Must-Have Tools for Demolition | #069

Must-Have Tools for Demolition

Last Updated on July 21, 2020 by Tim Harman

Are you ready to break some stuff? Demo can be a lot of fun, but only if you’re well prepared with the right tools for the job!

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Floor protection

You’ve gotta protect those floors!

Ear Protection: 3M Worktunes

Face mask/respirator

We recommend the 3M P100 filters

A 5-Gallon Bucket to haul out debris

A quality shop vac with a washable filter

Push Broom with Dust Pan

Decent ladder/step stool

Portable work light 

For when you have to cut the power.

Non-contact voltage tester

Small and large sledge

Trim removal pry bar set

Reciprocating Saw (aka Sawsall)

next level tools for that super-pro job….


Tim talked about old things that you just came seem to get rid of. Here’s Tim’s 20 year old pair of camo shorts and just as old wallet!


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Josh Matthews 0:00
Welcome to the You can, man.™ podcast episode 69. I’m Josh. I’m Tim. And I’m Dave. And on this week’s episode must have tools for demolition.

Tim Harman 0:19
work Welcome back guys to the You can, man.™ podcast where we believe what one man can do you can do as well with a little help from your friends and the proper know how. And on today’s show, we’re going to give you guys the proper know how all the tools you’re going to need for demolition. Because you know, you think I got this, I’m just gonna swing the hammer and bust this thing up. No, no, there’s lots to think through and you need to be prepared. Don’t go into that demoing that bathroom and not being prepared with the proper tools that you need to do it. It’s another great excuse to buy some more tools. Exactly. Really, it’s just a lot of basic things, but it’s things that you don’t really think about if you’ve never really done demolition, so we’re going to get into that but first guys what has been going on this week?

Dave Greenwood 1:04
Well it’s a shorter period of time between from the last time we recorded some advice have not gone out since the last time we recorded Oh to say that

Josh Matthews 1:13
okay, Bill

Tim Harman 1:14
yeah Dave’s been complaining a ton about his our local power company which Josh and I don’t have a Dave does he lives like three miles away. Yeah, con

Dave Greenwood 1:21
about that Comcast power. I mean, Marietta power, the worst power company in the world. Lights just go out all the time, all the time for no reason. And but the last few days has been good. We’ve had power so it’s nice.

Tim Harman 1:33

Josh Matthews 1:34
So I had a well, this topic demo is in my future, because we just had a guy come to the house to look at our basement bathroom. And we haven’t touched our basement bathroom, we renovated our entire house. I’ve tried to use that bathroom at least 10 times so I don’t go in there. I’m glad you have it because all the water supply was cut off when we moved in cool in there because we’re going to demo it Yeah, so we had a guy come over and we knew he was like a good contractor as far as quality of work. Follow him on Facebook does really nice work tons of good reviews. I think I know some people who’ve used them before, so I knew it was gonna be expensive, comes to the house rolls up in like, I’m gonna guess like a $65,000 Silverado all decked out and jumps out super nice guy super professional super on time. Like gave me an eye. He’s gonna be like two minutes late. He’s like, telling me movie two minutes late, like, wow, okay. rolls in, looks at the bathroom. And he just says, this is actually the number I had in my head. He goes, Yeah, for size bathroom like this, like full gut job. He’s like, we’re gonna start at $8,000 He’s like, that’s, you know, we’ll go up or down from there based on what we talked about. Okay, like 1000 whatever. Of course, like we’re not doing the $1,000 bath here, because we’re gonna have like some cool stuff. My wife’s gonna do that. And then you were like, Oh, wait, there’s this podcast called you can, man. Yeah, they would frown upon this. Uh huh. So yeah, and you know what if it was $7,000 I’d probably just do it because they’re gonna be done in three weeks. Once it started creeping up and up and up, and we actually crossed over the 10,000 threshold. I was like, this is a five by seven back. Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 3:22
I was thinking over 10 so under 10, I think is a win.

Josh Matthews 3:26
Well, if you can cover me that this then I got you, but if I got you, we can do it. So yeah, anyway, you know, in my mind, I went in, I was like, I know it’s gonna be a little expensive. We’re gonna do it. It’s gonna be three weeks it’s worth it right? Because this is gonna take me months if I’m gonna do this myself. And it’s been sitting like this for five years. But man once we crossed over 10,000 I was like, no way.

