New Ford Bronco Rumors with Nashville Early Bronco | #029

New Ford Bronco Rumors

Last Updated on June 30, 2020 by Tim Harman

**Image credit for featured image: Ben Summerell-Youde for Car and Driver**

The new Ford Bronco has been anticipated for YEARS and there’s been some clues leaked as to what it may be like.  We welcomed YouTuber, Jon Melton with Nashville Early Bronco on the show with us to get his take on what Ford can’t screw up with this new release.  Jon is well known in the classic Bronco community and he’s been making amazing Bronco content on YouTube for several years now.  If you’re into early Broncos, then you can’t miss his channel.

Here’s Jon’s 1975 Ford Bronco Sport

HERE is the link to the new Ford Bronco article we went through.

Tim wrapped up the show with some Ford trivia. Here’s the link to the full trivia from How Stuff Works.


Josh Matthews 0:00
Welcome to the You can, man.™ podcast episode 29. I’m Josh. I’m Tim. And I’m Dave. And on this week’s episode, new Bronco rumors with Nashville early Bronco

Tim Harman 0:22
Welcome back, guys. Welcome to the You can, man.™ show where we believe what one man can do you can do as well. We have a special guest on the show this week. Jon Melton with Nashville early Bronco on the show to talk about the new Ford Bronco and what Ford cannot screw up about this new Bronco or what they’re gonna screw. So welcome, john. Thank you. Thank you. And john actually drove down from Nashville just for us. I’m kidding. He had a job here. He’s a videographer by trade. And so we had a job in Atlanta because he’s super high in demand. Very and he had a Free night, and he decided to come spend it with us.

Dave Greenwood 1:03
A bunch of Bronco lovers.

Jon Melton 1:05
Yes. And I got to ride around in Tim’s Bronco. And it was Yeah. How pretty amazing. It was good. You know, there’s nothing more special than two guys. There really?


Dave Greenwood 1:23
I haven’t written in the bronco what’s going on with that man

Tim Harman 1:26
ever? No real.

Dave Greenwood 1:29
Talk, dude,

Josh Matthews 1:30
I’m the only one at this table who doesn’t own a bronco? Yeah, that’s true. That’s pretty weird.

Tim Harman 1:35
Yeah, we didn’t tell you about Yes. But yeah, let john drive my Bronco as well. Okay, so it was interesting because he has a 75 with a C4 for automatic transmission. And I was really interested to see what how it compared. So it was I mean, we could seriously talk for like two hours about Bronco stuff (that’s what we’re here for). But anyways, we’re gonna obviously get into John’s YouTube stuff and everything that he’s got going on with Nashville early Bronco. But first guys anything exciting or new or anything happened this week that you guys want to want to talk about. I just came in from Long Island for a big wedding New York.

Jon Melton 2:19
Yay. Yay.

Josh Matthews 2:20
So we had a long weekend on Long Island and so I got the full you were there for wedding right for a wedding. It was like super beautiful. Nice like about the weather is oh my gosh, 68 degrees, like no humidity. I went for a run. I felt like I could just run forever. I said it was flat and beautiful weather. So you got to go fishing. Yeah, I went out on a boat that wasn’t on a lake. It was my first time doing that. Yeah, so we went out in the Long Island Sound. I guess I could see Connecticut from where I was nice and didn’t get seasick when we were on the backside of it. Dorian like the morning we went out we could see like the bands of Dorian like okay over the water have been chucking there was like three or four foot swells which felt big on the boat we were on. But no no sickness. I hung in there caught the biggest fish of the day. So I felt good about it. That was my weekend. Sweet. Yeah. All right, Dave.

Dave Greenwood 3:18
Yeah, I got a I went back to Rei. Okay for loyal listeners. Everybody you know to have you around this table know that I don’t love. I love the store Rei. But I don’t like when I have to go check out because they always are like, they

Tim Harman 3:33
have Rei. Nashville. Yes.

Dave Greenwood 3:35
So they always ask, Are you a co op member? I’m like, No, I’m not. And they’re like, Well, why not? Have you heard about like, Yes, I have $1,000 Yes, I’ve heard about it. And they’re like, Well, do you know about all the perks? I’m like, Yes, I do. They’re like, Well, you know, it’s for life. So you know, do you want to and every time I’m just like, no, so I go and I buy this hat. Right. And on the hat it says Rei Co Op. So I go up. And I’m like, Hello. I would like to purchase this hat from you. Right? Right now and they’re like, okay, they said, Are you an Rei club member? I’m like, No, I’m not I know about the program, but I’m not interested. And they’re like, What do you know? It’s for life. I’m like, Yes. And I was for life. I don’t want to be part of your club. I don’t want to do it, but you were okay. Hold on. So,

Josh Matthews 4:14
the guy

Dave Greenwood 4:14
he was like, Okay, yeah, no problem. And so I’m like, sticking you know, like, get my card out. I’m swiping and Joe. He’s got to just twist the knife he goes, so you’re gonna wear the co op hat? But you’re not gonna join? Oh,

Jon Melton 4:26
no, not good for him.

Dave Greenwood 4:28
Good for listen. the customer’s always right. Leave me alone. Let me give you my money. I want to buy my hat. I want to buy my cup that I’m buying and I don’t want to be pressured into but he was if he was a really good employee, he would have snatched that hat back from you. All right. So listen, Rei you’re on thin ice okay with me.

All right. So just you’ve been you’ve been put on

Tim Harman 4:46
today. That is seriously weird, though that you buy that this is?

Jon Melton 4:50
Yeah. Well,

Dave Greenwood 4:52
for hats for me, I’m not usually big on like, I gotta be comfortable but with a hat. It has to be comfortable for me to wear it and this hat is very comfortable and you kind of can’t read what it said. I can’t oh yeah like Pepsi coke. You know what you can just take that hat back cuz john brought us

Tim Harman 5:10
up. Yeah, so that is sweet.

Dave Greenwood 5:12
I’m gonna go in there and I’m gonna throw it down you

Tim Harman 5:15
can reach your own in Nashville early Bronco calm,

Josh Matthews 5:17
right? Yes.

Tim Harman 5:18
Sweet. Yeah, I don’t have a whole lot to add. So I think we should get into it because I want to I want to have enough time to talk about all this new Bronco stuff. Okay, so first off, we’re going to talk about john and his projects and stuff we always try to ask our guests. We’re since this is the Yukon man show. We’re all about DIY stuff. Where are you on the DIY scale,

Dave Greenwood 5:41
a scale of one to 10 I’m attend Josh. He says he’s a one to a two so don’t feel bad or

Josh Matthews 5:47
whatever Dave is I’m a little above above a 10. And it’s not just automotive this kind of like all encompassing house yard trucks. What? Yeah, just your shot in the dark.

