The All-New Ford Bronco with Nashville Early Bronco | #072

All-New Ford Bronco

Last Updated on August 19, 2020 by Tim Harman

The much-anticipated 2021 Ford Bronco is finally here and we were so excited, we road tripped to Nashville to discuss it in-person with Jon Melton of Nashville Early Bronco! This special episode was recorded in Jon’s garage and the highlight video can be found on his YouTube channel!  


  • The Ford-produced podcast we mentioned, Bring Back Bronco.
  • Check out all the new Ford Bronco options on this PDF
  • If you’d like a sweet Bronco t-shirt like Tim was wearing during this recording you can get your own HERE.


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Josh Matthews 0:00
Welcome to the You can, man.™ podcast episode 72. I’m Josh. I’m Tim. I’m Dave. And I’m Jon from Nashville Early Bronco. And on this week’s episode The all new Ford Bronco with Nashville Early Bronco

Tim Harman 0:23
Alright guys, welcome back to the You can, man.™ podcast where we believe what one man can do you can do as well you know with a little help from your friends and the proper know how, as promised, we are here in Nashville, Tennessee, with Jon from Nashville Early Bronco, talking about the all new Ford Bronco because we had him on the show months ago I guess that was back in last September. Yeah, a year ago talking about all the rumors of the new Bronco and here we are in his garage where the magic happens with all of his YouTube videos. A studio. Yeah, this is his studio. Yeah.

Jon Melton 1:04
(Thanks for having us.) Absolutely, man. Hey, guys, thanks for having me on the podcast.

Tim Harman 1:07
Yeah, got his just famous, famous now YouTube famous Bronco sitting back here his gorgeous Bronco.

Dave Greenwood 1:14
It’s the perfect background for this episode, isn’t it?

Tim Harman 1:16
Yeah. Sadly it is. It is leaking like a sieve out of the transmission. The C4 for transmission has seen better days. Yeah. However, Jon’s about to drop a newer transmission in it hopefully. 4r70w Yeah. And that’s the same transmission I’ve got in my 98 Explorer. Oh, really? Yeah. Interesting. Yeah, that’s it. So anyways, we’re gonna get into the show today. But first, I wanted to say, Jon, the place where you live is amazing. We just walked around, I guess you’d call the Franklin square area. I don’t know what’s kind of like a roundabout in the middle

Jon Melton 1:51
in downtown Franklin. Yeah,

Tim Harman 1:53
yeah. And just super nice everywhere we’re looking for like, man, this is this is nice.

Jon Melton 1:59
It’s kind of yuppyville

Josh Matthews 2:00
Well, I was I was thinking I was like, I’ll just I’ll move here because it’s really nice. And then I pulled up Zillow and I was like, I will not be moving here.

Jon Melton 2:06
Yeah, I couldn’t buy my house today. Yeah. For the prices that they are. Yeah,

Tim Harman 2:11
yeah. But this has been great being up here in Nashville, just a super, pretty easy drive know from where we’re at in Marietta, Georgia. But I wanted to first say a little bit about the You can, man.™ podcast because you guys are watching this and you’re like, I have no idea who you guys are. What are you doing on Jon’s channel here? But we are all about mostly DIY stuff. But it’s more so just encouraging men to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. Right. So obviously, you can, man, but we’re very much about DIY projects all around the house, you name it. We’ve got a very active Facebook group, where guys are always chiming in and ladies on all the projects that they’re working on. But yeah, our one of our big things is encouraging men to do things Things that they think they can’t do. Right? So we’ve got to go back and listen to a lot of our podcasts, you’ll get a better idea of really what we’re about. But I own a classic Bronco and these guys love Broncos as well. And I had connected with john probably, I don’t know, like a year or so ago. Yeah. And obviously I had been watching his videos for a while and it was funny. I was joking with john I was I was telling him a couple years back I was watching his videos, I was like this, this guy is me. This guy is like me. And I was telling him that I wish that I had his videos when I was redoing my Bronco in 2007 because I just didn’t have that resource so and so John’s videos are amazing. So if you guys obviously watching this video now are about to restore a classic Bronco Jon is your go to source for sure

Josh Matthews 3:56
his channel I also like because not even owning a Bronco but liking, like to tinker on things. They’re just like nicely shot they look appealing because you know half the videos on YouTube are like a guy just doing like a selfie mode on everything from his iPhone and it’s very kind of confusing to watch sometimes. Jon’s stuff is nicely laid out.