Dave Greenwood 3:48
So I’m confused. And he said seven and then we started talking about other

Josh Matthews 3:52
things. He said eight for like their base model bathroom and we were like, We want everything. Are you gonna do you’re gonna do yourself and what’s that I am going to do the things I can do by myself. I will I am paying somebody to do tile work like the subs the tub surround. We’re gonna get the tub reglazed Facebook group, someone mentioned the epoxy your glazing or whatever I call it, make it look brand new because it’s a cast iron tub. And it’s in great shape because it was in a basement bathroom that was hardly used during its entire life. And yeah, so I’m going to do the tile on the floor is good. So that just needs to be cleaned up. So sink install, so I’m bringing in a plumber bringing in the towel guy that’s pretty much it like I’m gonna tackle everything else. Nice. See how it goes. So so you’re quitting your job? Yeah, I gotta quit my job for like, four weeks. So what do you what do you think you can do it for you being the general contractor on the job and doing the things that you mentioned? I’m going to go in at like 40 240 $500 is what I’m just as just I haven’t put down Any numbers? Yeah, that’s what I’m feeling.

Tim Harman 5:01
Okay. We’ll keep us posted on that. Because that’s always a an interesting thing to think through. And you said it’s like a five by seven bathroom. We’re talking pretty small by seven and a half, I think. But okay, well, good deal. Well, I’m interested to hear about that. I’ve got something random. I’ve been. I started to do full show transcripts of our podcasts.

Josh Matthews 5:24
heard about it. Okay, so that sounds exciting. Yeah.

Tim Harman 5:28
I’m slowly working through it. I’m using this service called otter AI. And it’s just voice recognition. You upload the file, and then it gives you transcripts. So it recognizes,

Josh Matthews 5:38
so a computer does the first pass but exactly, yeah.

Tim Harman 5:41
And it recognizes voices, right. So now, when I upload a new episode to it, it knows and I’ve already plugged in our names. So it will, it will recognize our voices and know who is who. Now we talk over each other a lot. So there’ll be like a block of text, where Dave will chime in and say something stupid. Josh says question marks right on the transcript. But it’s hilarious that sometimes what it thinks we say, and I can’t listen guys, I can’t go through the whole thing because it would just take an incredible amount of time. It gets a pretty good but if you want to laugh just go through and read some of the transcripts. And if you just get a lot of time on your hands, you just want to there’s some good easter eggs in there. Yeah, I have noticed that consistently. Whenever we say you can man it thanks. We’re saying UK man. Oh, like United Kingdom or something? I don’t know

Dave Greenwood 6:37
not an American soft.

Tim Harman 6:39
So I’ll have to change that. Of course. And and obviously say you can man you’re gonna The only reason

Dave Greenwood 6:45
the only reason we’re gonna have this is because Tim is on staff with the podcast because Josh and I we’re not gonna I can just see us.

Tim Harman 6:51
Yeah, well, I’m doing it. I’m doing it for SEO search engine optimization. When people are searching for random terms that we use or something

Josh Matthews 7:01
where the American chestnut.

Tim Harman 7:03
Exactly. Because all the people that are searching for American chestnut, there’s probably not

Josh Matthews 7:08
a lot of podcasts out there on the American chestnut. I’m just probably

Tim Harman 7:11
not. Anyways, so hopefully that will work. But you know, what would work better guys, is if all of our listeners shared the podcast with a friend, don’t you think? Yeah, you got to do it. I think that that would probably work better.

Josh Matthews 7:24
It’s time for another push. They really want to push a couple months ago. let’s get let’s get it go. Here’s the

Tim Harman 7:31
challenge. Do you guys share this podcast with a friend? And then tell us about it on the Facebook group? Yeah, see if they if your friend liked it, and if they started listening, and they can start with episode one. It wasn’t very good. Give it a go. Give it a go. Yeah. Okay, let’s get into this topic today guys, demolition tools, things you gotta have. If you don’t have these things, then your life’s not gonna be fun. All right. And this came up recently because I’ve helped a couple friends do some demolition. work. And I noticed I was having to bring over a lot of tools, which Hey, that’s no problem, right? Your little help from your friends. I was the friend I was a little help. So I’m bringing over the tools because I have them so that’s no problem. But if you’re going to tackle this job, and if you want to help your friends in the future, then you might want to start assimilating all these tools before

Josh Matthews 8:21
we get going. I just have to say that Tim right here is the best demo guy I’ve seen Tim’s cleanest demo meticulous demo person bordering on annoy you boy have been known to cut wires though you cut wires. That’s fine. But I’ve

Dave Greenwood 8:38
seen Josh cut wires in spectacular fashion. Like sparks flew. Nice. Sorry, wild.

Josh Matthews 8:44
So yeah, Tim. Tim is an expert in this particular subject. And, yes, his workspaces I’m always jealous of because mine just look like I never put a tool back during the duration of a project. I

Tim Harman 8:57
have to clean as I go. I’m telling you, it does. It does something for you meant it’s not bad. I just can’t do it. It’s just you know, there comes a certain time in the day, I just got to clean up a couple times a day and especially the end of the day you don’t clean up at the end of the day. You come back into that workspace The next day, and you’re just like, I don’t want to do this.

