Pears, Weights, and Boats | #070

Last Updated on August 6, 2020 by Tim Harman

We know, we know… Pears, Weights, and Boats… it’s been done 100 times. But wait until you hear OUR take! The guys start with a brief chat about the ALL-NEW FORD BRONCO release, and stay-tuned in the coming weeks for a very special episode fully dedicated to the 2021 Ford Bronco.

Tim gives an update on his pear trees and their massive yields, Dave tells us about refurbishing an old weight set, and Josh contemplates boat ownership.

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Josh Matthews 0:00
Welcome to the You can, man.™ podcast episode 70. I’m Josh. And I’m Dave. And on this week’s episode, pears weights and boats

Tim Harman 0:20
hi guys welcome back to the You can, man.™ podcast where we believe what one man can do you can do as well. With a little help from your friends and the proper know how we got a mash up for this week’s episode. Pears, boats. Gosh, I forgot. What’s the other one? There’s way too boat spares weights and boats. That’s because the weights part was a Dave’s Hi, Mom, I need you to step back or we’re gonna have a problem. So anyways, yeah, it just could be a little bit of a mash up this week. Yeah, some weeks we just decided, you know, we got a lot of just different random to kind of stuff going on thoughts going through our heads. And so we just thought, you know what, we’re going to throw this one out there and of course We’re going to talk about the new Bronco don’t you guys worry

Josh Matthews 1:03
that is top of mind

Tim Harman 1:05
top of mind. But listen, we we want to make this a good show we’re going to do a dedicated new Bronco show. We’re going to have Jon from Nashville Early Bronco on the show, hopefully next week, next week’s show or the week after that

Josh Matthews 1:21
Back by popular demand. He’s probably our most downloaded show. Yes, he is. He was on the first time.

Tim Harman 1:27
Yeah, so we’re really looking forward to having him on and talking all things new Bronco, but guys, I just wanted to kind of gauge what is your initial reaction of the new Bronco? We’re not going to go into detail because we you know, we want to say that for the full show. But what are your initial reaction? I

Dave Greenwood 1:44
tried to buy it. I literally tried to buy it the night it came out not but you can’t buy it. Yeah, the reserve reserve tried to reserve one and thankfully, the Ford website crashed it didn’t crash but you couldn’t basically couldn’t use

Tim Harman 1:59
it. Thankfully, for your bank account?

Dave Greenwood 2:01
Yes. Thankfully for my wallet. So, for like an hour, I was like I’m trying to reserve it and it was. I don’t know if it was a it was a knee jerk reaction but um, I love it. I really do. I think it looks great two door or four door. So I was firmly 100% in the two door camp before it came out. And as I was decided that, you know, when I was like looking at I was like, I want to buy this thing. moved over to the four door I think. Yeah, so the four door needs some stuff done to it, in my opinion to make it look good. But yeah, I think I do four door. Not Not that not the Broncos sport, not the I’m just gonna call it a Ford Escape.

Josh Matthews 2:38
Yeah. Okay, Josh, what about you, Josh, what do you think? Well, so I mean, when we talked earlier, I kind of had low expectations. I think Dave had even lower Yeah, I thought they were gonna completely mess it up the Ford Motor Company, but man, they did their homework. Someone else asked me about it. I told them. They hit a homerun in my book. They mean, the heritage, the number of options just the trim levels or you know, the different right the Badlands the black, it’s hard to make track. Yeah, I had I started spreadsheet eating it to see you know, where are we I find that I found a PDF. If you clicked on the right thing, you can get a PDF of all the models next to each other to kind of see what has what options. I think they did a great job. If I was a single gentleman, I would get a two door to door. But if I want one of these in my if they’re in my future, it’s gonna be a four door. And man, I just think they look awesome. They look great.

