Kill the Mosquitoes Yourself | #062

Last Updated on September 11, 2020 by Tim Harman

Are you paying to have your yard treated for mosquitoes?  You can totally do that yourself!  We’ll tell you how to DIY mosquito treatment.

Tim talked about the exact insecticide that the pros use that you can actually buy on Amazon: Bifenthrin

How to treat your yard for mosquitos just like the pros:

  1. Buy a pro-grade powered sprayer like the Stihl SR200

    Stihl is the industry standard. Of note: Stihl is only sold by Stihl approved dealers, so you’ll need to go to one to purchase

  2. Buy the exact insecticide that the pros use: Bifen I/T, 7.9% Bifenthrin

    You can totally buy the exact stuff used by the pros from Amazon.

  3. Mix up that glorious bug death and spray!

    You’ll want to hit all areas of your grass as well as tree trunks, bushes, and the underside of leaves. Make sure to cover dense vegetation areas the most. Mosquitoes love to hang out there in the heat of the day. **NOTE: Bifenthrin can kill pollinators! Avoid spraying anything that is blooming!**

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Josh Matthews 0:00
Welcome to the You can, man.™ podcast episode 62. I’m Josh. I’m Tim. And I’m Dave. And on this week’s episode, kill the mosquitoes yourself.

Tim Harman 0:19
Welcome back to the You can, man.™ podcast where we believe what one man can do you can do as well with a little help from your friends and the proper know how we’re gonna give you guys some proper know how, on today’s show with how to kill mosquitoes, you can definitely do it yourself. You don’t have to pay what 50 bucks a pop or something for that treatment in your yard. Save all kinds of cash. So that’s what we’ll be talking about today. (Are we killing the skeeters? Are we banishing them?) Well, we’re killing and banishing. We’re gonna talk about that you’re going to talk about it (it’s all inclusive). All right. Okay, guys. What’s been going on?

Dave Greenwood 0:53
Boys? I finally replaced my mailbox.

Josh Matthews 0:57
Yeah, you did! (Yeauh).

Dave Greenwood 0:58
So I was I didn’t realize how bad it was until I until I replaced it. And I looked at my new mailbox and I was like, Oh my gosh, that looks way better. It was embarrassing. Like, it looks so bad. (And you used that stake in the ground method.) Well, that’s what I want to talk about. Okay, so I use the big nail.

Josh Matthews 1:17
Yeah, the old one,

Dave Greenwood 1:18
the old one, the old one. And the reason I did that is because when I bought my house, it was a flip done by a shady contractor who obviously didn’t put in a mailbox, because why would you? (You said shady). Yeah. Okay, shady. And so we had to get a mailbox, you know, like, stat, right? And so I went with the quickest method, you go to one of your big box stores and you buy this spike, that you drive into the ground and it has a piece on top that accepts a mailbox post anchor a post, right? So I installed that thing. It was really quick and it did its job for five years. But the old mailbox was it was leaning it was listing and it didn’t look good. So I pulled the mailbox post out that was really scary. Simple. And then I reached down and I grabbed the big nail in the ground. And I started pulling and I realized very quickly this is not

Josh Matthews 2:07
it was in there. Oh, it

Dave Greenwood 2:08
was in there and it wasn’t coming out without a fight. And so, yeah, a lot of swearing and a lot of digging and a lot of back breaking. It took a long time to get that thing out of there. I want to give a public service announcement and say, Do not use one of those because if you ever have to remove it, you’re gonna hate your life. It was a huge, huge pain finally got out there, dug it up a little bit of brute force and and it’s out. And so I you know, use concrete put a new post in looks fantastic. And yeah, that thing ain’t moving for a long time.

Unknown Speaker 2:42
Okay. Yeah.

Josh Matthews 2:44
Dave sent me a picture of the mailbox. And my first thought was it’s classy. (That’s what you said), You got the letters. It’s like, Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 2:50
well, I reuse those and I repurpose, repurpose them. I freshen them up, right because they weren’t looking good either. So I hit those with some With some black spray paint black spray paint, and they look a lot better. But yeah, you said a classy mailbox and I appreciated that. It was like nice and clean anyway, so that’s, uh, that was my weekend took a long time.