Josh Matthews 9:16
Yeah, that’s a good point. I should try. Try,

Tim Harman 9:19
but if it’s nice and clean now listen, I know that that takes extra time, but it does something for me mentally to where I just want to keep Are you talking

Dave Greenwood 9:26
about like tidying up or do you sweep

Tim Harman 9:29
like Oh, no all sweep even though it’s gonna get dirty again, I’ll just sweep because it’s just something about it. I don’t know it does for me mentally. But anyways. Okay, so we’ve got these tools. Now this is not an exhaustive list, but this will I think it might be it was

Josh Matthews 9:43
a lot of stuff a thinks it’s exhausting.

Tim Harman 9:45
It’s okay. We’ve got to kind of separated into sections. So our first section really is Before you begin, we’ll call it a your your your prep tools. So first off, listen, you got a nice floor. You got to protect that floor. Yeah. So you Know you can get the what is it the rosin paper or you can get car old cardboard put down you can get it at least at least a drop cloth and place down on that floor. If you have hardwood floors, listen, you got to protect them in where you’re going to be going if you’re going to be transporting debris from let’s say a bathroom, no doubt

Josh Matthews 10:19
out of the house down the stairs out the front door. You want to protect all of that because you’re gonna be making multiple trips. Yeah,

Tim Harman 10:25
yeah, if you got like an old carpet or something, you could throw down that great toonies that’s gonna kind of collect the dust. No. So think about the floor for sure. Safety things heavy duty gloves. If you’re going to do demo work, get you some nice heavy leather gloves, eye and ear protection. You need that? You know, I’ve done it so many times. Without that I’ve regretted it. I remember I was working at Josh’s house. demoing old hardwood floors, and not once but twice a board just I mean it if I had this on video, it was It would get a lot of views because it just came up and just popped me like right now and I think it was the next day and it just bled and bled and bled and I did the same thing to the same eyebrow the next day I think it was or two days later anyways, protect those eyes protect those ears face mask you may be paying more for face Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 11:19
those are hard to come by right now.

Josh Matthews 11:21
But on a respirator

Tim Harman 11:22
Yeah, I’m going to recommend a respirator and when I say respirator that is it has a one way valve I think would be that just the discernible. discernible. What am I trying to say the distinguishing factor between just a regular old face mask and a respirator? I would suggest the three m at least half face mask now they’ve got these fancy full mask ones. That sounds crazy. Yeah, does sound hot. But you want to look for the P 100 filters. Listen guys, the face masks that I have I can be just spraying straight bleach and I don’t smell it.

Josh Matthews 11:57
That’s surprising. So those are the ones that can’t even filter out odor if you’re working with oh yeah caustic chemicals. There are other filters that just filter out all the particulates. Well yeah, pretty much all you need during most demo.

Tim Harman 12:09
Yeah, now I’ve grown used to the respirator, but if you’re not used to that you put that on, it’s restrictive. You might be like, I can’t do this, but I just kind of get used to it. And it’s what I’ve been using it

Josh Matthews 12:19
for years do it.

Tim Harman 12:20
Yeah. And you can wash them out every day. I mean, so the the filters themselves are replaceable, you just you know, turn them a half turn you take them off and you can replace those and then you can wash out the respirator part so that’s why I really like those. Anything else to add guys to that safety stuff? No, that’s a good that’s a good yeah, that kind of covers your your basics. Okay, so let’s kind of move on to things that you’re going to need to do while you’re working. So clean up and that sort of thing because you know, I like to clean up debris, debris removal that those sorts of things. Get yourself a good trash can with wheels, because that is just going to save your bags You’re gonna be able to move that thing wherever you need it to go. And go ahead now they’re expensive, but you know at Home Depot, Lowe’s, whatever, you’ll see that big box of the contractor trash bags, and then you you look at six mil you look at it and you’re like, I’m not gonna pay that amount of money for trash bags. I’m gonna throw it away. Listen, it’s worth every penny just go ahead and do it because the first time you rip those cheap bags with the tile that you just threw in there, you’re gonna bet you know what I wish I would have bought the the nice bag I did.

Josh Matthews 13:33
I bought those bags. The first time I ever demoed part of the house or bathroom. I bought the bags. They were amazing. And ever since then, I’ve just had a supply in my garage. I always have those bags on hand. Yeah, because there’s there’s other things we’ve covered. We’ve used those bags to transport like a car seat on an airplane. We just wrapped up the car seat or roller. Just wrap it up I think can survive a plane or bodies. I mean yeah.