Dave Greenwood 3:36
You know, what I loved about the release is they never showed a single one in the videos ever on road. It was off road 100% of the time. And so I really think they took that to heart and they knew how much I mean there are people are rabid about Broncos, right? And so I think they took that to heart and they knew who their core demographic was and they you know, they’re catering to them catering to us. I absolutely loved it.

Josh Matthews 4:02
And I love

Unknown Speaker 4:02
the little Bronco. I really did.

Josh Matthews 4:04
The grocery getter one?

Dave Greenwood 4:06
Yes. Because you got low t man. Your t is droppin’ and you’re like, I want a Ford Escape.

Tim Harman 4:14
Look that Bronco sport. I liked it. I really did. I was like, I was fully anticipating that being the throwaway one and be like what

Dave Greenwood 4:21
I thought that was going to be the like, that’s what I envisioned the bronco was gonna be.

Josh Matthews 4:25
That was some of the leaks. The early leaks were of that model.

Dave Greenwood 4:28
Yeah, one of the first ones that came out.

Josh Matthews 4:30
we’re like, Whoa, yeah, whoops. Yeah, but man compare I mean even the Broncos sport which you know, it ain’t the Bronco, but the Broncos sport is head and shoulders above that new Chevy Blazer.

Tim Harman 4:43
That’s not a truck. That’s not an SUV. It’s just a car. I I’m such a big fan of the Ford Explorer, what it used to be. And so the Broncos sport kind of is reminiscent to me what the Explorer used to be, to be fair haven’t really looked at it a lot when I say I’ve only seen it in the lineup next to the to normal Broncos. And so I’ve kind of just dismissed it. I’ll look into it you don’t know you don’t need to give it a head of our dedicated Bronco show. We’re all going to do our do our research and look into that. We’re hoping that Ford would put on like one of those bills sheet basically like are the

Josh Matthews 5:21
calculators where you can hear the rumors that could be out next week sometime. So

Tim Harman 5:26
that would be great, because then I would love us all to build around and talk about that on air. But anything else going on guys? Besides the topic that we’re about to get into topics we’re about to get into? No, no, nothing else Broncos front

Dave Greenwood 5:41
of mind for

Tim Harman 5:42
me. I mean, the kids today, man, our local school system announced that Oh, yeah, actually just kidding. We were gonna let you decide to send your kids to school, or keep them home for digital learning, but just kidding. Everybody’s gonna do digital learning. So we’ve had a really just mentally heavy day

Josh Matthews 6:02
our house got turned upside down. Yeah. At about 10:30am

Dave Greenwood 6:08
Yeah. Josh and I we both have kids. Our oldest sons are starting kindergarten Oh, Tim’s got a kindergartner. So yeah, starting kindergarten. So it’s, you know, we got to make that decision. And so today Yeah, you know, the news came down is like, shoot, what are we going to do for the next? I mean, minimum three months, right, the first semester, I guess, but we’re actually the whole year.

Josh Matthews 6:26
Yeah. And we want to you know, we’re not gonna go down this rabbit hole. But for these kids, specifically, the kindergarteners just have the strong opinion and so is the American pediatric Association a bunch of doctors that say, you know, we need to get kids back in school, especially the younger ones. Yeah, they’re to be social or cattle. I mean, this is when this is when they like learn how to interact with people. Like Yes, foreman is

Tim Harman 6:52
zero to back this up what I’m about to say? Come on science. So sabot I was wondering the psychology logical potential damage that could be had on children when everyone around them is wearing a mask.

Josh Matthews 7:08
Their meaning something is happening.

Tim Harman 7:10
Yeah. Meaning you can’t fully see facial expressions when these when these children are developing their emotional healthiness, I guess Yes. Obviously,

Josh Matthews 7:24
science into this. It’s a fact that I’m gonna say over 80% it I think it’s actually over 90%

Dave Greenwood 7:32
or is this your PhD? Yeah.

Josh Matthews 7:34
Okay, this is I mean, I went to college for nine years. Have you heard my episode two episodes ago? But no, 8080 plus percent of all communication is nonverbal, like facial expressions, body language, and yeah, when you put masks on

Tim Harman 7:51
there, your eyes Your eyes, tell the story.

