zero gravity chair, last year’s list. And my wife bought that chair for me for real.

Dave Greenwood 1:52
Yes. Tell me about that.

Tim Harman 1:54
Where is it? Oh, it’s awesome. It’s actually sitting in my friend Brandon’s house. I got one.

Josh Matthews 1:58
So the thing is like, I’ve got one That’s not bad. That’s Is it like a child it is just a mess Japan it is where it’s at. Okay, you got to get the peasant strike your calf right cuz

Unknown Speaker 2:09
yes this one sure this one is XL oh

Dave Greenwood 2:11
you’re talking about like the recliner you

Tim Harman 2:14
could be 300 plus pounds and massive dude and sit in this okay cuz mine

Dave Greenwood 2:20
ah yeah we’re talking about height because oh no are on me.

Tim Harman 2:22
Yeah, I know what you mean and it hits you slightly but not nearly to the point of the other ones I know what you mean because we’re all tall dudes and that bar the support bar always hit you your leg

Josh Matthews 2:34
right your Achilles and then your FICO is Yeah, it’s made for someone who’s five, nine on the dot and yeah,

Tim Harman 2:39
I almost want to put that chair on the list again. It’s that

Unknown Speaker 2:43
was awesome. Dang.

Tim Harman 2:44
Yeah, try it out. But we’ll see. So we’re gonna get into that later on the show are you can man, Father’s Day gift Guy 2020. Okay, guys, what’s been up,

Josh Matthews 2:55
I put it on the Facebook group. And again, I’m just amazed at how much thing is blowing There’s so many cool projects. A lot of smart guys on there. And gals a lot of smart humans a lot of smart people in the group. Yeah, I built a picnic table for a squirrel. Put that on. Yes, that was the biggest thing I’ve done in two weeks. I have a built in the dimension that is in its current state that it was two weeks ago. This is for target practice. No. Well, it could be But yeah, we saw it on the internet actually before Mark Rober. You know, Mark Rober. Anyway, YouTube guy, scientist, x NASA engineer guy makes all these cool things. He made a squirrel Ninja Warrior course, which is yes, I saw that I learned so much about squirrels on that video. And then at the very end, he has a squirrel picnic table, which I had built without this knowledge. Anyway, my boys put some nuts on that picnic table. I mounted it to the side of their treehouse swing set thing within those girls are there smell is so amazing. My older son ran out there early morning. But nuts on top of the table came back. They’re eating their breakfast and the squirrels on the ground sniffing, climbs the ladder. climbs the pole gets right on the picnic table like peanuts. Okay, well, like what did we Yes, peanuts. Anyway, it’s fun kids love it. It’s crazy. Go for it. Yeah,

Tim Harman 4:18
you can kid

Josh Matthews 4:20
Yeah, squirrel picnic table heard there were plans on it. I did it all freehand in my mind.

Unknown Speaker 4:25
But I thought that was great. Or some templates did you use like,

Josh Matthews 4:28
jigsaw or what have you some jigsaw work mostly dangerous miter saw? Yeah, I saw

Dave Greenwood 4:33
and it’s not that great, but it’s

Josh Matthews 4:36
a good idea how it’s top is PG. Top is PVC. In case you’re wondering, whoa, leftover PVC. It’s not going anywhere. So it’s like reclaimed material. Yes, extra scraps.

Dave Greenwood 4:48
I didn’t really get a whole lot done this weekend because I was like I’m cleaning up the garage this weekend. Because like we’ve been, you know, we’ve been cooped up right for the last two, two and a half months and so the place is a little bit It’s a little bit shabby right now. And the garage in particular, because the kids are outside so much they’re running around in the garage and they’re knocking things over, doesn’t get picked up. It just compounds on itself day after day. So it’s a wreck out there. But I just kind of like swam around there for like an entire Saturday. You know what I mean? Like, we like I’m gonna get this done milled around, milled around, he, like, picks some stuff up, but then other stuff gets put down. You’re like, there’s a project, I’m gonna go do that. And then at the end of the day, I’m like, I haven’t done it. It looks worse. That’s

Tim Harman 5:26
the worst feeling when you get to the end of the day, and you’re like, what did I actually and you’re like,

Unknown Speaker 5:30
there’s no more time and man.

Tim Harman 5:33
Yeah, bummer. So whatever. No, I felt like that a good bid on this loft bed project. I’m doing Dude, that last bed is coming together. It’s, it’s insane. I mean, so it keeps, like compounding. Yeah, with extra stuff. So my wife wanted to put string lights up underneath it where their desks are obvious. And then I was like, well, where are you gonna plug that in at? And we’re like, well might as well put it out in a new Alan, just put it out in up there. And then oh, there’s not a near outlet over here. So let’s, so I ended up adding three additional outlets on top of the two that I’ve already done. You

Dave Greenwood 6:14
can never ever have enough outlets.