Tim Harman 4:17
Oh yeah I so appreciate that because Jon is a videographer by trade and his stuff is just beautifully shot. And anyway So guys, let’s get into talking about the new Bronco just initial first impressions

Josh Matthews 4:32
First take hot take Yeah, I mean I watched the commercial you know the couple minute release video

Tim Harman 4:39
Did you watch it live I

Josh Matthews 4:40
didn’t watch it live I watched it like 24 hours later but I did not turn on social media. I didn’t want anyone else’s opinion to you know, get get into my brain but man, I just was enthralled and from from the go from the get go. I was like I’m all in on this. It looks amazing and The marketing piece was amazing. Great job.

Tim Harman 5:02
Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought they hit a home run. And I was texting john. I was like, man, I even like the little Bronco. I like the little I’m not with you on that. Well

Dave Greenwood 5:15
for the Broncos sport Yeah,

Tim Harman 5:17
I caught the little little Bronco.

Dave Greenwood 5:19
I call it the Ford Escape. Yeah, well, that’s not far off. But okay, Dave, what’s your what’s your take? Same thing I was. I don’t want to say I was blown away. They they showed a lot I think there were there were some leaks kind of leading up to it and so you had a pretty good idea what it was gonna look like but I don’t know if you just mentioned the marketing the the commercials that they have. were fantastic. I said before that they didn’t even show on on a paved road. They were all off. Yes. Yes. They did a great job. I think they look fantastic. And they like it. Like you said a home run. That thing was just beautifully shot. If you have not watched that you need to and I got Heisenberg to narrate it right.

Tim Harman 5:56
Yeah. And I’m sure john when he edits this will probably be playing some of this video, for sure. What was your takeaway, Jon?

Jon Melton 6:05
Yeah, I thought it was beautiful. I was really disappointed in the leaked photos as they were coming out and then seeing that premiere, I was watching it live. It was actually my brother in law’s birthday party and I pulled it up on my phone. And so it was muted. But I’m looking at this going, it happened. Like they did it like that. That was what kept going through my mind is they did it. And, you know, they really made a bronco that is a representation of the old one and it it does it justice.

Josh Matthews 6:39
Yeah, we were we were listening to our previous podcasts we recorded about a year ago and we’re talking about the things that we hope they didn’t screw up and we’ll get into more detail. I mean, we were talking about simple stuff like oh, I hope they don’t turn it into a grocery-getter. And like that, there was so far… the new Bronco is so far away from that. Yeah, we’re just over the moon excited

Tim Harman 7:02
it could have been a remote possibility given the fact that what Chevy did with the Blazer. Yeah. I mean, I don’t even know how they’re putting that name on that on that.

Jon Melton 7:11
That is horrible. One of my favorite memes is picture of the new Bronco. And it says, Hey, Chevy, we did it. We came back. And there’s a picture of the Blazer. Yeah, he’s like, shut up. I came back as a car.

Tim Harman 7:23
Yeah, totally, I think is hideous, hideous. Yeah. But yeah, so let’s get into I thought we could talk about what we said that we thought the new Bronco had to have in order for them to hit a home run on our last podcast and you can go back and listen to that. It’s a new Bronco rumors. So I’ve got a list going here. So john said it’s gotta have a solid front axle. And that didn’t happen but what I watched your short shorter video on your first impressions on your on your YouTube channel about the new Bronco and you specifically mentioned that And you said, You know what? I’m actually okay with the irfs Yeah, so talk about that.