Dave Greenwood 7:57
should take the words out of my mouth.

Tim Harman 7:59
Well, we did a test They my wife put on her mask and she’s asking her girls like am I smiling or not? And they pass because they can tell what her eyes so quiet anyways just a thought I

Josh Matthews 8:11
it honestly it’s not ideal yeah there’s

Dave Greenwood 8:14
some repercussions that could that could come down because of that

Tim Harman 8:18
yeah okay let’s get into our three quicker topics today so the first one pairs this I gotta be your topic of course of course so I if you if you’re on our Facebook group which we mentioned every single episode if you’re not on the Facebook group please get on the Facebook group and check it out even if you don’t want to use Facebook for anything else besides just the you can man Facebook group that’d be me. It’s a it’s worth it so you should do it. But I’ve been posting some photos of picking payers in my yard. So when we moved in, I’ve got a 1964 Ranch. And obviously previous owners had planted pear trees. I have no idea how old these Things are but they’ve got to be old. They’re massive. The bigger one is probably. I’m going to say it’s 30 feet tall all the way. Yeah. And the other ones probably maybe just told me 25 feet tall. One of them’s actually off of our property line, but I just kind of counted ours because it’s like an empty lot no one else’s. Anyways, it’s two different pairs, the one that’s been producing it’s I feel like this tree is just going to give up the ghost because it just I I’ve never seen this much fruit on any tree in my entire life. Wow. If that puts in perspective, 2020 was the year for this tree is

Josh Matthews 9:39
not familiar with with fruit trees, but I’d trust

Tim Harman 9:42
neither am I really, but I’m just saying in my experience, what you’re looking for is you know, like, even when you go, let’s say you go apple picking or whatever, there’s, there’s usually, you know, they groom these trees, they prune them, they you know, they’re meant for production. I don’t know that I’ve seen even looking at those trees you know this pear trees? Yes pears. I’m getting to that day. Okay, I’m interested. So for years and I feel like I have talked about this on a previous podcast for years I thought that they were inedible because it would produce fruit and I was like man that’s a pretty big they’re probably good they’re probably right now let me pick one rock and let me Yeah, hard is a rock and horrible they tasted horrible so I was like, yard pairs like I just thought I was just so dumb like it’s a what

Josh Matthews 10:29
it’s a weed pair

Tim Harman 10:30
what an anti you can man spirit that I had because I just completely dismissed it like like an idiot gave up on it. I just gave up didn’t do my research at all. I we have this thing called Google. So I mean, I could have actually looked it up right. And I just didn’t for years. I thought these things are horrible. They’re just not good pairs. Well come to find out. Here’s do not ripen on the tree. Yeah, unless it’s an Asiatic pear. They gotta say

Dave Greenwood 10:59

Tim Harman 11:00
they gotta set now you got to pick these things before they get right because they will get ripe on the tree however they will ripen from the inside out. And so the inside will just be mush or just as basically it’s starting to rot mouse on the tree. So I’ve researched you know, kind of when to pick these things you kind of do like a quarter turn up like horizontally this this makes sense. When you grab the pair and then you

Josh Matthews 11:25
wait like rotate it,

Tim Harman 11:26
you rotate it up, and if it comes off and it breaks the stem easy, it’s ready to rock and roll.

Dave Greenwood 11:31
Sounds like my yearly fist like that.

Tim Harman 11:35
Okay, so anyway, so I’ve been doing that and I today now this is I’ve already picked some prior to today, but Well, I guess was yesterday and today I’ve picked two five gallon bucket, buckets worth of pairs. And I’m I’m almost positive that I could probably fill at least three more does this give you an idea of how many pairs it says seems like a good yield? It is. Okay. So I’ve got a, I hope I hope a lot of people are not completely bored at this because but

Josh Matthews 12:10
there’s a lot of people with pairs that are that have tasted them and they’ve given up well, I had maybe

Dave Greenwood 12:15
when I was a kid, I think it was either a pear tree or crab apple tree, and we used to have like fights with them. Oh, it must have been but they were the same way where you take them off the tree and you bite into it. They were super hard and really sour, right? So maybe it’s the same thing you had to let them you know, you had to take them off, pick them. Let them sit there for a while.