Jon Melton 6:00
Mayor to 10 it’s hard, it’s hard to rate yourself as hard because like, I’m sure you guys would look at me this burly strapping man in front of you. And you would say, Oh, definitely like 11 Yeah, right. And you know, like, he probably chews on wood outside in the forest,

Dave Greenwood 6:18
but we’ll be honest because well, well, no,

Jon Melton 6:21
I feel like I’m like a three. Okay, no, there are so many times that I come home and my wife is like, you didn’t do this. So I had to, you know, fix the toilet and I’m like, Hey, I’m working for us with my hand. Create the bronco Yeah, exactly.

Dave Greenwood 6:39
car I know cars,

Jon Melton 6:40
right. So currently at our house, our bathroom, my wife and I his master bathroom, tub leaks into our kitchen sink downstairs. Nice. We are water the Yeah, it’s a nice water feature. We have mold growing on our sighting

Dave Greenwood 6:58
and you’re just seeing My,

Jon Melton 7:01
the, you know, the faucet that or the kitchen sink like has that little sprayer randomly it’ll just spray you. It’s like not even a gag like I wish I had a video camera to just record it because it’s like all of a sudden like yeah, gaw. So that’s what makes it home right

Tim Harman 7:17
exactly what you you probably could

John Melton 7:19
I could fit all those things.

Tim Harman 7:22
It’s really

Jon Melton 7:25
scanned like then now you know I think about like, Oh, I have a 23 gallon tank to install my Bronco I have a new radiator fan. I you know, like I have all this stuff that it’s like, everything is waiting for me when I get home and so I do nothing.

Dave Greenwood 7:40
Yeah, I hear Yeah,

Tim Harman 7:42
yeah. We’ve had questions from listeners about that. I remember one guy was like, How in the world do you find time to do this? Yeah. And that’s a major, major. Yeah, stuff that we feel it we feel Yeah. So tell us about your passions for Broncos and the YouTube channel. Let you have Nashville early Broncos know how they got started how long you’ve been doing it. All that good stuff.

Jon Melton 8:06
Yeah. So I bought my first Bronco. Gosh, what a year was it? I bought my first Bronco pretty early on and my wife and I his marriage. And it was pretty cool. Like we if you’ve heard of Dave Ramsey, like, we went through the whole Dave Ramsey thing and we got ourselves out of debt. And we are doing a budget every month. And one of the things when you’re doing a budget, it’s like, Hey, we have money left over at the end of the month, like what are we going to do? And like I mean, in premarital counseling. You know, my wife and I are talking about, you know, what are the like, non negotiable non negotiables and I was like, Well, I’m gonna own a bronco. Well, you got to in premarital, and she’s like, I want to travel to Africa. And I’m like, well I’m gonna Bronco

there we haven’t gotten Africa yet. Three bro.

But no, it was like, you know We she knew that and so we go through the Dave Ramsey stuff and we’re budgeting and and we have money leftover and my wife’s like, why don’t you start saving for your Bronco? And I was like what? Yes ma’am, are you seriously? Like that’s the moment you know you married the perfect girl. And so yeah, we started saving and I got like $1,000 saved up and I found this piece of crap on Craigslist that was turquoise. It was a 66 it ran, barely ran, but it didn’t stop like I loading it on the trailer. I ended up buying it loaded on the trailer like I couldn’t stop. So like I had to hit the edge of the trailer. I hope I didn’t go over the edge. And I was just in way over my head. And so ended up long story short, I sold that one. And but we kept saving and so we saved for I don’t know about another two or three years. I guess it was six years ago and I found one One one came up on Craigslist in Nashville. And it was just, it was it was great for what I thought I wanted. And so I went and looked at it. It was in my price range. But it just what did you What did you pay for that Bronco? Well, so that one, the one that I went to go look at was $5,000 it was a 351 Windsor. It was, but it like, it was it was pretty rough. And I thought I wanted a rough Bronco. And I’m looking at it and it’s just like, Man, I’m gonna have the same problems I had with that. 66 like, like, they’re, you know, yes, you can do a lot, you know, by watching YouTube videos, but also at the same time

Dave Greenwood 10:43
you couldn’t know because you weren’t you I wasn’t making YouTube

Jon Melton 10:46
videos, right? Yeah, yeah. So I’m talking to this guy. And and I’m like, you know what, I just don’t think I’m gonna buy this one. And he goes, Well, I’ve got this other one over here. And I turn around and it’s like, it’s the one that I bought and it was just Like the beam of light was coming down, and you know, the angel choir was singing Hallelujah, like it was just perfect. So I paid $7,000 for it. And what year was it? 275 and it’s a 302. So one year sorry, what year did you buy it? I bought it. So six years ago, so 2013 Okay, that’s honestly not a bad No, it really wasn’t. It wasn’t and I drove test drove it and it was pretty sketchy. Like staring was all over the place didn’t have a whole lot of power. Hard to stop. But I was like, Okay, these are things that I can fix the body was in generally good shape. And so I got at home. And all this time I mentioned Dave Ramsey. I was also I was leading the video team over at Dave Ramsey. So I was working there full time. And you know, I kind of got to the place where leading the team, I wasn’t really doing anything creative anymore. And so I was just kind of sitting in meetings all day. And so I thought, Man, what would be a cool way that I could kind of get back back into my video skills. And I was like, I can make YouTube videos with my Bronco. You know, I went online and no one was doing it. There were no Bronco videos like, there’s this awesome resource called classic Broncos calm that has, like, so many forum articles, but it’s like, I would spend four hours just trying to figure out like, how to do something because there was just so many articles and it was so hard to navigate. So

Tim Harman 12:27
I’ve spent so much time on classic rock has Yeah, yeah. And and you know, the same goes for any old classic car some everybody’s got that forum. Yep. And then when you’re a noob you’re trying to figure out something and then you ask the question, and then the dude chimes in

Josh Matthews 12:43
through the search feature. Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 12:46
I’m like the word there’s so many articles. Yeah, we’ve answered

Tim Harman 12:49
that question. I’m like name to

Jon Melton 12:53
find the post the link below.

Yeah, so I was like, you know what I could I could do some YouTube videos and just do simple how to installs and stuff like that. And one of the things that I love about video production is I’m able to take complex subjects and really break it down and make it simple for people like that. That’s always been something that I’ve done. It was something that we did a lot of Dave’s like, and and so that was something that I knew that I could do with the YouTube channel. So I just started making videos, and started going to events because there’s Bronco events all over the country. So I started going to these Bronco events and I was like, well, I’ll just film them well, geez, like you, you know, got an incredible videographer filming your Bronco event with, you know, 50 people and all these Broncos and I can make these things look like they’re freakin epic, you know? And so like, people are watching these videos like, oh, like I was there, it didn’t look like this. And so, you know, I just started building this momentum with my YouTube channel. I ended up you know, just I’ve put out over 100 and something videos and got, you know about 10,000 subscribers, which isn’t a ton but it’s a lot of fun man in this day and age with YouTube that is a ton of subscribers. It really is like I should be really, really proud of Thank you. It just feels

Dave Greenwood 14:20
weird to what time What year did you start your channel? So I started my channel in 2015 it just seems so strange to me because I feel like everybody loves a first gen Bronco. It seems strange to that nobody it was out there doing that right?