Jon Melton 8:04
Yeah. So if you I mean, all modern cars today have IFS like if you look at it and and that’s what I you know, if you’ve ever heard in the Jeep community, this phrase of the death wobble, and that’s where the front tires just get out of sync and they they just start shaking. And that’s because you put a lift on a bronco on a Jeep or a Bronco and it raises it up it messes with the geometry of the whole front suspension, and you know, just makes it more difficult to drive. Well irfs. What that does is it is it resolves a lot of those issues so that when you’re cruising down the freeway at 80 miles an hour, you aren’t going to have any of those issues. So IFS just makes more sense for the daily drivability of the new Bronco but all the Jeep guys the hardcore guys are like you’ll never see the Bronco off road like you do a Jeep (right) because it doesn’t have that but because basically what a solid axle can do is it can drop down it can droop down you know 30-40 inches (yeah) where that IFS is limited on how far down it can go but what made me really excited was the electronic

Tim Harman 9:25
sway bar disconnect or whatever

Jon Melton 9:27
Yeah, that was incredible like you know when you saw that, you know, front tire lift up in the marketing of the the release. I like cringed immediately because I was like, No, there it is, like you’ve (it’s exposed) Yeah, you’ve just missed… the you know, miss the off road community and then boom, it drops. And I heard one guy say when that electronic sway bar disconnect dropped, so did my wallet. Yeah, it’s just like, yeah, it’s so true. Like, that was an amazing moment where you’re just like,

Josh Matthews 9:58
yep, one thing with the independent front suspension that I think is gonna benefit Bronco and they showed this in the marketing promo is that 50 mile an hour off road you know (yep) you’re not going to see a solid axle on too many doing that kind of stuff like that desert runner performance like that’s that’s gonna be unique to the Bronco.

Some of them do have that kind of that baja look right some of the higher trim packages they look like those the Baja racers so and so yeah, meant to go fast.

Jon Melton 10:30
Yeah and that is, you know, if you look at the Raptor, like that is very much you know, that kind of Yes, Baja race prerunner kind of look. And yeah, I mean, that thing can just blaze down the sand or anything. So it’s it’s not the rock crawler aspect. And that’s what the rock crawler guys are the ones who are like, the bronco won’t make it right. Sure, but I mean that

Josh Matthews 10:56
yeah, that covers 90% of the community. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Tim Harman 11:02
yeah. And next, we all kind of said that it’s gotta have a body on frame. So it can’t be a unibody. And it totally hit a home run with that. So the new Bronco is based off of the Ranger platform. So it is a true body on frame. So it’s got to have that. And so they hit a home run there. It’s so modular to I mean, every almost every panel can come off and all the you know, trim can be swapped in and out pretty easily it appears. Yeah, yeah. And I made mention of like, they have to go after the Wrangler market, because we talked about Wrangler just pretty much dominates that entire space, at least in the US, obviously. And so we said, they’ve got to do that. I mean, if they don’t go after that as a direct competitor to the Wrangler than they’ve lost, and they for sure did that. I mean, really right into it. It was funny after I watched the bronco thing, the new ad and everything. And obviously I’m googling stuff I’m looking at Broncos stuff and what happens I’m getting ad after ad after ad of Jeep stuff. Yeah. And they must have just poured is flooded online ads. I don’t know if you guys got any of that,

Dave Greenwood 12:25
but do they think they’re gonna swing Bronco fans over to Jeep that’s not it’s never gonna happen for me. Yeah, they’re not gonna sell me on it. I mean,

Jon Melton 12:33
they were going they’re going after jeeps weakness, you know like even that Jeep ad that they launched the day before or the day of the bronco release. Yeah, opens with this shot of horses galloping through a field which is very much Bronco, like the bronco is you know, the horse. And, and so they they open the ad with that and then they come out with the I think it’s the Jeep Hemi. Va motor in there, which, if you know we’ll get to it, but the Broncos doesn’t have a VA option right now, you know, so they were right. Definitely targeting that launch and like, Hey, you know, we’re gonna be better we’re gonna do it better. And

Tim Harman 13:14
yeah, I bet they’ll have a VA option in the next couple of years. I bet they’ll do that. Which leads us to the Raptor Bronco, which we think

Dave Greenwood 13:23
well, I don’t have a raptor. I don’t think they do a VA anymore. I think it’s all v six.

Unknown Speaker 13:27
Okay, well,

Dave Greenwood 13:29
yeah, so that’s kind of a bummer. I know that people are really high on that on that engine. A lot of people like it a lot. I’ve never driven one but I would certainly prefer VA so you may have just walked me over to the Jeep camp. I didn’t realize that but they put me in there they did.