Tim Harman 12:33
Right now I’ve read I read before and this is more of a commercial growing thing where commercial pair farmers will put them into a cold, cold storage cold storage for a little while four to five days, apparently maybe longer. Their main concern there is getting the pair’s a longer distance between picking them and then to the store. So it kind of buys them a little bit more time. However, I’m reading that it Does something to the quality of the taste. And so I’ve been doing some experimentation with putting some in the fridge for four days and then letting them sit out. But the way that you know if the pair’s ready is you just kind of press right up next to the stem, and if it gives a good bit, then it’s probably ready to go ahead and be cut. So I read two different kinds. One, I think is in Anjou. Pear, I think that’s how you pronounce it. And another one is some sort of European variety. But yeah, they’re good. They’re good. They’re totally good. You just let them sit for like, a week and a half before you can

Josh Matthews 13:35
be done that yet on these. Oh, yeah.

Dave Greenwood 13:37
Does it taste like hair?

Tim Harman 13:38
Yeah, of course it is. Yeah, it’s good. It’s totally good. I’ll give you guys some I should have had some for us to try

Dave Greenwood 13:45
to sample but

Tim Harman 13:46
I just finished the last batch. So I’d cut them up and we ate them already. So I don’t have any that are actually right now. So maybe next we’re going through the seasoning process. I’ll let you guys try it. So you do have to Have you sliced pears just like apples, you can put some lemon juice on the middle. It will keep it for brownies. I’ve done that. And they taste great. So I’ve given away almost to five gallon bucket worth today. And because we literally can’t, I can’t eat.

Unknown Speaker 14:20

Tim Harman 14:21
so good. And then the ones that I need to pick are like way up in the trees. That’s Josh I went I came over bargepole Sol because the tree needs to be pruned anyways, it’s probably the wrong time of year to prune it but literally in order for me to get the pears that are that high up, I might have to saw off some of the Yeah. Anyways, check out our Facebook group because I’ve posted pictures of the ridiculous amount of pears that I’ve got on this tree. And I would like to do a future show on fruit trees because I kind of want to get more into that. So do it. Let’s do it. That’s not to not be super excited about cherry trees grow Do

Josh Matthews 15:00
do chairs go down here you know yeah

Tim Harman 15:02
of course I’m sure they do there’s you

Josh Matthews 15:04
know been in the chairs lately I don’t know what like Publix has been into chair yes public saddened by the door and like I grabbed one in the bag last like up

Dave Greenwood 15:13
like this cherries.

Josh Matthews 15:15
And man they were good and shared them with the boys and then I went against like two days ago. Same thing.

Tim Harman 15:22
What I’d really like to do is show on is the you’ve heard the term of food forest. Have you guys heard this? Never Oh, really? Yeah, have you never heard this Never heard of it. So basically the idea is creating your own forest that you can eat pretty much everything in and so you got blueberries you got do all kinds of different fruit trees and it’s stuff that you know, it’s it’s continually growing and you know, there’s different seasons that yield different things and it’s your own food forest. So I would kind of call it a mind the art is kind of like that. I mean, I’ve got now I’ve got blueberries. I’ve got blackberries. I’ve got black walnuts. I’ve got pears you plan these

Dave Greenwood 16:01
are these are the

Tim Harman 16:03
this is this is Valley Brook. Okay?

Unknown Speaker 16:06
Brookfield Valley Burke is the name of our neighborhood.