Jon Melton 14:31
It’s weird. Yeah. And now what’s cool is like I said, I quit my job at Ramsey and now I’m on my own doing video production. And what’s fun is the bronco companies now are hiring me to come and shoot YouTube videos, you know, so like, there’s another YouTube channel Bronco garage and and it’s James Duff up in Knoxville and they will hire me to film their YouTube videos and like, you know, it’s like work. I mean, do stuff on my Bronco event and it’s

Tim Harman 15:02
just it’s it’s a lot of fun and for our listeners so there’s probably four maybe five like major Bronco airs and James Duff is like the one that’s been around the longest sobriety Sure. And they’re they’re in Tennessee and they do all Bronco parts every every generation of Bronco I think Yeah, the bronco t stuff, but mostly all classic Broncos. So they’re like the one of the top Yeah. Bronco vendors. Yep.

Jon Melton 15:28
Yeah. So it’s, it’s, it’s a lot of fun and I do stuff for them. I do stuff with Tom’s Bronco parts, which they are in my parents hometown, where I was born in Medford, Oregon. And so it’s fun. I get to go. It’s a good excuse to go to their event every year and film their event and go hang out with my parents and my family comes and

Tim Harman 15:52
get some free parts out of the deal. I

Jon Melton 15:54
mean, I get I might get a discount here.

Dave Greenwood 15:58
Have you ever driven the bronco? They’re

Jon Melton 16:01
no but on the down low. Don’t tell anyone. I’m planning a coast to coast Bronco dress from you guys are the first ones hearing this from Rick I like it hasn’t even been on my YouTube channel yet. So from North Carolina to Oregon, and in the bronco going from in April because in April there’s the Broncos super celebration in Townsend, Tennessee, which like 600 Broncos come to have always wanted to go. Never have to come. And then in Moab, Utah in at the end of April there is the bronco Safari, which is a wheel in event. And it’s like epic. I mean, it’s Moab Utah is just beautiful. So the plan is to hit those two events and do coast to coast drive in the middle and now it’s a big caveat because my wife said you can do it if you make money.


I gotta find some sponsors. And, you know, I’m working with some some people to see if see if we can make it happen. So we’ll see. That’s very cool. Yeah.

Tim Harman 17:10

Josh Matthews 17:11
So I got a question I was. You mentioned these other Bronco guys and there’s icon Yeah, who was just oh yeah, just like one of the most premier and like they do some of the most incredible work I’ve ever seen on something I would never be able to afford. But I saw you have to drive one that come about because that seems Yeah,

Jon Melton 17:32
awesome. So there’s a company in Ohio classic Ford Broncos, which they have super generic name but it’s fitting. But yeah, they make high end Broncos themselves. And so, uh huh. And man, their Broncos are beautiful and they do these beautiful restorations and sell them for like $250,000 like super expensive. Well, Brian Ruud, the owner and I have To become friends he has a house in Nashville as well and so they come down a lot and so we hang out and he saw a an icon Bronco on eBay and so he bought it just to see like, what what is it? You know, like, what’s Jonathan Moore doing? Like what you know, what is it like? So it was Bronco number five br five of icon so they’re on like number 60 now so it was pretty pretty early on. So I was up there visiting with Brian and he was like, Hey, I got the icon Bronco don’t take it for a drive.

Tim Harman 18:35
And I’m like, Yeah, I don’t know. I’m busy. Yeah, I got a lot going on.

Jon Melton 18:40
I mean, it was Yeah, it was amazing. Like it was it was incredible. But I will say so you’ve got Brian rude classic Ford Broncos. And then you’ve got Jonathan Ward icon. icon has made a name for itself. You know, it’s like, epic have the epic, but what Brian is doing with the classic four Bronco stuff is it is vintage like it doesn’t the icon feels like a brand new Bronco

Dave Greenwood 19:09
right it’s really the rest of

Jon Melton 19:11
it is a WrestleMania

Josh Matthews 19:12
yeah they do other they do right cruise they did a ton of stuff.

Jon Melton 19:15
Yeah. Brian’s still feel sir.

Josh Matthews 19:20

Jon Melton 19:21
but it drives perfect and it handles perfect and it like you step on it and it is just so fun to drive in. The biggest thing was driving the icon Bronco, no one knew it was a bronco. I was driving around in very public areas. No one was saying Hey, no one was giving me a thumbs up. I drove the bright blue classic Ford Broncos without the top on not an icon and everyone’s giving me a thumbs up and wave in and you know, it’s just like, there’s a Yeah, so it was cool to drive. Back to back. Yeah, but if I had to choose, I would choose the the more classic one because, you know, just everyone recognized. Yeah, as awesome. So yeah,

Tim Harman 20:06
that says a lot that you would pick that over the icon. Yeah.

Josh Matthews 20:09
And the icon I mean, they have, they’re just they’re super sophisticated and they lean toward the ultra modern amenities, which is great. I mean, there’s a market obviously. Yeah, but yeah, the classic thumbs ups are nice to get. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I

Jon Melton 20:25
smoked the tires on third gear. It was pretty

Tim Harman 20:29
nice. And I was gonna add to so people are thinking like, I’m not into old Broncos, you know, whatever. Your video is, honestly, translate to so many other applications. I mean, yeah, you know, you’re changing the cam shaft out of, you know, your 302 engine. There’s I mean, the 302 has been in right now how many cars and so that translates into so many old older engines and wants to like sparkplug

Josh Matthews 20:57
like I should go do mine. works.

Jon Melton 21:01
I mean, it’s there’s something about it like, I guess it’s the teacher in me that I just enjoy, like breaking something that’s complex down and explaining it one of my videos that has actually done the best is like it’s a disc brake proportioning valve video, just talking about the disc brake proportioning valve. I never think I know but like when I was doing my homework on what this thing is, and you know, I knew I was gonna do a video about it. And I actually was like, This is so interesting why this is helpful and how it works. And so, you know, I just did a video on how it works and it’s got like 30,000 views, you know, and it’s like, it just it’s very interesting that Yeah, I enjoy breaking stuff like that down.

Tim Harman 21:45
Yeah, so if you’re not into old Broncos, which you should be, yes, basically the coolest SUV ever. But anyways, it’s still worth checking out John’s videos for sure. So let’s get into talking about what Ford cannot screw up with this new Bronco

Dave Greenwood 22:03
I don’t know that quote like what can they not screw up because in my mind is like what can they screw up there’s so many more what will they I’m so

I’m just so nervous because I’m so hopeful so let’s

Tim Harman 22:13
let’s paint a picture. Yeah, the years 1996 Ford Bronco is being discontinued. Oh, Jake kills it.

