You Need to Get This Done | #071

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Last Updated on August 7, 2020 by Tim Harman

Adulting: those things adults gotta do. It’s not always fun and your natural inclination is to put it off. BUT, you gotta get it done. This week is about insurance and wills. Not a deep-dive, but you need to get this done!

We also discuss Dave’s driving habits, Josh’s foray into building-out a trauma kit, and Tim’s new found ability to climb ropes using only his arms (well, at least the one try).

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Josh Matthews 0:00
Welcome to the You can, man.™ podcast episode 71. I’m Josh. I’m Tim. And I’m Dave. And on this week’s episode, you need to get this done.

Tim Harman 0:19
All right guys, welcome back to the You can, man.™ podcast where we believe what one man can do you can do as well, with a little help from your friends and proper know how, on this week’s episode, we’re talking about some things that you need to get done. And look as we’re just not gonna be able to make this really, really exciting, but I thought it was gonna make it exciting, exciting topic.

Dave Greenwood 0:42
These are things you don’t, you just don’t want to do them.

Tim Harman 0:45
Yeah, but you don’t want to do them.

Dave Greenwood 0:46
for the betterment of yourself. And for everybody around you. You got to get it done.

Tim Harman 0:51
You gotta get it done. So stay tuned for what in the world we’re talking about with all that. But guys, what has been going on

Dave Greenwood 0:59
just got back from a road trip? Yeah, yes. A little vacation went down to Corona Ville. Okay. went down to the pan handle. Yeah Now (sounds nice). It was nice. It was actually very nice. went down to the beach down there for four or five, five days I think. Had a lot of fun. (You’re talkin’ Florida huh?) Yeah. went down to Florida. (Heard that’s a hot spot). I guess it is a hot spot that down there like you wouldn’t even know anything’s different. Like everyone is just totally checked out on the whole social distancing and mask wearing all that kind of stuff. Had a great time, had fun, got to decompress a little bit, which is great. But I learned something about myself, which I guess I kind of already knew. But I realized that the older I get, the slower I drive on surface streets, but the faster I drive on the interstate Okay, interest I

Josh Matthews 1:48
can I can get there with you.

Tim Harman 1:50
Yeah, I have a theory about that.

Dave Greenwood 1:52
I mean, well, so in neighborhoods. It’s the most it’s the starkest contrast, because when I was a kid, I was like, I was a terrible person. I drove way too fast in neighborhoods. And now I’m like, Oh, 25 feels 100% because I have kids, but on the interstate, I’m like, I look down. I’m not gonna say the number, but I looked down and I was like, Whoa, like, we’re going we’re going a little too fast here. And yeah, just multiple. I mean, I think I just, I don’t have time for it anymore. And I’m like, Look, Ron, it’s the interstate. There’s no traffic. It’s a modern car. It’s a really nice road like the speed limits are in my opinion, for my for my fantastic abilities. They’re just way too low. And so you know, I’m just gonna go as fast as I need to go and we’re gonna get there a little bit quicker. And yeah, it’s an old because I remember being younger. I was like, Yeah, 65 is about as fast as I want to go on the interstate. I don’t know what that is but.

Josh Matthews 2:48
Interesting desparity. (It’s the way that I’m wired.)

Tim Harman 2:51
Have we talked about having graduated license? Driver’s license? (Not on this podcast.) Yeah, I know. We’ve talked about it just us, but on the podcast.

Dave Greenwood 2:59
My dream is that the color of your car indicates the the level the skill level of the driver. Okay, so the lighter the color, the more you need to watch out for him like a like a,

Josh Matthews 3:11
like a yellow car yellow car

Dave Greenwood 3:13
is they are a newer driver. Obviously if you get a you get a blacked out car you are good to go. That’s the that’s like it’s like a black belt right? Yes. So a black car equals a black belt driver and (what about like the red sports car) see red is it no it you gotta you gotta wipe all that from your memory red is kind of in the middle like if you have a red car then they’re kind of your average driver. But that way I just know who to watch out for I see like a yellow card I’m like steer clear

Tim Harman 3:40
I think it’d make a lot more sense with just a different color license plate.