Tim Harman 16:10
You know, it’s actually funny that it’s called Valley bark, you know, neighborhood names. Just like just makes no sense, right? But ours actually does, because it’s a valley and we got a little Brook running through it. And there you go. Anyways, Okay, moving on. Are you sure that’s a natural progression to the next show? segue of weights. So Dave talked about his. On my last segment, I talked about old things. And I talked about how I had an old pair of shorts that I’ve had for 20 years. And Dave’s thing was a he had a set of weights that he’s had since he was like 1713 1330. Now is this the set of weights we’re talking about? And so

Dave Greenwood 16:49
yeah, these are the weights. This the same set of weights that I’m talking about, and I want to talk about them because I just got to get this off my chest, so to speak, because these things are driving me crazy. Right, because they’re they’re really old, obviously really old. I don’t know how old they are, how old am I?

Josh Matthews 17:05
What are they made of? They’re in the year 25 year range.

Dave Greenwood 17:08
Yeah. 25 ish years old now I bought them used. So they’re older than that on how old they are. But I’ve had them for 25 years or so. And they’ve been used to get my 13 year old body into just peak form. Right. So back in the day, right? Up to

Josh Matthews 17:21

Dave Greenwood 17:22
Yeah, so I was like, I was around 100 pounds and I was you know, topping out the benchpress at like 135. So, you know, I was I was really getting after back then. But they’ve also throughout the years been used, my dad used like the 25 pound plate to hold down his. He used to do these shows these art shows where he would show his he was a painter. He’s an artist and worked in graphic design during his other festivals downtown art festivals downtown, so he would have a tent and he would use the weights to like keep the tent anchor, right and so that one of the plates with a 25 pound plate is just completely rusted. So these weights are made out of iron. I think thing is iron anyway. Yeah for rusty they so they rusted through anyway. So I’m like, I wanted to buy some new weights but they’re so expensive. Also, with the pandemic, everybody’s working out at home and so you can’t buy you can’t buy weights. You can’t buy exercise equipment. It’s all sold out. Yeah, you can’t get any of that stuff. And weights are expensive. I was like, I don’t need to buy weights I have perfectly good weight set. It just looks terrible. So I decided to pay them. I did some research I followed almost none of the research. I was like, I’m just gonna get this done. And because you did you look

Tim Harman 18:29
at the research, I know what you did you look to the researcher, like that’s way too much

Dave Greenwood 18:35
work. I was like, and I got I can’t have my weights at a commission for that long because I’m obviously on a program. So anyway, I set out painting these weights and I did a little bit of clean work cleaning work, not a lot. And anyway, so I got to work spray painting. So the first thing that I did was I got this rust converter. If you guys ever heard of rust converter, oh yeah, I’ve never used it before. But I sprayed it on the on the plates and basically it’s just Like spray paint, but it converts the rust into something that I don’t know what it is but it gets rid of the rust. And it it basically paints the weights black. So painted all the weights black, convert all the rust then got a primer, but the primer on several coats, I’m gonna say four coats on each on each plate then I set to work painting the actual plates, a bunch of different colors, color coded them so that I can like pick them out and get them to go so I can see which ones which really easily and grab them. And as I’ve been doing this, I probably got five coats of paint on each plate. And what really set me back was setting these plates down on some saw horses when I’m playing when I’m painting them, I’ll flip them over and I’ll paint the other side. They’re so flippin heavy, that I’ll pick them up and it rips all the flippin paint off of like the side like I mean literally a week

Unknown Speaker 19:50
it’s driving me somebody listening to this is like real murkier, all I

Dave Greenwood 19:54
know is your is your base coat. Well, the so the my cardinal sin was not used wire brush. Yeah, so cleaning was was was not done properly but really I should have used an oil based paint I’ve been using you should have sandblasted them yeah I see the thing is is the the base coat was good like that stuff is not coming off that rust converter it is it is I mean those plates are blank shadow just clear

Tim Harman 20:19
coated it and called

Dave Greenwood 20:20
it a day so I probably should have well that’s what that’s what I’m gonna do Finally, like the last thing is I’m going to clear coat it but I can’t get to the point where I got to find a way to hang on. Yeah, I can’t You can’t hang 45 pound plates like it’s I mean you could but finally so that’s that’s where that’s where I’m at right now. I got a bunch of plates they just looked Yeah.