Josh Matthews 22:22
Pretty much, pretty much. It was a full size big Bronco. Okay,

Jon Melton 22:29
if you’re not familiar, like the bronco 66 to 77 is the classic.

Tim Harman 22:36
The generation of 78-79

Jon Melton 22:37
the bullnose Bronco is actually called the big Bronco. Yep. And then the full size Bronco is 80 to 90, which they

Dave Greenwood 22:46
actually break down into three generations, which is kind of weird to me. Now.

Tim Harman 22:50
You forgot the bronco to show Yeah, that was my first Okay. All right. So it says it has a special place

Dave Greenwood 22:57
like the Mustang to go Ron,

Tim Harman 23:00
who’s better? You know, I don’t know, man. Why I really love the classy Bronco. So when I had the bronco to, and actually I went on I would go on James stuffs website because I had this dream. I’m gonna drop a VA and this never happened. So I’m like, you know what, I’m gonna get an old Bronco like a real one. But I loved the bronco too. It was great. It got amazing gas mileage.

Dave Greenwood 23:24
Yeah, it was a banger. Of course it was the

Tim Harman 23:28
Oh, okay. 2.9 precursor to the Explorer,

Josh Matthews 23:31
the most iconic SUV. Yeah, so we got these Broncos. It went from small normal sized truck ish to the full size f150 ish. Bronco. So, Ford says and it is on their website. There is at least a page on their website that acknowledges the bronco is coming back and Yep, with this cult following. There’s massive interest in it.

Dave Greenwood 24:00
Well, and they did. What was it a 99? They did a concept for 2004 they did a concept Bronco, which at the time, I was like this coolest thing I’ve ever I’ve ever seen it now look at it. I’m like,

Josh Matthews 24:10
yeah, and what’s funny is like, has the flashes of icon Bronco. Yeah, originally,

Tim Harman 24:15
honestly, the 2004 concept one, I think still kind of holds up from a concept vehicle. Because when you look at a concept vehicle, you’re like, Okay, no, it’s not going to be like this. Yeah, they just put all this like fluff on it, right? So if when I look at the 2004, one of my constantly views, it was a production model.

Dave Greenwood 24:38
That looked pretty sweet because I think they use the first generation as a template, but then they tried to make it look kind of futuristic. And so I don’t know it did. I thought it looked great at the time. So there’s obviously been Ford has been, I think, behind this a little bit, just kind of, you know, a lot in the past. So

Josh Matthews 24:54
there’s two ways it can go. If you look at these retro cars, you know, some have just been total flops some have been pretty good I mean, even when Ford came back out with a Mustang like the retro look Mustang like it was kind of cool for a couple years and then it quickly just blended in with all the rest of them. We’ve got the Dodge Challenger like that’s holding up pretty well and especially with the new like Hellcat coming out and all those are just amazing cars and the demon got like the Chevy Blazer yeah

Dave Greenwood 25:28
see, that’s my fear is Yeah, they’re gonna focus group it to death and there’s it’s gonna be frightening. I don’t think so. Here’s why.

Josh Matthews 25:35
Here’s why I’m holding out for Ford the Ford GT. Yeah, that’s one of the greatest American supercars. Yeah, I mean, since Yeah, the Corvette and that’s me American, interesting, horrible. I came out but before then it was just Ford GT like, and it was not a bad car in any matter. And so that’s why I’m holding out with Ford acknowledging the culture, the American culture behind This Bronco that they will put a good effort into.

Tim Harman 26:04
Yeah. And not only that, but if you didn’t know Ford is moving completely all to SUVs and trucks minus i guess the Mustang and maybe some fleet vehicles or something like that in the US market. Am I do I have that wrong? No, I think that’s correct. Are you sure that’s right? That’s correct where they’re phasing now, which sounds crazy the bands and all the sedans all the the, you know, the cars we think of, as you know, two four door sedans. They’re going away in the US market, and it’s just gonna be SUVs and trucks. Yeah. So

Josh Matthews 26:33
what I’ve got here is a page it’s you know, there’s 1000 websites, half of these are the ones that drive you mad every April Fool’s Day,

Tim Harman 26:42
come out. One eight, the internet is just Bronco rumor. Yeah.

Dave Greenwood 26:48
Well, for you, it’s cert. So I’ve got

Josh Matthews 26:50
one that appears to be somewhat legitimate, and it’s called CJ pony parts. Yep. And

Tim Harman 26:57
that’s Mustang.

Josh Matthews 26:58
Okay. So they’re pulling up. Like these patents that have been unveiled so that’s kind of at the top of the list here, but we’re just gonna go through some if you guys have anything that comes to mind where you’re like this is a must have. Do you have any off off the top of your head? JOHN Francis. Yeah, like Ford has to do this or else they’ve missed the boat. Yeah, I mean,

Jon Melton 27:16
for the off road aspect of it, like I feel like it has to be a solid axle. I don’t think it can be irfs like independent front suspension like it needs to be a solid axle and that just it really separates a like true off road vehicle kind of thing. You can totally do offered stuff with irfs trucks but man having a solid axle. It just That’s really sweet off road component. And with that, like I would say a frame off body where body or body on frame. Yeah. Not a unibody kind of thing. And both of those, you know, they Suck with gas mileage they suck with handling but it just like that says something to the market of like, Hey, we’re serious about this competing with the jeep and being like an amazing vehicle harkening back to the classic hertz.

Dave Greenwood 28:17
And that’s what they’ve said there hasn’t been a lot of official things that they’ve put out there but I can’t remember his name. He was a higher up at Ford and he said something to the effect of you know, you’re going to be able to get far away from the city. Yeah, in this vehicle. So I think that that’s kind of what they have in mind.

Tim Harman 28:33
And there’s been hints that there’s a higher up Ford guys saying that the old classic Bronco fans will not be disappointed. I don’t know what the direct quote is.

Dave Greenwood 28:43
That’s a strong statement. I really

Jon Melton 28:46
don’t know. We’ll see. There’s there’s so many unknowns and what’s funny. I don’t know if you guys notice like there have been like, four exact changes since the news of the bronco came out. I have not noticed it. Yeah, like they Just kind of like rotating through which, and maybe it’s more in like the product area. But the most recent guy he is he was saying the same thing. You know, he was like Yeah, like, you know, we want it to be something that the classic guys really appreciate. Because he said what I liked about it was he said, I forget the guys name, but he said, You know, I want to honor the guys who are putting 10s of thousands of dollars into their classic Broncos to fix them up. And I want those to be the guys who are buying these Broncos.