Tim Harman 6:17
So I was like, Okay, look, I can do it. Whenever, whenever my wife asked me, you know, it’d be cool if we could, I don’t know, like, well could be done. We could do that. We could do that. But I was like, this is gonna take a long time. So I just took time I did it. Hey, there you go. Everybody’s happy now these things are insane. I don’t think that they’re gonna be able to appreciate what they have.

Dave Greenwood 6:40
Well, I I kind of laughed about it. And I said, those beds look great. Your daughters are going to enjoy them for you know, the next three or four years until they’re done with them. And you know, you said no, no, these are the grandkids beds. Oh, yeah, those are not

Tim Harman 6:51
coming down. They are totally grandkids beds. Because I was even I was talking to my wife. I was like, you know, maybe this could be like the guest room. She’s like, like, you want our guests to sleep. There? Look, these things are like full size legit adult. I mean, yes, yes, I think he could legitimately be a guest room. And guests could sleep in LA for guests

Josh Matthews 7:14
under 30.

Tim Harman 7:16
I mean, these things are nice guys. Airbnb this.

Dave Greenwood 7:20
Yes. And I’ll be like, I want the loft on it.

Tim Harman 7:23
Now two or three bedrooms have loft beds, because I have one of my son’s room too. We’re good Maximizer of

Dave Greenwood 7:30
space. Yeah, when you’re a kid that’s I mean, I’d never had a bunk bunk bed. But that was like the dream, right? That’s the Yeah, that’s level one dream when your kid is having a bunk bed. So a loft bed is next level.

Tim Harman 7:41
The thing I’ve got to figure out is how to do the ladder. I’ve never really built a ladder ever other than on my son’s loft bed and I use pipe just to a rope

Dave Greenwood 7:51
and it builds up her body strength and resource know what

Tim Harman 7:55
am I going to do? Well, we did actually think about doing like a rope ladder. You know? Hey, go nuts. Anyways, so I got it. I got to figure that out next, but I am nearing the finish line. But then I got to fill all the nail holes and paint.

Josh Matthews 8:09
So that’s gonna be the fun part. Yeah, wood filler.

Tim Harman 8:13
Okay, well let’s get into this Father’s Day gift guide 2020 so what we did last year is we looked up a list what website was that on last year? I don’t remember his queue type or something like that. And so we kind of gave our take on a lot of the items that they had on there. And a lot of them were just just crash

Josh Matthews 8:36
Yeah, I remember it my wife actually remembered this one specifically because it was the most insane one to us. It was the the mushrooms on a log. Do you remember that? But yeah, like a lawsuit Taki mushrooms on a law like you could give someone the log that would grow mushrooms like on their desk? Yeah. For people. I guess we’re a city folk who don’t get to see enough nature. Right?

Unknown Speaker 8:58
Yeah, we’re not sure anyway. So that was Yeah, do not get your dad.

Dave Greenwood 9:02
Whatever happened to the like the world’s greatest dad mug or saw I literally bought my dad um I think they were socks and it either said dad or world’s greatest Dad, dad on him. I feel like a world’s best boss mug. If somebody gave me that somebody my kids gave me that I’d be like, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 9:21
Thank you. I would appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 9:22
Yeah, that’s a classic gift right there. Okay,

Josh Matthews 9:25
so what we’ve done is I’ve got a couple websites one is cnn.com. They just released part of it today. They really serve Father’s Day gift ideas. And we also got the today show. Also popular. Yeah, and they’re one of them is better than the others. There’s gonna be good and bad on both lists.

Dave Greenwood 9:46
I don’t think that there are any kind of resource for dad gift ideas.

Tim Harman 9:51
Look, I’ve fortunately I’ve already got some ideas on some of these. So we just need to jump in. Yeah, unfortunately

Josh Matthews 9:55
when you type in Father’s Day gift guide 2020 These are some of the first hits. So gotcha if your children slash spouse is going on there to look they might come across this so we’re going to educate some right and

Tim Harman 10:09
we’re not going to go through all of these I will post the link on our show now let’s go through all of them on on our website. So when I say show notes, I mean on our actual blog, you can man so we will definitely be posting the link to this article or Father’s Day gift guide on our Facebook group and other places obviously. So definitely check that out. But the one thing I’m noticing here Okay, so this is on the CNN lists this Lululemon, metal bent tech Polo 2.0 $98 at

Unknown Speaker 10:41
Lululemon, isn’t that

Tim Harman 10:43
They got man’s stuff too (that even though you say it?) I don’t know. No, no, my wife super into Lululemon. She, she buys a lot of stuff from thrift stores, and then she’ll resell this stuff, but she loves, you know, wearing this. I mean, it’s good. It’s really, really high quality workout. Stop at a $98 Polo No, do not buy your dad a $98 Polo. I mean, unless you’re swimming in money, I guess so but I won’t be I’m gonna

Dave Greenwood 11:10
have to I’m gonna have to really cut you off right there Tim I know a $98 Polo but I have a $70 Polo that I (no) Yeah, I had to I needed a shirt for like a Braves game and it was gonna be 90 degrees It was after work I couldn’t go home. I was like this thing looks like it’s gonna be super cool like chill right put it it’s the the greatest sweater or shirt that I’ve ever worn. It’s so dry at the stadium. No, no, I bought it. It was at like a sporting goods store.