Josh Matthews 20:39
If you had serious game you would you would have a sandblaster in your powder coat this.

Dave Greenwood 20:45
Yeah, I would love to do that.

Tim Harman 20:47
Mexico does not have a Facebook group. We want to hear from you guys. If you guys have started a home gym because I know one guy showed us a video of him doing his a PR of a squat and it looked like he was at home.

Josh Matthews 21:00
Yep, so we got a couple lifters I can tell there’s gotta

Unknown Speaker 21:03
be so many people that are doing the home gym thing so we’re just refinishing like rusty stuff. Yep. Mike, let us know.

Josh Matthews 21:10
Yeah, let’s save now

Dave Greenwood 21:12
let me know Please, I’m losing so much sleep over.

Josh Matthews 21:15
All right. segue My turn. Hey, that kind of worked out three topics three guys. My topic is kind of like on boats. I’m not gonna we’re not gonna do any like major education. It’s kind of a question

Tim Harman 21:27
of, should you own a boat?

Josh Matthews 21:29
Well, the last two weeks. Well, let me say this. I grew up. Our family had a boat. My grandmother, my grandparents had a boat that used to be their parents boat. So my mom grew up on this boat. I think I’ve kind of told the story. It’s been handed down 10 years ago, the boat was sold for scrap basically, kind of depressing for the family. My cousin miraculously found it It showed up on Craigslist like this 1963 glass Tron boat. He found the boat on Craigslist. first sale. It was rotting in someone’s like storage yard. And they bought it. My parents helped finance the renovation of it anyway, it’s back up and running. runs like a champ ran all weekend this past weekend. My father in law owns a pontoon boat. So I have access to a couple boats. And you know, in my dreams I’m always like, man, it would be awesome. to own a boat one of our buddies just hates he says he just purchased a boat send us some pictures of it looks crazy. It looks legit. So you know a little jealous of that. So but I’m like when we start to really think through like boat ownership. You’ve always heard owning a boat is just throwing money into a hole in the water. best day of your life in the worst day of your life. Some like why’d you sell it? Yeah, the best days when you buy a boat, or the boat? Yeah, something like that. But whatever. Yeah. So anyway, have you guys ever thought of Boehner boat ownership? Yeah. Is it a good idea? Would it be great? Would it be terrible

Tim Harman 23:00
would like to have just a little boat like a jumbo little john boat with a trolling

Dave Greenwood 23:05
bow that’s not boat ownership because that sits under your deck and you don’t have to do it that’s all I would do that’s not boat ownership as far as if you have to store a boat and you have a boat in your driveway that people get mad about that boat owners right right. And I’ve thought about that because I think that you think the average man can do it but it’s got to be a used pontoon boat. And that’s that’s the best isn’t

Josh Matthews 23:29
what you want to do. Because I mean, my family’s boat is a ski boat like we ski behind it to behind it. The pontoon boat is just for large groups cruising like that’s what I see that’s what

Tim Harman 23:41
I’d be interested in just beautiful Hudson around the lake

Josh Matthews 23:44
Yeah, it’s it’s a fun day. Just a relaxing day the other boat is for like, you know, adventure and anyway yeah, I always I always think it’s I’m just you know, romantic idea of it, but I think those sayings are correct is just amazing. Unless you’ve got just the disposable income to throw at this machine to store and to upkeep it just Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 24:08
you do not need a boat because you have so many people in your life that you can be water and be like, Hey, can I borrow your boat and you know, every weekend and so it’s not an issue. I would love to own a boat. But yeah, it’s the maintenance and it’s the storage that really, I think would really