Josh Matthews 29:33
Oh, wow.

Jon Melton 29:35
Yeah, so it was like that. That’s a strong statement. To to the classic. Well, he might

Dave Greenwood 29:41
have got me hook line and sinker there because I’ll say this if they if they just straight up, recreate the first generation Bronco 100% and it’s new and it has abs and everything. I’ve never bought a new car. I will. I’m seeing it right now. My wife is about to shake her head. I will Buy a brand new 2021 Bronco. Oh yes, I’ll do it. Do it.

Josh Matthews 30:05
Yeah, another must have

Tim Harman 30:07
Yeah, well, I was just gonna say we’re all we’ve got to all be in agreement that Ford has got to go directly after the Wrangler market Yes. If they don’t I agree because Wranglers really the only running

Josh Matthews 30:20
away with I know I hold

Tim Harman 30:22
a monopoly on that Yeah, they really do there’s nothing else like it. I don’t think they are but they

Dave Greenwood 30:28
embrace that culture where this is not necessarily like a commuters have practical it’s not practical, but that’s not the point. Right? And that’s what the new Bronco needs to be.

Josh Matthews 30:38
Yes. And um, I just saw my first Gladiator on the road the other day. Yeah. And I was like, Man, that’s ugly, but who cares? It’s really capable. The guy had like a six foot ladder sticking out of it. Anyway, so my one of mine is this is an easy one like round headlights, like if they have that.

Tim Harman 30:58
The front the front of it. Gotta be gotta be a little squared off. Yeah, I mean, we’ll give you a little bit of contouring. Right? But it’s gotta be pretty squared.

Dave Greenwood 31:07
Well, the one one

of the fish I think it was official that they put out there was, I think it was one of the first things that Ford put out there was they had the truck and it was had that draped over a blanket over it or whatever. And when I saw that, I was like, This is promising. Yeah, you could tell that there. Yeah, that it had that. I mean, it just had that spirit inside of it. Yeah.

Josh Matthews 31:28
So I’m gonna read some some of these points here that have been these rumors that are being released. So there’s patents for retractable pillars that could possibly bridge the gap when doors are removed.

Dave Greenwood 31:42
retractable thing Hell

Josh Matthews 31:44
yeah. So it’s got if you’re on the if you’re listening, you’re not you can’t see this. But if you were to take a door off of a truck, there would obviously be a gap like on a jeep. Well, there’s these drawings of pillars that can be extended across interesting. Okay? Instead have like I guess an insert you would Yeah, like a trail door. Yeah, yeah, so those are some plans for a split level door a window could be removed. And I really sounds like going after that Wrangler that Wrangler Martin been able to take the don’t take the doors off. I mean that’s a rare thing, right? Yeah. What

Jon Melton 32:20
is the key? Yeah, well, they can take any door.

Tim Harman 32:24
The original the classy Bronco that was not like you can just take the door right you have to get you had to get special hinges now. I don’t regret

Dave Greenwood 32:32
what the top team did it come off up to the top come off of all of them. Because I know every surgeon everybody’s

Josh Matthews 32:38
okay. Yeah. So another one here is this says the bronco will absolutely be based on the Ranger. Yeah, I’ve seen that from the star. Yeah, so

Jon Melton 32:48
it’s gonna be a ranger. So the other rumor that I’ve heard, which I think is hilarious is that they are going to make a truck version of the bronco. Well, have you seen that which I’ve seen this short bed. Bed lightning that’s like lightning. I mean, it’s like hey, we’re gonna base the bronco off the Ranger truck and then we’re gonna make a bronco

Tim Harman 33:12
was that way was that what you’re talking about earlier Josh the new Jeep the Jeep Jana glider Gladiator Yeah, I think I do not like that thing.

Josh Matthews 33:20
Yeah, so there’s a there’s a rendering here of

Dave Greenwood 33:23
this a rendering

is it well, it was a test meals Yeah. And they said but it was sporting an f1 50 body but that’s the Raptor but it’s a shortened Raptor.

Josh Matthews 33:33
Yeah, so besides the simple front and rear bumpers, the shortened bed is the true indication that this is indeed not an F 150 but a test meal. Now

Tim Harman 33:43
So Josh is holding up his iPad. We got to remember that we know there are there are other

Dave Greenwood 33:49
there are other test meals out there that have like you know the What’s it called? Like the camouflage all over it? Yeah. And they do they It looks like a plastic tub. where it looks like 100 Yeah, that thing that that freaks me

Tim Harman 34:03
out, man, we’ll post the the link to this article. I mean, there’s 100 articles on that same picture on it.

Josh Matthews 34:09
But this same mural that we’re looking at here. Someone photograph the underside and he did have a solid rear axle, right. So that’s,

Jon Melton 34:19
that’s what is so intriguing to me about because the body isn’t super intriguing. And I think they’re trying to throw people off body. I hope they are. But what was intriguing was how much skirting they put around the other side by side on

Dave Greenwood 34:37
what’s really going on, which

Jon Melton 34:39
That to me is like, Yes,

Dave Greenwood 34:41
I agree with you that they’re trying to throw people off. But then I go back to the new Corvette and when you would see that thing when it was wrapped, I was like I can, you can kind of see where they came out with underneath there. So

Tim Harman 34:51
right I don’t know.

Josh Matthews 34:52
So, you know, there’s a ton to speculate on. But people were saying it’s gonna, again, that regular market, it’s probably gonna be priced in the 30 to 30 to $35,000 range on price on price. I think it’s gonna be it’s gonna be nerdy this like night it’s gonna have Yeah, it’s gonna, like

Jon Melton 35:12
Yeah, because I mean, you’re gonna get the you know, look at so what they’ve what Ford is talked about is like, we want to make the F series its own product and do a bunch of product lines under that. And then the Mustang its own product and do product lines like they want to do product lines, so it’s gonna be the bronco and then under the Broncos stupid name Bronco scout.

Tim Harman 35:35
Yeah, because apparently guessing bought that. bought that. Yeah,

Jon Melton 35:39
yeah. It’s like, hey, let’s make a Ferrari. That’s called a Lamborghini

Tim Harman 35:45
dumbest name.

Jon Melton 35:46
But then they want to do the bronco truck, which I mean, it just gives me hope that there will be a bronco Raptor. Oh.

Tim Harman 35:54
All right. What are we thinking about engines here cuz I’m, I’m thinking they’re gonna throw an Ico boom. That’s

Dave Greenwood 36:00
the they are and that’s that’s something that’s worrying me. All right. I know that that’s kind of the future but they’re talking about EcoBoost and hybrid and I have nothing against those been in a bronco. I’ve got right against that. I don’t need that. I would love a VA s but I

Jon Melton 36:13
would love the Coyote. Like I think that’s a beautiful motor, but

Tim Harman 36:17
the horsepower that the EcoBoost SAR creating is insane. That’s in for what it is. That’s insane.