Tim Harman 11:38
You don’t think it’s just a placebo? No.

Dave Greenwood 11:42
It is not a placebo because I want to get more but I’m like there’s no way I can buy another one of these anyway. So

Josh Matthews 11:48
I’m gonna say go buy the 90 I have a general for clothing. clothing for most people is like pretty personal. So unless you know yes Yeah, right. There’s a website. Like my wife knows there’s a couple websites that you know, one of our sponsors for the show www.1776united.com like almost one of them. You mean? No, I mean, they’re down the door, but if she buys a shirt from there and knows my size, it’s that’s probably okay. Otherwise, like a lot of clothing. There’s a lot of shoes on these lists that we probably can skip over but like that’s another thing like that’s such a Yeah, I mean, there is.

Tim Harman 12:31
Although Chi Chi Lu Kahani. sneaker, the Hawaiian look $130 for Look, the look, the shoes look fine. I’m like, okay, I’d wear those. They look great. $130 I’m gonna pass, it’s over

Dave Greenwood 12:45
$20 Tim’s gonna get caught up on that price. So we’re

Josh Matthews 12:48
gonna have to bypass a lot of this stuff. All right, let me let me go to another one here from the CNN list, a GlobeIn subscription. So it’s $114 for three months. What is GlobeIn well GlobeIn sends boxes of handcrafted Fairtrade artisanal products each month. The items vary widely and you can get anything from handcrafted mugs, to beanies and chocolate from around the world. (Wow, that sounds like a deal.) All you have to do is pay $114 for three months, and you can get artisinal beanies

Dave Greenwood 13:18
You know something you said subscription back in the day, one of my go twos for when somebody said, What do you want for Christmas and I had no idea what I wanted. I’d be like, get me a magazine subscription. Because it was Yeah, it was it was such a good one it gave throughout the whole year and they probably

Josh Matthews 13:39
forget not to renew.

Dave Greenwood 13:41
They don’t Yeah, they don’t and so you get two years out of it, and I’d forget about it. So it’d be like every like, hey, it’s February. Here’s the Oh was something good? Simply, you know, do we have magazines anymore? No,

Josh Matthews 13:51
because simpler times you would do would be a surprise like the New Car and Driver would show up right

Dave Greenwood 13:58
now you can do the GlobeIn. subscription.

Josh Matthews 14:01
Yeah, all right…

Tim Harman 14:03
another one of these is a coffee subscription service now that in and of itself, I’m I’m gonna go okay, that doesn’t sound bad at all definitely do that. Now, what you need to do is you need to get East Pole Coffee based out of here in Atlanta…

Josh Matthews 14:19
I was just gonna say we’re about to pull the trigger on some subscription on East Pole. Okay.

Tim Harman 14:24
Okay. And we know the three owners, I guess the three main owners of East Pole Coffee, and they are legitimately probably the best coffee roaster in Atlanta (Agree). They’re on all these kind of lists of Food&Wine. Anyways, they personally go to Colombia to say where they’re really happy they actually have And anyway, so they have subscription services, so I would highly recommend that what is it? Eastpole.coffee, I think is their website. Okay. I’m pretty sure

Josh Matthews 14:59
We’ll post it on the internets.

Tim Harman 15:01
for sure.

Josh Matthews 15:03
Okay, here’s one that’s actually on CNN. That’s actually kind of decent. A Lodge brand cast iron skillet. Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:11
I’ve actually

Josh Matthews 15:12
been thinking about if you don’t have one that’s just a solid addition to the kitchen. We’ve recently got one

Dave Greenwood 15:21
feels like a mother’s day gift….in my house. (How dare you.)

Thinking I don’t, I don’t really do any cooking.

Tim Harman 15:27
Let me just take a minute here, because I’m actually on the cusp of taking over near 100% of the cooking. Oh, so it’s kind of been in the works for a while and I’m thinking about doing it and I actually enjoy cooking (Good for you). I had looked into cast iron skillets months ago, and so I

Josh Matthews 15:52
might Yeah, 23 bucks for 12 inch skillet. That’s the

Tim Harman 15:55
ideal and as far as I know,

Josh Matthews 15:57
pretty solid, that might be a go to like, if you’re really Yeah,

Tim Harman 16:00
scrambling here. Oh for sure. I want to say that I think that Lodge brand I think it’s just kind of industry standard. Yeah, it’s just like the what that’s just like what you get. Yeah. So that’s that’s a solid right there get your dad a cast iron skillet they go. If nothing else, he can bring that campin you know, put that Joker on the open fire coals or something. Who knows? I don’t know that. That’s a great gift.