Tim Harman 13:59
That’s Yeah, absolutely yeah. Okay, you’ve got to have a shop back. Okay and I’ve got something to say about shop backs go ahead and spend the money on a good one that’s a decent size and I think it is well worth the extra money of getting the washable filters Mm hmm. Instead of just the throwaway ones go ahead and upgrade to the nice washable ones you guys use this? Yeah, I don’t use

Josh Matthews 14:24
I don’t use the washable but I wish I did those replaceable filters is where they make their money. Yeah, they’re expensive, man. Oh, yeah, they’ll they’ll break the bank. If you keep going back to them. Yeah, I’ve done the disposable ones. I’ve also done the drop in little bags that you can put inside the shop I have

Tim Harman 14:41
not tried a job. Those have worked out pretty well. I like to do that for drywall to use it filter and the baggage that it kind of controls the drywall dust a little bit or a feeling okay, and then I added this to the list because I think it’s really really handy. Just a plastic tote. Now it could be anything I’m talking about. Like a little Rubbermaid container, I use eco bucket. Yeah, Home Depot buckets, some sort of little smaller footprint container that you can use to put so like if you’re demoing a bathroom, that way one of you can be breaking out the tile, dumping it in a little container when your trash can is not going to fit in the five by seven area. And you want to have all your dust and all your kind of stuff contained. Well use a little five gallon bucket or a plastic tote. And then maybe get a couple of them. And then you can just be filling those up and your guy your helper is taking that out as you’re filling them. So, five gallon bucket or plastic tote, you’re going to need a push broom, so get you a push broom, or just a regular broom and a dustpan, obviously. So those are things you’re definitely going to need now that we realize these are basic things, but it’s kind of things you don’t think about if you haven’t gone through demo because I’ve showed up to friends houses and I’m like, bro Where’s your you know this or that? Yeah, I don’t have one and I’m like, Okay, well, I got mine in my car. So you’re good. Okay, moving on, you’re gonna need a decent ladder or a step stool. Yep, you just kind of you gotta have it. You know, don’t be using the five gallon bucket to stand on. You don’t want to be doing that. I mean, don’t be pulling in a chair. Yeah, you don’t want to be using the chair you got to have a decent safe ladder. You’re probably going to be cutting the power at some point. So you’re going to want to have a battery operated portable light of some kind or will you or you’re gonna need extension cords for that you’re gonna run into a circuit that’s already on or this left on but same with power tools if you don’t have all battery operated tools, right i mean that power somewhere. Yeah, sir. extension cords for all of that as well. I think everybody should own a non contact voltage tester. And so what I mean by that is They usually they look like little pins kind of in, you can hold it to a wire, that’s, you know, it’s got the she’s still on it. And it’ll tell you whether it’s hot or not, it’ll be it’ll have lights, I use a Klein tools which is kind of is that like industry standard that’s like

Josh Matthews 17:17
the electrical standard like the

Tim Harman 17:18
nicer one a mine is dual range so it can do low voltage as well as whatever regular Yeah, spend the money and get you a voltage tester to give you that peace of mind to make sure that those wires are in fact dead and not live before you go to reach for them. Okay, Dave, you want to take this next? Next little section here on?

Josh Matthews 17:41
Yes, so so I’m gonna I’m gonna go off the list and

Dave Greenwood 17:44
no, I’m not going off list. I’m just going to order here because number one I feel like is a demo bar. All right, you gotta have a good Yeah, we are working down there. You know, but that’s like number one in my when I think demo, I think getting out a big crowbar, a crowbar, a demo bar, a big nail, something like that.

Tim Harman 18:00
Right, and just you know, going down when you say demo bar there, there are multiple different kinds. I use a pry bar, that’s probably my most used to what I’m doing demo. I got a hammer in one hand, my pry bar and the next one, my pry bar, I call it the whammy bar. I don’t know where it came from. But somewhere along the lines, I started calling it the whammy bar. What about

Dave Greenwood 18:20
those ones? It’s like a hammer and a pry bar and one you don’t talk about? I think they’re I don’t know who made I don’t have one of those. Talking to those. And I’m like, I want to use that thing.

Josh Matthews 18:29
Yeah, there’s some mean looking demo bars out there. You can buy them that are like 36 inches long. And they’ve got the big claws on one end. And yeah, they get there’s a lot of different sizes all the way from a little small pry bar for like, removing trim.

Tim Harman 18:42
Yeah, that was on our list, too. Yeah. Smaller pry bar set, because, yeah, part of demo is maybe you’re not going to be related. Yeah, you’re gonna be selected. So let’s say that you wanted to salvage that trend that you’re taking off and you’re gonna put it back on later. Well, don’t go at that thing with a big pry bar you need to be chip Gaines and just get in there Yeah, I mean you need a smaller pry bar set that’s made for that so it’s really thin you can get back up behind the trim yes but the money on that and get you a little edge Josh, I think I have one of yours probably. Yeah,

Josh Matthews 19:17
I was looking to Colchester I was

Tim Harman 19:19
like, You know what, I think that’s it.