Tim Harman 3:12
And if our if you’re a new listener to the show, and you’re just wondering, Man, I wish wish they would do a whole episode on just mailboxes.

Dave Greenwood 3:21
Well, you’re in luck!

Tim Harman 3:22
You are definitely in luck because it was Episode Number 47 Mailboxes, Etc.

Josh Matthews 3:29
So it was a pretty popular one too. I got some traction on the group it was because I think it is. It’s one of those things where, you know, it’s a fairly quick job. And then your mind you want to say, I can knock this out this afternoon. That is not true. If we wanted to, you can Yeah, if you want to do it the right way. Give yourself a weekend. Have a couple hours here in there. Like you’re not going to knock it all out in one shot.

Dave Greenwood 3:59
Yeah, the whole day. Actual putting it in the ground goes relatively quickly. You know, that’s that’s a couple hours but you got to get a post. You got to paint it. Yeah, I mean you have to prime you have to paint it. So there is a little bit of a process involved. But yeah, you’re right. You want to carve out maybe a weekend to get it done.

Josh Matthews 4:13
Yeah. All right. So some of that just happened to me that I’m gonna have a follow up on. I took the laundry out, like literally before I walked over this podcast, took my laundry out all my like workout clothes, Josh lives across the street. Yeah, all my workout clothes, washed them. moving them from the washer to the dryer and my air pods fallen to the floor.

Unknown Speaker 4:36
Oh, so

Josh Matthews 4:38
you know, you just assume the worst. So find the pair. Go upstairs, put them in their little charger thing. Open the charger thing up. The display comes up on my phone, which made me feel good and then I put the earbuds, air pods in my ears. Fully wireless if you don’t know what we’re talking about the fully wireless Apple brand earbuds and they work. They just run through the washer. No

Tim Harman 5:10
dryer. Yeah, yeah. But they’re designed to take all that sweat. I guess they

Dave Greenwood 5:14
I guess they they’re I don’t think they’re technically waterproof. I think they can wash they can accept a little bit of I mean clearly they’re good. They

Josh Matthews 5:23
got washed with detergent. Now, as a precaution I shook them and like I couldn’t hear any I didn’t even see any water like it ran through the spin cycle or whatever, but I threw them in the standard bag of rice, like a little bag of rice. Just to do it. I’m gonna test it again. I mean, I love those things. I always made fun when they first came out. I was like, I’m not gonna be that guy ever. And then my mom got me so for my birthday or Christmas, and I was like, Alright, I’ll try them. They’re they’re amazing. I love them. I’ve been using them for like two years solid, no issues. I really hope they’re not broken. I think you’ll probably be good. I did that

Dave Greenwood 5:59
one time with a walker. Went through the washer and then the dryer and all that happened was it came out really clean. And really, it was I was very surprised. So I think things are a little bit more resilient home. So

Tim Harman 6:09
okay, well, I guess we talked about my running the more drama and then drama happening on the Facebook group too because I posted one of my runs. I was like, Look, guys check it out, because I’ve been touting that I can do a sub seven minute mile. And then we were basically just go back and forth on a text. Me, David, Josh here. And we basically came to the conclusion we gotta go to a track. So I haven’t done that yet.

Josh Matthews 6:36
Facebook didn’t take your post down for posting fake news.

Tim Harman 6:40
Right, right. So but Josh calculated my run, and it came out to a pace of seven minutes. Eight seconds. No, wait, is that right? Yes. And I was on which was quick. That was on two miles. Yeah. So I’m thinking that I for sure could run at least one mile, can see if

Josh Matthews 6:59
he can Definitely

Tim Harman 7:00
I think I could do I think in order to prove it though I feel like I gotta run more than one mile to be able to say so now that’s

Dave Greenwood 7:08
a mile miles a mile The more we talk about I kind of feel like this needs to be a race yeah

Josh Matthews 7:14
I always every time we talked about this the caveat i mean i all every post that ever sir every text ever seen I’m like that’s not as fast as you think is your app says

Unknown Speaker 7:25
it is Josh is

Josh Matthews 7:26
still fast but I always say there’s still fast and then I’ll also say I’m fast just to put that out there but this is gonna turn into some kind of foot race like okay,