Unknown Speaker 3:43
Yeah, but like oncoming

Tim Harman 3:46
Now, have I told you guys my dream? My dream would be to not think we could actually make this happen. Now. (I don’t know why we couldn’t make the car color thing happen.) But we could we could sounds practical, but I think that there should be a point system and it would be user as in driver generate outsourced crowd sources, maybe a good word. So every car would have a receiver or transmitter. Point. Hold on Dave Yes. And then you would have a display in your back window, and it would display your current points. So if you did something good, you got a couple points boom. Yeah, and you could give you know the driver gets something vindictive people like

Dave Greenwood 4:29
it. They’re gonna hit in

Josh Matthews 4:33
today’s climate when somebody sees someone with more points than they are just gonna want to take away points. Like the idea is a great idea.

Tim Harman 4:42
I like the idea maybe it would be coupled with dash cams like so you could you be like, Look, you could prove it.

Dave Greenwood 4:50
You could appeal a down Yeah, something like

Josh Matthews 4:51
that. You could only be you could only give like five points a day like there’s an all you can Yeah.

Dave Greenwood 5:00
ways, right? I mean, you get points based on miles that you drive. Yeah, it’s along

Tim Harman 5:04
those lines. Yeah. I like that though. It could be. It could be built in two ways, I guess. But then everybody would kind of have to have it but the graduated licensing, I think, man, if you could take a certain test, that was way harder than everybody else’s some

Dave Greenwood 5:21
rules don’t apply to you like speed limits.

Tim Harman 5:23
Yeah. And like, you’re good to go. Yeah, just kind of do whatever within reason. It’d be like the TSA precheck they’d be like we know you’re good to go. So you can you can hop

Josh Matthews 5:32
licenses should be much harder and more expensive to get. I agree. Killer statement today, but I mean, it’s a privilege not All right. All right. Job. Got something. Yeah. Okay, what’s up with you mess up. I’m gonna. I’m gonna I’m gonna say a little.

Dave Greenwood 5:50
A little man bag over

Josh Matthews 5:51
there. I got a man bag. Okay, it’s got an opening it up. It looks like a

Tim Harman 5:58
little Velcro. First day.

Josh Matthews 5:59
Looks like a first aid kit is it’s called proper term for this would be called a trauma kit.

Dave Greenwood 6:05
Did you put this together yourself? Or is this an all? Okay, I respect it a little bit more now. So

Josh Matthews 6:11
it kind of goes along with today’s topic a little bit we’ll get to but some of us may or may not own firearms around this table. You know, when I go shooting weapons, and I’m getting older, I’m like, Hey, we should probably take some precautions. Now I need to turn very safe with the procedures of the weapon of you know, where I’m pointing the thing and where my finger is in relation to the trigger and things like that. So the actual gun safety part good, but things happen. Dave told a story about a ricochet, right, crazy things happen. So I figured it would be a good idea. So I did a little research on what do you need, like if you go out to shoot your weapon? preferably not by yourself. What should you have on you for first aid because like, we’re done And possible gunshot wound like the worst thing that can happen hunters fall out of trees all the time and like their gun goes off and crazy things happen. So this is called a trauma kit. It’s different from first aid. So first aid like general everyday stuff, bone bumps and bruises and splinting like a broken bone at the worst and you get any morphine in their band aids morphine in here. This kit called a trauma kit is like immediate life saving measure, mostly related to someone bleeding out possibly, so like major arterial wounds. So there’s stuff in here like quick clot powder, so stuff you can put into a wound. There is gauze that is compressed into this tiny cube, but it’s like yards of gauze for packing wounds because like that’s, I’m learning all this stuff, watching some YouTube videos, there’s about four or five things in here that you need to learn how to Use I won’t walk through them all but ones like for a sucking chest wound, like a simple sticker basically that goes on the entrance wound and the exit wound. That’s a bad day. Yes, but these are things like if this happened and you are half an hour because you know, oh yes, go out in the woods like this could save your life like it could give the EMTs or yourself that much more time to save your own life or to save the life of someone you’re with. There’s a tourniquet in here. There’s something called an Israeli bandage with there’s like a tourniquet with a compression bandage on it. There’s a CPR little mask for safety but if shooting with your buddies, you just go ahead and go mouth to mouth Thank God. Yeah, space blanket like for young people going into shock like that’s a big deal. basic medical tape. Anyway, there’s not a lot of supplies in here. All of this stuff. Some of it you can’t buy single you’d have to buy like the pack of it like the tape and stuff but all of this runs like 125 ish bucks, including the pouch and You know, to have that around is like, hopefully a one time investment. I think it’s worth it. I love showing it off. I think

