Clogged Pipes | Episode 009

harbor freight powered drain snake

Last Updated on April 7, 2020 by Tim Harman

Do you know how to tackle clogged pipes? On this week’s show we discussed how to keep those pipes flowin’ free. Join us as we talk backed-up toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and the dreaded main sewer line. Don’t let your first thought be calling the plumber. Do it yourself! You can, man.

We also welcomed a guest on the show – our good friend Matt. He recently dealt with a major main sewer line backup and tells us all about it. The above image is the powered snake from Harbor Freight Tools that Tim let Matt borrow.

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If you’re dealing with roots in your main sewer line, you may want to try regime of copper sulfate down your toilet.  Provided, of course, you’ve already cleared the pipe.  It’ll kill roots and hopefully prevent it from happening again.  At the least, it should bide you some time before you have to bite the bullet and have that junk dug up.  $$$


Josh handled our bonus segment with two stories from India about men who were serious about digging. Listen in to hear the incredible stories of Dashrath Manjhi and Bapurao Tajne

Dashrath Manjhi, aka Mountain Man
image: Moral Heroes
Bapurao Tajne
image: Times of India