Tim Harman 7:35
well I can say for sure that I’m definitely consistently doing under eight minute miles. Yeah, even distances up to I think six miles

Dave Greenwood 7:49
yeah for you know, a quote unquote non runner. Okay for all years,

Tim Harman 7:54
till I let it guys I literally do still do not believe that I’m a runner. I don’t think I’m a runner. I really don’t. I don’t think I’m a runner at

Josh Matthews 8:03
all. Well to be a runner, I don’t know what the definition is, but like three days a week, like minimum, I feel like that’s like a runner’s lifestyle pretty much yeah, maybe you’re a runner.

Tim Harman 8:14
So anyways we may make it into some kind of thing and there was even somebody that left a comment on the Facebook group about making into into some I don’t know where she was like a fundraiser yeah fundraiser, like, watched him do a sub. I don’t know. That seems kind of weird. But once

Dave Greenwood 8:28
he came in army pledges $10,000 then we’ll do it.

Tim Harman 8:32
Yeah, but we seriously might do something like that. So stay tuned.

Josh Matthews 8:36
Well, we’ll have a video and some former Oh,

Tim Harman 8:38
yeah, we’ve got to I mean, maybe I’ll puke. You know, who knows? I don’t know. I’m really interested to see what I can do.

Josh Matthews 8:45
If you would just get a watch. This would all go Yeah, that’s what

Dave Greenwood 8:47
we always say is Tim just get a

Tim Harman 8:50
watch. Okay, listen, my whole my wife actually,

Josh Matthews 8:53
fundraiser that we’re gonna do go

Tim Harman 8:55
Tim’s watch. She I guess she listened to our podcasts on running. We all kind of talked about how much weight we lost and so she said, You should talk about how you lost all the weight and didn’t spend any money. Oh, that’s a good point. All you

Dave Greenwood 9:09
did was use and you weren’t even going to do that right?

Josh Matthews 9:12
Yeah, I mean had my how to not trash my feet. I’d be a joint effort on the How to money podcast. Exactly.

Tim Harman 9:19
Yeah. Is Right. Yes, our good friends run the How to money podcast you should check it out. But she’s completely right because I’m kind of cheap. And I didn’t really spend any money I well. We already had a gym membership that I wasn’t utilizing. But my wife was so I was already in that so we’re already paying for that. So it wasn’t an additional zero. I probably bought like I bought I have one news I have yeah shoes and I have one pair of running shorts. That that’s all I have.

Dave Greenwood 9:49
Do you run in like a cotton shirt like is

Unknown Speaker 9:52
just a shoe man. He is old school.

Tim Harman 9:55
This morning. I ran in a V neck just like

Dave Greenwood 9:59
like an eight year old. Man Yes.

Tim Harman 10:00
Hanes undershirt. You don’t shave? No.

Josh Matthews 10:05
See, I don’t I don’t shave. I’ve never shaved but I

Tim Harman 10:08
haven’t gotten the

Josh Matthews 10:11
half marathon distance. I guess.

Dave Greenwood 10:14
I would be very disappointed if I started bleeding at any point in time.

Tim Harman 10:18
I have a little pouch like a little fanny pack thing that my wife wasn’t using that I used to put my phone in.

Dave Greenwood 10:26
So that’s been a Josh and I we’ve been debating like this Tim, does he like carry his phone with him? Like,

Tim Harman 10:33
I’m glad you answered around in his pocket. No, I’ve got a little fanny pack thing. I tuck it in the back of my shorts, so you don’t ever see Really? Anyways, Okay, enough of all that. Yeah, I feel like we should probably do like another we will do other episodes on like fitness and stuff.

Josh Matthews 10:52
I think we’re the fittest people

Tim Harman 10:54
know. Yeah, but we need to get actual fitness experts and so we’d like to do that. As we sit around this table Oh, definitely not that. Okay. Killing mosquitoes.