Tim Harman 9:07
it’s fantastic. Especially I

Dave Greenwood 9:10
feel like it should come with I mean, you need to you need to, I feel like you need some training to use, right? Because it would be, first of all, it would be horrible to be out there and that situation and not have the tools that you need to take care of, you know, to deal with that situation. But also if you have the tools, but you don’t know how to use them. Yeah, right. So, I mean, you need to arm yourself with the train. Yeah,

Josh Matthews 9:29
there’s a guy I have to give a shout out because that’s how I built this skinny medic on YouTube skinny medic. Great videos teaches you how to use all of these things. Even there’s a nasal pharyngeal airway. So like, if someone’s airways compromised, like sticking down the nose and there’s a proper procedure for that. I’m watching the videos. I’ve watched them multiple times. This is stuff to just stay fresh on it because this is simple stuff even if someone doesn’t get shot by a gun like another just upon wound or someone mix their leg with a chainsaw while you’re out doing you can man

Dave Greenwood 10:05
This feels like a good thing to have kind of in your car if you come up on on an accident that kind of thing, right?

Josh Matthews 10:10
It’s hard to do and these are hard to do in your car cuz some of these things are like temperature sensitive like the clotting stuff. So you kind of like keeping your house and then take it with you. It’s it people that are like EMTs have no problems grabbing their bag every day and all that butter so it might take a little reminder if you want to get in the habit of bringing it with you but storing it in a hot car apparently is not great for all of this stuff. Just as a caveat, but anyway, took a picture put some links up skinny medic. Oh, calm but yeah, that’s. I did that over the weekend. I’m glad I have it now. It’s a great idea. I got to stay fresh on how to use this and hopefully I’ll never have to use it. Okay,

Tim Harman 10:46
good deal. I had something to share. We been going to a gym that has a rock climbing wall. If you guys didn’t run by me you upgraded Jim’s like oil we did. We’re only going to do it for a few months though.

Josh Matthews 10:58
Yeah, it’s quite an investment. But

Tim Harman 11:00
I’m driven by that place it looks nice it is it is. It’s way too much money but it’s been cool. It’s a

Josh Matthews 11:06
it’s kind of like a resort never rock climbed. Did you get on that rock climbing wall? Okay,

Tim Harman 11:10
so I did I did like the assisted thing that kind of it actually kind of takes I think it takes like 40 pounds off.

Dave Greenwood 11:19
That’s I could use that.

Tim Harman 11:21
But muscles you just don’t use really right. And but my one of my daughters is super into rock climbing and so we’ve been trying to go like every weekend taking advantage of the nice gym that we have the membership of at now. And anyways, but they had a rope just straight up to the top of the the rock wall, okay. And I had been doing some like pull ups and stuff that these rings. And then one of these shorter guys comes over. And I’ve got the harness and everything on and he’s like, Hey, you want to climb the rope? We just you’re just you’re no Yeah, he’s like you want to climb The rope with just your arms just using your arms. Like, okay, is how I did it. I did it. It’s insane.

Dave Greenwood 12:08
When you say not using your arms like you used your legs Oh no, bro, just straight up or just your

Unknown Speaker 12:14
arms. I couldn’t

Josh Matthews 12:15
do that 100% I could not do that.