Josh Matthews 13:42
Yeah, they’re going to Yeah, I mean, I don’t know if it was confirmed. Were on the product you know, timeline that is it all got

Tim Harman 13:50
overshadowed with the bronco. I mean, it was you know, yeah, good try g but right now, no, the bronco overshadow that.

Josh Matthews 13:57
Well, Broncos got decades of people in Waiting Oh yeah,

Tim Harman 14:01
I mean the anticipation was just insane well that’s what

Dave Greenwood 14:04
was so surprising about it was was it the NSX there was so much build up Acura NSX and it kind of let people down I was afraid that the Broncos gonna do the same thing it was gonna be a bit of a letdown they did not miss it.

Tim Harman 14:16
No. Yeah, we so I think we all said also that it’s gotta have a squared off front end. Yeah, I mean, if it doesn’t have john What did you call that on your video? The you called it like the eyebrows or something? Yeah,

Jon Melton 14:28
it’s the shoulder the shoulder Yeah, shoulder of the car. It runs the like on the bronco runs the length of the length of the bronco and it’s just that kind of sticks out a little bit further. Yeah. You know, is is kind of that rounded part and yeah, the new Bronco.

Tim Harman 14:44
Yeah, I mean, if it didn’t have that, it would not have that throwback, right look to it. And so they had to do that and they totally did it. You know, and they got it. Josh said that it had to have round headlights. That’s you cannot have to can’t be a bronco without the round headlights. Hit a

Dave Greenwood 15:01
bronco has square headlights because it’s a it’s the 89 Bronco, but it doesn’t it doesn’t look as good.

Tim Harman 15:07
Yeah, my Bronco my 1990 Bronco two that I had, you know, it didn’t have the round lights but

Josh Matthews 15:14
they got away from it for one you know

Tim Harman 15:15
maybe that’s why I liked the Broncos sport because my Bronco two is my first vehicle. So it’s maybe it’s a little a little soft. My heart for the little baby Bronco. Yeah, we all said that it’s gonna have an EcoBoost and so well, there you go. Yeah, we’ve got that under. Yeah. So let’s get into talking about the things that we just absolutely love about it. And I would also like us to each kind of think through which package would we do like forward at the time of this recording, does not have the build out price calculator thing where you can go on choose all your different options, and there are a lot of options on on the bronco here. It’s insane what you can order on this thing. So what what is your favorite thing that the bronco has going on? For me? It’s just the lines of it the clean lines. I think the

Dave Greenwood 16:08
clean lines on a vehicle are what give it that classic look where it looks good from decade to decade to decade. The original Bronco the one behind me. I mean, hit that nail on the head, I believe and I think they did the same thing with the new Bronco with the 2021 2021 Bronco. It’s very clean looking. It’s very classic and that for me just is kind of the overarching thing that sold me on it. Yeah,

Josh Matthews 16:30
I like the I’m not huge into technology. I don’t need a car to be like maxed out with every you know Bell and whistle but the switches like the waterproof switches, the auxiliary switches on the dashboard. The some of the trim levels have the washout floorboard, that’s not a drain plus Yeah, just little stuff that like you can tell they care. They really thought they did their research on their market and the little rail I know we discussed The little rail that goes on top of the dashboard where you can mount GoPros and your phones and like yes, this is just next level stuff that was completely unexpected with the launch in my opinion.

Tim Harman 17:11
Yeah, I just like the overall feeling idea that is not a mall crawler. I mean is fully off road capable. And I love the fact that you can get the base base base model, but you can still add on the Sasquatch stuff. So you’d still get 35 inch tires on the base model. But yeah, they hit a home run and it’s going to be so capable off road. So that’s my favorite thing. JOHN, what about you?

Jon Melton 17:38
Yeah, I mean, like, I think my favorite thing is just the overall design of it. You know, it really it looks like a bronco. You look at it and you go Yep, that’s a bronco. You know and, and the design of they made it so that it can handle 35 inch tires. No, it is like a purposeful. Everything about it was very purposeful. In let’s make this utilitarian let’s make this off road let’s you know let’s make it so that it can have fun then 35 inch tires those are big tires yeah vehicle and it’s it’s made for that.