Josh Matthews 11:05
Okay, is there a place in the country that doesn’t have to deal with some kind of bug? Like just crazy like annoying bugs and man,

Tim Harman 11:14
I tell you what, when I visited my buddy Josh was about to say what about Southern California? Yes. Yeah, I’m sure there is I’m sure there’s pockets where there’s you know, gnats and that sort of thing. But every Okay, well, I’ve gone I’ve only gone on to his house twice for, I don’t know 10 days at a time or something like that. And man, it’s just like no bug talking

Josh Matthews 11:33
about like in June in the evening. Like that is the it’s the your hadn’t been there then you can enjoy being outside. Because in Georgia, like, you know, eight o’clock ish when the sun’s pretty much down and the heat is turned off a little bit. But then they got the bucks. Yeah, yeah, mosquitoes are

Tim Harman 11:52
like, Hey, this is our our, the now I would say, probably in the desert, like any sort of desert climate. You probably don’t have to So, oh yeah, you got all kinds of other snakes, some like gnats or mosquitoes. I don’t think you have to deal with that there. But I don’t know, guys chime in, let us know. I don’t really know. All we know is Georgia because that’s just where we are born and raised and we’ve got tons and mosquitoes. We eat bugs if we go outside. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And I would really know want to know the definitive answer, but behind why mosquitoes are attracted to different people. Guys, see, I read that. I don’t know if that’s conclusive. It’s

Josh Matthews 12:34
not conclusive. There’s a great YouTube video. I think Mark Rober on YouTube. did a video on it. Nope. It wasn’t Mark Rober. It was very potassium. Anyway, they did. They did that test on the blood typing between like he and his wife. I think it couldn’t prove they went to a school of a like a professor who studied this stuff. And the tests they were running. Yes, like they trended towards this His wife and not toward him or her the other way around. So it is true. They’re in the test. They were running, it was proving that out. But even the guy who studies It was like it’s not definitive, but

Dave Greenwood 13:09
Well, there are some people like my wife, she has a lot of like, mosquitoes are all over her, but I’m out there and I have no problem. That’s

Tim Harman 13:16
the same way I It is my wife, they’re all attracted to her. And also my girls are sweet.

Unknown Speaker 13:23
I know. That’s

Tim Harman 13:23
actually what I felt. Anyways, so that is weird, because, you know, I’m like, I’m fine. And then my wife will be like, can you please spray because I just can’t even go outside. So, okay, so a few years back, this is what kind of got me started. I feel like I got to give it backstory. I started doing my own pest control, just bugs around the house. So I do exterior interior stuff. All this information is that you can man calm slash pest. So you can check all this information of Article And so we’re not going to be quoting a ton of like specifics really because you can just go there and click on the links and you’ll be able to find the products that were mentioning. But part of my Do It Yourself Pest Control journey. I was like, You know what, I’m just gonna go all out and I’m going to do mosquito control as well. Now, in order to do professional grade mosquito control, I really feel like you got to have the backpack blower

Josh Matthews 14:29
I’d agree.

Dave Greenwood 14:30
A motorized back motorized

Tim Harman 14:32
backpack blower. So I had this Stihl, S T I H L, the brand, SR 200. So it’s essentially a backpack blower with a tank on it with a hose that just terminates at the lower part and blasts whatever you got in the tank. So, what I’m using is Bifenthrin is the name of the the chemical, the pesticide that I’m using. You’ll see it by a couple different name brands but the kind of generic Well, I don’t know if it’s generic. I use bifen i t. So you can again, go to and click the link and you’ll be able to find this as well. But that is what the professional mosquito control companies use. And in fact, I had a friend who hired somebody and I said, Hey, would you mind asking the guy when he comes with the backpack blower sprayer thing? Hey, what are you spraying in my yard? Like I want to know the actual chemical and sure enough, it was Bifenthrin. (So where are you spraying? Like when you’re treating when you’re spraying for mosquitoes? What are you hitting around your yard?) Okay, so you want to hit the grass that’s a given. But really, you want to hit the dense vegetation so up underneath the leaves, and then also tree trunks as well. But really in the heat of the day. The mosquitoes are kind of congregating in the underside of the leaves and stuff like That, you know, because they come out early morning or late in the evening when is you know, not direct sun and stuff usually. So, I guess number one thing is the dense vegetation that you have, right and basically just blast everything. Now, there are some caveats. Let’s just go ahead and throw this out here because I know

Josh Matthews 16:21
There are people yelling,

Tim Harman 16:23
yeah, okay, so we want to make sure that we use this caveat. bifenthrin can cause collateral damage on things such as honeybees. So if at any point in time, you’ve got things blooming in your yard, avoid those things all together, okay. So you’re not going to completely eliminate the possibility of of harming a honeybee, but you’re going to significantly reduce it because honey bees obviously are mostly going to things that are blooming. So if you have anything blooming at any point in time, during spring, summer Do not hit those areas, or areas. So it’s kind of one of those trade off things. It’s like

Josh Matthews 17:07
Do we like food? Or do we really hate mosquitos?