Dave Greenwood 12:18
I always wonder because I have a very clear memory of being an elementary school. I may have told this story before but they had a rope and one day we all had to climb it. And it’s it’s Dave’s turn. I get up to the rope and I get like two feet up the rope and I’m struggling in this this girl is like you can feel it David. I was thinking like a fifth grade and I’m like in my mind I’m like no I can’t you know and I did not make it up the up to the top of the row. And I mean that’s a

Josh Matthews 12:47
that’s a low he’s in a low percentage of males his age that can do it. Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 12:51
can so can you give me like a little buddy pass because I got to come try. I need to redeem. Yeah,

Tim Harman 12:56
yeah, I can’t I think I could do it now. So right after I was done. Another guy came up. He’s like, Hey, can I try that? After he saw me he did it to actually nice. But he was kind of, he was bigger. Like, I was like,

Dave Greenwood 13:10
how tall was this rope?

Tim Harman 13:12
I feel like it was about 25 feet because I actually I don’t I say that went all the way up to the top of the thing kind of hung down a little bit from the top of where the rock climbing wall was. So I don’t know that I need to ask them. But that last like five feet or so I was like, I don’t but people were watching me. You know, I was like, I gotta do one of your children. Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 13:31
like you said, You can’t be failing.

Josh Matthews 13:33
Yeah. Wow.

Tim Harman 13:34
You know, I didn’t have to come down. I mean, I guess I was gonna say yeah, did you come down or Well, he had me blade. Alright, so I had the harness on everything. So I just kind of was able to like, go see

Dave Greenwood 13:43
when I go home and be like, No, I don’t want to hard no harness.

Unknown Speaker 13:46
All my radius, right.

Josh Matthews 13:49
Anyway, dude, that’s impressive. It is right,

Tim Harman 13:52
for sure. I’m good. I want to hear from the Facebook group. If anybody can do that. I don’t know. Maybe Maybe it’s maybe it’s not a thing. You’re in rare. In my opinion, there are people out there certainly there are people that can do it. But it’s not an easy thing to do for sure. Yeah. My son was like, You were like Ninja Warrior. I was like,

Dave Greenwood 14:09
No, I’m gonna let you think.

Tim Harman 14:11
Yeah, no, definitely not. Okay, let’s get into the topic today things you got to get done that you don’t want to get done that you don’t think about often. And we are talking about things like, wait for it. Insurance, wills and life

Dave Greenwood 14:32
insurance. Hold on, folks. All right, buckle up. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

Josh Matthews 14:37
Yeah, so this came up, you know, recent topic in my life. We got three kiddos in the house. My wife and I are talking. You know, we go on, like we’re going on. We haven’t been on a trip alone in a while because we’ve had three kids, you know, two years apart. And that cycle kind of happens. But we’re like, Yeah, when we go off, hopefully, you know, I got a 40 birthday. Coming up, maybe we’ll go out of town sometime next year. But something happens to us what’s happened to these kiddos? We’ve known this for 10 years that we’ve needed well the entire time that we’ve been married so the will thing came up and then I’m starting to think you know, there’s other there’s some other just boring stuff in life that you need to do. That’s like the adult thing to do.

Tim Harman 15:22
Yeah, and I should say we’re not getting into specifics really on like what you should or should not do in terms of how you should structure your will. How much life insurance you have. This is really just a reminder to all you guys these are things you already know but this is a reminder to you guys to be thinking about these.

Josh Matthews 15:42
Get it just to get it done. Like this is a reminder because I’ll tell you what everyone around this table does not have all of these things. This is basically

Dave Greenwood 15:49
these guys are coming to me and

Tim Harman 15:52
you gotta get this stuff now. I miss I think because of my wife. I think I do have Tim’s wife works

Josh Matthews 15:56
in the insurance industry. Tim’s checked all

Dave Greenwood 15:59
the boxes. We do

Tim Harman 16:00
anila I’m just gonna say that I tell people that I’m kind of like the 50s housewife when it comes to these type things, because because my wife does a lot of these things, because she’s just, she’s like that she’s super organized. And in fact, before we recorded, I had to shoot her some text about, hey, do we actually have this or that? It’s like, yes. And it gives me like the emoji of light her hitting your forehead or whatever. But it’s only because of my wife and how awesome she is that I’ve got a lot of these things kind of buttoned up, but