Josh Matthews 19:22
Okay, let’s go to community garage here doesn’t Yeah, yeah. All right. So we covered hammer all kinds of pry bars. The next thing sledges, yes, all the big again. Gotta have a sledge, there’s no you know, get a bigger hammer is the saying. And the sledge is as big of a hammer as you can get. That’s gonna bust up concrete that’s gonna bust up those mortar beds in those old 60s ranches that we live in. Oh my goodness, the bathrooms. So yeah, sledge hammers for sure. You guys name your

Tim Harman 19:53
your sledges. No,

Josh Matthews 19:55
I’m not that intimate. Okay.

Tim Harman 19:57
My friend Brandon. He’s got this It’s like a small sledge and he calls it Thor. I mean that’s a good name hammer. Yeah, it’s uh you know, so we don’t say hey Pass me the scogan eight pound sledge we just say, Hey, give me so if you

Dave Greenwood 20:13
have several sledge hammers you probably do need to name

Tim Harman 20:17
Yeah, everybody does you know everybody needs couple sledge sledgehammers. Okay utility knife. I mean you can do demo without utility knife, you know, you really can’t. What comes to mind that I’ve used utility and iPhone a lot with demo is cutting the drywall tape between the ceiling and the wall. So if you don’t do that, and you start ripping out the drywall that’s on the wall and let’s say you’re leaving the ceiling drywall. Chances are good you start ripping out the wall drywall and you’re going to rip into the ceiling because it is connected with some sort of drywall tape.

Josh Matthews 20:55
Yeah. When I demoed my the section of drywall for the bill And that is still going on. I was cutting out with a utility knife just like three by three sections so that I could easily transport them and put them into contractor bags so that the garbage man could that you could take yeah instead of having to take everything to the dump just small loads into your normal that’s right trash. Alright salzano is next that’s man all of these are yeah they’re so standard but man they all have a purpose really demoing so solves all these those I mean a ton for removing studs like that. Not a wall you know, just cut those nails.

Tim Harman 21:37
And obviously, some of you guys may know that is reciprocating saws. So it is just a saw that is got a motor moves us all back and forth really fast.

Dave Greenwood 21:48
I would say that second only to the to the sledgehammer in terms of utility and usefulness. I mean, you use that for everything right?

Josh Matthews 21:56
It’ll go right through drywall, and nails and nails and And wire in wires

Unknown Speaker 22:00
in Josh’s case yeah

Josh Matthews 22:03
I remember that yeah yeah you like went through the wires and then immediately let go of said saw and what’s funny anyways not that long ago I did the same thing at the cabin at my in laws cabin cutting too close

Tim Harman 22:22
you guys you guys it sounds like you’re not because I’m not but pretty skilled with a salsa and I’ve gotten a lot better but when you’re first using a salsa I don’t know if it says like muscles you just don’t ever use 100 something but if

Dave Greenwood 22:37
you ever turn it into like a jackhammer?

Tim Harman 22:38
Yes like coming back, it’s difficult it’s a wheel. Yes, yeah. So I was thinking of Tom Silva, one of the main dude on this old house Carpenter guy that man can use a salsa. Yeah, he’s a surgeon with it. Oh, totally. I watched him It doesn’t get that kickback but we Yeah, he was taken out a load bearing wall or something and he wanted to keep the drywall on the other side of the Last night I think he put a piece of tape on the blade so he can tell how far deep into the wall to go and he just does it like it just makes it look super easy. Now me that blade would have been popping out the other side and had completely destroyed the other side of the drywall. That is a learned skill for sure. Okay, you’re gonna need a plier set because you’re probably going to be disconnecting water supply lines, this sort of thing you name it, I mean, you gotta have some pliers of all different kinds plumbing pliers, just regular slip joint pliers, needlenose pliers, I could go on and on. Get you a nice set.

Josh Matthews 23:40
All right drill bits, and screwdrivers. I’m going to lump all these in the the driver combo, the drill, drill and driver combo set all of those together. Those are good removal instruments. So for cabinets, for instance, like before you go take the sledge to a cabinet They actually be easier to look inside and see if that cabinets been screwed together. In some cases, you can just or at least drop like the upper cabinets if you’re in a kitchen, drop those off the wall instead of just hammering them to death. Right? You’re gonna use the screwdrivers, yeah,

Tim Harman 24:14
through those cabinets. A lot of people, you know, you could take those cabinets also to the Habitat for Humanity restore is what they call it, because a lot of people will use just the cabinet boxes and you can replace all of those and so somebody might be able to use those on a Habitat for Humanity build or other

Josh Matthews 24:32
put them in your own garage or storage room. Yep, cabinets can be repurposed.