Josh Matthews 18:13
Yeah one thing I love to just remind me was for went off the board you know totally outside the box on a couple things one is like four wheel drive standard. That’s yeah comes with every Bronco four wheel drive

Tim Harman 18:27
you can get but you cannot get two wheel drive today

Josh Matthews 18:29
and also the manual transmission.

Tim Harman 18:31

Josh Matthews 18:32
The automatic is the upgrade now like well now those cards now are everyone’s automatic. And you might might might get a manual Yeah, a few out there

Tim Harman 18:42
not only a manual transmission seven speed, but it’s because it has the rock crawler. Yeah, he’s got the guarantee. So he’s got the granny gear there and that that’s amazing.

Josh Matthews 18:55
Love that. No one does that. No one does that.

Tim Harman 18:57
Yeah. Okay, let’s get into talking about what We, before we recorded we said, hey, let’s let’s kind of pick what we would get what is our package that we would that we would choose the trim level? Obviously, none of us can be able to get the first edition now, because it’s out I didn’t notice when they first launched it. I said, we’re gonna do 3500 of the first edition. And they’re like, they

Dave Greenwood 19:19
double it right? Wait,

Tim Harman 19:20
we can make lots more money, so maybe we should double that. And they did that. And that sold out too. So I think they’re doing a run of 7000 of those and those are already accounted for for sure. I think personally for me, I would just probably get the base model. Is that a surprise to you guys? Not at all. Not for Tim it’s not Wow, that’s just that’s just bare bones base model because with the Sasquatch package, I think I would maybe Yeah, just and what is the Sasquatch package.

Dave Greenwood 19:51
So I don’t know every little piece but basically just makes it more offroad capable, which I mentioned the 35 inch tires,

Josh Matthews 19:58
tires and it comes with the system. pitch a package that supports the layout of your tie. Yeah,

Tim Harman 20:03
I might add the remote start. I know that that’s silly. I’ve always, I’ve always kind of wanted that. And I was I saw that was one of the options that you could do. But to me just having the base base base model, and then I could just kind of do what I want with it from there.

Dave Greenwood 20:18
Yeah, who wants to go nice. So when, when they when it dropped, I went on there, too. I’ve said this before, but I went on there to reserve to reserve one, I don’t think you’re actually you’re not actually reserving one. But you give them a $100 deposit, right? And then you’re on the fundable you’re in then you’re on the list, and I saw the first edition, which is the top trim level. I was like, I’m putting my name on that one. But then I read that it had like some graphics, some special graphics. I don’t really dig the ground. That’s one thing I don’t like about the rafters as well. I have all the graphics all over. I don’t dig that. Yeah. And also feel kind of gimmicky to me. So I think the one for me is the wild Trek, I’d go full on wild Trek. Okay, one I think one step down from the first edition so I’m guessing the the top trim level Have the

Jon Melton 21:01
regular one. I’m right there with you and and I mean, I have it pulled up here. You know we got the Sasquatch package. 35 inch tires beadlock front and rear locking differential. It’s gotta look man. Yeah, it has the 2.7 turbocharged V 610 speed automatic transmission, black grille, black wheels black painted hard top that I mean, it really is like I’ve been out to Johnson Valley I’ve driven in some fast cars out or off road vehicles car trucks out there and yeah, I would love to take a bronco and recreate every shot of the that that 11 minute Yeah, totally

Tim Harman 21:45
agree. Take this Bronco out. Yeah, that’d be so cool. Yeah, I’ve got it I’ve got it pulled up here to Joshua was your was your trim logo.

Josh Matthews 21:54
I was full on like wild track like right when I saw it. I was like, okay, what’s the one you know, the top one I was like, oh, I would do wild track. I’m swinging back over to Tim’s camp with the base model I would set it up to be a little bigger tires. I don’t want to go full Sasquatch, so my personal taste is I don’t like the wide looking like taller I like the narrow the narrow footprint look like the more off road and I get it I like the original like oh gee from the so

Tim Harman 22:24
you would you would actually like the steely wheel? Yeah, he was

Josh Matthews 22:28
a pop metal. Yes, I like those. I think that’s a good look. And I would get you know, one of the like, more retro like the cactus is a cactus gray color with like a white top just yeah, clean and simple because I’m not going off road right that much. Like, just if I’m getting that car and the only thing I would miss the one thing weirdly is those auxiliary switches I don’t believe Come on that base model. So if you wanted to put lights on it, whatever accessories like you don’t have those factory switches, but there’s gonna be such