Josh Matthews 24:23
well be the bummer. One big turnoff to if you don’t have like friends with boats or relatives with boats his boat rental is out. rageous like, are you at least around here? Like if you go to any of the local lakes, I don’t know what the day rates are. But I think it’s like 500 bucks, like for a day on the lake with a pontoon boat like that’s where you start. That just seems outrageous. So if someone’s if someone wants to get into a boat for like 7000 bucks, like maybe that’s worth it if you go like four or five times this summer, like to rent a boat anyway. It’s always something that’s been on my mind. You know, browse the the boat gallery on Facebook marketplace but

Dave Greenwood 25:05
final thing I’ll say about my son My brother in law his dad when my brother in law was growing up his dad always owned a boat I guess he loved boats and so they always they had a boat for a long time. I’ll say that. I don’t know if they always had boats but while he was in college, his dad owned a houseboat and used to just straight up give them the keys and be like have fun son and he and all his buddies would go out on Lake Lanier like debauchery in college on this houseboat like all weekend and just party like crazy. I cannot imagine being a dad and saying here you go, son Take the keys to my house button. Just have fun.

Josh Matthews 25:42
Like that sounds crazy to me. It’s a different imagine different life. Yeah,

Tim Harman 25:45
yeah. Okay, well, you know, we need to shows like this every once in a while just kind of random topics, but I am really looking forward to the dedicated Bronco show we got coming up. Yes. So stay tuned for that, guys. All right. We’re going to Take a quick break and when we get back Dave has a segment for us.

Josh Matthews 26:09
This episode is sponsored by 1776 United 1776 united is a patriotic and historically inspired lifestyle brand they make the best patriotic shirts and apparel on the market today. I personally own many of their products and if you want to dawn patriotic gear without looking Gotti check them out on Instagram, Facebook, and it’s 1776 united, calm

Dave Greenwood 26:36
Hi guys, welcome back. Dave’s got the segment for us this week day what you got. Alright guys, so this week, I just figured with all like we talked about COVID nonstop I can’t, you know you can’t get away from it. So I’m just gonna jump on that train and we’re going to talk about the bubonic plague tonight. Okay,

Tim Harman 26:55
this seems like a Josh talk.

Dave Greenwood 26:57
It does. As I was researching it. I was thinking to myself, Josh should probably do this. Okay, he’s number one. He would probably do a better number two because he enjoys it.

Josh Matthews 27:07
Thanks, Dave.

Dave Greenwood 27:07
Yeah, you’re welcome. So anyway, bubonic plague, aka the Black Death. Oh, that’s a

Josh Matthews 27:13
that’s a savage name.

Dave Greenwood 27:14
Yeah, it’s not it was not it was not good. Okay. So this is pertinent right now number one because we’re dealing with a pandemic and number two because a squirrel in Colorado, According to USA Today has tested positive for the bubonic plague. Whoa, I feel like one of these animals comes up every few years with the plague. Okay, so that is true. That’s pretty much how it spread back in the day. I think it was rats. I think it was rats. Yeah.

Tim Harman 27:42
So which squirrels will just tree rat

Josh Matthews 27:45
they’re basically right. I heard that rumor. Sorry to hijack not good on Joe Rogan. He had some pandemic expert on. He was saying that at first they thought cats might have been transmitting the plague. They do and so they killed all the cats.

Dave Greenwood 27:59
Hey, I heard the same thing. They were like there was nothing to kill the rat. Oh, whoops.

Josh Matthews 28:03
It’s rats. My bad. Yeah.

Dave Greenwood 28:05
Don’t Don’t over don’t no no knee jerk reactions. So let’s talk about the bad news first. Okay. The plague was the cause of the Black Death that swept through Asia, Europe and Africa in the 14th century and killed an estimated 50 million people, possibly up to 200 million people. I’m just guessing. I don’t know if they did not account back then.