Tim Harman 17:11
Yeah. But what you have to what you have to take into consideration is this is a very localized thing. Not everybody is blasting their yard with bifenthrin. So it’s a very localized thing. What are we talking? Most people have no more than a half acre lot, usually. And I don’t know, it’s, it’s like, do you want your kids to get bit by mosquitoes and have, you know, diseases potentially transmitted? I say very much potentially, because those whole things are like way out of proportion, like the whole what was it Zika the, you know, all that, whatever. Don’t worry about that. That’s not a concern. However, when they do get bitten, they start itching them and they get infected. That’s really more so the thing so if you’ve got a kid that is really susceptible to this was kilobytes. And they cannot control them itching it and they just, I mean, I have a friend like that his his son, and he gets infections from these mosquito bites. And so it’s again, it’s one of those things you’ve got to kind of weigh

Josh Matthews 18:14
What do I value more and whatever. So if it’s on your mind, avoid the blooms. That’s step one, or like maybe just that time of year don’t spray your yard.

Tim Harman 18:23
Right now we do have some other methods that David is going to talk about. I think he’s just gonna throw out a couple plants that are more of a repellent for mosquitoes. So uh, you mentioned is just like the let’s go to war with the mosquito. Yeah, that backpack blower that’s the most effective way is to blast I mean, you you want to blast up into the trees, you know, like the this blower can reach like 20 plus feet up into the trees. So your blast and everything now. Now you don’t you don’t have to do that. Like you can get a backpack just regular pump sprayer, and that will be pretty effective. Like you can hit You know, you can hit some of the stuff that you can reach maybe if there’s only one area of your yard that you go out in, like a back patio or something. Yeah, the rest of the yard is not really used. You could, yeah, isolate that. And in fact, I will, I will say this. So I did a photography job for a local pest control company. And they actually changed their stance on mosquito control and stopped using the backpack blowers. Because they just decided they couldn’t, their technicians couldn’t control they couldn’t rely upon their technicians to really limit where they’re blasting that and so I think it was a situation where maybe they’re blasting it over into like neighbor’s yard and they’re like, what do you blast and over here on my yard, so they switch to more of a backpack, pump sprayer, and then are hitting more of like just the yard and the trunks of trees. And so, you know, they’re doing that as a service, and we’re paying people repaying it and so that it’s gotta be pretty effective. And actually, I take that back didn’t use backpack. Pump sprayers actually hooked it up to a hose running from their truck and anyone not that matters. But so how often do you do the backpack spray thing? Okay, so if, if it’s not raining a whole lot, I’m gonna say it can last like three weeks. Okay? But if you’re having heavy rainfall, then you kind of need to do it every two weeks if you want it to be really effective. But I mean, you can go as much as a month really, again, if you’re hitting the underside of the leaves, then Well, hopefully pretty protected. It’s protected. Right? And this stuff is it’s not. It’s not rainfast. Like if you it’s gonna wash off, it’s not it doesn’t have like the What does that term? Whatever term they use, the stuff to stick to stuff is not is not this, right? So about three weeks, I would say all right,

Josh Matthews 20:57
all right. Yeah. Okay, so Dave’s gonna give us

Tim Harman 21:01
Aside from the actual, you know, going on the attack, this is a little more passive way to the natural riddle, right and let me just wrap this up real quick because I forgot to mention that the cost of this. So the backpack blower that I mentioned Stihl SR 200 industry standard, (it’s an investment), it’s an investment, it’s over $400 However, if you’re the type of person that’s going to pay all summer long, you’ve got that thing paid for, you literally have got that thing paid for because I think those treatments can run anywhere what 50 to maybe even $70 depending on the size of your lot. So anyways, maybe you could go in together with a buddy you know more than if use a pump backpack sprayer those are, you know, $100 or less, less so you can pick up one of those for sure. Alright, so Dave is going to talk about some plants that will repel mosquitoes. So if you don’t want to use the chemical route and that sort of thing. And also sorry, we what we really should have started with is more the things passive things to prevent mosquitoes things you want to do first dumping water.