Dave Greenwood 22:55
a market out there for like an aftermarket

Josh Matthews 22:58
or that you’ll be you’ll be able Yeah you can upgrade the bass to almost whatever you want yeah so

Tim Harman 23:04
one thing we didn’t we failed to mention was two or four door I mean

Dave Greenwood 23:08
yeah so that’s one thing for me the I love two door SUVs two door trucks I just I think the look that’s my favorite look and before it came out I was 100% I was like two door all the way they did such a good job with it I think the four door like four doors more practical app to kids and so I’d almost have to get that one but I would go for door because I liked the look of it.

Tim Harman 23:29
I’d probably I’d probably do a two door huh yeah oh gee.

Josh Matthews 23:32
Yeah, for sure. Yeah, we’re talking like if this was my third vehicle or fourth I’m doing two door if this is something I have to talk my wife into. It’s gonna be a four door that’s the bottom line so

Jon Melton 23:44
(that’s true. Jon, what about you?) Yeah, I’m I’m two door as well. And yeah, I get the if I have to talk my wife into it. I might have to do four door but even the you know, the original Bronco has a 92 inch wheelbase. The two door model has 100 inch wheelbase So okay, it’s only eight inches, you know difference which is really nice off road but I like that small package kind of thing and I think the Florida portions are a little more correct Yeah,

Dave Greenwood 24:13
one thing that I’m not clear on and I saw I saw I think it was in the video they show several times. I think it was the two door with the cutouts. I don’t love the door cutouts. I think Josh, you said you really liked those door cutouts? Yeah. Is that an option on all the Broncos? I don’t know.

Tim Harman 24:28
I wasn’t actually a fan of it either.

Josh Matthews 24:29
Honestly, that’s gonna be a big package. Yeah. And

I imagine they were Is it a removable thing? It’s got it’s a removable door like a hole

in it. Okay, yeah, that’s all it is. Yeah.

Jon Melton 24:40
So why that’s nice is when you’re on the trail top off. You want to take your doors off, but then you don’t have anything to lean on. Right? So it’s so nice to have kind of an open door that down there at the bottom. You can get some air going through there. You can still lean on it functionally

Dave Greenwood 24:57
it’s great, but the aesthetic I wasn’t digging it out.

Tim Harman 25:00
Yeah and apparently the the doors when you take them off they’ve got these bags and it’s designed to where you can I think wrap the door with the bag and so the doors never touching the ground. I think that so that’s kind of the way it’s your handle to take the take the doors off as you wrap it Okay, and then you take the doors off and I think you’re just one bolt apparently. I don’t know. I heard that it’s just one bolt to take the doors off straight and then you can store them in the back. I love that with the four door you can with

Josh Matthews 25:30
the four door to door you can do that. Okay,

Tim Harman 25:32
so that would be great as well. Bronco pickup. We talked about you know, they might might do that we had a Jeep Gladiator which look, I am not a fan of that. It looks horrible. But Josh, you said that you kind of Yeah, so in the last podcast

Josh Matthews 25:46
I was like man it’s it’s ugly. But it’s it’s a little there’s some utility there even though Yeah, a six foot ladder does like half can’t lay down and has to stick up the back but it’s not the best look but I think it Cool, there’s a market for it. But yeah, the article just came out the other day about Ford going after that market as well by offering Yeah, hiccup Bronco,

Dave Greenwood 26:10
which go ahead. I don’t know where it all started but there was a there was a photo it may have it may be a couple years old now but it was a it was a two door Raptor, like f 150 looking vehicle which they don’t sell to my knowledge anywhere a two door Raptor and so I don’t know if that’s is that where the bronco they were like maybe they’re gonna do a bronco or Raptor Bronco or whatever.

Josh Matthews 26:33
Yeah, that would be a full size Bronco Raptor. Yeah, that’s that’d be a total departure. I don’t know how I would see that right there. They’re talking about

Jon Melton 26:41
Yeah, I think it’s 22 or 23. Having the bronco Raptor to some extent, maybe I need

Josh Matthews 26:49
to wait on that form. I would have otherwise had a video on the F 150 and do a whole dish.