Josh Matthews 36:22
Yeah, and they’re so engine option like 2.3 turbocharged four cylinder EcoBoost. Same engine that’s in the current Ranger. They’ve also talking about a hybrid option. So it’s gonna, I think you’re right, I think eventually we’re gonna get to see a raptor Bronco, full out and then the EcoBoost or some hybrid option.

Tim Harman 36:46
It’ll be interesting to see also so there’s an John mentioned this earlier with a classic Ford Bronco. So it’s a vendor that is creating essentially new Yeah, this is what that’s what you want Dave, you just you’re not gonna want to spend that kind of money but that’s what they do they just basically are remaking old ones but one of them I don’t think it was them is Max slider Was that it? Yeah and they’re getting into modding the Ford Rangers so I can obviously they’re going to get into modding the new Ford

Jon Melton 37:16
Broncos jumped on that.

Tim Harman 37:18
That’s gonna be a completely new just like icon does. Yeah, there’s all these companies that are going to be modding the new

Josh Matthews 37:27
Bronco Yeah, big picture if they do it right. They’re keeping all of these things in mind and us sitting around this table can’t feel like we’re we’re overthinking we’re out thinking all the Ford executives But hey, sometimes it feels like that when they release cars. I think

Dave Greenwood 37:42
they should the way that they if I were the head of design or whoever makes these decisions, I would have hand picked people that own Broncos for the team to work on this. All right, because those are the people that got this neat. Who needs to be making these decisions. That’s ultimately who’s gonna buy it. That is how like the Raptor came About

Jon Melton 38:00
Really? Yeah, it was people who like wield a, you know, like, actually did this stuff and they were like, No, we have to have Fox shocks. Yeah, this truck and the executives were like, can you do you know how much that costs? You know, it was like there’s this huge debate and back and forth but the designers finally one because it was like No, this is what made what like this is what people want. Yeah. And and so yeah there’s part of me that’s hopeful that they’ll get it and then there’s part of me that’s like,

Tim Harman 38:33
will they now john Be honest with us? Did Ford call you?

Jon Melton 38:37
I know I’m kind of hurt. I know thank you. These guys obviously don’t want you to because I the bronco guy Me too. Yeah. Now they’ve been to a bunch of events though and I have talked to a couple of them at once. I know like being in around all the Ford guys because all the vendors are obviously trying to figure stuff out. for, you know, what are they going to sell in the future? Yeah, and so a couple of vendors have already agreed like hey, when it comes out you know we’ll buy one and or we’ll buy two and have one to you know, kind of test stuff on and build stuff on and build stuff around and so they’re all counting on that and so everything that I’ve heard from them is very hopeful. So that gives me hope and I have heard through the grapevine that it is truly solid axle.

Dave Greenwood 39:30
Oh, nice. So is it gonna be one of these vehicles kind of like the new Supra or when it comes out? And there’s everybody is going to be modifying them and like, you know, I think so.

Josh Matthews 39:41
Yeah. And but the Super Man, that was a fail

Dave Greenwood 39:45
Yes, it was, was it?

I think, I think

Josh Matthews 39:48
it was I don’t even look it up. It’s ugly. It looks like a

Dave Greenwood 39:51
sign. I

Tim Harman 39:52
swear it does look like a sign if we air this episode, or like if the bronco drops like the day before we did this way. Yes.

Josh Matthews 39:59
I was just gonna bring that up. all summer I’ve been hearing 2019. Right, that’s what I heard. They’re calling it a 2020 release. But it won’t be hitting doing lots until late 2020. And it’ll count as a 2021 release. So

Dave Greenwood 40:14
when are they gonna? They’re saying, when’s the release coming? Do we know that wait 20 late 2020

Josh Matthews 40:19

Jon Melton 40:20
but like, here’s the thing, if you look at the so I’ve, I’ve looked at that most, most of the time, it takes three years from when they release the rendering of what it’s going to look like for it to hit the market. Well, that’s time for me to save. So unless they’re saying, Hey, we’re hiding the release, you know, or like the design from everyone, if they don’t release it at SEMA this year, which Sema is like the biggest car show in the country in Vegas. If they don’t if there’s nothing about it. I don’t think it’ll come out in 2020.

Josh Matthews 40:54
Yeah, I mean, that’s interesting. I follow the Corvette pretty closely and they act I didn’t see much until you know, like they they ran they drove a meal through like times where there was really camouflage. And at that point, I still don’t think I’d seen a final rendering. And it was only a few months later they actually released it so that’s true. I don’t know it’s pretty far along I don’t

Tim Harman 41:18
I don’t need to know I don’t need the truck yet, but I need to know what it’s going to look like. That’s what I need. Yeah, you need to know what it’s gonna cost. Yeah,

Josh Matthews 41:26
yeah, stay tuned. The UK man podcast will be I bet

Tim Harman 41:31
the model that you’re gonna want is gonna be 45

Dave Greenwood 41:34
that’s how it always is. And like if it if it’s what I have in my mind that I’m gonna have to find a way to make it happen. Yeah.

Tim Harman 41:40
Well, I enjoyed this guy’s talking about the new Bronco for sure. So john, we will have you back all right, deal right did your you know get a job anytime you can stop in If not, we’ll call you deal

Dave Greenwood 41:51
with like, when it comes down. We gotta we gotta talk

Tim Harman 41:53
about it actually comes out for sure. All right. We’re gonna take a quick break. I think it’s my week. Wait for the thread. So you guys get ready. We’ll be back after the break.

Josh Matthews 42:09
This episode is sponsored by 1776 United 1776. United is a patriotic and historically inspired lifestyle brand. They make the best patriotic shirts and apparel on the market today. I personally own many of their products and if you want to dawn patriotic gear without looking gaudy, check them out on Instagram, Facebook, and it’s 1776 Alright guys, welcome back. We’ve got Tim bringing up the segment this week what you got Tim?

Tim Harman 42:41
All right, you know, you guys thought I was just gonna continue with my 18 year old plan. We talked gardening. That’s that’s gonna be next time right? All right, but this week, you know, most of most of the time our bonus segments have nothing to do with the topic but I was like I’ve got a I’ve got to talk about something like that. So Got to this week, guys. You can man Ford trivia Oh, okay. All right. All right trivia. Tim’s trivia is always really difficult. Very historical. Yeah. Okay, this kind of is to do it.

Dave Greenwood 43:15
So is john in on this too?

Tim Harman 43:17
Nice. Oh, yes. Okay. Now if you guys want to if you want to if you don’t want to keep score anyway,

Dave Greenwood 43:23
obviously we’re keeping score number one number two any ground rules? What are we doing name is your buzzer

Tim Harman 43:28
No, all of these are multiple choice. And you have to wait until I ask the entire question and and all the answers before your calling. You call it out. Okay, because I get super annoying. Yeah. So to let our listeners get have have them have a chance. Yeah, right. Okay, but so your name is your buzzer john. So if you know you just say john

Josh Matthews 43:52
madden like Josh. So. Yeah. Okay, how to get rid of this Pete?