Dave Greenwood 16:24
Okay, I got one. Every dad needs an ice cooler. All right, so get yourself here on the CNN list is the Coleman 54 chord cooler starting in 81 bucks. This thing looks nice.

Josh Matthews 16:35
It says this the old school stainless steel like It looks like a 1960’s. I’m thinking

Tim Harman 16:41
this is gonna last you. This is a lifetime cooler probably. I’ll leave

Dave Greenwood 16:46
my coolers outside so it might not be good for me. But I’m like the Yeti cooler for $400 who’s buying that thing? Come on. Let’s Get Real. So yeah, get yourself the column of 54 quart cooler for your man for your husband for your for your dad. It’s got the retro look.

Tim Harman 17:00
I was like, What do you guys think? That’s dope? I don’t okay. I’ve never understood the Yeti things but it’s not. It’s not necessarily for the price tag, which it is. It’s for the fact that it doesn’t have

Dave Greenwood 17:11
wheels. Yeah, you can’t roll it

Unknown Speaker 17:13
back out. I have wheels on the coolers are heavy.

Josh Matthews 17:16
It’s those coolers are heavy. Yeah, she’s

Tim Harman 17:18
super heavy. Yeah. Like what are you doing? We got it doesn’t have wheels. I don’t know. It doesn’t

Dave Greenwood 17:24
I mean, but it’s got a cart

Josh Matthews 17:26
of things more a standard size though. Hopefully it’s a good landing. Alright, let’s do a couple more here. Let’s switch over to the other lists the today’s show list. I’m seeing some things that we ran across last year some like spice gift sets and hot sauce gift sense. If you have a connoisseur of hot sauces or spices, or a dad that super into grilling, I guess could be good.

Dave Greenwood 17:54
A lot of guys are into hot sauce. It’s not really my thing. But there are a lot of people out there who love some hot sauce. We got some slippers here. acorn moccasins slippers This is the kind of thing that I would never buy for I’m never gonna buy myself some slippers right? It’s just not gonna happen because number one, I don’t think about it. And number two, why would I buy myself slippers? But if I had some laying around I’d probably enjoy it.

Josh Matthews 18:16
I think these are probably coming to me on Father’s Day some slippers because we do a little jealous. We do a little weekly zoom meeting with my wife’s cousin from New York, and he was showing off his slippers and he’s like, Dude, it’s a life changer. He sounds like a man’s man. And he’s like, I would never buy them for myself. I do not do slippers.

Tim Harman 18:37
Look, I gotta I gotta be ready to like me and sandals, sandals. I gotta be ready to go. I gotta be gone and slippers

Dave Greenwood 18:44
need to be able to either kick somebody or run away from somebody at all

Josh Matthews 18:48
times Muslim with slippers. You just kick them off and then you’re good to go.

Dave Greenwood 18:52
Tim, here’s one for you the Amazon essentials polo shirt for $12 Yes, that is okay.

Tim Harman 18:58
Talk about Amazon. Y’all cuz I got a button up shirt they call it the AMA is good. Yes Good threads

Unknown Speaker 19:07
thing is nice yeah

Tim Harman 19:09
you know it’s decently priced I’m wearing good threads shorts right see I’m quality and I let me feel those things

Josh Matthews 19:15
those feel all right i want i want to talk to you guys in a year if they hold up because that’s my big thing. I don’t buy clothes very often at all I need my stuff to hold up. All right, here’s something not to buy your father. A custom dad starmap Okay, now I mean, look, Josh Palmer, who was a guest on the show super and astronomy. Maybe he would like data for JP don’t buy from me if you’re looking. here’s the here’s the little synopsis. If you’re looking for something truly unique, this custom starmap is sure to take him by surprise. It includes constellations for dates of your choosing all printed on high quality plywood. And that’s running at 45 bucks.

Dave Greenwood 19:54
Okay, so I got a proven winner right here. This thing jumped out at me. It’s the Zazzle creative Your own photo golf balls and it’s got like the family photo on this golf ball. It looks really tiny though. I don’t know if you’d be able to see it. But that’d be kind of awesome cruisin down the fairway. Wow, your very own personalized golf ball by me.