Tim Harman 26:54
Yeah. It’s gotta be you gotta

Jon Melton 26:56
think to like safety. You know, with Ford, like safety is a big thing. And that is 100%. The one of the driving factors of not putting a V8 in there, like with the short wheelbase, you know, you put one of these, you know, coyote motors in there, and it’s easily 600 plus horsepower. And that is, it really is dangerous. You will lift the front tires, when you step on that thing. Yeah, when you lift that front tire, then all of a sudden, you have no steering. And when you have no steering, you’re gonna go into a ditch. And so it’s, it’s one of those, like, I’ve talked to the, the, some of the guys who build the original Broncos and, you know, do the resto mod thing and they put the coyotes in there. And they’ll say, like, they’ll turn them turn them down a little bit because it’s just so much power. And on that short wheelbase, you’re gonna you’re gonna rubber lift the front, and, you know, especially with these people who can afford a $300,000 Bronco. You know, you left the front end on that and you let your 16 year old son take it for a test drive. It’s not happening. Yeah, it’s it’s a recipe for disaster. And so you kind of gotta kind of gotta play it safe there. And so I think that’s part of it so so that’s why I don’t really know what they’ll do with the bronco Raptor, if they will truly keep it on that frame or just do the four door model with it or what, but they’re going to be extra careful with that much power going to the wheel. Right. And that gets me thinking about the future. I mean, they’ve put so much into this that the bronco brand is going to be back for a while. Yeah. And so over the next 10 years, we’re gonna see all kinds of iterations and variations and that and that’s what Ford is really doing more. So the brand individual brands, a bronco brand, the Mustang brand and then just building out I think, john, you mentioned that last podcast about that’s how the model is is kind of going to be because people aren’t really they don’t want people to be just necessarily just Ford fans, but they want to be Bronco fans and Mustang fans. And with that you look at it. So yeah, think about the F 150. You know, like, why are people buying that? Well, it’s their truck, they pull their boat, they, you know, haul whatever they want, you know, it’s the truck and so Ford isn’t going to make a product that’s going to sabotage people’s truck. And right and so that’s, you know, another reason why you don’t see the big motor in the bronco it’s, you know, it’s not for towing it’s not for, you know, pulling your boat behind it. And with the short wheelbase that’s actually dangerous to do. And so you’re not going to see those kind of features come out with the bronco because the bronco is the offroad fun kind of package. And that 150 is your workhorse. It’s your you know,

Josh Matthews 29:59
that was the You know, when the bronco was released and on the bronco forums everyone loved it. And the few criticisms were, oh, it can’t even tow as much as my minivan or whatever and but you know most people chime back in with your point is like that’s not what it’s designed for like it’s not designed to tow your 24 foot boat like it’s just not right. Yeah, so

Tim Harman 30:22
it’s something else that that was interesting is Ford is in john. I don’t know if you’ve seen this these guys hadn’t hadn’t noticed it, but I caught wind of it the bring back Bronco podcast, which is going to be produced by Ford. That’s interesting. And it’s giving apparently the backstory of bringing the bronco back, and just the history of the bronco and what all led up to creation of the new Bronco that we know now today. So I thought that was gonna be really interesting because I hear that I’ve heard since the day they killed it in 96 that there has been a team or a person that has been constantly thinking about how they’re going to bring this back. entire time Yeah, and I don’t remember the words they use but they have a little preview that you can listen to now on Apple podcasts and you know a little promo and one of the little lines in there is like the number one rule about Bronco club is you don’t talk about rocker club so I guess it was like one of the maybe the designers had been on. I don’t know.

Josh Matthews 31:17
Yeah, I just had to keep it under wraps.