Tim Harman 24:37
Yeah. So let me take a quick minute talk about buying into a battery operated system. So it’s very common for these systems to come with a drill and impact driver combo with maybe like one battery, but think ahead about the system that you want to buy into. And the tools that are offered on that now. I mean, it’s just gotten crazy with The amount of good quality that’s out there. Now, Milwaukee is putting out some crazy, awesome tools, all that to say, think through the system that you want to buy into. Look ahead, how much are these batteries going to cost me and that sort of thing. But there’s always a deal on getting you into that system. And it’s usually the drill impact driver combo. Yeah, and check our, there’s been already good discussion on our Facebook group for that. But that’s a good place to go for advice on that because there is a huge world of battery operated machinery out there. And I’m sure there’s a lot of good, a lot of good input to be had on the Facebook group. And you can actually search by category very conveniently, and go back and find some of those threads. Yeah, and pay close attention to them grouping tools together because you’re gonna pay a lot more individually because they’ll always run these deals on the combo deal. So definitely check that out. Okay, flats show Now if you’re demoing a bathroom, I think you really need a flat shovel because you’ve got all these tiles that you’re you’ve got loose everywhere and having a flat shovel i think is awesome to have. What about

Josh Matthews 26:12
Yeah, my shovel? I used one when I busted up the stonework off of my front stoop. Yep. Flat shovel was the go to for scooping all that stuff up.

Tim Harman 26:23
Yep, along those lines of floor scraper. So it’s essentially a heavy duty broom handle with a What is it like a six inch

Josh Matthews 26:32
blade steel blade on the end of it. So that’s really valuable if you’re doing I don’t know take it up like via old vinyl floor that’s glued down. A floor scraper is so nice to have. Okay, wrapping this up, we’ve got kind of what we call the next level. If you just you just really want to make this a pro job. Josh, what do you what do you need? So we talked about on the front end all the prep, and some of you most of you were probably listening going like oh My gosh, if you’re demoing in your house, why aren’t you guys talking about this? Well, we’re probably gonna talk about it right now. So the next level of demo is, let’s protect you, yourself and the rest of the house from this demolition project. And how are we going to do that? Well, there’s I’m thinking this is a brand name, but like zip walls. It’s basically some telescoping poles that can push up plastic up to the ceilings, and you can tape it off as well, if you want. It’s basically plastic sheeting around the area you’re working in. So you’re containing all that dust, and you install

Tim Harman 27:35
a zipper.

Josh Matthews 27:37
Yes, and there’s a zipper. You can do kind of a containment situation where sometimes you can have like an air lock, but you have a zipper so you can go in and out easily without letting all the dust out. And with that, again, a next level thing is having a negative error machine with a hep a filter and all that that’d

Tim Harman 27:57
be so nice.

Josh Matthews 27:58
All that means is that machine is Inside your workspace, and it’s constantly pulling in air, and you exhaust it outside of your house, but it pulls in air constantly. And that means that any air in your house is going to flow in to the workspace and vice versa the other way around. So no dust from that workspace is going to be blowing outside. So those aren’t cheap. Those are not cheap systems. But if you have individuals in your house that have severe asthma, I think some of these machines can be rented as well. So check your local rental tool rental places. Yeah, if you have severe respiratory problems in a house, it’s a definite need right now and any any good contractor doing demo work in your house should be using these systems. Yes, for sure. I will say

Tim Harman 28:45
that do not ever underestimate the power of drywall toast because seriously if you do not have that contained in some way and you’re not cleaning up along the way, first of all, if you’re walking through, you’re going to track it everywhere. That you walk in your house, but just through the air, I mean, it could end up on the other side of your house if it’s a big demo job. So definitely make sure that you put up plastic and really, really contain it. It’s a lot of work on the front end, but you’re going to be so glad that you did it when you’re not having to clean up all of this dust everywhere. So I think that’s gonna do it. And that’s gonna get you guys started to tackle your next demo job. If you have questions about demo that you’re about to start, hey, make a post on our Facebook group. And I guarantee you tons of people will chime in and we ourselves will chime in except for Dave. He’s not on there very much. I’m not gonna begin but me and Josh will chime in and help you guys out. So

Josh Matthews 29:45
we’ll also post links to all or most of these products and when I say I mean Tim, and so you guys can just you know, one stop shop, check it out.

Tim Harman 29:54
Anything are missing, just pick it up. It’ll be on our show notes and you can man bat calm

Josh Matthews 29:59
in the show notes. Beautiful. I say it every time but it’s a beautiful website. Check him out.

Tim Harman 30:03
Check it out. Okay, we are going to take a quick break. And when we get back, it’s my week for the segment. We’ll be back.

Josh Matthews 30:16
This episode is sponsored by 1776 United 1776. United is a patriotic and historically inspired lifestyle brand. They make the best patriotic shirts and apparel on the market today. I personally own many of their products and if you want to dawn patriotic gear without looking gaudy, check them out on Instagram, Facebook, and it’s 1776 united, calm.