Josh Matthews 20:15
That’s a phone it in. That’s a phone and I did see the best dad ever shirt on here. But they had a mug I think. No, no. best

Dave Greenwood 20:24
dad ever

Josh Matthews 20:26
don’t wear that. Yeah. All right. Well, I think that’s probably enough for these lists. So let’s get let’s

Tim Harman 20:31
move on to the the real man man Father’s Day gift guide. Now, what we decided is we may actually add more to this list that will appear on our show notes. But for now, I think we’re just going to each throw out maybe two, maybe three each, but probably to each and I’m going to go first please do as you guys ready. Now look. Pretty sure this was on my list last year. But it deserves to be on it again because I use these things all the time. And your dad will love them. Don’t think about it just buy them. The three m, Bluetooth work tune Yes, three m work tunes. Now these are three already made great ear protection. So these are over the ear, ear muffs ear protection, so you can just use them as just that. But they have headphones in them with Bluetooth. I use these things all the time. It was a major Game Changer cutting the grass, but I also use them when I run into you know the table saw the miter saw awesome. The battery is amazing on it. I don’t know there’s a single time that don’t turn those things on. It always says battery. Hi, I’m like

Unknown Speaker 21:51
I’ve used it

Unknown Speaker 21:52
all day. How’s the battery? I don’t

Josh Matthews 21:53
think I’ve ever changed the batteries in mine and I

Tim Harman 21:59
have changeable So my

Dave Greenwood 22:00
mom has double minor double A’s now Josh Josh has

Tim Harman 22:03
got the y’all got the fancy right

Dave Greenwood 22:06
so which I actually would not recommend those glutes Yeah, so I the Bluetooth ones like you I don’t

Tim Harman 22:11
know. I thought you guys had the am FM

Dave Greenwood 22:14
am FM and that’s what i like i like the am FM I don’t dig the Bluetooth because the sound quality just it’s not really yeah, it’s not good or fine. Maybe I have a bad pair but

Tim Harman 22:23
you guys had the combo though you had the blu rays with the am FM, so I don’t have that all I have is the Bluetooth it’s just straight up Bluetooth.

Dave Greenwood 22:30
Well either way. I love them. I use them all the time.

Josh Matthews 22:33
Yeah. If we were if we had MLB baseball going I would appreciate the am FM but right now I don’t need it. That’s really the only thing. I would listen to his baseball game. I just listen to sports talk radio while I’m on the lawn. I’m such an owl. Yeah, good enough for that on the way to work, when we used to go to work, can’t get enough of it. Alright, so Tim’s got three headphones. They probably owe us some money because we promoted I would say so every other all the time. I mean, it’s shown I think they showed up on our Christmas gift guide as well as alright so I’m gonna go I’m just gonna throw it out there. Oh it’s along the same lines. I’m pulling up some air pods because I’ve got a pair I thought I wouldn’t like them before I had some and then I got some and they’re the best things ever I wear I’m working out you can buy little adapter headphones, you know ear pieces for sports like little rubberized the air pods pro kind of Arctic come with that. So the pros are gonna run you 250 bucks the regular air pods are running 160 bucks. I just have the regular air pods but they’re great. They haven’t I washed them they I think the one that I thought had last sound came back so

Tim Harman 23:44
what you want some on accident on accident.

Josh Matthews 23:47
Oh random through the washer, like the full loss all

Unknown Speaker 23:51
the way through the dryer.

Josh Matthews 23:54
Anyway, they work. I love them. They’re convenient. No Strings you can work out and I’m no string Excellent.

Dave Greenwood 24:00
All right, so mine I got it. I’ve said it like, I don’t know how many times I’ve said this into a microphone still hasn’t shown up on Father’s Day. Dave needs a laser level. Alright, so I was I in the Bosch laser level, the green one at Home Depot. A couple weekends ago, I was like, I’m just gonna pull the trigger as I can’t do it. I can’t

Josh Matthews 24:19
do it there. Yeah, there enough money where you’re like, you just can’t go get it. Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 24:23
it’s like what they’re like 100 bucks or something? Like 140 140 bucks. Yeah, I’m like, I just can’t do it. I’m not going to use it that often. But you got both of you guys swear by them, right? Yeah.

Tim Harman 24:36
Tim borrowed mine. Well, I don’t own one. And I just use Joshua’s. That was the first time I think this is so weird to say. But I think it was the first time I had really used a laser level on a project. And I was like, This is life changing. I don’t know how I did all these other projects without this because I was able to shoot a line on the wall. And before I was have been getting measurements off likely an uneven floor. Right?

Josh Matthews 25:04
And well, especially now with this loft bed projects, you got beds on two different walls that’s got a project across without a laser

Dave Greenwood 25:15
leveling right, so it doesn’t matter what you put it in.

Tim Harman 25:17
I loved it was amazing. Yeah.