Josh Matthews 16:38
Alright, so the we’re gonna start with the easy one low hanging fruit first, in my opinion, umbrella insurance. Okay. Again, get excited, folks. So umbrella insurance, we’re not gonna go through the whole thing. This is not a financial seminar. umbrella insurance basically goes over and above your homeowners insurance or renters insurance and your auto insurance. So that In the case that you caused a catastrophic accident on the interstate, let’s say and there were 12 cars involved, that’s gonna be likely over your limits that you have on your through your auto insurance. If you don’t have an umbrella policy that carries you above those limits then you are liable out of your pocket like it can bankrupt you. If you don’t want to share Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 17:21
if I’m not mistaken Josh, when you were in the industry, I did work in the US there was a story you told me way back when about a sweet little old lady who used that policy when you told me the story. I was like man, I need an

Josh Matthews 17:34
umbrella policy. Here’s the thing she didn’t use it okay as why was the eye opener she couldn’t use it because she didn’t have it. So this is sadly it was an elderly couple. The her husband was out driving ran a stop sign. T boned somebody. Somebody in the other car died. The family sued the they only had their auto insurance policy. And this old lady who’d never worked like she had just been like stay at home wife homemaker her whole life had to go get a job like to live because to pay took all of her other assets like they had to liquidate all the retirement everything that had and she had to go get a job. So anyway, that’s a lesson that I was an eye opener to me was this poor lady. Yeah, no, I don’t want to go get a job. Just very cheap. This the thing like is literally for most people. It’s like 20 to $30 a month on top of whatever you’re paying for like a million dollars in coverage. So well worth it. Low, low cost. High upside on that. All right. Okay. You got umbrella, right? Yeah, we have umbrella.

Tim Harman 18:47
Yep, for sure. I did want to make a quick thing for those. You guys and gals that do not own your own home and you’re renting good renter’s insurance because it’s so cheap.

Dave Greenwood 18:59
super cheap, right?

Tim Harman 19:00
So cheap, you should totally do it if you’re not doing it like, because you may look around and be like, what do I got to get? We were talking about this earlier when we were all renting. Like we didn’t have a whole. We didn’t have a whole lot of possessions here. Like, why do we need renter’s insurance? We actually did do that, then you when you really start thinking through things and take a catalogue of the things that you own, it adds up real real quick, even if you think that you don’t have a lot in your apartment or whatever. You should still be doing renter’s insurance, do the math on replacing all of your possessions because it’s really a fire like a fire insurance policy. Right? Everything was to burn. How much does that cost to replace? Yes, much, much overlooked. runner’s high net? Yes.

Josh Matthews 19:42
Next one is going to be life insurance. A lot of folks probably have some through their work at least a lot of those offer. Like if you’re employed in a typical corporate structure, they’ll offer you like one maybe two times your salary is like the entrance So I mean that, but it’s tied

Tim Harman 20:01
to your job and it’s tied to

Dave Greenwood 20:02
your job. If you leave, then you usually don’t take that

Josh Matthews 20:05
with you. Correct. So a lot of those are free. And then you can you can make those policies bigger if you want by paying in a little extra. So those are usually good options for life insurance, but life insurance also pretty cheap on the whole, like, big picture on a monthly basis sight when you’re young. Buy it when you’re young. If you’re under 30. Do it today.

Dave Greenwood 20:28
Yeah, that was so that’s a mistake that I made was, yeah, when I was just I think you told me you’re like, Do you need a life insurance? And I was like, I don’t have any kids. I don’t have any assets. I’m 25 like, what do I need life insurance for? Well, then I’m 32 and I decide I need to get some life insurance go triple premiums go way up when you’re over 30. Right. And so get it when you’re young.

Josh Matthews 20:47
Yeah. So I mean, even I think we got most recently underwritten after the age of 30. And my wife and I together are like it’s like 75 bucks a month. First significant amount of coverage like multiple, multiple times. Our income, and that’s the way to do it. Also, I’m just gonna say Term Life. If you’re an insurance salesman, you might not like me to say that. But whole life is generally a pretty big rip off. Term Life is where you want to go. So all that to be said, we can get to the next one unless someone else has anything about life insurance.