Dave Greenwood 30:44
Alright, everybody, welcome back. Tim, I think you’re bringing us bringing us the segment this week. Well, yes, it’s,

Tim Harman 30:50
you know, it’s not like an 18 year old man segment, actually, but it can be argued that it is okay. Okay. Now, I think this is Interesting as I’m talking about old things, all right, okay. And particular old things that you just can’t seem to get rid of that work perfectly fine. So I want to talk about what are the oldest things that you have now? We are 3839. Wait, Dave, you’re 3737. Okay.

Josh Matthews 31:20
Josh, we’re about to be 3730 and 30.

Tim Harman 31:23
Yeah, I’m turning 39th into July. So one more year, man. I know. Right. So we’re kind of at that point in life where Yeah, we we’ve had things

Dave Greenwood 31:34
you know, you can say, I have shoes that are older than you. You’re at that point now.

Josh Matthews 31:38
Right? Yeah, with my children.

Tim Harman 31:40
Yeah. And it’s funny because my wife and I all go back and forth on this. She’s like, just get a new one. And it works perfectly fine. And I think this goes along, in my opinion, with the UK man Spirit because it’s still functional and it’s it’s about saving money. being frugal. Not cheap, not cheap, frugal, because you know you invested in these things and they lasted this long I want to cry once right Dave? Amen. right you know except for Harbor Freight I’ll just take this jack stands back well yeah Harbor Freight you may never cry again because that karma might be over for you. Actually we should pause to talk about that. So if you haven’t joined our podcast before, we’ve talked about how Harbor Freight had to recall some jackstands twice what you just saw so the CEO just put out a letter and I forwarded to these guys this was just earlier this week. You can’t make this stuff up because he says that. Okay, well, really sorry guys. But now we actually have to recall the replacement jackstands that we gave you guys for the recall to jackstands so we’re going to recall the recall Jackson is in pretty bad.

Josh Matthews 32:55
So trying to make it right.

Tim Harman 32:57
You know, he

Dave Greenwood 32:58
was it was it was a good one. letter you could tell right it but I had to do it I was

Tim Harman 33:03
thinking how Harbor Freight should just put this to rest is they should carry one. Jackson that’s it and it is the best Jackson like a CMU block yeah it’s like the best Jackson at any Tool Company has to wear it’s like the gold standard if you want good jackstands you go to harbor freight they can sell it for 299 well that’s a do that but just say look we’re not selling anything else that doesn’t hold like eight tons because we’re not playing around anymore right now. Yeah.

Josh Matthews 33:37
Anyways and what’s crazy is they probably I mean, I’m guessing they haven’t killed anybody. They’d like found the defect, you know, in the weld somehow.

Tim Harman 33:45
I don’t know. Have you guys talk to anybody recently that just has never even heard of Harbor Freight because I did.

Josh Matthews 33:53
Not around here. I feel like you

Dave Greenwood 33:55
know, well if you have Harbor Freight jackstands maybe go back over those. Well With your Harbor Freight welder one time, just one pass to make sure that they’re good. Yeah, yeah.

Tim Harman 34:05
All right. Okay. All right. So old things is you just can’t seem to get rid of now. All right, I’m gonna start off with I’ve got these camo shorts that I have had. I think since 2000 Nice. I think I’ve had them since the year 2000 they started off as pants. Okay, they were pants or sitted from like the Army Navy supplies store where and I cut them off. I had a friend of mine at the time. She sewed them you know, like kind of gave him a hammer, you know, a cuff and I have been wearing them ever since. But you know what, I can’t wear them either to be either too big now they’re too big. They just fall off of me but I would have kept wearing those things. They have the drawstrings on the side where you can like take them in a little bit.

Dave Greenwood 34:53
Yeah, get them I like Army Navy. My camo pants that can do that.

Tim Harman 34:57
Okay. I think that they do but I think it’s a Make that actually fallen off something through the years. But these things have holes in them and you you seem to wear through them but I just I wear black underwear so I don’t care. But my wife’s like you can’t you can’t leave the house with those on a might well, I can go too hard. I just did. I just came back from Home Depot and nobody cared. So I sadly had to finally retire this. After 20 years guys put

Unknown Speaker 35:28
yours in the attic. You need to hang on to him.

Tim Harman 35:30
Yeah, I still have them. I just haven’t.

Josh Matthews 35:32
Well get your shadowbox warm. That’s a good idea.

Tim Harman 35:36
Okay, I’ve got another one bog and let one of you guys get All right. I’ll go

Josh Matthews 35:39
I can do better than 2000 because I think I got this in 97 or 98. Well, it’s not like something like you got to get rid of like there’s never been any intention. I’ll probably die with these. My parents got me a like full Craftsman tools like tools. Yeah, it’s Send wrenches yeah and of course like the 10 millimeter sockets bounced like forever ago cuz died two weeks in they don’t stick around.