Josh Matthews 25:19
So they’re awesome. That’s a solid gift if you want to spend over 100 Yeah, they’re kind of

Dave Greenwood 25:24
they’re kind of pricey. So I get it, you know, it’s not

Josh Matthews 25:27
up. If Yeah, if your dad’s handy. Now look, if your dad doesn’t do anything handy, don’t get him the laser level. But man, if he’s at all handy, he will be impressed. Even if he doesn’t even know how to use it. He’ll just feel awesome. Yeah, it’s legit.

Tim Harman 25:40
I’ve got a very inexpensive one that has shown up on another list, but I love it so much that I gotta say it again. Okay, harbor free. Now look. No, they don’t have a harbor freight they should have a harbor freight. Anyhow, you You’ve all heard about you need a good stud finder. Okay, and you can run the gamut and spend some money on these expensive stud finders and they’ll do all these fancy things for you and be cheap and they got the lights and all this stuff. No, throw in the trash. You don’t need that. Get you dead a magnetic stud finder, CH Hanson magnetic stud found

Unknown Speaker 26:24
as a magnetic

Tim Harman 26:26
Finder. Listen, this thing is $7 and 48 cents on Amazon. You need to pick one up. My sister in law actually gave this to me a couple Christmases ago. And it’s just, you know, a high powered little magnet and you run it over the wall and you look for the nail screws or the nails and the

Josh Matthews 26:47
drywall. Yeah, yeah, you posted or people either we posted it or people responded to that previous podcasts that you mentioned it on. And it seems like the world is split on this. They’re half the people were like totally In your boat like yes this is a must have all of the set finders are trash and then the other half to be poor like I don’t know. I’m gonna

Dave Greenwood 27:06
try it out easy I’m gonna try it out because I hate I hate every stud finder I’ve ever used because that’s so finicky and it’s like, well this one’s centerfire this one finds edge it never works like I always end up missing this gentleman out heck well here’s what you do you

Tim Harman 27:20
know i mean because when the drywall you know they’re installing the drywall they’re probably not going to get the nails directly in the center of this stuff all the time. Yep. So you just verify you you go on the length road and go up the length and you kind of you just kind of feel the the middle of what that is and it just doesn’t fail you How can it fail you

Josh Matthews 27:44
have a laser level you can find one and then she runs

Tim Harman 27:48
laser to line Ah, now that’s provided your studs actually plumb well. I would die up

Josh Matthews 27:53
on marks. Yes, little screws and then find the average

Tim Harman 27:58
but good for $7 48 cents cannot go wrong. Super simple gift. Get it for your dad.

Josh Matthews 28:06
All right, I’m gonna do a sub $100 one here. super useful of lint this tool out it’s kind of how you know tools good is if you lend it like the laser level pole saw one symbol saw well it’s for trimming or pruning tall branches trees that you can’t reach normally from the ground or even with a ladder. They they run different lengths. So it’s a long pole with a saw on the end just like it says Paul saw and you can get way on up this this one in particular, it’s fiberglass 90 bucks at one of the big box stores 16 feet extension I mean, that’s why on up there plus your height and the blades nice and sharp. It’s kind of a Japanese style pruning blade. So you kind of have some big one What is

Tim Harman 28:57
it collapse down into the

Josh Matthews 28:59
collapse? down into about nine feet. It’s pretty tall. It fits in when you collapse it down if it’s in the garage, like I can lean it up against the wall. Okay? I need to borrow your pulse. It probably just be best if you have a rack like a horizontal rack, that would probably be best if you have the room. Oh, it’s so awesome. I’ve lent it out you and it has. So one end is the saw the other end is a pull string that you can use as like loppers. Yep, smaller branches. You can just put it in the little hook, yank the string chops that chops the branch. Love it. That’s a strong need. All right. So Tim, I’ve

Dave Greenwood 29:37
got a Father’s Day gift idea for you. Okay, because like I pull up and I park in front of your house once a week, maybe twice a week. And every time I do I get stressed out because it just bugs me when people don’t edge their yard properly. Okay, and yours looks like you had a blind man out there with a dadgum like

Unknown Speaker 29:58
you’re about to receive the rest I leave you I

Unknown Speaker 30:01
need I need you to get a flippin just an edger no or I can’t understand you do not understand I don’t understand or just use a trimmer it’s hilarious that you said something that blinds me with a shell What did you say to somebody with a shovel? That’s exactly what I did Dave what we use a shovel. Yes I used to five shovel. I do that every year what

Dave Greenwood 30:25
is wrong with you? Just get your trimmer out. You only have

Josh Matthews 30:28
to do it once a year. Look idea

Unknown Speaker 30:29
behind is Centipede grass and that that mass will just grow right over that curb.

Dave Greenwood 30:36
So you hit it once a week. No, well,

Tim Harman 30:39
yeah. You’re out there once a week now I got it. I’m out there once I have a trimmer I’ve got a an edger

Dave Greenwood 30:47
you have an edger and you use a shovel.