Josh Matthews 28:25
But you they don’t know. Yeah, you’re

Dave Greenwood 28:27
right. It was a long time ago and a lot of people died. That was approximately anywhere between 25 and 60% of the European population was killed by the bubonic plague

Josh Matthews 28:38
that statistic again, which one?

Dave Greenwood 28:42
Between it says this according to Wikipedia, between 25% and 60% of the European population, that’s a real problem. Yeah, that’s a

Tim Harman 28:50
we’re gonna call it half we’re gonna call it let’s

Dave Greenwood 28:52
just say half of the European population died from this pandemic or the bubonic plague. It was the deadliest endemic in recorded human history. Like I said, possibly up to 200 million people were killed. So there’s three forms of it of the of this infectious disease. It’s caused by bacteria. I’m not going to say the name of the bacteria because I’ll butcher it. But it’s basically a bacteria that caused the bubonic plague and it was usually transmitted through after an infected fleabite right so so fleas were biting I think the rats and then the rat. Anyway, I want to cats got off.

Josh Matthews 29:25
Yeah, no

Dave Greenwood 29:26
cats had fleas. So can you imagine living back then, and like this thing is just sweeping across countries. And they’re, you know, they don’t they didn’t have modern medicine. They didn’t have antibiotics to fight any of this stuff. You didn’t know what was going on. I can’t even imagine prevention. So this is the good news. The prevention of the bubonic plague is accomplished through public health measures, such as not handling dead animals in areas where the plague is common. So that’s key. Don’t eat the rats. Yeah, that’s a way to not spread it and also vaccines were invented, and were very useful and put in prevention of the plague. It’s still around today, like people still get it. mortality rate. Let’s talk about that. 10% I guess chance of death with treatment without treatment. I don’t know where these where these percentages come from anywhere from 30 to a 90% chance of death if it’s left untreated, and apparently you gotta catch it early.

Josh Matthews 30:22
Why even have that stat 30 is probably well, it’s probably like covid 18 year olds are not going to die from it. And 90 year olds will almost always die from it. Right? So like,

Dave Greenwood 30:32
you gotta break it down at age bracket. Yeah, the symptoms range from nothing to death, right? It’s just kind of crazy. But kind of a second part to the story is, according to a scene in a CNN article, a 15 year old boy has died from the bubonic plague, obviously very sadly, in western Mongolia, according to government officials, so he caught the plague after hunting and eating Marmont, saying you say the Marmot Marmot and he died this past Sunday. So marmots are Large ground squirrels a type of rodent that have historically been linked to plague outbreaks in the region. So people are still dealing with this. I mean people die from it and it’s still going on today steer clear of the rodents. Yeah. All right. So don’t eat rats. Keep maybe some you know, antibiotics close by with the bubonic plague cropping up again.

Tim Harman 31:22
I can’t imagine half of the people you know, just drop into Yeah,

Josh Matthews 31:26
it’s insane. As you know, we’re very blessed with the modern technologies and medicines and antibiotics and all that that we have available, even like hand sanitizer and soap, which you don’t subscribe to, but it is a good thing to have around. When people are dying, okay, so you

Dave Greenwood 31:42
will you will use it during the pandemic, you’ll you’ll hand sanitize.

Josh Matthews 31:46
Yeah, yeah, I keep it more than more than I did before which was zero.

Dave Greenwood 31:51
It’s not a bad thing to to partake in every once in a while these days.

Tim Harman 31:55
Okay. All right, Dave. Thanks for schooling us a little bit on the bubonic plague interesting I didn’t know those numbers actually I knew was a lot but I know that even asked

Josh Matthews 32:04
the positive it’s like 25% that’s pretty devastating. Yeah,

Tim Harman 32:07
it is. Okay guys, that’s gonna do it for this week’s show. Remember to tune in next week or the week following for Nashville Early Bronco. We’re going to do the big Bronco release show. So we’re looking forward to that. Stay tuned, check out our Facebook group and be kind leave us a review on Apple podcasts. We will catch you guys next time.

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