Tim Harman 36:08
Why don’t they sell sets with like for 10 millimeter silo

Josh Matthews 36:12
so that one’s gone. But uh, anyway yeah, it comes into some carrying case it’s very portable had that thing No, like it’s not going anywhere. It’s Craftsman oh yeah breaks I just get a free one from Lowe’s now.

Dave Greenwood 36:24
Right? Oh Lowe’s is doing the craftsman. Yeah,

Tim Harman 36:27
yeah, I’ve got the same thing. I call it my mobile set. Yeah,

Josh Matthews 36:29
I’ve been eyeballing other sets. But I’m like, I got a perfectly full Craftsman set

Tim Harman 36:35
right here. All right now have you had to return a because I had like a three hour drive. And part of the chrome was kind of coming off because it got nicked or something. I took that I mean, at the time it took about two series. I guess you could still take it back to Sears. And they were like, okay, here you go. Here’s a new one. Anyways, Dave,

Dave Greenwood 36:52
next. I think the oldest thing that I have that I still use is a weight set. So this is a long time ago. I was like 13 years. old thing, right? So I had these I have these weights when I was when I was younger and they remember the ones they were like plastic on the outside. I think they had sand in concrete in the

Tim Harman 37:09
concrete could be concrete. I don’t know. But I

Dave Greenwood 37:11
told my dad I was like I was literally like 13 years old 100 pounds and there’s a maroon one rail thin Now there were gray. And I was like, Dad, I’ve outgrown these weights, okay, I’m too. I’m too small for him. And I need some heavier weights. And so he didn’t make fun of me. He was fine. Like, hey, my kids working out I’m going to support that. So we went to play it again sports, and my dad bought me a 300 pound Olympic weight set what I’ve had since then, and still use it to this day, and it is it’s a little long in the tooth. All the weights are rusted they’re still heavy, though. They’re still heavy. A muscle doesn’t care what kind of weights you got. Right? So they they probably need to be replaced, but it’s not gonna I don’t think it’s gonna have any sticks. It’s just metal. It’s I mean, they’re irons, I paint them and yeah, so I actually I bought the supplies last week to do that. So I’m going to repurpose them. I’m going to knock the rust off and get like some rust converter sprayed on there. Yeah. And then put some enamel

Unknown Speaker 38:07
nice. Oh yeah.

Tim Harman 38:08
Good looking right a heck yeah,

Dave Greenwood 38:10
man, you gotta look good when you’re working out.

Tim Harman 38:12
Okay. My next thing I’ve got a wallet that I bought I’m pretty sure in 2001 Hmm. And you

Dave Greenwood 38:21
know lose that and you have this loss pretty good. Yeah,

Tim Harman 38:24
it was from from the Army Navy store as well. All other it’s like a trucker wallet. I used to rock the chain with it. Yeah, he did. Yes. All the time. And

Josh Matthews 38:35
I Converse all stars.

Tim Harman 38:36
Yes, let’s Yeah, still get so counterculture. All right. And the chain actually, I think I do maybe still do have the chain. Maybe I should pull that back out and just bring it again. Bring it back. But I just can’t get rid of the thing at all. Man. If you did that. I think I’m going to try. I’m going to try to just keep that Wallet for the rest of my life. I’m just gonna, why not?

Dave Greenwood 38:58
Right. I’m impressed ahead and falling apart because that was until I bought a really nice wallet. That was the problem that I had like every two years was my wallet would just start falling like the it had like a liner or something that would always break apart and tear up. But uh yeah, this is all leather. It doesn’t have any I saw you gotta go You have to go all leather, just all the way through and then you’re good to go.

Tim Harman 39:18
Yes, for sure. But anyways, I thought that was an interesting thing. So guys chime in on the Facebook group. And I know we’ve got some we got some older dudes in there. And so I would really be interested to see what it now has to be something that you’re still using

Josh Matthews 39:33
left in your attic.

Tim Harman 39:35
Yeah, not we’re not talking something that you don’t use, and it’s just left in the closet.

Josh Matthews 39:40
Right? So this is an opportunity for you guys to actually try to one up each other on the Facebook group. Yes, you easily discouraged that activity.

Tim Harman 39:47
But talk about how frugal you are that you will not replace this thing. Yes. And how much of a stubborn old man you are. Right? You came in here. Okay guys, thanks so much for joining us on the You can, man.™ podcast. Once again. This week, take some time to leave us a review on Apple podcasts and hey, like we said earlier, please share this podcast with a friend and we will catch you guys

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Must-Have Tools for Demolition | #069