Tim Harman 30:49
Well, I’ll use edger all along the driveway but you’re talking about along the street? Yeah, on the street. Okay, so Dave’s talking about I literally did not do a post about this on the UK Man Group. You No, I thought

Josh Matthews 31:00
I did an Instagram maybe.

Tim Harman 31:02
Okay. I will actually because I got it you got to create the air gap Dave. Okay, the air gap the air gap is where you take out all the soil in between the concrete and the grass and I Centipede grass and that joke they will just grows out, right. They’ll just grow right over the curb creeping grass. So I literally take out a mass. I mean, it was like six inches away. So I don’t know that six inches, but it will come back because things fall down in there. It turns the soil the grass will do come back over here

Josh Matthews 31:37
come back in about 10 years. I think you’re also since you’ve got the slope coming down to the street. That thing Yeah, actually, I mean is migrating like over time, you know, the whole the whole side of that hill, just like you said, any loose dirt all gets washed down the hill and deposited Right, exactly. This

Dave Greenwood 31:54
is like the opposite of erosion control for you. You were like I’m gonna I’m digging back

Tim Harman 32:00
Yeah, it’ll fill back in.

Unknown Speaker 32:02
Okay. Yeah. Listen, think about it. All right,

Josh Matthews 32:04
he did. He does the ultimate edging with the jazz do the ultimate, like a wheelbarrow full of

Unknown Speaker 32:12
debris like Yeah. And it actually transplanted to other areas in my yard.

Dave Greenwood 32:16
I kid you not like that that’s what I do, man so right well, I guess you have a system in place so yeah,

Tim Harman 32:22
okay, I’ve got another one I use these things all the time. Bora centipede, work stand. It’s a collapsible thing and explain this. Somebody else have this tool. Well, you can borrow it anytime you want. Yes. It’s a collapsible is basically a sawhorse alternative. Yeah, so it collapses down. What is the best way to kind of have a canopy tent?

Josh Matthews 32:47
Yes. Yes. Can it be to unfurls like, like a canopy into a table?

Tim Harman 32:53
Well, if you put a you know, you put a piece of plywood on it. Yes. It’s got these little attachments that you slip into the each pole. And you can put like two by fours in it. And then you could put like a four by eight sheet of plywood on it. I’ve got two, two by four sections of it. And then I can make that you know, I can put a four by eight sheet of plywood on it and it makes a nice big surface work servicemember stable way better than putting two sawhorses Exactly, exactly. They’re never level and yeah, you’re gonna think that the that this thing is not going to be able to hold a lot of weight, but it can hold it an insane amount of weight, and it’s very, very stable. They have videos on their website where it shows like stacking up all these sheets of drywall, there’s something on these things they can hold a ton away, and they collapse down they’ve got these little bags that they come in. And I it’s awesome because you can essentially make your own little, you know, workshop, you know, because I I don’t have the room to have a workshop. That’s just me Dedicated that I can have out there like some massive four by eight work table. But if I’m working on a project I kind of clear out the back of the car out of the garage, set these things up and then throw a four by eight sheet of plywood on it and I’m good to go. So check into those Borah centipede they have it in two by four sections, four by four and then of course a four by eight. I’ve got two of the two by four sections and it works really well for me. Okay, I think that’s going to wrap up the Father’s Day gift Guy 2020 Now we may add a couple more we think round out just to round out the list but hopefully this giving you guys a good solid idea of what to get your data and what not to get your Yeah,

Josh Matthews 34:45
these are like the ones we mentioned. You can’t go wrong.

Tim Harman 34:49
Like you know, solid gifts

Dave Greenwood 34:51
by the dad in your life a tool and he’ll be happy. There you go.

Tim Harman 34:54
Yes. So check out our show notes that you’ll find on UK men calm for the little Links to all of these products that we’ve mentioned. We’ll be back after the break.

Josh Matthews 35:10
This episode is sponsored by 1776 United 1776. United is a patriotic and historically inspired lifestyle brand. They make the best patriotic shirts and apparel on the market today. I personally own many of their products and if you want to dawn patriotic gear without looking gaudy, check them out on Instagram, Facebook, and it’s 1776 united, calm.

Tim Harman 35:39
Alright guys, welcome back. It’s actually my week for the segment. And it’s been a minute that I had a segment on an old man topic. All right, you guys ready for this? He covered pairs. You covered the American chest not we got the migratory. Wait, when did I cover pears? You’ve covered pears. Yeah. When did you cut it? pears. Oh, I hope your pear tree. I don’t think I just talked about it. I’m just thinking like, are you reading my mind right now because I’m about to

Josh Matthews 36:08
talk about snap. You mentioned that your pear trees, so I’m just okay.