Dave Greenwood 22:07
Yeah, get rid of standing water.

Tim Harman 22:08
Yeah, you would not believe the amount of just standing water that could be in your yard and mosquitoes need a very, very little bit of water. I’m talking like they can breed if there’s a leaf that is turned upside down or whatever and it collects water they can breed in that. And so you really want to make sure that any kind of containers if you got some random old tires, some tarps out tarp, I’ve got another

Josh Matthews 22:36
gutter drain like drains in ground drains. The water can sit in, and I’ve read fill them up with gravel. There you go. So that any water that sits in the bottom

Dave Greenwood 22:47
Yeah, so step one, before we talk about anything we should have said about water don’t that water Okay, Dave, go plants. Alright, so a couple of plant plants, the two big ones number one citronella. Okay, so we all know citronella candles right? Well, there’s a citronella plant. It’s the most common natural ingredient used in formulating formulating mosquito repellents. And it gives off a distinctive smell right? And that smell doesn’t repel. As I understand it doesn’t repel the mosquitoes, it masks other attractants to mosquitoes, right? So it masks other smells, and it’s a pretty pungent smell. So it’s harder for them to find you in the living plant is actually more effective, because it has such a strong smell. So if you can plant I think it’s a I believe it’s a grass. It’s a perennial clump. Actually clumping grass grows up to about five or six feet, but you can plant it in the background of other plant other flowers and things like that, to kind of give off that that scent and repel those mosquitoes. Okay, so that’s something you got to plan. I mean, you can’t just you do need a plan for it. Yeah, I’m not gonna just go out of my yard and plant some citronelle plants like It’s kind of like part of the landscape design it is and they do sell it at local potting stores, peg nurseries, places like that. Okay. All right. Another one is I’ve never heard of this one horse mint, also known as beebalm is another aromatic plant that gives off a very strong instant like odor and confuses the mosquitoes by masking the smell of its usual hosts. Okay, so it

Tim Harman 24:25
seems like the maybe that’s a myth and of our misnomer. Things that are going to repel it’s just really masking it’s masking.

Dave Greenwood 24:33
masking your smell or your wife smells

Josh Matthews 24:36
gotcha. Yep. And aren’t these aren’t a lot of mosquitoes and bees and things like attracted to the actual carbon dioxide See, that’s

Tim Harman 24:46
what I was thinking. We were talking about blood type because I’ve also heard that it’s it’s the amount of carbon dioxide that you’re I

Josh Matthews 24:52
know that’s true for bees, I believe. Like, I think I’ve seen demonstrations of that. A guy in a bee suit, breathing through A tube and he’s dragging the tube like 10 feet behind him, and like the bees would go over to the tube.

Tim Harman 25:07
Okay, yeah, that makes sense.

Josh Matthews 25:08
Yeah. All right. So the one quick thing we mentioned, like getting rid of water, if you can, but sometimes you have water that doesn’t go away, like you maybe have a bird feeder, you have a little pond or people out in the country, if you have a horse you’ve got like horse troughs, and just water that stands that you know, you can’t or you

Tim Harman 25:27
got a neighbor that doesn’t take care of their pool and then they just leave it there and decide not to open it that summer. And it’s just full of water and it sounds like you’re speaking from experience dude, my parents in their neighborhood same house got foreclosed on. Just had an old pool

Dave Greenwood 25:43
back then it’s just sitting there just isn’t doing

Josh Matthews 25:46
Yeah. Wow. So if you have these and or Yeah, if no one’s living there and you can jump the fence to the pool. There are there is a mosquito control that can be put into these bodies of water. That’s Actually a bacterial insecticide and it’s called bti for short, I’m not even going to try to attempt read the words that bti stands for. It’s very sciency and Latin probably. But the this bacterium is highly specific to mosquito and black fly larva. So it eliminates those two things but is not harmful for fish or for any animals that are drinking out of this water. Okay, so it’s safe for your cats and dogs if they you know go have a hit off the

Dave Greenwood 26:34
you know, bird feeder children let my kids go ahead and do they drink standing Wow.