Tim Harman 21:19
No, I mean, since we’re not going into specifics and stuff, and this is more of a show, just a kind of a wake up call to be thinking about these things. I don’t really have anything else. I was gonna say that on a future date, we should probably have somebody that really really knows this stuff to be our like our expert gas Absolutely. Show your wife that are well, that’d be great. I don’t I don’t think so. Get on life insurance stuff but other types of insurance. Yeah,

Josh Matthews 21:44
one more point on life insurance like the point of it. Again, like Dave mentioned, if you don’t have children, you may be thinking like what what’s what is in it for me, but one day, you might have children, whoever you leave your estate to. You want to leave it in a good standing. So But all of your obligations can be taken care of when you’re gone, instead of burdening that person, right with those obligations. Which leads

Tim Harman 22:08
us to our last thing of having a will. And you’re, you’re going through this process right now. Right? Yeah,

Josh Matthews 22:13
the will thing is kind of what kicked all of this off. We’ve got the first two checks, we got the life insurance, we got the umbrella policy. The will has been, I mean, we’ve known since for 10 years since we’ve been married, the will is the thing to do, they’ll get that done. Each time you have a kid, you’re, you’re supposed to go and update that. Yes, there’s a refresh. We haven’t done any of it yet. It’s on us. We got to get it done. This is so that if you were to parish that when

Tim Harman 22:43
you are to where when they go

Josh Matthews 22:45
that the state the government is not the one that’s kind of going to pick and choose where your assets go or possibly horribly, like where your kids end up and things like that. I mean, generally if you leave a spouse that you’re married to, it’s pretty cut and dried. But it’s still gonna be someone at the state figuring that out for you. So it’s much better to have a will. And what’s the thing that goes along with the will do not necessitate things like, wow, you’re

Tim Harman 23:12
learning? Well, it’s a living living well

Josh Matthews 23:15
Living Well, yeah. So that somebody knows, like, if you were to be in a situation where you know, we do we need to keep this person on life support, things like that, like, even down to that level. These are things you can get outlined.

Tim Harman 23:30
These are all things people just don’t want to think about it is yucky, it’s yucky. Yeah, it really is. But it’s just those things. You just gotta you got to get done.

Dave Greenwood 23:40
Yeah, I feel like these, especially the will is probably I would guess a lot easier or maybe less. It’s a lot less painful to do now this day and age because I would assume you can do it online. I when I was a kid, I remember some strange guy came over to my house and talk to my parents at the dining room table for like two hours. And they were doing the will Yep. I would assume it’s, you know, probably easier.

Josh Matthews 24:01
It’s there’s a lot of online options. It kind of goes with anything else. If you have a lot of complexity or if you’re a state’s massive and you’ve got, or if you’re, if you want to set up trusts, like that’s kind of a thing. Now, if you want to set up trust for your kids, you’re probably going to want to go sit down with a professional and get that hammered out. But yeah, just at the base level, if you don’t have a lot of assets, if your money’s not a lot of different places, if there’s no sharing of custody or anything like that, then yeah, there’s a lot of online options that you can get that done for cheap. All right, you can do boring stuff, man. Yeah, just a reminder to just get it just do it. Always need that little.

Tim Harman 24:43
Yeah, I will. Good deal. We made that quick and painless, I think. Yeah, hopefully this has been a wake up call for you guys. All right, we’re gonna take a quick break. And when we get back, I got a little surprise for you guys. We’ll be back. All right.

Josh Matthews 25:02
This episode is sponsored by 1776. United 1776. United is a patriotic and historically inspired lifestyle brand. They make the best patriotic shirts and apparel on the market today. I personally own many of their products. And if you want to dawn patriotic gear without looking gaudy, check them out on Instagram, Facebook and at 1776

Tim Harman 25:30
Hi, guys, welcome back. I’m going to have a short little segment this week. Last week, one of our topics was about pairs. So it’s only appropriate that I cut you guys up some fresh pair. Wow, just before the pot You’re

Josh Matthews 25:47
a liar until just now

Tim Harman 25:49
so I’m glad you brought and I have some Dave I got you a little toothpick skewer. Oh, that’s

Dave Greenwood 25:55
the skewers for Oh, yeah, I’ve been wondering about this. So I get you some long wooden skewer here.