Tim Harman 36:13
Well, you know what in this topic does have to do somewhat with my pear tree. But I’m going to talk about how if you’ve got a Bradford pear tree in your yard, you need to crank up the chainsaw and you need to go cut it down today. Okay, I agree to and I think I know where you’re going and I can’t wait. Okay. Now, I’m not going to go into a lot of details. And there are a lot. There are a lot of details that you can go in and research the internet say about that. I mean, it just runs the gamut. There’s so much everywhere aren’t there?

Dave Greenwood 36:48
Everybody’s got a brief repair.

Tim Harman 36:49
So essentially from the 1960s through the 90s, kind of into the 2000s. It was the go to suburban ornamental street

Josh Matthews 37:02
scape tree fast growing.

Tim Harman 37:05
Yeah. Especially here in Atlanta. I feel like in the 90s it was like the tree that they that homebuilders clearly put one of these between the houses.

Yes. It’s got a great shape. I’ll give it that. And that’s why they people just love it. It’s you know, produces beautiful white blooms. It has great, they grow fast. It has a great shape to it. However, it’s highly invasive. And well, the the offshoots of it are highly invasive. So, what basically ended up happening is it’s like some sort of crazy crossbreeding. I’m not going to get into all of it, but it’s wreaking havoc, especially Actually, I mentioned or one of the articles mentioned Alabama, for some reason, I don’t know if they’re just hit hard with or what, but there’s some research, there’s some certain variant that came out of the Bradford pear That has these thorny stems. Now I think I’ve got one growing out of my normal while I don’t know exactly what variety pear tree it is, but like actual, legitimate good pear tree that I have just off my lawn. It’s actually not on my lawn but I just kind of claim it as you consider your lawn and I’ve got this other chute coming up from the base of this thing, go get your edging

Dave Greenwood 38:27
shovel out, that is

Tim Harman 38:28
not the same type of tree as my pair. And I think the dirty Brad’s pair is done cross pollinated somehow in my pear tree when it’s trying to take over. So you’re gonna be cutting that down

Josh Matthews 38:43
Walter Reed? Yeah, it’s like Ashley rasca. Okay, Walter Reeves replacement. Josh

Tim Harman 38:50
is talking about our local a What is it? What do you call on and garden expert? Yeah, he’s a Georgia gardener really. So if you if you live in Georgia, you’ve definitely heard the name Walter ease but if you’re another part of The country maybe not, or maybe you have, but he’s a what man. He’s been doing that for decades. He’s retired long standing gardening show. So whenever somebody talks about any sort of gardening thing in and around Atlanta, they always mentioned, you know, call Walter Reeves and see what he says about it. But Bradford pears, man, have you guys ever seen where Bradford pears have just split?

Dave Greenwood 39:19
They fall apart all the time I just fought with my parents had one when I was when I was a kid and the thing just fell apart like in the middle of the road, they just die after however many years well, they’re weak. They’re like unstable.

Josh Matthews 39:30
Yeah, they’ll get to a certain size and then like just when they go quit coming down.

Tim Harman 39:34
That’s just one of the reasons why you need to get rid of it. The other one of the other massive reasons is the blooms. Absolutely. Yeah, they don’t smell good. They do not smell good at all. They look really pretty. I’ll give you that they’re beautiful white blooms. And again, it has a great shape, but other than that, it needs to die. It needs to die because it is wreaking havoc across the country. I mean, these things are everywhere. I mean, it’s it’s all these cells going all the way all the way over California all the way up to Maryland. So look guys, just hobby like service announcement if you’ve got a Bradford pear you know what just just go buy a chainsaw just just to cut down

Josh Matthews 40:18
reasonings. Yeah, would work.

Tim Harman 40:20
Yes. And you may you know, that thing may start, just keep coming back. Just spray that thing with whatever you got. And kill it. Take it out back. Alright, that’s all I really got. I mean,

Dave Greenwood 40:32
that’s a good thing. We’re all in agreement that the Bradford pear is gotta go, man.

Josh Matthews 40:37
Yeah, not the ones that are

Tim Harman 40:38
by your neighbor. No, those are definitely Bradford. Yeah, and it’s like, I don’t know. What do I do?

Josh Matthews 40:44
accident. Accidents happen, Nolan. If you’re listening,

Tim Harman 40:48
bro, cut those things down. He’s not maybe he is I don’t know. All right. that’s gonna do it for this week’s show. definitely make sure to check out our show notes at www.youcanman.com and when I say show notes, I mean our blog posts on the actual website, not our, you know, if you look up Apple podcasts on the show notes, we’re not going to list all the links there. We’re going to do that on our website. So we will be posting the links to our Facebook page and group page. So you can check out all the products that we mentioned, and get your dad something good for this Father’s Day. We will catch you guys next time.

Transcribed by Otter.ai