Josh Matthews 26:38
In the yo you’ve got more problems mosquito but um, yeah, I’m guessing it’s harmless for kids, or at least you’re gonna knock them down. One thing that’s interesting is you can put I think, like drops or tablets or it comes in different forms. But one form is like a cake like a little like yeah it and if the Want to they they mentioned this specifically for Horse Trials. I think that’s interesting. My brother lives in Kentucky on a on a farm while his wife’s family has a farm. Anyway, if you’ve got those, you can throw those tablets and you just got to make sure you sync them so that the horses can’t actually get to them. But it’s not safe like you drop it straight into a horse trough. Horses are fine design mosquitoes.

Tim Harman 27:24
Okay, yeah. All right, good. So we heard what the pros do with a backpack blower that I do. And Josh lives across the street from me so I do his yard to Dave, I can come to your day haven’t done my yard. So anyhow, so you got that if you’re really serious about this, and you’re the one that’s gonna pay all summer long for a service, you know, yes, you can do this yourself. Okay. Now you’re supposed to have a license really to spray other people’s yards. So maybe I shouldn’t just broadcast that I actually spray Josh’s yard but it’s kind of like an extension of my yard. I guess.

Dave Greenwood 27:59
You own his house?

Josh Matthews 28:01
Yeah, you know, you wandered over there.

Tim Harman 28:04
Yeah. You know, it’s just, it’s the sprayers just so powerful. Just blast over there, you

Dave Greenwood 28:08
will not be coming over to my house because I’m not going to be in a violation of any laws.

Tim Harman 28:14
Well, also actually, I’ve heard like, you can’t spray it’s my house and I charge for it or something like that. That’s charging. You know, actually, Josh makes a donation to a nonprofit that we support whenever I do it, so that’s nice. Anyway, no money is exchanged. No money is exchanged by doing that. So but you could go in with a buddy and then he could spray his own yard. I guess technically, that’d be part of that blower but everything that the professional company does, you can do yourself.

Josh Matthews 28:42
Yep. And check out that blog. Like I jokingly say, it’s a beautiful blog, but it’s like it’s one of the most popular it’s Oh, you

Tim Harman 28:49
calm. You cast,

Josh Matthews 28:50
man. Calm, super popular. Tons of people use that. So go there. It has all the pest control stuff, not just mosquito stuff and

Tim Harman 29:00
Yeah, save you a ton of money. Maybe I need to add the because I didn’t actually have this stuff about dropping in the standing water. I don’t have that. I should probably add that in the plants. I didn’t actually do the plants. So I could probably add that as well.

Josh Matthews 29:13
Even more robust.

Tim Harman 29:15
Yeah, I guys, well you guys have any other tips or tricks about mosquito control? You guys should check out our Facebook group page and a make a post on it if you had some some success with maybe some other plants that we didn’t mention, or any sort of other products that work really, really well. Hey, let us know on Facebook

Josh Matthews 29:34
group is totally humming along. But yes, kind of everything we dreamed about is like now, all of these guys that have they’re either like current professionals in a certain industry or they’ve done you know, they’ve had a business that did this before. Different types of contractors, landscapers like everyone’s chiming in helping each other out and it’s just an awesome place like people can just drop in and say hey, I’ve got This project I saw we had a someone’s dog had been peeing on the floor in a certain area and like he’s just like, hey, look at my dog, dude, how do I fix this? Like, what’s the best way to fix this? Yeah, I wouldn’t go over it.

Tim Harman 30:12
Yeah, I wouldn’t know. And people had all these suggestions. I was like, Oh, I would never have thought about that. It’s a fantastic resource. Check it out. Alright, guys, well, that’s gonna do it for this week’s show. Thanks so much for tuning in. Hey, take some time. leave us a review on Apple podcasts. It really does help other people find the show. We’ll catch you guys next time.

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