Tim Harman 43:58
All right. What year

Josh Matthews 44:00
What? What Adam Carolla does a trivia topic he’ll pee because Okay,

Tim Harman 44:07
Okay, here we go. You can man for trivia question one. What year was the ford motor company founded? 1906 1910 or 1903.

Dave go to 1903 they named named

Henry Ford built his first automobile in 1896. Wow. At an 18 I was thinking 18 and 1903. He launched the Ford Motor Company. Okay, question two and what city did Ford open its first overseas branch. Berlin, Paris, or London. JOHN?

Jon Melton 44:46
London. No.

Josh Matthews 44:50
Josh? Yes, yes. Yes.

John Melton 44:53
He interesting.

Tim Harman 44:54
I would think London to I was. That was my thought.

Josh Matthews 44:57
Yeah, we were.

Jon Melton 44:58
I knew it was in Berlin. Because that would have been very Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 45:01
it’s not gonna go well.

Tim Harman 45:05
Yeah 1908 the company opened a branch terrace

Dave Greenwood 45:08
elite. And that was the first overseas free

Tim Harman 45:12
worldwide. I mean for flower interesting. Okay, that’s what really gave it a foothold in the European market. Question three, how many? I’ve got 30 of these questions. I’m like, wow, I’m gonna fly through them. How many investors? Yeah, I might, I might take out some of how many investors pitched in? Sorry, how many investor investors pitched in when the company was first founded? So how many total investors that they have to 12 or 29 Dave got to know.

Go, john. What? Oh,

Jon Melton 45:47
oh, what just

Tim Harman 45:48
happened? Okay, whatever. Josh got it. 12 to 12 investors joint venture thousand chairs were divided up between them with Ford and Alexander Malcolm’s what were their names. I don’t Leave me a question for how much cash did Henry Ford gather from his first round of investors? 9000 28,000 or 59,000. Josh go 9000 and Dave go 9000

Josh Matthews 46:18
whatever be

Tim Harman 46:20
28,007 they spent most

Dave Greenwood 46:23
20,000 to do what to build a car

Tim Harman 46:25
to finally start doing his first vehicle. Okay, true or false, true or false Ford Motor Company was the first automobile company that Henry Ford launched over false gave false. Do you know what it was? For a bonus point? I don’t remember. I’ve heard it before. Oh, yes. It was false. It was called a Detroit automobile company. And he left there over disagreements with investors. Mm hmm. What was the sticker price of the model k? I never even heard of the model. Okay, we’re at a 20 $800 or 30 $200 or 40 $500 john, go 28 Yes. 20 $800 it says it is pricier than some of the other competing models but it was also forwards for six cylinder model. Oh, okay, go. What was the first card of feature the Ford logo on an oval badge? Model B Model T or Model A?

Josh Matthews 47:17
Josh Model A

Tim Harman 47:18
Yes. 1927 Model A was the first to display Ford’s trademark oval badge. All right, true or false? Ford Motor Company was profitable soon after it was founded. True or false?

Jon Melton 47:31
JOHN? False.

Tim Harman 47:34
It’s true. Ah, because the companies the concept work, I mean, it just took off. So Henry Ford was started making they started raking in those profits like right away. All right, what year did Ford introduced the moving assembly line in order to speed up production 1908 1910 or 1913?

Josh Matthews 47:55
Josh 1913

Tim Harman 47:57
Yes. The moving assembly line, Dave. In 1913, the time needed to build the Model T’s chassis dropped from nearly 13 hours to less than two hours assets impressive

Dave Greenwood 48:09
but I’m gonna go ahead and I got that one right because I thought of it before Josh said it and I got it right in my head soldier words. Yeah,

Tim Harman 48:17
yeah, but as you guys know the moving assembly line transformed all of

Dave Greenwood 48:21
me like we learned you learn that like early on in school.

Tim Harman 48:24
Elementary. Okay, next question in 1914. Why did four drastically increase worker pay in its factories? turnover was too high. Or there was rampid rampid safety issues or workers threatened to strike

what was one reason thread a strike and Dave safety issues and oh,

John Melton 48:51
getting hit by D.

Tim Harman 48:54
Okay, so what was that our turnover was too high. When I guess when they first started. So employees will quit

Josh Matthews 49:01
if they’re not paid enough, john.

Dave Greenwood 49:04
Yeah, what capitalism does not work interesting.

Tim Harman 49:07
Yeah. Apparently the the work was boring. It was difficult.

Josh Matthews 49:11
And what was the minimum wage at this time? I have no.

Tim Harman 49:15
Yeah, right. Oh, I see. I see what you did there.

Dave Greenwood 49:18
See what you did. Josh, settle down. Okay.

Tim Harman 49:20
But once I increase the pay, and it’s shorter hours, people were like, Yeah, sounds

Dave Greenwood 49:24
like a pretty good deal. Yeah.

Tim Harman 49:26
Weird. It’s weird how capitalism works like that. What was the first year Ford manufactured more than 1 million cars? 1920 1941 or 1955? Josh 55. And this was in a year.

Dave Greenwood 49:41
More like the

Tim Harman 49:44
first year that they manufactured more than 1 million cars way off. JOHN 40. No. All right, Dave, you got Nigeria? Yes, I can do it. Yeah, less than a decade after starting assembly line production the company shot from 70,000 to A million cars manufactured in a single year. Damn crazy.

Josh Matthews 50:04
He was probably rich.

Jon Melton 50:05
You’re saying there’s 100 years ago?

Tim Harman 50:07
Yeah. That’s crazy. That’s incredible. All right. What was the model? Ford Model T. T. Tt. What was the model Ford TT? Was it an eight cylinder car? a tractor or pickup truck? Dave.

Dave Greenwood 50:21

Tim Harman 50:22
and Josh pickup truck. Yes, it was a pickup truck. It was introduced in 1917. It was the company’s first pickup. Alright, wow, that was a long day. Let’s see. What which Ford car model was introduced for the first time in 1964. I’m not even going to give you options. Guys. If you guys don’t get this, okay. Come on. Mustang.

Josh Matthews 50:46
Yes, yes. Okay. Okay. We don’t have to go over that one. All right, six, two and a half. But yeah,

Tim Harman 50:51
yeah. How did Ford treat veterans returning from World War One.

Jon Melton 50:58
a horrible

Tim Harman 51:00
A it hired disabled veterans to refuse to hire war veterans or three it paid veterans a cash reward to seek employment elsewhere.

Josh Matthews 51:11
Wow. That’s not it. This is World War One World War One.