Tim Harman 31:19
Yeah, totally. Yeah. Because in you know if y’all remember they had the concept Bronco in 2004 says a long time that they’ve been working on in on this thing. So john, you said you’ve got some kind of connections with some Bronco vendors that were they had seen that they seen the bronco before it came out. Yeah,

Jon Melton 31:40
yeah. Again, I would say the overarching word. I would say the overarching word of this Bronco release is intentionality. Yeah, like you know with the original Bronco is telling you guys like they were like, Oh crap, we forgot windshield wipers. Where are we going to put that all throw it up in the car. You know are like Oh, how are we going to fit this brake booster in there? Well, like kind of, you know, put it off to the side like nothing was thought through it was like, Hey, we got a Mustang that works really well like let’s make an SUV as well compete with the Jeep market, but they didn’t think through it and with this Bronco the 2021 it’s like they have thought through everything. I mean, I remember talking to Ford reps about like, Okay, what do you want? What do you want to see? What do you like Ford reps were showing up at these Bronco events and just asking people what they thought what should be in the bronco where what are like the the top things and then yeah, the the guys over at wild horses. Mitch Creel, who’s become a friend he is. He was at the filming of the morons. But the thing was because of COVID they pushed back the launch, so he had to sit on in this information for months and it was just killing And I would you know, like we would text and he just he wouldn’t budge. He wouldn’t he wouldn’t give me he wouldn’t give me anything. I like I know you

Josh Matthews 33:10
powerful. Yeah, no screw

Jon Melton 33:12
that up. But you know, it’s like a lot of these people have seen it like I know max slider had had worked up kind of mock up of what they’re, you know going to create with this Bronco and so I know a lot of these guys had seen it and and had some time with it and it was. So it was it was very though intentional with how they launched it how they released it, like there’s a website that you will be able to and they’re trying to do this whole tracking thing where if you go drive on, you know, purchase Canyon, like you can kind of get the purchase Canyon badge, and it’s like an online thing and it’s it’s all you know, but they’re they’re trying to make it so that somehow they can do the early Broncos as well and so like making this kind of off road committee Unity kind of gamification type thing that is, it’s it’s all just intentional to get, you know, drive this traffic to the bronco name and what the

Tim Harman 34:11
bronco is? Yeah. Do you guys think that the value of the classic Bronco will just kind of stay the same? Is it going to skyrocket? Is it going to kind of go down with the launch of this new Bronco?

Dave Greenwood 34:22
I think it’s only gonna go up over time. They’re not you’re not making any new ones. Right? Right. They’re only

Tim Harman 34:28
technically I mean you can you

Dave Greenwood 34:29
can make a new one but there are only so many original Broncos out there. So I don’t think the value is going to go down because of the new Bronco. I don’t know. I think it’s gonna go up over time.

Tim Harman 34:39
Yeah, I think so too.

Jon Melton 34:40
I hope so. Because I feel like it peaked You know, I’m I’m kind of on the camp of I think it’ll go down just really. I mean, it’s it’s the most expensive SUV right now.

Tim Harman 34:51
Yeah, I really.

Jon Melton 34:52
Yeah, I feel like we’re at the crest and we’re going to see it start going down. But I’ve been I’ve been thinking that for a couple years now, but

Josh Matthews 35:01
y’all go down but it’ll go back. Are there guys that are gonna sell their classic Bronco to get a new Bronco? I don’t think so foolishly i’m sure i

Tim Harman 35:10
think i will i actually suggested that. Yeah. And I was like, Ah, now i’d be trading something that would depreciate for something that you know, I can’t do that. You can’t do it. No, no. I’m so glad that I bought my Bronco in 2007 because there’s no way I could afford it now. Yeah, for sure. So, yeah, I’m glad I did that. Well, guys, I enjoyed this conversation about the new Ford Bronco. This is great. I’m looking forward to a video that John’s got to do when this thing comes out. You’re gonna have a video of you drive in one you’ve got to Yeah,

Jon Melton 35:45
I’m actually trying to talk to Ford right now about letting me drive. Okay before cuz it’s like I gotta I gotta take this thing for a drive like and they are I know where there will be. One and I’m going to be there to film it but whether or not they’ll let me drive it. We’re unsure of right now

Tim Harman 36:08
So, we’ll still get your take on it we’ll still get you filming yourself looking at it just call me up when you’re gonna do that and I will come join you I will I will do the camera for you and then you can just you know, do the interview thing. So anyways guys, thanks so much for joining us all of the Nashville Early Bronco fans. Thanks so much for joining us check out our podcast you can go to and of course you can find us on everywhere that you listen to podcasts. We’d love for you to check that out. We have a very active Facebook group page. So check that out as well. Thanks so much guys.

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