Tim Harman 26:01
And okay, so these are the Au Pairs they’re they’re pretty, they’re pretty gritty. I’ll say that but they but they are delicious. Hmm, we got it up. I would say a solid pair. I know right? Get you some I

Josh Matthews 26:21
just organic that’s grown in your yard. I like Valley Brook

Tim Harman 26:24
pears right here y’all. So I think that the sat out these might have said oh these are like the two weeks

Dave Greenwood 26:31
approved has this been through the price and these

Tim Harman 26:33
are these are straight organic. These flash pasteurized, they might have have a little bit of bifenthrin on them but Okay, sorry if you don’t know what I’m talking about. That’s

Dave Greenwood 26:45
go listen to the best episode.

Tim Harman 26:47
Yeah, bifenthrin is what I use that spray for mosquitoes really good. I know.

Josh Matthews 26:52
Right? It’s really good. Well, I gave you guys my bed. That is probably the best I’ve ever had. I’m not crate I’m not a huge pair fan like they’re always just like

Tim Harman 27:03
okay now they do have a little bit of lemon juice to them because that keeps them from browning just like

Dave Greenwood 27:12
if I grew these if these grew in my yard I would 100% eat a pair every day because this is good

Tim Harman 27:19
well yeah so the skin is really tough though to satisfy did peel up so you wouldn’t want to just

Josh Matthews 27:25
eat them like so you peel them and then you like Apple korum

Tim Harman 27:28
as well I Apple Corman and peel but I mean, I guess the other way Wow, that’s a little easier on the slices. I feel like anyways, huh? I don’t know. But whatever. Your parents, your parents? Yeah, yeah. So if you’re wondering what I’m talking about with the with the pairs here, go back and listen to our last episode and talk about that because for years, I thought that my pairs that we’re coming off this tree, we’re just crap like because they were just really bad. Come to find out pears don’t ripen on the tree.

Josh Matthews 28:03
There’s a ripening process or ripening

Tim Harman 28:05
process. And so I did my research and figured out that Yeah, you got to pick them at a certain time before they’re ripe because they will ripen on the tree but they’ll ripen from the inside out no kind of rot.

Dave Greenwood 28:16
How big are they? Are they like a normal sized pair that you buy at the store?

Tim Harman 28:19
These don’t actually this type of pair doesn’t even really have the pair shape necessarily. This type is more of like a rounded like an app look. Yeah, okay. Yeah, but they’re kind of small. They’re kind of on the smaller side. But this tree just produced hundreds this year so that’s awesome. Anyways, that’s all I got. Just I wanted to have you guys taste test some pears the same retreat from the yard. All right. And before we In this episode, you guys might be wondering, wait a second. I thought they said they’re going to do the Broncos show. And we are it’s coming. It’s coming next week because we are actually taking our first Official you can man roadtrip podcast and we’re actually going to be recording in Nashville early Bronco John’s in his studio in what? Yeah, effectively in his garage with his Bronco there, so I’m gonna pack up all our gear. He’s gonna do a video of it because he’s a videographer by trade. He has an excellent video youtube channel. So check that out. Get to know some of his videos and stuff before maybe the show comes out. And then I don’t know if the video will drop first or the podcast will drop first. I don’t know. Maybe we’ll do that first.

Dave Greenwood 29:41
Check out I don’t know what episode number it is. But we’ve had him on the show before check out that episode before you listen to next week’s episode on the new bronco.

Tim Harman 29:48
Because we had an episode about all the rumors and what we thought Ford should do. (That was over a year ago wasn’t it?) Yeah, and this episode we’ll be talking about what Ford actually did. Yep. So I think they kind of hit a home run. From what I remember us saying that they should do. I think there are some a little bit of just some differences there. But that’s gonna be a really fun show. And we’ll have a video of that as well. And we’re looking forward to that. So we’re going to be road tripping up to Nashville to see Nashville early Bronco. So you guys be on the lookout for that. We’ll catch you guys next time.

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