Dave Greenwood 51:17

Josh Matthews 51:18
stay employed disable Yeah, yes they did. They really

Tim Harman 51:21
did the right thing. Yeah, they’d not only hired disabled veterans but they also made sure they work environments were accommodating to their special needs. Wow. All right for Ford. I’m going to skip a few of these. Let’s start get some more. Yes. Good. Clap, the slow clap. All right. In Europe, which model replaced the Ford Escort? So kind of like a newer home here? The Pinto, the focus or the Fiesta? J. Now this is in Europe. This is in your own book.

Dave Greenwood 51:50
JOHN got it first. See the focus now the

Jon Melton 51:52
stiff. What was the what was b?

Josh Matthews 51:56
b was focused. Yeah, Dave. No, the Fiesta

Tim Harman 52:00
is a fiscal year 1998. Okay, yeah. 1998 Oh, ye that the focus replaced the escort model which had worn out it’s I think

Dave Greenwood 52:09
it’s because they were so ugly Ford that it just stuck with me.

Tim Harman 52:15
Yeah. What did the company introduced in 1932? The Model A, the Flathead VA engine, or the mercury brand 1932. guys ready to just guess go? Yes, that’s right. Flathead VA engine. It was reliable and powerful making one of the most popular engines for decades to come. I mean, that was Yeah, they produce it forever. We on? Well, I skipped ahead. So we got, I don’t know, five, six, more or less. How, how much money did the company lose in 2006? About 45 billion, about 13 billion, or about 4 billion

Josh Matthews 52:54
in 30. Sorry, what year

Tim Harman 52:56

  1. So this is kind of newer.

Josh Matthews 53:00
The middle one, okay. Yes about 13

Tim Harman 53:05
it says as to stem the bleeding Ford sold Land Rover and Jaguar and focus on the bailout.

Dave Greenwood 53:12
They didn’t sell. They’re not I heard this recently. I hope I’m going to get this right. There are two company two car companies, only two that have never gone bankrupt. Really Ford and Tesla.

Tim Harman 53:24
interest. Well, Tesla’s times coming, but

Dave Greenwood 53:26
yeah, well, I think if it hadn’t come,

Tim Harman 53:29
well, whatever We’ll see. I mean, talk about government intervention there though. Yeah, yep. Anyways, okay. Which Ford family member? All right. So, Ford family member commissioned most of the important works of art in the city of Detroit, Henry Ford, Edsel Ford, or Henry Ford. The second Edsel Ford.

Jon Melton 53:49
That’s right. You didn’t say your name. So that doesn’t count Josh.

Tim Harman 53:51
Yeah, so for commission the Detroit industry murals I have not seen these. Have you guys seen any pictures of this apparently. It’s a national landmark hmm All right, here we go getting down to the wire here 2015 f150 truck was overhauled to feature more of which material you guys have got to get this what year sorry only 1520 pay attention was it more steel more aluminum or more Kevlar? Hmm see Kevin really all right Dave it’s aluminum

Josh Matthews 54:23

Tim Harman 54:24
yeah cuz the aluminum frame and chassis or something yeah we’re like body guys I think are hating or something because you know the durability are so right about it. I don’t know and it’s super expensive to replace these because I think you just you just kind of have to replace the whole body panel if you get a pretty mad Yeah, it was a lot lighter. I think it was all about the fuel economy. I don’t know talking about All right, f series trucks what year 1961 55 or 48. So when did they first start the S series? I’m gonna say 5551 40 A Oh, no. That was like super early. Not nobody afford this. sure that it was

Josh Matthews 55:01
new 55 existed. I didn’t know. I thought it was 61.

Tim Harman 55:05
But yeah, that’s when they did it right after World War Two. So which brand did Ford get rid of in 2011? I think you guys will know this mercury Lincoln or Jeep.

Josh Matthews 55:16
Lincoln, Josh,

Tim Harman 55:18
and Mercury dumped the

Josh Matthews 55:20
market, Lincoln sort of thing.

Tim Harman 55:22
Yeah, I think like the Grand Marquis Mercury, so they finally dumped that.

Dave Greenwood 55:26
Wait a minute. Did you say Jeep? That’s what threw me?

Tim Harman 55:29
I know. Well, they never dumped it because they never owned it. Yeah, it was like to cheat. Sheet two more questions because we’re running out of time here. Which Ford car helped to revolutionary, revolutionize car styling in the 1980s? Was it the Telstar the Taurus, or the Puma?

The Taurus Yes, yes. is a Taurus that thing was a mainstay, right? Yeah, I was trying to envision the 80s Toro I remember just

Dave Greenwood 55:56
every car but at

Tim Harman 55:58
the time, it was it was Whoa What is this? If you look at

Josh Matthews 56:02
the 2003 Lexus in my driveway it still has that just generic sedan. Yeah, vitamin. Yeah, that was

Tim Harman 56:10
a Taurus. Okay, last question. This is just this is just basically a freebie. Okay guys, you guys don’t get this then we just got a we just got a pack up and just go home okay.

Josh Matthews 56:20
All right which model is or Bronco

Tim Harman 56:24
moto was discontinued in 1996 and we already talked about it. Yeah. But I you know what I had it I had a trivia from a previous episode where you guys didn’t get it. And it was about the Ford Bronco. So I’m going to ask you again, john, you can’t answer. What year did Ford first produce the Ford Bronco Dave 1966. Yes, finally. Okay. Thank you. Thank you got it. classy. Broncos. 66 to 77 Yeah. All right. All right, guys. Thanks so much for tuning in this week with their Bronco talk. Jon, thank you so much for making the drive down from Nashville. Thank you for having me. Me. And actually do you want to give a little plug on how people can find you? Yeah, definitely. Nashville early Bronco on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, YouTube’s where mostly action happens. And then Instagram is second. You know

Josh Matthews 57:16
John’s video quality is good. Like, there’s so much stuff that’s like, iPhone looking like he wants me. These brake pads he’s

Tim Harman 57:26
not rolling like that. Yeah, you’re not gonna get a headache watching that, ya know, the guy with the shaky camera everywhere. So john, you

Dave Greenwood 57:33
see that I’m holding it up. I don’t know if you guys can see.

Jon Melton 57:37
not focusing. I do get the comments. Hate music a lot. That’s

work on caution on that one. I don’t do country I don’t do redneck rock and you

Tim Harman 57:49
get some really sweet. I’m actually wearing one right now. real sweet t shirts. I like the branding. I love your logo, everything. You did a really good job with that. So you can buy your own t shirt at, right? Yeah. That’s right. Jon, thank you so much for being on the show with us. All right, guys, as always, thanks so much for tuning in and you can check out our show notes at, check out our Instagram page and are fairly new Facebook group page. We’ve had a lot of interaction there. So definitely check that out, as well. We’ll catch you next time.

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